What Is Ticketmaster’s Telephone Number?

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  1. Ticketmaster Customer Service Number
  2. Ticketmaster International Customer Service Number
  3. Ticketmaster TDD/TTY Number
  4. Ticketmaster Resale Customer Service Number
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Ticketmaster Customer Service Number

If you have any inquiries, concerns, or need assistance with your Ticketmaster purchase, reaching out to their customer service team is a breeze. The Ticketmaster customer service number is a valuable resource for resolving issues related to ticket purchases, event information, account management, and more. By dialing the customer service number, you can connect with a knowledgeable representative who can guide you through the process and provide the support you need.

Whether you’re experiencing difficulties with ticket delivery, require assistance with payment methods, or have questions about event details, the Ticketmaster customer service number puts you in touch with a dedicated team ready to address your concerns promptly and professionally. By leveraging this direct line of communication, you can gain peace of mind and ensure a smooth and enjoyable ticket-buying experience.

It’s important to note that the Ticketmaster customer service number is a valuable resource for addressing a wide range of issues, including ticket transfers, event cancellations, and account security. By having this number readily available, you can swiftly address any unforeseen challenges that may arise, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event without unnecessary stress.

Ticketmaster International Customer Service Number

When you’re planning to attend an event or purchase tickets for a show outside your home country, Ticketmaster’s international customer service number becomes an invaluable resource. By dialing their international customer service number, you can gain access to assistance tailored to your specific needs, including ticket purchases, event information, and support for any issues that may arise while you’re abroad.

Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, having access to Ticketmaster’s international customer service number can provide peace of mind, knowing that you have a direct line to a dedicated team that understands the intricacies of purchasing and managing tickets for events in different countries. This level of support can be especially reassuring when navigating language barriers, time zone differences, and unfamiliar event venues.

By offering an international customer service number, Ticketmaster demonstrates its commitment to serving a diverse and global customer base. This accessibility reflects the company’s understanding of the unique challenges and requirements that customers encounter when engaging with events and entertainment options across international borders.

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Ticketmaster TDD/TTY Number

If you prefer to communicate via TDD/TTY (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf/Teletypewriter), Ticketmaster offers a dedicated line to ensure accessibility for all customers. By using this service, individuals with hearing or speech impairments can easily reach Ticketmaster’s customer service team to address their inquiries, purchase tickets, or resolve any issues related to their event bookings.

Utilizing TDD/TTY technology, Ticketmaster’s specialized customer service representatives are equipped to assist you in navigating the ticket purchasing process, providing event information, and facilitating any necessary accommodations to ensure your seamless experience with Ticketmaster’s services.

For customers who rely on TDD/TTY communication, having access to Ticketmaster’s dedicated number underscores the company’s commitment to inclusivity and customer satisfaction. This accessibility initiative reflects Ticketmaster’s dedication to serving all individuals, regardless of their communication needs or abilities.

Ticketmaster Resale Customer Service Number

When it comes to Ticketmaster’s resale services, having access to reliable customer support is essential. Whether you’re looking to list your tickets for resale or you have questions about purchasing resale tickets, Ticketmaster’s dedicated customer service team is there to assist you. The Ticketmaster Resale Customer Service Number provides direct access to knowledgeable representatives who can address your inquiries and provide guidance on navigating the resale process.

By dialing the Ticketmaster Resale Customer Service Number, you can receive assistance with a wide range of resale-related matters. This includes understanding the listing and pricing of resale tickets, resolving any issues with your resale transactions, and obtaining information about the resale policies and procedures set forth by Ticketmaster. The customer service team is equipped to handle various scenarios and ensure that your resale experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Moreover, contacting the Ticketmaster Resale Customer Service Number allows you to seek clarification on the terms and conditions associated with reselling tickets through Ticketmaster’s platform. Whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned resale user, having direct access to customer support can provide peace of mind and help you make informed decisions regarding your resale activities.

Overall, the Ticketmaster Resale Customer Service Number serves as a valuable resource for individuals engaging in ticket resale through Ticketmaster. By offering personalized assistance and expert guidance, Ticketmaster’s customer service team aims to enhance the resale experience for both sellers and buyers, ensuring that any concerns or inquiries are promptly addressed.

In conclusion, Ticketmaster’s telephone number is a vital resource for customers seeking assistance with ticket purchases, event information, and customer support. By calling Ticketmaster’s telephone number, individuals can conveniently connect with a knowledgeable representative who can address their inquiries and provide valuable assistance. The availability of a direct telephone line enhances customer satisfaction and ensures that any concerns or issues can be promptly resolved. As technology continues to advance, Ticketmaster’s commitment to offering a reliable and accessible telephone service demonstrates its dedication to customer care. Whether it’s for purchasing tickets, resolving issues, or obtaining event details, Ticketmaster’s telephone number remains an indispensable tool for enhancing the overall customer experience.


**Q: What is Ticketmaster’s telephone number?**
A: Ticketmaster’s telephone number is 1-800-653-8000.

Q: Can I contact Ticketmaster via email?
A: Yes, you can email Ticketmaster customer service through their website or by directly emailing them at customerservice@ticketmaster.com.

Q: What are Ticketmaster's customer service hours?
A: Ticketmaster's customer service is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 8 pm.

Q: How can I request a refund for my Ticketmaster purchase?
A: To request a refund for a Ticketmaster purchase, you can visit their website, log into your account, and follow the instructions for refund requests. Alternatively, you can contact their customer service for assistance.

Q: Does Ticketmaster offer assistance for accessible seating and accommodations?
A: Yes, Ticketmaster provides assistance for accessible seating and accommodations. You can contact their Accessible Seating Department at 1-800-653-8000 for further details and support.