13 Best Anime MMORPG You Should Play in 2021

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Humans crave interaction; that much is certain. However, one must ask, how do humans that play all the time interact with other people? The answer — through online. Well, that’s where MMORPGs come in; gamers get to play the game while still interacting with others. Moreover, some of the best MMORPGs are usually Anime MMORPG titles.

Today, we’re counting down on the best Mobile Anime MMORPGs that players can get into. But before that, what exactly are Anime MMORPGs?


What Are Anime MMORPGs?

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Anime MMORPGs are exactly what it says on the tin. Basically, they’re MMORPGs that have anime-like graphics with the effects and gameplay of a shonen anime. If you’re looking for over-the-top graphic violence and a lot of particle effects that your phone starts to heat up excessively, then yes, go for Anime MMORPGs. They’re fun and cool-looking, at least the good ones. Also, there’s not that much of a difference between Anime and non-anime MMORPGs if we’re being honest here.

Anyhow, let’s begin to talk about the Best Anime MMORPGs on Mobile Devices. Do note that all of these entries are available for free with in-app purchases on Android and iOS.


What Are the Best Anime MMORPGs Available on Mobile Devices?

1.) MapleStory M

MapleStory M
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If you’ve played Anime MMORPGs before, then you’ve probably heard of MapleStory, an old MMORPG from Wizet. If you did, you probably had a really good time playing the game. Sadly, though the game endured throughout the years, the player base dwindled. However, that doesn’t mean it’s down and out, because MapleStory lives on — in PC and Mobile.

MapleStory M is exactly what it says on the tin: MapleStory on Mobile devices. There’s nothing new to the game in terms of gameplay; it’s just good ol’ MapleStory. Still, there’s a few new stuff in there like quests and classes. If you want to experience MapleStory, try it because it’s good.

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2.) SoulWorker Anime Legends

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Next up is SoulWorker Anime Legends, another port from PC to Android that does have its slick gameplay. The game is a sidescroller Anime MMORPG that sticks players in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters. Players play as SoulWorkers chosen by Rosca, an ancient god to save humanity.

When you log in to the game, you get to choose between 6 different classes, or characters. These are Erwin Arclight, Lily Bloomerchen, Haru Estia, Jin Seipatsu, Iris Yuma, and Stella Unibell. Each character has its role. For example, Erwin is a ranged DPS, Haru’s a Jack of all Trades, and Lily is the Critical Hit Character.

The premise is simple, but the story has its twists and turns. If you’re a fan of an anime sidescrolling game a la Streets of Rage but more anime, get SoulWorker Anime Legends. You won’t regret it.

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3.) Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja
Photo from Dragon Raja’s Facebook page


Next on the list is Dragon Raja, an anime MMORPG created using Unreal Engine 4. The game is a high fantasy RPG set in the near future. The game is filled with a lot of features like character customization and great graphics.

Story-wise, the game is set years into the future with the reawakening of the sealed Dragon Lord. The Hybrids, basically humans with superpowers, awakened and sallied forth to seal the Dragon Lord once again. Simple stuff, but there’s a lot of depth to the story which is helped by some good cinematics.

All in all, if you want to play a game that looks as if it’s supposed to be on PC, definitely try out Dragon Raja.

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4.) Alchemia Story

Alchemia Story
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Alchemia Story is another Anime MMORPG set in an AU Industrial Revolution. In this world, you explore to improve yourself and to defeat the Demon King.

The player can go through the world either on a single player or on multiplayer. However, they’re not exploring alone. Players have YOME, a companion traveling with them. In addition to this, the customization aspects of the game involve not only the player character but YOME as well. This allows players to craft their own personal Waifu if they wish.

All in all, the game has a lot of good things coming for it. The cute art style, good gameplay, the ability to switch between single and multiplayer, and the myriad of customization options. All this makes Alchemia Story one of the best Anime MMORPGs this year.

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5.) Hero Academy: 3D Fantasy RPG

Hero Academy
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Next up is Hero Academy: 3D Fantasy RPG, a free MMORPG (their words) that emphasizes fun. The game is every single MMORPG out there with a dash of strategy and gacha thrown in. It’s chaotic but it’s fun. Unfortunately, there’s not much in terms of Character Customization. Still, there’s something for everyone.

All in all, if you’re looking for something casual, try out Hero Academy: 3D Fantasy RPG.

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6.) Flyff Legacy


Another game on this list is Flyff Legacy, which should be familiar to fans of the old PC Anime MMORPG. Flyff, or Fly For Fun, is a 3D Anime MMORPG set in the same world as the original Flyff MMO. Players can still do the same things that they can do in the original game. These range from flying on brooms, a deep character customization pool, and a whole lot more.

If you want to play with the feels of nostalgia, don’t miss Flyff Legacy.

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7.) Blade&Soul Revolution

Blade&Soul Revolution
Photo from Blade&Soul Revolution’s Facebook page


Blade&Soul Revolution is yet another PC port to Mobile devices. Players follow through the same story of the original game but on mobile, with the same abilities characters.

The difference between the PC and mobile versions is the fact that players can accelerate their growth. This is through the use of the Tower of Spirits and the Treasure Hunt Festival. Both of these events allow players to gain EXP and items respectively. Gameplay-wise, it’s still similar to the original Blade&Soul, with the game boasting a lot of combat scenes.

All in all, if you want to play an MMORPG with loads of skirmishes, try out Blade&Soul Revolution.

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8.) Tales of Wind


No, this isn’t one of the Tales of series. Still, Tales of Wind is a pretty good-looking Anime MMORPG. Players start at La Place, a divinely blessed city that’s now shrouded in evil. The player’s job is to return the city to its proper form and to find out why it happened.

In terms of features, the game looks like a bright and colorful world. Players can form parties to tackle hard quests and raids. In addition to this, the game has a robust customization system, as well as a marriage system (though the marriage system is available on other games as well). All in all, Tales of Wind is a complete package if players want to experience the best of Anime MMORPGs.

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9.) Sword Fantasy Online

Sword Fantasy Online
Photo from Sword Fantasy Online’s Facebook Page


Sword Fantasy Online is a side-scrolling Anime MMORPG that players can play with only one hand. Players slide and tap their way into victory. If players can’t clear something, no worries because they can ask for help quickly and get responded to in minutes. In terms of customization, players have a lot of options to bling out their characters. From skins, cool-looking armor and weapons, and a lot of cosmetics.

All in all, if you want some good, clean fun, you might want to try out Sword Fantasy Online. The Anime MMORPG is well polished, and as we’ve already said, you can play with one hand. That alone should be a good endorsement to the game.

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RPG Iruna
Photo from RPG Iruna


Next on the list is RPG IRUNA Online MMORPG. IRUNA is one of the Anime MMORPGs that claims infinite character customization. However, it’s probably one of the few that mean it. There’s a lot of customization that players can get into. These range from changing hairstyles and color, gender, eye shape and color, and a lot more. In addition to this, the game’s pretty rewarding with loot drops so that’s a cap there.

In terms of parties, players can party with up to 4 players to take on enemies. Players can also form guilds which can then take on 100-man raids filled with loot. There’s also pets, island customization, and a pretty expansive storyline for players to sink their teeth into. All in all, if you want a good Anime MMORPG to tackle, try out IRUNA Online.




11.) Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Next on the list is Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, and for a lot of Anime MMORPG players, Ragnarok is a familiar title. The title’s been around for quite some time now, and the mobile version of the game’s been blooming.

Players are sent to the new continent of Asgard where they’re tasked to explore it. Along the way, they need to fight monsters and take on quests, the usual MMORPG shenanigans. All in all, if you’re going for an Anime MMORPG, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love can’t steer you wrong.

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Next on the list is AVABEL ONLINE, a Co-Op Anime MMORPG that has a lot of emphasis on PvP. Don’t get us wrong, the game has a lot of PvE content. However, the main draw of AVABEL is the PvP and Guild Vs. Guild combat that players can get into. Guild battles can get pretty hectic fast as spells get slung left, right and center. Still, if you’re willing to dive into defeating scrubs on PvP, then try out AVABEL ONLINE. The game’s pretty wild, if we’re being honest.


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13.) RPG Toram Online

Toram Online
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Last but not least is RPG Toram Online, one of the most active Mobile Anime MMORPGs to date, and for good reason. Customization-wise, players have more than 500 Billion combinations in terms of creating their character.

In addition, players can do whatever they want in terms of fighting style. Swords? You can definitely use them. Swords with staves? Very much possible. Using a Bow one time and then a spear the next? Also possible. So long as you have the will to grind for the EXP, you can use the weapons and the skills that come along with them. Weapons and armor are also easy to sort out in the game and skills can even be created freely and attached to items.

In terms of parties, players can go online or even just hire their characters as “Mercenaries”. The story setting is great, the graphics look nice, and all in all, it deserves to be one of the best Anime Mobile MMORPGs of the year.

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Play Anime MMORPGs Today

If you have any takeaways from this, it’s that the Mobile Anime MMORPG landscape is incredibly vast. There’s a lot of Anime MMORPGs available for players to enjoy, whether it be completely similar to other MMORPGs, spiritual successors, or ports. Either way, there’s something for everyone here.