Sprint Turned Its LTE Advanced On For The IPhone 7 And Galaxy S7

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Are you a proud owner of an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7? Well, here’s some good news for you – Sprint has just turned on its LTE Advanced network for these two incredible smartphones! We all know that speed is a crucial factor when it comes to our mobile devices, and Sprint has stepped up its game by enabling LTE Advanced, a technology that promises even faster download and upload speeds. So whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing online games, you can now enjoy a lightning-fast experience on your iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 with Sprint’s LTE Advanced network activated. In this article, we will delve deeper into what LTE Advanced is, how it benefits iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 users, and why you should be excited about this upgrade from Sprint. Get ready to elevate your mobile experience to new heights!

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  3. Galaxy S7 Compatibility with LTE Advanced
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Sprint’s LTE Advanced Technology

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, Sprint has emerged as a frontrunner in delivering advanced technology to its customers. One of the latest innovations introduced by Sprint is their LTE Advanced network, which takes mobile connectivity to a whole new level.

LTE Advanced, also known as Long-Term Evolution Advanced, is an enhanced version of the traditional LTE network that offers faster data speeds and improved network capacity. Sprint has invested heavily in upgrading its infrastructure to provide seamless coverage and superior performance for its customers.

With LTE Advanced, Sprint has implemented carrier aggregation, a technology that allows for the combination of multiple LTE radio channels to increase bandwidth and data transfer rates. This means that Sprint users can experience blazing-fast download and upload speeds, making activities like streaming HD videos, online gaming, and downloading large files a breeze.

Moreover, LTE Advanced supports advanced antenna techniques such as 4×4 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and 256-QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation). These advancements improve signal reception and data transmission efficiency, resulting in a more consistent and reliable connection for Sprint users.

Sprint’s LTE Advanced network operates on higher frequency bands, allowing for better penetration through buildings and increased network capacity in densely populated areas. This means that even in crowded stadiums, busy city centers, or elevator-filled office buildings, Sprint users can enjoy fast and reliable data connectivity without any interruptions.

iPhone 7 Compatibility with LTE Advanced

The iPhone 7, Apple’s flagship smartphone, is compatible with Sprint’s LTE Advanced technology. With LTE Advanced, users can experience faster download and upload speeds, improved call quality, and enhanced network performance. This advanced technology leverages carrier aggregation, which combines multiple frequencies to increase the available bandwidth and deliver faster data speeds.

Thanks to its built-in support for LTE Advanced, the iPhone 7 is capable of taking full advantage of Sprint’s network enhancements. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or downloading apps, you can enjoy a seamless and high-speed mobile experience on your iPhone 7.

In addition to faster data speeds, LTE Advanced on the iPhone 7 also helps reduce network congestion, ensuring smoother streaming and browsing experiences, even in crowded areas like concerts or sporting events. This means you can stay connected and enjoy your favorite content without interruption.

Not only is the iPhone 7 compatible with LTE Advanced, but it is also equipped with other advanced features that complement the enhanced network capabilities. Its powerful A10 Fusion chip ensures smooth multitasking, faster app launches, and improved performance, making it ideal for those who rely on their smartphones for productivity and entertainment.

The iPhone 7 also supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which allows for high-quality voice calls over the LTE network. With VoLTE, you can experience crystal-clear voice calls without any drops in quality, even during data-intensive tasks like streaming or downloading.

Overall, the iPhone 7’s compatibility with LTE Advanced and other advanced network features makes it a reliable choice for those who want to maximize their mobile experience on Sprint’s network. Whether you’re a heavy data user, a frequent streamer, or a business professional on the go, the iPhone 7 delivers fast and reliable connectivity for all your needs.

Galaxy S7 Compatibility with LTE Advanced

The Galaxy S7 is a flagship smartphone from Samsung that offers a seamless and powerful user experience. One of the key features of the Galaxy S7 is its compatibility with LTE Advanced technology, which unlocks faster and more reliable internet speeds.

LTE Advanced, also known as 4G LTE Advanced, is an enhanced version of the standard 4G LTE network. It utilizes advanced network technologies and carrier aggregation to deliver faster download and upload speeds, lower latency, and improved network capacity. With LTE Advanced, users can enjoy high-quality streaming, faster downloads, and seamless browsing on their Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S7 is designed to support LTE Advanced on Sprint’s network. This means that Sprint customers using the Galaxy S7 can experience the benefits of LTE Advanced, such as faster data speeds and better network performance. Whether you’re streaming videos, playing online games, or downloading large files, the Galaxy S7 with LTE Advanced is capable of handling the demands of today’s data-intensive applications.

Having LTE Advanced support on the Galaxy S7 also means that you can take full advantage of Sprint’s network infrastructure. Sprint has deployed its LTE Advanced technology in various markets across the United States, providing a fast and reliable network experience for its customers. With the Galaxy S7, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and enhanced performance on Sprint’s LTE Advanced network.

With LTE Advanced compatibility, the Galaxy S7 not only delivers fast and reliable internet speeds but also offers improved call quality and coverage. LTE Advanced technology utilizes carrier aggregation to combine multiple radio frequencies, which results in a more robust and stable connection. This means fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, and better coverage, even in congested areas.

Benefits of LTE Advanced for iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7

LTE Advanced is a game-changer when it comes to mobile network connectivity, and the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 are equipped to take full advantage of this technology. Here are the key benefits of LTE Advanced for these popular smartphones:

1. Lightning-fast Download and Upload Speeds: LTE Advanced offers significantly higher data transfer speeds compared to traditional LTE networks. With iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7, you can experience blazing-fast download speeds of up to 600 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 150 Mbps. This means you can download large files, stream high-definition videos, and upload content to social media platforms in a flash.

2. Enhanced Network Capacity and Efficiency: LTE Advanced expands the network’s capacity by utilizing carrier aggregation. This technology enables the device to connect to multiple LTE bands simultaneously, allowing for better network efficiency and faster data speeds, even in areas with high network congestion. Whether you’re in a crowded stadium or a busy city center, you can expect a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.

3. Improved Call Quality: With LTE Advanced, voice calls are transmitted over the data network using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology. This ensures crystal-clear call quality and reduces call dropouts, providing a seamless communication experience. iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 users can enjoy HD voice calls with higher audio clarity, making conversations feel more natural and lifelike.

4. Seamless Video Streaming and Gaming: Streaming videos and playing online games require a reliable and high-speed internet connection. LTE Advanced technology guarantees a stable and robust connection, minimizing buffering times and allowing for uninterrupted video streaming and smooth gameplay. The iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 take your entertainment experience to the next level, with seamless streaming and gaming on the go.

5. Enhanced Coverage and Connectivity: LTE Advanced supports advanced antenna technologies like 4×4 MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) and higher-order modulation schemes. This means better signal reception, improved coverage, and stronger connectivity, even in areas with a weak signal. Whether you’re in a remote rural area or a densely populated urban setting, the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 will keep you connected wherever you go.

6. Future-proof Technology: LTE Advanced is a key stepping stone towards the future of mobile connectivity. As network providers continue to expand their LTE Advanced coverage, having a compatible device like iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 ensures you’re ready for the next wave of network enhancements and technology advancements.


In conclusion, Sprint’s decision to turn on LTE Advanced for the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 is a significant step towards enhancing the mobile experience for its customers. By leveraging this advanced network technology, Sprint has ensured that users of these flagship devices can enjoy faster download and upload speeds, improved call quality, and a more stable connection.

This move by Sprint demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and providing their customers with the best possible mobile experience. With LTE Advanced, users can now enjoy seamless browsing, faster video streaming, and better performance for data-intensive applications.

Whether you are an iPhone aficionado or a Galaxy enthusiast, you can rest assured that Sprint’s LTE Advanced network will deliver a superior mobile experience. So, go ahead and make the most of your iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 on Sprint’s lightning-fast network.


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