12 Best Verizon MVNOs (Complete List and Ranking)

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If we talk about a mobile service that covers most of the United States, Verizon would come out as the top choice. Its 70% nationwide 4G coverage would just cement Verizon’s place among subscribers who plan to stay for a long haul. Of course, good things don’t come without a trade-in, and for Verizon, it’s the premium mobile plans that they offer. Thankfully, Verizon MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) exist that allow mobile users to take advantage of Verizon’s wide coverage without burning a hole in their pocket.


Logo of US carrier, Verizon
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However, with the number of options, how exactly would you go about choosing the best Verizon MVNO for you? Which one would suit your needs? Which one offers the best deals for calls, texts, and data? If you are shopping around, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will outline the best MVNO deals offered by Verizon, their pros and cons, and package inclusions.


What Is an MVNO?

Mobile virtual network operators or MVNOs are wireless communications service providers operating without owning the wireless network infrastructure to provide services to their customers. It is a business model that offers mutually exclusive benefits to both parties; the parent company can expand its network, while the other network can operate as a name of its own but at a lower cost. Despite being cheap, MVNOs surprisingly have the best unlimited data plan or even family cell phone plan offers.


Best Verizon MVNOs to Choose

1. Red Pocket Mobile 7. US Mobile
2. Page Plus Cellular 8. GreatCall
3. Xfinity Mobile 9. Total Wireless
4. Net10 Wireless 10. Straight Talk Wireless
5. TracFone 11. CREDO Mobile
6. Affinity Cellular 12. Visible

In this section, we are listing down the best Verizon MVNOs and their package inclusions. We also ranked them to help you make the best choice of carrier. We have ranked them from the cheapest that offers the best value plan down to the plan that costs a little extra. Here’s what made it to our list.


1. Red Pocket Mobile

Banner photo of Red Pocket Mobile
Photo from Red Pocket Mobile Facebook Page

Plan Price: From $10/mo up to $40/mo

Data Allowance: Up to 22 GB high-speed data under $40/mo plan

Special Inclusions: Nationwide coverage including the Big Four


Red Pocket Mobile is a US MVNO that uses the Big Four (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless) as the main network. Given this, you kind of want to expect better coverage across the United States. Its basic plan starts at $10/mo, which includes 1,000 minutes of calls and 1 GB of data that covers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Networks. You get unlimited calls and texts if you choose the next plan at $19/mo, which also includes 3GB of high-speed data.

Red Pocket plans specify the radio frequency each plan comes with. For example, for the $40/mo plan, you have a plan for GSMA, a plan for CDMA/CDMAS, and a plan for GSMT. You’d find plans CDMA and GSMT cost the same, have unlimited national calls and texts, and have a 12 GB data allowance. However, the GSMA plan is the only plan that offers 22 GB of high-speed data among the three all for the same price.

Meanwhile, you also have an option to get a family plan for bundled benefits. For example, Red Pocket’s Family Plan with auto-refill is a $110/mo deal. With it comes coverage for the Big Four 4G LTE networks, unlimited national calls and texts, plus a 50 GB high-speed data allowance. On top of these, you’ll also get free international calls to 80+ countries. This is a shared plan for a family of five.

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2. Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus Cellular, a Verizon MVNO
Photo from Page Plus Cellular Facebook Page

Plan Price: From $12/mo no contract and $10/mo pay-as-you-go

Data Allowance: Fully unlimited 4G LTE for $55/mo

Special Inclusions: No contract monthly plans including pay-as-you-go


Page Plus Cellular is the most ordinary Verizon MVNO on this list. But despite that, this MVNO carrier remains a good option among subscribers. Page Plus offers no monthly contract deals to its subscribers making it one of the best value across the United States.

Its basic plan is a $12/mo deal that includes 500 minutes of calls, 500 texts, and 100 MB 4G LTE allowance. However, if you are one who constantly uses your phone to connect to the internet, you might want to get the plan that offers more. Its highest plan is a $55/mo deal and it includes unlimited calls (comes with a $10 international calling credit), unlimited texts national and international, and unlimited 4G LTE allowance.

Page Plus also comes with two other plan variants: 3G and 4G Pay-As-You-Go with basic plans starting from $10 respectively. Package inclusions vary depending on the variant you might want to get. This carrier also offers some of the best phone deals ranging from the latest iPhone unit to the latest Samsung Galaxy unit.

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3. Xfinity Mobile

Banner photo of Xfinity Mobile MVNO by Verizon
Photo from Xfinity Mobile Facebook Page

Plan Price: From $15/mo

Data Allowance: Unlimited data allowance for $45/per line, per month

Special Inclusions: Flexible plan for the family at a lower bill cost


Many Americans have access to Xfinity Mobile because they are pre-existing customers of Xfinity for Comcast internet service. And if you haven’t guessed it yet, this means that you have to get both internet service and mobile plans as they go mutually exclusive. This has gained Xfinity some flacks from those who sought mobile plans only. Nevertheless, it does offer some great deals for coverage and data allowance.

Xfinity comes in a number of plans with different caps allotted for each plan. The plans range from getting an unlimited data connection and will slow down to 20 GB down to the smallest plan available which can be upgraded as you go.

Monthly Cost $15/mo $30/mo $60/mo $45/line/mo


But as we said, Xfinity Mobile as Verizon MVNO offers flexible plans for individuals and as a family. For a large family who wants to get a lower bill out of their Xfinity plan, they can opt to get the Family Plan for a $105 monthly bill. This includes “By the Gig” inclusion for $60 where three lines get to share 10 GB of data allowance plus one line on unlimited for $45.

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4. Net10 Wireless

Net10 Wireless, a Verizon MVNO
Photo from Net10 Wireless Facebook Page

Plan Price: Starts at $20/mo up to $65/mo (add-ons not included)

Data Allowance: Comes with a 2 GB data allowance under the $20/mo plan


Net10 not just rely on the Verizon network; it uses the rest of the big four for coverage. This means any Net10 carrier subscriber has the best shot when it comes to getting the best coverage for mobile service anywhere in the country. On top of this, you’d get the services and package inclusions for less than the price that you often have to pay with one of the Big Four. Additionally, you also get the option to use your own phone unit if you subscribe to Net10. However, your unit has to be a CDMA-compatible unit; otherwise, you won’t be able to use Net10 from Verizon.

Net10 is a  prepaid wireless network and just one of the carriers owned by TracFone. Net10 is as flexible as a carrier can go; it has six plans that offer a range of unlimited call and text options. In addition, each plan comes with a fixed data allowance.

You will never go broke with Net10. Its basic plan is at $15/mo pay-as-you-go. This plan includes 200 minutes of calls only and no data allowance. But for someone who just wants to be connected to family or friends upfront, this plan might just work for you. The next plan sells for $20/mo; this includes unlimited calls and texts plus a 2 GB monthly allowance. Fair note: once the data allowance has been used up for the month, you’d still get a connection but it will be downgraded to a 2G connection, which is extremely slow.

Net10’s highest plan is a hybrid pay-as-you-go plan; it’s $100/mo with 1,500 minutes of calls and still does not have data allowance. If you want to get unlimited calls, texts, and data, your best option is the $65/mo plan.

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5. TracFone

Banner photo of TracFone
Photo from TracFone Facebook Page

Plan Price: Starts from $20/month single line

Data Allowance: Starts from 1 GB up to 12 GB


TracFone has a good track record when it comes to offering cheap but competitive MVNOs across the United States of America. Its MVNOs operate under multiple networks including the Big Four. This means coverage is not a problem with this big guy.

TracFone’s basic plan starts from $20/mo and already comes with unlimited national calls and texts. Plus, you get 1 GB of data allowance. In contrast, its premium plan is a $199 deal that includes unlimited national calls and texts, and 12 GB of high-speed data. Similar to Total Wireless, TracFone offers a feature called Unlimited Carryover. In simple terms, this feature allows you to carry your unused data over the next month so you always get the best value out of your plan.

Moreover, TracFone is a Verizon MVNO that is fit for anyone who constantly travels from one state to another, or a town to another, and does not want to spend much for roaming and other extra costs that come along with the move.

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6. Affinity Cellular

Banner photo of Affinity Cellular
Photo from Affinity Cellular Facebook Page

Plan Price: Starts from $20/month single line

Data Allowance: Starts from 1 GB up to 15 GB

Special Inclusions: You get to choose your own phone to come along with the plan


This Iowa-based Verizon MVNO rewards its subscribers with discounts to various clubs, the biggest of which is the American Automobile Association (AAA). Affinity Cellular operates with a core value that it wants to serve people who “depend on the benefits and security a cell phone provides but certainly are not using it every minute of every day.”

On a single line, the plan starts from $20/mo and you get a 1 GB LTE data allowance. Meanwhile, its premium plan stands at $60/mo with an unlimited data allowance. In contrast to the single line plans, a five-line basic plan would cost $15.20/mo plus a 1 GB data allowance. Meanwhile, a five-line premium plan from Affinity Cellular would cost $21.20 plus a 15 GB shared data allowance. This means if you want to save more but get some of the best value deals for mobile coverage and data, getting a plan for more than one line would be ideal.

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7. US Mobile

US Mobile official logo
Photo by US Mobile

Plan Price: Starts from $20/month single line

Data Allowance: Starts from 1 GB up to 12 GB

Special Inclusions: You get to customize your plan depending on your usage


US Mobile is a Verizon MVNO that gives subscribers full control of how they want their plans are designed, what inclusions it comes with. Its plans are simple but continue to offer its subscribers some of the best value plans out there, including a good combination of minutes, texts, and data.

Speaking of plans, the US Mobile basic plan starts at $10 and comes with unlimited text and calls, no data allowance. Next on the list is the $12 plan which also comes along with unlimited text and calls, plus a 1 GB data allowance. Meanwhile, a premium plan with US Mobile stands at $30/mo; similar to other plans, it comes with unlimited text and calls, plus a 30 GB data allowance. This Verizon MVNO offers an option to upgrade any unlimited plan to high-speed data with hotspot connectivity for an additional $10 more per month.

In contrast to the single line plan, US Mobile offers family plans as well. For beginners, the basic US Mobile family plan starts from $45/mo per line, $30/mo for two lines, an d $25/mo for three or more lines. All these plans come with unlimited texts, calls, and data allowance.

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8. GreatCall

GreatCall, a MVNO from Verizon
Photo from greatcall.com

Plan Price: Starts at $24.99/mo up to $59.99/mo

Data Allowance: Plan $59.99 offers unlimited data for the Verizon Wireless network

Special Inclusions: Get 25% on all GreatCall products


GreatCall offers Jitterbug phones as part of its plans inclusions. Jitterbug is a cell phone that has a large screen and simple one-panel navigation. You might wonder why this is. That is because GreatCall and Jitterbug offer the best deals to their target market: older adults and those who offer services to the elders. This is because Jitterbug is easy to use as a smartphone and comes with  GreatCall’s award-winning health and safety apps. Meanwhile, GreatCall plans come with 5Star Service and help in any emergency 24/7.

GreatCall offers two different plans depending on the mobile phone unit you’d prefer to come along with it. The carrier offers plans for a Jitterbug mobile phone or a Lively Flip mobile phone. This is how it works.

  1. Select the device you wish your plan to come with: the Lively Flip (for medical alert + talk & text) or the Jitterbug Smart 2 (for medical alert + talk, text & data)
  2. Next, you’ll be asked to select the health and safety package that is aligned with your needs.
  3. And lastly, pick your plan based on how many minutes, text, and data you want.

What we like about GreatCall is the flexibility in its plans; you can start your plan with 250 minutes for $15 per month. With this, you can get unlimited talk and text for $40 per month. On top of that, you have an option to add up to 2.5 GB of data for $15.

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9. Total Wireless

Logo of Total Wireless
Photo by Total Wireless

Plan Price: Starts from $24/month single line

Data Allowance: 25 GB high-speed data, unlimited 2G after


Total Wireless is another Verizon MVNO that’s exclusive to the network. This carrier is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless, a provider that holds an agreement with major wireless network operators in the United States. This MVNO offers average MVNO rates for data plans with its cheapest being $24/month. This plan already includes unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of 4G LTE.

Total Wireless is one MVNO that pushes flexibility further for customers. And this is exhibited in its add-on features. For example, on top of your chosen plan, you can get an extra 5 GB data allowance for an additional $10. Furthermore, the unused data allowance can be carried over to your allowance for the following month.

Aside from the 1 GB, 5 GB, and 25 GB plans available for single lines, Total Wireless offers a plan fit for a family. This MVNO offers subscribers of its family plan 100 GB of data for four lines to share for $95/month. In any case, and whichever plan you choose, Total Wireless does offer some of the best plans for Americans.

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Compare and Choose The Best Total Wireless Plans


10. Straight Talk

Banner photo of Straight Talk Wireless
Photo from Straight Talk Wireless Facebook Page

Plan Price: From $34/mo up to $65/mo

Data Allowance: Unlimited starting from $45/mo plan

Special Inclusions: Nationwide coverage including the Big Four


Straight Talk Wireless plans are the most robust on this list. That is because you get unlimited national calls, texts, and data starting from the $45/mo plan. However, we think its basic plan which starts at $34/mo is competitive enough as it is. It comes with unlimited calls and texts plus a 5 GB data allowance.

This Verizon MVNO also comes with an option for two lines; this means you can share the plan with another family member or another device you might use sparingly with another under one plan. This plan comes at $90/mo and includes unlimited national calls, texts, and data. On top of it, you get free shipping of any device of your choosing that comes with the plan.

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11. CREDO Mobile

Verizon MVNO: CREDO Mobile
Photo from CREDO Mobile Facebook Page

Plan Price: Starts at $35/mo up to $70/mo

Data Allowance: Up to 15 GB on two major 4G networks

Special Inclusions: Get the latest iPhone or Samsung phone units at a discounted price


CREDO Mobile boasts itself as a service for humanity. It started using the Verizon network back in 2016 making it one of the newest carrier inclusions in the Verizon MVNOs. Despite this, CREDO has been one of the leading MVNOs in the market. In addition, the company reflects social changes in its corporate responsibility. This includes offering free phone recycling and prints bills on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Furthermore, CREDO uses carbonfund.org’s “carbon-free” program, which allows the company to offset its electricity and shipping costs. This initiative makes CREDO an awesome choice especially for those who support social change.

CREDO’s basic plan starts at $35/mo; it includes a 1 GB mobile data allowance and unlimited SMS and calls. This, of course, excludes phone costs. Meanwhile, its highest plans cost $70/mo. At this price, you get two deals:

  • Unlimited texts and calls plus 20 GB full-speed data, which slows down to 128kbps once limit is reached
  • Unlimited texts and calls plus 15 GB data allowance.

All CREDO Mobile plans include calls to Canada and Mexico as well.

Exclusive to Verizon as an MVNO, CREDO offers a range of mobile phone units for its plans, including iPhone, Samsung, ZTE, and Google Pixel. On top of this, subscribers are offered the option to use their own unit provided it complies with carrier specifications.

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12. Visible

Logo of Visible
Photo from visible.com

Plan Price: A single-line $40/mo

Data Allowance: Unlimited data coverage


Visible Wireless is the simplest and uncomplicated Verizon MVNO we have on this list. This is because its approach is to only offer one single plan that costs $40/mo. However, Visible has created a strategy wherein you get to pay for less and get more. This is done by one subscriber inviting friends and family over to subscribe using one plan called Party Pay. As a result, you only get to pay $25/mo where four people are part of the said party.

The $40 plan includes:

  1. One line of service
  2. Unlimited minutes and texts
  3. Unlimited data
  4. 5 Mbps WiFi hotspot
  5. WiFi calling on compatible devices
  6. Calling & texting to Canada & Mexico

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Verizon MVNO Coverage

Verizon has a robust network reach. This is why they don’t need to put out a coverage map like other carriers. Verizon has a map on its website that represents the areas that the network covers in real-time. And if it is not clear already, Verizon covers much of the United States so it’s pretty much a powerful telecommunications company to beat.

However, if you take into consideration MVNOs, the smaller carriers that run with Verizon, the story takes a blurry turn because some of these carriers the capacity to access Verizon’s network. As a result, coverage may be patchy.

Check Verizon Coverage Map


What Phones Support Verizon MVNOs?

Each MVNO carrier running on Verizon sets out a specific list of mobile phones that can support the network. This allows them to see whether a subscriber’s unit is compatible with the MVNO carrier. However, by and large, these units are set out by the parent company itself; mostly because of contracts and all that. However, if you want to know whether your phone supports an MVNO, you can easily key in your IMEI number on the carrier’s website and check whether it is compatible or not.

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Verizon, on one hand, has a list of preferred mobile phones that can be added to its catalog. Of course, Verizon phones are compatible with Verizon MVNOs. However, depending on whether a carrier — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint — uses CDMA or GSM radio systems, an MVNO may or may not work with phones issued by other carriers.


Which Verizon MVNO to Pick?

While some of these Verizon MVNOs offer the best deals, they are not necessarily the best among the rest. The truth is— naming a plan as “the best” would be a matter of subjectivity. What’s best for you may not apply to other people. A lot of factors may come into play, like the amount of data allowance there is on a plan, how much it costs, what add-ons can be added, so on and so forth.

Choosing the best Verizon MVNO would largely depend on who is using the plan and what they will use it for. Some people are big on calls, others are big on text; the matter of data allowance is a non-starter as we all use data wherever we may go. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the fitting Verizon MVNO for you.