Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors (Top Picks in 2022)

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Our dear seniors need only the best when it comes to applying for a phone plan. You may choose to include them in a family plan like Walmart Family Mobile Plan. But there is a better way for them to connect with loved ones. Enrolling them in cell phone plans for seniors is the most ideal plan.

These types of plans are pretty straightforward and simplistic in themselves. It is because they mostly offer the basic telephony services — texting and calling. Seniors oftentimes need these kinds of communication for they can instantly connect and communicate with their loved ones even without connecting to the Internet.

Today, we will reveal the best cell phone plans for seniors and discuss all the necessary stuff you need to know before availing of such plans.


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  1. AT&T: Overall Best Cell Phone Plan for Seniors
  2. T-Mobile: Best Cell Phone Plan for Traveling Seniors
  3. Verizon: Best Cell Phone Plan for Internet-Savvy Seniors
  4. Lively: Best Emergency Cell Phone Plan for Seniors
  5. US Mobile: Best Flexible Mobile Plan for Seniors
  6. Boost Mobile: Best Multi-Line Cell Phone Plan for Seniors
  7. Republic Wireless: Best Talk-and-Text-Only Service for Seniors
  8. TracFone Wireless: Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan for Seniors
  9. Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors: Comparison Table
  10. Availing of Senior Phone Plan Discounts


AT&T: Overall Best Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

at&t senior plans
Screengrab from AT&T’s website

AT&T has two major offerings for seniors: the AT&T Unlimited 55+ and AT&T Senior Nation plans. The Senior Nation plan is the most basic offering of AT&T. It has 200 minutes of any time calls, unlimited calls to AT&T Mobility subscribers, and 500 minutes of Night & Weekend calls. If your calls go over the allotted time, you will be charged $0.45 per minute. It has call forwarding, call waiting, nationwide long distance calls and roaming, caller ID, and conference calling. This plan is specially made by AT&T for seniors aged 65 and above.

But if you have tech-savvy folks, there is another plan available. The AT&T Unlimited 55+ offers 5G at no extra costs, unlimited texting, calling, and surfing within the US, Mexico, and Canada, free texts to more than 120 countries, and mobile security features such as blockage of spam and fraud calls. This will cost you around $60 for one line and $80 for two. Florida residents can avail of a $20 discount on its offers, making you pay just $40 for one line.

There is one more cell phone plan to consider, but it is better for American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) members than regular seniors — the AT&T Unlimited Elite Plan. AARP members get to enjoy a $10 additional discount on it. This plan comes with unlimited surfing, 30 GB of mobile hotspot, mobile security features, and a free HBO Max subscription.

Visit AT&T’s Website


What We Like:

1. Reliable coverage all over America

AT&T is covered throughout America. You should be covered enough with AT&T’s wide range of networks wherever you go in America.

2. Discounts for AARP members

As already mentioned, AARP members get the privilege of having a price slash on AT&T’s plan. Having $10 slashed on your mobile plan is already huge savings that you can allot for a phone case or other phone accessories.

3. 100 GB consumable data before data throttling

Unlike other networks that provide cell phone plans for seniors, AT&T only slows down your data once you reach 100 GB of data — usage that is very unlikely for seniors. Unless you download intense PC games with your AT&T mobile network, 100 GB is more than enough for high definition (HD) videos, hours of mobile gaming, and social network scrolling.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Senior Nation Plan only available for basic phones, not smartphones

As you have already seen, the Senior Nation plan only has minutes of calls in its helm. You won’t need a sophisticated smartphone just to answer and receive calls. That is why AT&T does not offer its Senior Nation plan together with a smartphone. A basic flip phone can do that job. But if you want a phone that lets you watch videos or scroll on your news feed, better stay away from this plan.

2. AT&T Unlimited 55+ discounted only in the Sunshine State

As with other major networks, AT&T Unlimited 55+ is only available in Florida. You must have at least a billing address in Florida if you want to avail this plan from AT&T.


T-Mobile: Best Cell Phone Plan for Traveling Seniors

T-Mobile plans for seniors
Screengrab from T-Mobile’s website

T-Mobile is offering three kinds of cell phone service plans for seniors. These are the Essentials 55+, Magenta 55+, and Magenta MAX 55+. The plans are equipped with the most basic telephony services plus some Internet allowances.

The Essentials 55+ offers unlimited text, call, and data browsing for $27.50 per line. You can text anyone from anywhere around the world, and enjoy standard definition (SD) video streaming, 3G mobile hotspot, and 2G data roaming in Mexico and Canada. There is also no annual services contract, thus reducing the stress of reading and re-reading such contracts.

Meanwhile, the Magenta 55+ upgrades the services provided by the Essentials Plan. At $35 per line, you’ll get text and data roaming whenever you are abroad. 5 GB of data is allotted for a faster 4G mobile hotspot. No more slow shared connections for your loved ones! You’ll also get 5 GB of 4G data roaming in Mexico and Canada. If you are not sure how data roaming works, here is our article about data roaming.

The most premium of all T-Mobile cell phone service plans for seniors is the Magenta MAX 55+. You’ll experience the same services as the previous plans, but with much better perks. You’ll get UHD streaming on your mobile device, faster data roaming speeds, unlimited texting, 40 GB of 4G mobile hotspot for Internet sharing, and 5GB of fast 4G Internet in Mexico and Canada. Multiple line subscribers can also enjoy unlimited flicks on a Netflix Standard subscription. And lastly, you can browse through the Internet 30,000 feet above the ground with unlimited Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights. This gives our seniors the best of entertainment with T-Mobile.

Visit T-Mobile’s Website


What We Like:

1. Jampacked features and services

Even with the Essentials 55+ priced at $27.50 per month, you can get a cell phone plan for seniors that is teeming with modern, high-tech features. 5G is free to access, and there is text roaming, and standard definition roaming. These make it a riveting plan especially for our techie moms and dads out there.

2. Taxes and other relevant fees are already included in the contract price

Some plans from competitors do not include taxes and surcharges. That is why these plans tend to be more expensive than what is promised. T-Mobile includes the taxes and other fees for the Magenta plans. Now, that is transparency on the true prices of their plans.

3. Magenta plans include in-flight Wi-Fi and a huge data allocation for 4G data roaming

T-Mobile’s Magenta plans have in-flight Wi-Fi and 4G data roaming. You’ll get 5 GB of data roaming in Mexico and Canada. That is more than enough for posting your pictures in Toronto or Cancun. This is another factor that makes T-Mobile superior against its competitors.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Data throttling on peak hours

Since T-Mobile is one of the major carriers in the US, there are times that network congestion can happen. If you have already used more than 50 GB of data using T-Mobile, you can notice some lags and buffers on your connection. Better manage your data usage wisely if you want to get the best out of their plans.

2. Plans are a little more expensive than competitor’s pricing

Most cell phone plans for seniors tend to go for basic communication needs. Texting and calling are more than enough for the senior’s needs. That is why T-Mobile’s offer may be a little more expensive than other’s offerings. Subscribe to their plans if you want data allocation for your phone.


Verizon: Best Cell Phone Plan for Internet-Savvy Seniors

verizon senior plans
Screengrab from Verizon’s website

Verizon currently offers only one type of cell phone plan for seniors, costing $60 for an individual line and $80 for two lines. This includes unlimited 4G LTE access, calls, and texts. There is also unlimited mobile hotspot hosting so every device in the household can have access to the Internet. You can also use the mentioned services in Mexico and Canada. Lastly, you’ll get DVD-quality streaming on your device.

Visit Verizon’s Website


What We Like:

1. Widest coverage in the US

Verizon is another major carrier in the US. Expect Verizon’s services to be at par with other major competitors. You should expect fast Internet services whenever you connect with Verizon.

2. Unlimited text, call, and 4G data services

Seniors mostly only need texting and calling services. The great news is Verizon offers unlimited text and call services on its cell phone plans for seniors. In addition to this, Verizon offers unlimited 4G to their senior customers. Now, they can watch all the videos seamlessly!

3. Additional security features such as spam and fraud call blocker

In the age of the Internet, seniors need more protection for their privacy. The great thing is that Verizon offers a slew of security features together with its senior plan. There is now less chance for the seniors to be victims of financial scams.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Only available for Florida residents

The Verizon 55+ is only available for Florida residents. Florida is known to be a senior’s paradise. There is no doubt that Florida is the most viable market for this plan.

2. 5G not yet available for senior plan

5G is already available in Verizon’s network. It just so happens that 5G is not yet available for the cell phone plan for seniors. So, you have to make do with 4G for a while.


Lively: Best Emergency Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

Lively Senior Phone plans
Screengrab from Lively’s website

Our dearest seniors want to get the most out of their life and it would be great if there’s a cell phone plan that can help seniors achieve that. Luckily, Lively (formerly GreatCall) offers just that. This mobile network is probably unheard of, but they are the ones behind Jitterbug phones. Jitterbug phones are designed to have large buttons dedicated to emergency services. This feature is awesome because users can closely monitor their health with their slew of phones.

Lively also offers the friendliest cell phone plans for seniors all over the US. Their Value Talk & Text plan is $14.99 per month. This includes 300 minutes of calls and prices each text message at 10 cents. The Unlimited Talk & Text plan, which does not have a call duration restriction, starts at $19.99 per month. The subscriber is required to add data of their chosen amount starting at $2.49 per month. This is if they choose the plan with the Jitterbug Smart3 phone. There are also health service plans that can be availed from the provider.

Visit Lively’s Website


What We Like:

1. Straightforward plans

Lively’s cell phone plans for seniors are pretty straightforward in itself. You can get 300 minutes of calls for just $14.99 per month. They also have phone plans that offer the most basic services for our seniors out there.

2. Doctors and nurses available to answer your calls 24/7

Lively is the only network company that also offers health services to its clients. That is why it takes close monitoring of your senior’s health. What’s more is that you won’t need to subscribe to another health insurance whenever you want to consult with their doctors. Just give them a call and you’re good to go.

3. Urgent Button on their phones

Lively currently offers these phones: Jitterbug Smart3, Jitterbug Flip2, and Lively Mobile Plus. These phones integrate or support an “Urgent Button” that can immediately ping health authorities once pressed. It’s like dialing 911 without the need to dial the numbers. This is beneficial, especially for truly dire situations.

4. Affordable price for essential plans

For just $14.99 per month, you can get 300 minutes of calls already. Even if you add 10 cents for each text message, this will still be affordable against other cell phone plans for seniors. That is why you should consider Lively when you want the best for your seniors.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Plans only available for Lively’s phones

Some of you may ask, “Can I use Lively’s plans on my iPhone?” Sadly, no. You can only use their plans on any Jitterbug phone. If you still want to use your current phone, there are other cell phone plans for seniors that can be used on the latest phones today.


US Mobile: Best Flexible Mobile Plan for Seniors

us mobile plans
Screengrab from US Mobile’s website

Let’s face it; sometimes, we only use one phone service in our plans. We only text, but not call, or the other way around. The great news is that US Mobile offers flexibility in its plan, thanks to its option for a flexible contract. Its base price starts at $4. From there, you can add your desired minutes of calls, the number of texts, and the amount of data allocation. This cell phone service plan is great for everyone, especially for seniors. We all know our seniors mostly use the text or call functions of their phones and not much of mobile data consumption. Now, you don’t have to stress yourself about paying too much for using too little of their services.

Visit US Mobile’s website


What We Like:

1. Flexible plans not just for seniors, but for everyone

US Mobile has the most flexible plan of all carriers mentioned here. You can adjust your payment according to your needs. If you need more data than text messages, you can tweak your plan according to your liking. You can also go for texting and calling for the next month, and so on.

2. 30-day free trial

First-time US Mobile subscribers can avail of a 30-day free trial of their services. If you are not that convinced and satisfied with their coverage, US Mobile can give you a refund and free cancellation on their services. You don’t have to worry about your network secretly stealing your money.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Need to bring own device

If you want to subscribe to US Mobile’s flexible plan, you must have an unlocked device at hand. US Mobile only has SIM-only plans; they don’t offer phones with a plan. If you don’t have an unlocked phone yet, check out our list of the best unlocked phones you can purchase that can use US Mobile.


Boost Mobile: Best Multi-Line Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

boost mobile plans
Screengrab from Boost Mobile’s website

If you’re a senior or have folks with a geeky heart, Boost Mobile’s Internet plan hits the right buttons for you. For starters, their unlimited plans go for $50 per line. This includes unlimited text, call, and 4G LTE data. This is the sweet deal for those who love scrolling down on their news feed or streaming videos on their phones. Enrolling another line will cost you $30 per line with a maximum of five lines. This will cost you around $170 for five lines within their network. The benefits are all the same within the five lines, thus making it one of the best cell phone plans you can get not just for seniors but the whole family as well.

Visit Boost Mobile’s website


What We Like:

1. Undiminished benefits for a family plan

Some family plans from other networks just carry a limited number of texts, calls, and a measly data allocation. With Boost Mobile, every member of the family will get the same benefits as the primary user, seniors included. Everyone gets their fair share of 35 GB of LTE on their phones.

2. No stressful contracts for the unlimited plans

Boost Mobile offers no contracts to its clients. You can subscribe to their service without the extra worry of going over an exclusive plan contract.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Data capping will slow your phone down to 2G

There will be instances when you’ll experience a slow or laggy connection due to the plan’s data capping. If you’re one who’s not using too much of your Internet allocation, then this downside will be admissible.


Republic Wireless: Best Talk-and-Text-Only Service for Seniors

Republic Wireless plans
Screengrab from Republic Wireless’ website

Republic Wireless is another low-cost carrier that offers the lowest prices on texts, calls, and data plans. They don’t have specific cell phone plans for seniors, but they have affordable plans that can still be suitable for seniors. Their plans are flexible for those who only need the essentials — texting and calling. Data allocation is optional but available. Prices start at $19.99 per month for unlimited texts and calls. If you want data, you’ll only add $5 per GB of data. This is already enough if you are just browsing around social media or reading some news on your news feed. There are also no long-term obligations with their plans, thus cancellation can be done anytime without extra charges.

Visit Republic Wireless’ website


What We Like:

1. Flexible payment terms

Republic Wireless offers a flexible payment term for its customers. Pay as much or as little as you want for the month with their services.

2. Affordable call-and-text plans with the option for data allocation

Just like US Mobile, Republic Wireless offers a flexible plan for its customers. If you want to add more data, just go ahead and edit your plan. If you only need texting and calling, you can do so by going to their website.

3. No strings attached; cancel your subscription at anytime you want

With Republic Wireless, you don’t have to read and re-read those long contracts. You can subscribe and cancel their plans anytime you want. This gives you the leeway to check more suitable mobile plans for you.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Cannot be used with iOS devices

For some reason, iOS devices can’t use Republic Wireless’ services. So, if you own an iPhone, you might ditch this for a while and get an Android phone either unlocked or on their mobile phone plans.


TracFone Wireless: Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

tracfone wireless website
Screengrab from Tracfone Wireless

Lastly, there’s TracFone Wireless. It is a prepaid service that is just as flexible as the other cell phone plans for seniors already mentioned here. The only difference is it is prepaid, meaning you pay the services upfront, without any bills that will arrive on a given date. Once you’ve consumed all the credit, you will need to top-up again for your desired plan.

For $20, you’ll get unlimited texting, calling, and 1 GB of data. Just add $5 for an additional 1 GB of data. This plan is already desirable for those who only need the most essential phone services such as calling and texting.

Visit Tracfone Wireless’ website


What We Like:

1. A wide selection of network coverage

TracFone hooks up with the major carriers around the US. This will ensure that wherever you go in the US, you’ll be covered by Tracfone Wireless’ services. You don’t have to worry about dead spots anymore, thanks to Tracfone’s wide coverage.

2. An ideal plan for essential phone users

Just as we mentioned at the beginning, an ideal cell phone plan for seniors must have at least texting and calling under its helm. Tracfone Wireless’ most basic $20 plan offers just that. It also has 1 GB of data allocation for your social media feed. So, whenever you are outside, you can check if someone pinged you on Messenger or WhatsApp.

3. Unused data allocation will be carried over the next month

If you have not used your Internet allocation for the past month, Tracfone Wireless will carry over your remaining data allocation to the next month. So, if you have not used your 1 GB of data on your $20 plan, you will get another GB of data next month. Now, that is a neat plan for those who don’t really use their data allocation.


What We Don’t Like:

1. Expensive for heavy Internet users in the long run

For those who are tech-savvy dads or moms, having an Internet connection is essential. Sadly, Tracfone Wireless’ data offers might not be enough for those who love to watch YouTube videos using their data allocation. Better get a deal from major carriers if you want to extensively browse the Internet on your phone.


Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors: Comparison Table

Now that you know which cell phone plans to consider for seniors, here is a handy comparison table. With this, you can look at the best plans side by side and make the final decision easier.

Best Plans Main Perks Pricing
AT&T Senior Nation Plan Unlimited calling to AT&T Mobility subscribers
Anytime calls up to 200 minutes
Night and weekend calls up to 500 minutes
$29.99 per line per month
AT&T Unlimited 55+ Unlimited texting, calling, surfing within the US, Mexico, and Canada $60 for one line per month
$80 for two lines per month
$40 for one line per month (if Florida resident)
T-Mobile Essentials 55+ Unlimited texting, calling, data browsing
SD video streaming
3G mobile hotspot
2G data roaming in Mexico and Canada
$27.50 per line per month
T-Mobile Magenta 55+ Text and data roaming abroad
5GB for 4G mobile hotspot
5GB for 4G data roaming in Mexico and Canada
$35 per line per month
T-Mobile Magenta MAX 55+ Unlimited texting, calling, data browsing without bandwidth throttling
UHD streaming
40GB for 4G mobile hotspot
5GB for 4G data roaming in Mexico and Canada
Netflix Basic
Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi
$45 per line per month
Verizon 55+ Senior Phone Plan Unlimited 4G LTE, calling, texting, mobile hotspot (works even in Mexico and Canada)
DVD-quality streaming
$60 per line per month
Lively Value Talk & Text Calls up to 300 minutes
Text messages for 10¢ each
$14.99 per month (plus data allocation fee if on Jitterbug Smart3 phone)
Lively Unlimited Talk & Text Unlimited calling and texting $19.99 per month (plus data allocation fee if on Jitterbug Smart3 phone)
US Mobile Build Your Own Plan Perks depend on what you add Starts for as low as $4 per month
Boost Mobile Unlimited Plans Unlimited calling, texting, data browsing
Mobile hotspot
$50 per line per month (plus $30 per additional line)
Republic Wireless Plans Unlimited calling and texting
Wi-Fi calling
Starts at $19.99 per month (plus $5 per additional GB of data)
TracFone Wireless Prepaid Plan Unlimited calling and texting
1GB data browsing
$20 (plus $5 for every additional 1GB of data)


Availing of Senior Phone Plan Discounts

Cell phone plans for seniors are already discounted on their own. But did you know that you can get further discounts on availing of senior phone plans? You can further lower the price of your desired plans given certain conditions.

Here are some of the conditions that can help you get discounts on your plan:

1. AARP Membership

aarp logo
Photo from AARP

As already mentioned on some plans, AARP members get some privileges on plan pricing. They usually get 10% discounts on their plans. AT&T, TracFone, and Lively are just some of the networks that recognize AARP members. If you want to get this kind of discount, inquire at AARP’s website.


2. Government Subsidies

Being less privileged doesn’t always equate to fewer rights. Less fortunate seniors can still get discounts on new phone applications by giving proof that they depend on government subsidies. This will help them get the essential phone they need for communication.

Here are some of the proofs that can give you a discounted plan:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Food stamps from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Rental Assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veterans and survivors pension and benefit programs


3. AutoPay Discounts

Another way of getting discounts on cell phone plans for seniors is to enroll in your payments through AutoPay. AutoPay will automatically deduct the amount of payment from your enrolled bank account. This reduces the hassle not only on your part but also on your network.


4. Veteran or Military Discounts

Veterans and military personnel can get plans that are dedicated to them. These plans are the same as the regularly-priced ones but at discounted prices. It is the networks’ way of saying thanks to the soldiers for protecting America at all costs.



All people get old. As our moms and dads age, they deserve only the best for the rest of their lives. Some want it extravagant, some prefer it simple. Availing of simple cell phone plans for seniors is the best since this reduces the stress of our dear seniors who want to live life to the fullest. It makes their lives a little less complicated because there are no contracts to abide by. So, go ahead and let us give the best to our dear seniors. Get them a cell phone plan specially made for their needs!