What Is Blackberry Messenger (BBM)?

What is Blackberry Messenger (BBM)?

What is Blackberry Messenger (BBM)? – DEFINITIONS

What is Blackberry Messenger (BBM)?

If you’ve ever owned a Blackberry mobile device, chances are you’ve come across Blackberry Messenger, or as it’s more commonly known, BBM. In this article, we’ll delve into what BBM is, its features, and why it gained popularity among Blackberry users.

Key Takeaways:

  • BBM stands for Blackberry Messenger and is an instant messaging application.
  • It gained popularity for its secure messaging, real-time notifications, and unique PIN system.

What is Blackberry Messenger (BBM)?

Blackberry Messenger, often abbreviated as BBM, was a proprietary instant messaging application developed by Blackberry Ltd. It was initially exclusive to Blackberry smartphones, acting as a built-in messaging platform for users of these devices.

BBM allowed users to send instant text messages, voice notes, photos, and videos to other BBM users. Unlike traditional SMS messaging, BBM relied on an internet connection, offering a cost-effective alternative for communication.

One of the unique features of BBM was its secure messaging platform. Messages sent through BBM were encrypted, providing an extra layer of privacy and security. This became particularly important as smartphone usage grew, and users became more concerned about their digital privacy.

Another standout feature of BBM was its real-time notifications. Users were immediately notified once a message was delivered, read, or when their contacts were typing a response. This feature added a sense of immediacy to conversations, making it convenient for quick and efficient communication.

BBM was also known for its unique PIN system. Instead of sharing phone numbers or email addresses, BBM users each had a unique PIN associated with their accounts. This allowed for more control over who could contact them and provided an additional level of security.

Why did BBM gain popularity?

When BBM was first introduced, it quickly gained popularity among Blackberry users for several reasons:

  1. Exclusivity: BBM was exclusive to Blackberry devices, creating a sense of community among users.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: BBM messages relied on an internet connection, making it a cheaper alternative to traditional SMS messaging, especially for international communication.
  3. Security: With its encrypted messaging and unique PIN system, BBM provided a secure platform for users.
  4. Real-time notifications: The instant notifications offered by BBM allowed for immediate responses, enhancing the overall messaging experience.
  5. Rich media sharing: BBM allowed users to share not only text but also voice notes, photos, and videos, making conversations more dynamic and engaging.

However, with the rise of competing messaging apps, particularly WhatsApp and other cross-platform options, BBM began to lose its dominance in the messaging landscape. As a result, Blackberry made the decision to discontinue BBM in 2019, signaling the end of an era for this once-popular messaging platform.


Blackberry Messenger (BBM) was a revolutionary messaging platform that offered innovative features such as secure messaging, real-time notifications, and a unique user identification system. It gained popularity among Blackberry users due to its exclusivity, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced privacy measures. However, with the evolution of the messaging landscape, BBM eventually faded into obscurity.