Unreal Mobile Plans: Is It Truly Worth the Hype?

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The advancement of technology in recent decades has made communication across countries — even across the world — much easier. Whereas we were limited to using wired devices in the past, today’s technological landscape allows us to carry supercomputers with powerful communication capabilities right in our pockets. As more and more cell towers pop up, networks are becoming increasingly fast and reliable. It has also resulted in the birth of multiple carriers, including Unreal Mobile. But, what is the deal with Unreal Mobile plans anyway? Are they really worth all the attention they have been getting? Let’s find out.


How Does Unreal Mobile Work?

unreal mobile
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Launched in 2018 by FreedomPop, Unreal Mobile is an all-digital mobile carrier offering inexpensive unlimited plans to mobile users in the United States. In fact, many consider it as the cheapest mobile carrier on the market today, with its lowest-priced unlimited plan costing only $15 per month. Due to its competitive pricing, along with its affordable refurbished phones, Unreal Mobile impressively sold out most of its inventory shortly after its introduction.

With the way other major plans are priced, you may be wondering how Unreal Mobile plans manage to pull off its low price. Unlike other carriers, Unreal Mobile is contract-free. You pay a monthly fee in exchange for services. In Unreal Mobile’s case, the starting plan costs $15 for 3 GB of data and unlimited everything. The alternative carrier can offer users cheaper plans mainly because it does not have its own network infrastructure. That means they do not need to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of networks.


What’s the Coverage of Unreal Mobile?

Unreal Mobile Coverage
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So, what network does Unreal Mobile use? Unreal Mobile plans belong to the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) umbrella. If you are unfamiliar with MVNOs, they are simply service providers that do not have their own wireless network infrastructure. In order to work, they use a different carrier’s infrastructure to provide service to their users. 

In this case, Unreal Mobile plans initially used Sprint’s network infrastructure. That means, at launch, Sprint was Unreal Mobile’s only provider. So, if you use Unreal Mobile and are out of Sprint’s range, then you will likely suffer from spotty or lack of service. Many mobile users consider Sprint as the one with the poorest network reach among the major carriers. However, Unreal Mobile users have noted that the service works well in most major cities.

Additionally, Unreal Mobile has since expanded its reach. Since its advent some two years ago, the MVNO has struck deals with other providers. Now, Unreal Mobile uses the same network as the one you use. This translates to better overall service and a wider reach.


Does Unreal Mobile Support GSM And CDMA?

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In a word, yes. Unreal Mobile plans do support CDMA and GSM. When you first purchase one of the Unreal Mobile plans, you will have the option to buy one of their refurbished phones as well. These phones work well with Unreal Mobile’s network. On the other hand, you also have the option of buying or bringing your own phone. 

It is important to note, though, that not all phones are compatible with Unreal Mobile. This usually applies to phones that you purchase brand-new with no history of activation. For instance, if you buy a brand new phone from Amazon that has not been activated with Sprint before, you may not be able to use it with Unreal Mobile. However, if you had a two-year contract with Sprint that has since expired, you can now use your Sprint phone with Unreal Mobile.


What’s the Difference Between CDMA and GSM?

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The main difference between CDMA and GSM is how data is stored. With CDMA phones, all of your phone’s information is saved on the device itself. This includes your contact list and phone number. So, if you intend to switch to a new device, you will need to contact your mobile provider and request a transfer of service. Sprint and Verizon are examples of carriers that use the CDMA standard.

Conversely, with GSM phones, all of your phone’s information is saved on a SIM card. This makes transferring services easy because all you need to do to use your new phone with the same information is to move the SIM card. You do not have to contact your mobile carrier for help, though you still need to go through the same setup procedure. T-Mobile and AT&T are examples of carriers that use the GSM standard.

If you open your CDMA phone, you may wonder why there is a SIM card in it. Do not be confused. There is a clear distinction between CDMA and GSM. CDMA phones still have SIM cards, but they do not function the same way as the SIM cards found in GSM phones.


How Much Does It Cost?

Plan Data Call & Text Price
$15 3 GB LTE Unlimited $45 for 3 mo.
$20 8 GB LTE Unlimited $60 for 3 mo.
$25 12 GB LTE Unlimited $75 for 3 mo.
Plan Data Call & Text Price
$20 3 GB LTE Unlimited $120 for 6 mo.
$25 8 GB LTE Unlimited $150 for 6 mo.
$35 12 GB LTE Unlimited $210 for 3 mo.
Plan Data Call & Text Price
$15 3 GB LTE Unlimited $180 for 12 mo.
$20 8 GB LTE Unlimited $240 for 12 mo.
$25 12 GB LTE Unlimited $300 for 12 mo.

When it comes to cost, there are several tiers of Unreal Mobile plans you must know about: $15 per month, $20 per month, $25 per month, and $35 per month. For the three-month and 12-month deals, the available Unreal Mobile plans cost $15 per month, $20 per month, and $25 per month. On the other hand, for the 6-month deals, plans start at $20 per month, up to $25 per month, and $35 per month.

With plans beginning at $15 a month, Unreal Mobile plans are some of the cheapest ones you will find today, especially when compared to other major networks. For instance, $15 a month with Unreal Mobile will get you unlimited everything (calls and texts) as well as 3 GB of data. Other major carriers will offer you virtually the same features and perks but for a much higher price.

It is worth remembering that all of the Unreal Mobile plans offer unlimited everything. The only real difference between the tiers is the data limit, even though they all use 4G high-speed data. For the lowest tier option, you get 3 GB of 4G LTE data. The next tier will get you 8 GB, and the final tier will get you 12 GB of 4G LTE data. 


Benefits of Using Unreal Mobile Plans

Here are the advantages of using Unreal Mobile plans:


1. Value for Money

Inexpensive and Value for Money
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There is no doubt that Unreal Mobile plans are some of the cheapest out there, especially when you compare them side-by-side with other major carriers. The MVNO landscape is highly competitive, but Unreal Mobile managed to carve a place for themselves in the already-crowded market. They achieved this by offering economical choices that come with impressive features. 

Unreal Mobile plans offer you a great bang for your buck. At just $15 per month, you can already text or call your friends and family with no limit. Plus, you have 3 GB worth of data you can use. That is a lot of data when you consider that most people today are constantly connected to a Wi-Fi network — at home, at work, or even at local coffee shops. Moreover, $15 is very cheap for 3 GB, whereas other networks charge way higher prices for the same amount of data.

In addition to their low-cost offerings, Unreal Mobile plans also do not charge any activation fees. That means you can get a plan from them without having to worry about hidden charges. Unreal Mobile also sells affordable phones that work well with their network, in case you do not want the hassle of finding a compatible one yourself.

When considering options, everyone factors in the price in one way or another. The cost can make or break a deal and always comes into play. If money is no object for you, then perhaps the inexpensiveness of Unreal Mobile plans does not matter. However, if you are like most of the population in the United States, you likely have a budget you want to stick to.


2. International Plans

Global Plan
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Although Unreal Mobile’s premium plans offer international calls and texts, they do not include international data. That means, using one of the carrier’s standard plans, you cannot surf the internet, stream videos, or check your email outside of the United States. However, Unreal Mobile does make it easy for you to do so if you need to. There are international Unreal Mobile plans available, too.

There are two global Unreal Mobile plans you can choose from: the Explorer Plan and the Jetsetter Plan. The Explorer Plan starts at $9 for 1 GB for every 30 days, with an additional $8 per 1 GB increase. It serves 50 countries. The Jetsetter Plan, on the other hand, costs $15 for 1 GB for every 30 days, with an additional $14 per 1 GB increase. It serves 150 countries. Both plans come with LTE speeds, rollover data, secure coverage, and free shipping.

If you frequently travel outside of the United States, especially for long periods of time, then the global Unreal Mobile plans will work very well for you. These plans consist of the necessary features at an affordable rate without compromising on quality.


3. No Overages

It has probably happened many times to you in the past — you go above your data limit and find out later on that you have accumulated hundreds of dollars in overages. With Unreal Mobile plans, there are no overages, so you will not be surprised by additional costs. Of course, that does not mean that you get unlimited data. Instead, once you consume your data limit, Unreal Mobile downgrades your speed to the equivalent of 2G. 

Although it is significantly slower than 4G LTE, 2G is still functional. You can still check your email and browse websites, albeit at a more sluggish rate than normal. You may still be able to watch videos online, though do not expect a fast loading time and great quality. Besides, people nowadays tend to always stay connected to some form of Wi-Fi or another. On average, users only consume about 2 GB of data per month, so 3 GB is already a great deal. Regardless, 2G is way better than being caught by surprise by your enormous bill.


4. Keeping Your Phone Number

Unreal Mobile dashboard
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In such a fast-paced world, one thing usually remains constant: your phone number. Switching phone numbers poses many difficulties. It means having to update your contact information on all associated accounts, i.e., bank accounts, credit cards, lease agreements, etc. It also means having to inform everyone you know that you have changed phone numbers.

With Unreal Mobile plans, though, you can change networks and phones without needing to change your phone number. The carrier offers an easy way to transfer and keep your phone number in the process. It is just one of the many perks of Unreal Mobile plans.


Is Unreal Mobile Good?

After learning about Unreal Mobile, the question still remains, “Is the hype really worth buying into?” The answer is, it depends. Unreal Mobile plans clearly have a lot going for them. They are inexpensive, offer great value for money, offer no contracts or activation fees, and have international plans as well. It is great for anyone who appreciates a good deal.

In addition to that, you can breathe easy knowing you will never go over your bill. You already have unlimited calls and texts, plus a minimum of 3 GB of data to consume per month. With a data cap and no overages, you can save yourself the trouble of overpaying for your service. You can even keep your phone number. Even if you consume large amounts of data on a monthly basis, Unreal Mobile has plans that cater to your needs. Plus, these plans tend to cost much less than the packages other major networks (and even other MVNOs) offer — and for the same features, too. 

However, if you do not particularly care about the cost and want the features that only a major carrier can offer, then Unreal Mobile plans are perhaps not the best choice for you. Some networks provide you with better service, both in terms of connectivity and customer support. Still, if you are on the market for a good MVNO or just a cheaper option than the Big Four carriers, then give Unreal Mobile a try.