The Best AT&T MVNO Available [Complete List and Ranking]

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There is no shortage when it comes to mobile carrier choices today. This is because there are now a number of options other than the Big Four (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile). Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs are increasingly becoming popular among users because they offer what the Big Four are offering for a cheaper price tag. In a previous article, we have discussed the best Verizon MVNOs in the market. Hence, in this article, we will cover AT&T MVNO and help you choose which one would best fit you.


Inside This Article

  1. Best AT&T MVNO Carriers
    1. Consumer Cellular
    2. Cricket Wireless
    3. Freedom Pop
    4. Net10 Wireless
    5. Straight Talk
    6. TracFone
    7. Red Pocket Mobile
    8. Airvoice Wireless
    9. Unreal Mobile
    10. Wing
    11. FreeUP Mobile
    12. Good2Go Mobile
    13. H2O Wireless
  2. Considerations in Switching to an AT&T MVNO
  3. Choosing the Right AT&T MVNO for You


13 AT&T MVNO Carriers

Network coverage is very important in choosing which carrier to equip your mobile phone. For obvious reasons, you want a network that would allow your family and friends to reach you when they need to. Other perks can come next. And since AT&T is the second largest network provider in the United States, there is really no shortage when it comes to coverage. With that scratch off the list, we ranked AT&T MNVO carriers in this list based on their price tags and perks. Hopefully, that would help you choose a carrier based on your own considerations and budgets.


1. Consumer Cellular (Five-star Preferred)

Consumer Cellular, an AT&T MVNO
Photo from Consumer Cellular Facebook Page

As customers, we all have our own considerations when planning to purchase an item or choosing the best mobile plan. And if you’re on a budget, you’d opt to get a plan that not only delivers the best deals and value for money. Enter the most flexible AT&T MVNO carrier in our list: Consumer Cellular.

Consumer Cellular has three categories of plans that customers can enjoy. They are as follow:

Talk Only Plans Unlimited Text + Talk (250 Minutes) & Plans Unlimited Minutes Talk + Unlimited Text Plans
250 minutes – $15 per month 500 MB – $20 per month 500 MB – $25 per month
Unlimited – $20 per month 3 GB – $25 per month 3 GB – $30 per month
10 GB – $35 per month 10 GB – $40 per month
15 GB – $45 per month 15 GB – $50 per month
Unlimited data – $55 per month Unlimited data – $60 per month

Considering the table above, it is clear that Consumer Cellular aims to help consumers save money yet still get the best value deals for carriers. And many consumers do prefer this MVNO for its excellent customer service as well. And finally, we also love how they offer Bring-Your-Own-Phone (BYOP) deals or choose from their list of accredited mobile devices.

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2. Cricket Wireless (Four-star Preferred)

© Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Cricket Wireless is an AT&T-exclusive carrier and services 99% of the American population. It offers a range of plans that include unlimited calls and texts with varying amounts of data allocations. As an AT&T MVNO, Cricket Wireless offers a monthly plan basis that has no hidden charges. The carrier is quite upfront about its offerings; if they say a plan is priced for $60 per month tax included, that means you only have to pay $60 per month, no more no less. Below are the data allowance details Cricket Wireless offers:

$60 per month Unlimited data & 15 GB Mobile Hotspot
$55 per month Unlimited data allowance
$40 per month 10 GB data allowance
$30 per month 2 GB data allowance

Other than these plans, Cricket Wireless also offers a plan bundle that can be shared. Customers can enjoy a shared plan that can service four lines. From the range of bundle plans between $100 to $130 per month, four lines can enjoy unlimited calls and texts + data allowance.

What we like about Cricket Wireless is they allow customers to choose to either bring their own device or they can choose from a list of mobile phones that are compliant with their terms and conditions.

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3. Freedom Pop (Best Value for Money)

Banner photo of Freedom Pop MVNO
Photo from Freedom Pop Facebook Page

Freedom Pop is an AT&T MVNO that aims to give customers the freedom to build their plans based on the conditions that will suit them. Essentially, it offers a bundled deals for unlimited texts and calls that can range from 250 minutes to unlimited allowance. Below are the data allowance details you need to know for each plan:

250 Voice Minutes Plans Unlimited Minute Plans
1GB of LTE data for $15 per month 1GB of LTE data for $17 per month
4GB of LTE data for $23 per month  4GB of LTE data for $25 per month
10GB of LTE data  for $30 per month 10GB of LTE data for $35 per month
Unlimited text messages + Unlimited LTE data for $55 per month

What we love about Freedom Pop aside from being the best value for money MVNO are the extended perks. Freedom Pop offers WiFi calling and texting features, and unlimited minutes and texts with other Freedom Pop users for free. Additionally, customers can shop from their decent list of Android and iPhone catalogs as their mobile device of choice. However, these units are a few years old. Nonetheless, it is a rather decent option for an MVNO carrier.

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4. Net10 Wireless

net10 wireless hotspot
Photo from Net10 Wireless

Getting the basics out of the window first, Net10 Wireless is a no-contract monthly basis AT&T MVNO. It also allows users to choose between keeping their own phones or shop on the list of accredited mobile phones they offer. Net10 Wireless is also using the Big Four for its infrastructure so there is no question in terms of coverage. Moreover, Net10 Wireless is also considered one of the best MVNOs under AT&T.

All Net10 Wireless plans offer unlimited texts, calls, and data. However, the carrier puts a cap on the data allowance that results to slow down once the cap is reached. Below are the plan details you need to know if you are considering Net10 as your MVNO of choice:

$20 per month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (with 2 GB at high-speed)
$35 per month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (with 5 GB at high-speed)
$40 per month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (with 10 GB at high-speed)
$50 per month Super Unlimited (Talk, Text & Data) with 5 GB mobile hotspot
$65 per month Super Unlimited (Talk, Text & Data) with 10 GB mobile hotspot

Some Net10 Wireless customers have reported that the basic $20 plan is a great value for money. They add the high-end plans are not as good as the next plan offered by other MVNOs. Regardless, we think Net10 Wireless deserves a good spot in our list for offering an option that is budget-friendly and competitive.

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5. Straight Talk Wireless

Banner photo of Straight Talk Wireless
Photo from Straight Talk Wireless Facebook Page

Here’s an AT&T MVNO carrier that is also available across the Big Four networks. One of the things consumers love about Straight Talk is the feature called Keep Your Own Phone (KYOP). This means, in choosing Straight Talk as your MVNO, you get to continuously use your own device. Or, you can opt to shop for a phone on the list of their approved mobile devices. But for AT&T, you might want to choose a phone that is AT&T compatible or unlocked GSM. You can head over to Straight Talk’s website to check whether your phone is compatible with AT&T MVNO terms and conditions.

Basically, Straight Talk’s plans are divided into three categories; each offers the best deals for any customer to consider. They are as follow:

$35 per month Unlimited Talk & Text + 5GB of high-speed data
$45 per month Unlimited Talk & Text + 25GB of high-speed data
$55 per month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data + Unlimited Data+ 10GB mobile hotspot
$60 per month Unlimited Talk & Text (International)+ 25GB of high-speed data
$65 per month Unlimited Talk & Text (International)+ Unlimited Data+ 20GB mobile hotspot

Straight Talk offers other perks as well. One of which is getting discounts between $1 to $5 if you opt to add auto-refill to your plan and if you choose to pay in advance.

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6. TracFone

Banner photo of TracFone
Photo from TracFone Facebook Page

TracFone is an MVNO that uses all the Big Four as its main infrastructure provider. In this context, this makes TracFone one of the most accessible and hassle-free MVNOs in the market because it has excellent coverage across the United States. However, in using TracFone as an AT&T MVNO, customers are advised to have an AT&T-compatible phone to ensure maximum performance.

This MVNO operates in the same way as the majority of MVNOs: no-contract prepaid basis. However, this also makes TracFone a very accessible carrier. Its basic plan includes 1GB of 4G LTE and unlimited talk and text for $20 per month. Below are the plans TracFone offers under AT&T:

$30 per month Unlimited Talk & Text, 3 GB of Data
$25 per month Unlimited Talk & Text, 2 GB of Data
$20 per month Unlimited Talk & Text, 1GB of Data

What we like about TracFone is the feature called Data Carryover. This means any unused data allowance for the current month can be added to the allowance the next month so that no data would go to waste. Talk about flexibility and the best value for money! We also think that TracFone is the best option for those who constantly travel across the US and do not want to buy a local SIM card.

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7. Red Pocket Mobile

US MVNO: Red Pocket Mobile
Photo from Red Pocket Mobile Facebook Page

Red Pocket Mobile is another MVNO that uses the Big Four for infrastructure and coverage. This also means that any Red Pocket Mobile user can enjoy maximum coverage across the United States. And similar to other MVNOs we listed here, Red Pocket Mobile allows customers to choose their own phone to carry the SIM. However, for AT&T, it would be advisable to use a phone that is AT&T carrier compatible or GSM unlocked.

Moreover, Red Pocket Mobile plans offer unlimited minutes and texts. But it sets itself apart by capping the data allowance. Here are the details of plans offered by this AT&T MVNO:

$10 per month 1000 Minutes and Unlimited Text Messages + 1 GB of data
$19 per month 3 GB of data
$30 per month 10 GB of data
$40 per month 22 GB of data

What we also want to highlight is that each call allowance per plan allows users to make international calls for free. Additionally, customers are more than welcome to contact Red Pocket Mobile customers service for questions and support in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.

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8. Airvoice Wireless

Logo of Airvoice Wireless, an AT&T MVNO
Photo from

Airvoice Wireless is considered a flexible AT&T MVNO due to the way one can take advantage of its service. For one, you pay-as-you-go for the service or you can opt to pay on a monthly basis. All Airvoice Wireless plans offer unlimited minutes and texts straightforward. It also includes unlimited minutes and texts, and you will also get unlimited MMS and international call credits. While it’s not the best MVNO for those who use either their texts or minutes or data, this MVNO offers a wide array of options to choose from that will surely fit your considerations.

In addition, its Pay-As-You-Go plan is affordable at $10 per month and includes 250 minutes of calls or 500 text messages.

Below are Airvoice Wireless data plans details:

$20 per month $30 per month $50 per month $70 per month
3GB for 30 days 6GB for 30 days 15GB for 30 days unlimited

The beauty of Airvoice Wireless plans is that they are non-contractual. Meaning, you can continue to purchase the same plan after its expiry period or you can choose a different plan that will suit your considerations for the next month. They also offer a 10% discount should any customer opt to auto-renew their plans and make an auto-debit payment on a monthly basis to make payments easier.

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9. Unreal Mobile

Banner photo of Unreal Mobile MVNO
Photo from Unreal Mobile Facebook Page

Unreal Mobile is another no-contract type of AT&T MVNO that is budget-friendly. Each plan comes at a low price, which will surely fit your considerations. One thing that we wish to highlight from Unreal Mobile plans is that they all promise 5G-level data connection plans at affordable prices. Additionally, each plan comes with unlimited minutes and texts across the board. However, as is with every MVNO we have in this catalog, Unreal Mobile soft-caps these data plans once the data has been maxed out and slows down to an unlimited 2G speed. Here are the Unreal Mobile plan details you need to know:

$10 per month $15 per month $25 per month
2GB high-speed data 3GB high-speed data 12GB high-speed data

We also love how you get to keep your phone if you wish that to be your device or shop from their list of approved mobile phones. And finally, it is a major plus to get free international call credits to 80+ countries and how you get to use the same AT&T number you have or get a new one.

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10. Wing

Photo from WingTel Facebook Page

Wing is an MVNO that offers flexible and affordable plans. Its basic plan consists of getting a flip phone; it comes with unlimited voice and texts, 4G LTE data connection, caller ID, and a voicemail feature. Pretty cool plan for someone who is not big on extended mobile perks other than calls and texts that is priced at $20 per month. Of course, it offers other variety of plans that will cater to customers’ needs and budgets.

Its plans $20, $27, and $38 per month come with 5G service, HD voice and WiFi calling, device hotspot, and caller ID. Data allowance range from 1GB, 2GB, and 5GB respectively. Below are the details for Wing premium plans.

$55 per month Unlimited Bundle $65 per month Unlimited Plus Bundle
40GB high-speed data 100GB high-speed data
5G service for HD voice and WiFi calling 5G service for HD voice and WiFi calling
Unlimited voice and texts Device hotspot
Device hotspot Unlimited minutes and texts

Wing also offers a Business Plan which is highly customizable depending on the number of lines you wish to have and the inclusions.

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11. FreeUP Mobile

US MVNO, FreeUP Mobile
Photo from FreeUP Mobile Facebook Page

FreeUP Mobile sets itself apart from the rest of the AT&T MVNOs we have listed here so far. This US-based MVNO offers two types of plans: a monthly plan basis and a three-month plan basis.

At the bare minimum, all monthly plans come with unlimited minutes and texts, high-speed data, and Global talk over + countries. For prices ranging from $15, $20, $30, and $45, you’ll get 1GB, 2GB, 6GB, and 15GB 4G LTE data allowance respectively. We also love how you either get to keep your number and phone or get new ones from their list.

Their three-month plans include almost the package inclusions as with the monthly plans. However, they are considered cheaper options because at $15 per month you get unlimited minutes and texts, free calls to Mexico, Canada, and 60+ other counties, and 3GB 4G LTE data allowance. At plan $20 per month, you get an 8GB 4G LTE data allowance, and at $30 per month you get 15GB 4G LTE data allowance.

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12. Good2Go Mobile

US MVNO, Good2Go Mobile
Photo from Good2Go Mobile Facebook Page

Good2Go Mobile is pretty much a standard carrier that offers standard plans. These plans come with the usual features you’d get on other MVNOs we have listed here so far. However, this AT&T MVNO allows customers to step up their plans to further service them.

So, at the basic plan of $10 per month, you’d get to enjoy unlimited minutes and texts only, which isn’t bad for anyone who just wants to reach out to loved ones every now and then and talk. For $15 per month, you’d get to enjoy a 1GB data allowance plus unlimited minutes and voice. For a premium of $45 per month, you’d get a 20GB high-speed data allowance plus unlimited calls and texts.

What we think is dodgy is that Good2Go Mobile advertises their plans at prices like $10 and $15. However, you actually have to pay $15 on your first bill out; you’ll only get to pay $10 after you subscribed to the carrier’s Auto Pay Credit feature. But then again, this is something customers have to decide for themselves.

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13. H2O Wireless (Good Coverage Deal)

H2O Wireless, an AT&T MVNO carrier
Photo from H2O Wireless Facebook Page

H2O Wireless is an MVNO that is exclusive to AT&T. While it has impressive deals on pay as you go and talk and text plans, consumers are crossed when it comes to the carrier’s data allowance plans.

This AT&T MVNO offers a competitive basic plan. For $20 per month, you’d be able to get unlimited texts, calls, plus high speed 2GB data allowance. Dissecting the unlimited calls and texts feature further, H20 plans offer unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited international calling to landlines in over 50 countries; unlimited international texting; and a free $10 international talk credit. Below is a simple rundown of H20 Wireless’ other plans:

$30 per month Unlimited calls and texts + 6GB full speed data
$40 per month Unlimited calls and texts + 15GB full speed data
$50 per month Unlimited calls and texts + 24GB full speed data
$60 per month Unlimited calls and texts + 30GB full speed data

Customers can also enjoy family bundled plans and get the same coverage and perks. However, the same problem persists despite this plan in terms of the data connection. We said that H2O Wireless’ data plans are not as good as the similar plans offered by other MVNO. This is because the data connection by H2O is not good and is susceptible to interruptions. And for such kind of connection, we think the price tags aren’t justified.

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Considerations in Switching to an AT&T MVNO

Getting the right cellular service is as important as getting a phone. Without the service, there is really no way for us to get in touch. So, switching to an MVNO is no different in this regard because the first thing you have to remember is that an MVNO should have good network coverage. It does not mean it runs through an AT&T infrastructure, it automatically is a good MVNO. Sometimes, due to restrictions and mitigations as a result of location, coverage suffers. So, always make sure to check the website of a preferred MVNO and check whether you receive good coverage.

The next consideration is that you need to have a working mobile device. Switching to an AT&T MVNO means you need to ensure that the phone is AT&T compatible or GSM unlocked. Otherwise, the whole thing will not work.

And lastly, know what you really need. Your inclusions need not be stuffed too much with features. It only has to carry what you need the service and device for.


Choosing the Right AT&T MVNO for You

Throughout the article, we have repeated the phrase “that will suit your considerations”. This is because MVNOs, like these AT&T MVNOs, are not necessarily pricey but they are not necessarily cheap as well. They are budget-friendly and should always maintain mutual exclusivity with your budget and needs considerations. You might be a person who just needs unlimited minutes because you are able to get your message across efficiently that way. In this case, you might want to stick with a plan that is big on minutes and less on others.

Hence, choosing the right MVNO for you should always be aligned with what you need it for. Ask yourself, what feature are you big on, and what other features you can let go to customize your plan and ensure it falls within the budget threshold?

At the end of the day, we just want to reach out to our loved ones and talk. And these AT&T MVNOs are here to help us connect in more ways than we can think of.