WWDC 2020: All The Features & Devices We Expect To See At The Next Apple Event

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Are you excited for WWDC 2020, the highly anticipated Apple event where the tech giant unveils its latest innovations and updates? From new software releases to groundbreaking devices, WWDC is a platform where Apple enthusiasts, developers, and tech enthusiasts gather to witness the future of Apple products.

With WWDC 2020 just around the corner, let’s dive into what we can expect to see at this year’s event. From rumors and leaks to the latest speculations, we’ll explore the features and devices that might steal the spotlight. So, whether you’re a die-hard Apple fan or simply curious about the latest advancements in the tech industry, join us as we uncover the potential surprises awaiting us at WWDC 2020.

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iOS 14 Features

With the highly anticipated WWDC 2020 just around the corner, Apple enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike are buzzing with excitement. One of the major highlights of the event is the unveiling of the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 14. While Apple has kept the details tightly under wraps, there are several features we expect to see in iOS 14 that will further enhance the user experience.

1. Home Screen Widgets: iOS 14 is rumored to introduce redesigned home screen widgets, allowing users to have more flexibility in customizing their devices. With this feature, users can add widgets of various sizes to the home screen, providing quick access to their favorite apps and information at a glance.

2. App Library: Another rumored addition to iOS 14 is the App Library, which aims to organize and declutter the home screen. This feature will automatically categorize apps into different folders, making it easier to find and access the desired app without scrolling through multiple pages.

3. Enhanced Siri: Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is expected to receive some notable upgrades in iOS 14. These enhancements may include a more natural voice, improved accuracy in understanding user commands, and expanded capabilities in terms of providing personalized suggestions and recommendations.

4. Improved Messages: Apple is known for constantly refining its native apps, and Messages is no exception. In iOS 14, we can expect new features in Messages, such as the ability to retract sent messages, mention specific individuals in group chats, and more expressive and personalized memoji options.

5. Enhancements to Apple Maps: Apple Maps has come a long way since its debut, and in iOS 14, we anticipate further improvements. These may include more detailed maps, enhanced navigation features, and the addition of new points of interest.

6. Privacy Enhancements: Apple has always prioritized user privacy, and iOS 14 is likely to introduce new privacy-focused features. We may see enhancements such as more granular control over app permissions, improved tracking prevention measures, and increased transparency in data usage.

7. AR Integration: Augmented reality (AR) has been an area of focus for Apple, and iOS 14 may bring further integration of AR capabilities into the operating system. This could open up opportunities for developers to create innovative AR experiences and applications.

As the launch of iOS 14 draws near, these are just a few features that we expect to see. Apple has a reputation for surprising users with exciting and innovative features, so there may be additional surprises in store in the upcoming update. Stay tuned for the official reveal at WWDC 2020, where Apple will showcase the full range of enhancements and improvements coming with iOS 14!

New MacBook Pro Release

Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new MacBook Pro, and the excitement surrounding the upcoming launch is palpable. As one of the most popular laptops in the world, the MacBook Pro has always been a benchmark for performance, design, and innovation. With each new iteration, Apple pushes the boundaries of technology, and the upcoming release is expected to be no different.

Rumors and leaks suggest that the new MacBook Pro will come with some notable enhancements and upgrades. One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of Apple’s custom-designed ARM-based processors, which will replace the Intel chips used in previous models. This transition not only promises improved performance but also greater power efficiency, allowing for longer battery life.

In addition to the processor change, the new MacBook Pro is expected to feature a redesigned and slimmer form factor. Apple has always prioritized sleek and minimalist designs, and it is likely that the company will continue to push the boundaries of aesthetic appeal with the new release. This, coupled with a larger and more vibrant Retina display, will offer users an immersive and visually stunning experience.

Furthermore, industry insiders speculate that the new MacBook Pro will come equipped with an improved keyboard mechanism. Apple received some criticism in the past for its controversial butterfly keyboard design, but the company has made efforts to rectify the issue by introducing the more reliable scissor-switch keyboard on the latest MacBook Air. It is anticipated that this upgraded keyboard will also make its way to the upcoming MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro is also expected to offer a range of connectivity options. USB-C ports have become a standard feature in recent MacBook models, and it is highly likely that the new release will continue to support this versatile and widely adopted technology. Additionally, there may be advancements in terms of Thunderbolt compatibility and the inclusion of an SD card slot, which Apple users have long been requesting.

As always, Apple is known for its commitment to privacy and security. The new MacBook Pro is anticipated to come with enhanced privacy features, such as improved Face ID or Touch ID technology. With cyber threats on the rise, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of user data has never been more important, and Apple continues to prioritize this aspect in its products.

Apple Watch Series 6 Updates

The Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the most anticipated releases from Apple at the upcoming WWDC 2020. As the successor to the popular Apple Watch Series 5, this new iteration is expected to bring a range of exciting updates and improvements.

One of the most talked-about features rumored for the Apple Watch Series 6 is the addition of blood oxygen level monitoring. This would be a groundbreaking advancement for the device, as it could potentially provide users with valuable insights into their overall health and fitness.

Another expected update is an improved battery life. Apple has been investing in optimizing battery technology, and it’s likely that the Series 6 will offer even longer usage time on a single charge. This is great news for users who rely heavily on their Apple Watch throughout the day.

In terms of design, there have been rumors of a sleeker and more streamlined look for the Apple Watch Series 6. While it’s unclear how significant the changes will be, Apple always pays attention to detail and aesthetics, so we can expect some visual enhancements to make the device even more appealing.

Health and fitness features have always been a major focus for the Apple Watch, and the Series 6 is expected to take it a step further. There have been whispers of additional workout modes and enhanced activity tracking, allowing users to monitor their fitness progress with even greater precision.

Furthermore, we can anticipate improvements in the overall performance and speed of the Apple Watch Series 6. As each new iteration of the device brings faster processors and enhanced software optimizations, users can look forward to a smoother and more efficient experience.

Last but not least, the Apple Watch Series 6 is likely to introduce new watch faces and customizability options. Apple has always emphasized personalization with its devices, and the Series 6 is expected to offer even more choices for users to express their style and personality on their wrists.

macOS 10.16 Enhancements

With the highly anticipated WWDC 2020 event just around the corner, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting news about the next version of macOS. Speculations are rife about the enhancements and features that macOS 10.16 will bring to the table. From improved performance to exciting new capabilities, here’s what we expect to see in this upcoming release.

First and foremost, macOS 10.16 is expected to introduce a refined and streamlined user interface. Apple has always been known for its elegant and intuitive design, and this update will likely take it to the next level. With enhanced visual elements, smoother animations, and a more cohesive overall experience, users will have a pleasant and immersive interaction with their Macs.

One of the most exciting rumors surrounding macOS 10.16 is the introduction of a system-wide Dark Mode. This much sought-after feature has been a hit in iOS and iPadOS, and it is only natural to see it make its way to the Mac. Enabling Dark Mode will not only give the interface a sleek and modern look but also reduce eye strain, especially during extended usage in low-light environments.

In terms of performance, macOS 10.16 is expected to bring significant optimizations, allowing apps to launch faster and operate more efficiently. The operating system will likely take advantage of the latest hardware advancements to deliver a snappy and responsive experience. Whether you’re editing videos, running complex software, or multitasking between multiple applications, you can expect a noticeable boost in performance.

Another area where macOS 10.16 is expected to shine is in its improved security and privacy features. Apple has always prioritized user privacy, and this update will further solidify its commitment. From enhanced encryption to stricter permissions control, macOS 10.16 will provide users with even greater control over their personal data, ensuring a safer and more secure computing experience.

Furthermore, macOS 10.16 is rumored to come with a set of new productivity tools that will empower users to get more done. From revamped versions of built-in apps like Mail, Notes, and Safari to innovative features that streamline workflows and improve collaboration, this update will cater to the needs of both casual users and professionals alike.

Lastly, macOS 10.16 might introduce some exciting integration with other Apple devices. We could see tighter integration between Macs and iPhones, allowing for seamless workflows and enhanced continuity. AirDrop, Handoff, and other features that make it easy to switch between devices could be further refined and expanded upon, giving users a truly connected and cohesive ecosystem.

As with any speculation, it’s important to take these expectations with a grain of salt until the official announcement at WWDC 2020. That being said, if even a fraction of these rumored enhancements come true, macOS 10.16 will undoubtedly be an exciting update that further solidifies Apple’s position as a leader in the computer industry. So mark your calendars and get ready to be amazed by the next iteration of Apple’s beloved operating system!


In conclusion, the upcoming Apple event at WWDC 2020 is highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike. With several exciting features and device announcements expected, it promises to be an eventful showcase of Apple’s innovation.

From the potential unveiling of iOS 14 with its rumored home screen redesign and improved multitasking capabilities, to the introduction of macOS 10.16 with enhanced performance and privacy features, there is a lot to look forward to. Additionally, the possibility of new hardware like the rumored iPhone SE Plus and refreshed MacBook Pro models adds to the excitement of the event.

As always, Apple strives to push the boundaries of technology and deliver products that enhance and simplify our lives. The WWDC 2020 event will undoubtedly provide a glimpse into the future of Apple’s ecosystem and leave us eagerly awaiting their release. Stay tuned for the official announcements and get ready to embrace the next wave of Apple innovation.


1. What is WWDC 2020?
WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference and it is an annual event organized by Apple where the company announces its latest software updates, features, and new devices.

2. When is WWDC 2020?
WWDC 2020 is scheduled to take place on June 22nd. However, this year Apple has decided to make it an online-only event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. What can we expect from WWDC 2020?
At WWDC 2020, we can expect Apple to announce the latest versions of its operating systems, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. There may also be announcements related to new hardware, such as a new MacBook Pro or updates to existing devices.

4. Will there be any major software updates?
Yes, WWDC is known for its major software announcements. We can expect to see new features and enhancements in iOS 14, macOS 10.16, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14. These updates may bring improvements to areas such as user interface, privacy and security, performance, and app development capabilities.

5. Are there any rumors about specific devices or features?
Rumors suggest that Apple may announce the transition of their Mac lineup from Intel processors to custom ARM-based processors. There are also rumors of a new iMac, Apple TV, and HomePod. As for features, there have been speculations of a redesigned home screen for iOS, improved Apple Pencil support, and new AR capabilities.