How To Take A Screenshot On Huawei Mate 9


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Are you wondering how to capture and share something on your Huawei Mate 9’s screen? Whether it’s a memorable conversation, a stunning image, or an important piece of information, taking a screenshot is a handy feature that allows you to save and share content with ease. In this article, we’ll delve into the step-by-step process of capturing screenshots on the Huawei Mate 9. You’ll discover the various methods available, including built-in shortcuts and alternative options, ensuring that you can effortlessly capture and share what’s on your screen. Let’s dive into the world of smartphone functionality and learn how to seize those special moments with a simple tap or swipe!

Inside This Article

  1. Setting up the Screenshot Shortcut
  2. Capturing a Screenshot Using the Physical Buttons
  3. Capturing a Screenshot Using the Knuckle Gesture
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Setting up the Screenshot Shortcut

If you’re a proud owner of a Huawei Mate 9, you’ll be pleased to know that capturing screenshots is a breeze. To streamline the process, you can set up a convenient shortcut that allows you to capture screenshots with ease. This shortcut ensures that you can capture important moments on your device’s screen swiftly, without having to navigate through multiple menus or settings.

To begin, navigate to the “Settings” app on your Huawei Mate 9. Once you’re in the settings menu, locate and select “Smart Assistance.” This section houses a variety of features designed to enhance the usability and convenience of your device. Among these features, you’ll find the “Motion Control” option, which is where you’ll be able to set up the screenshot shortcut.

Within the “Motion Control” settings, you’ll find an option labeled “Smart Screenshot.” This feature allows you to set up a simple and intuitive gesture that will enable you to capture screenshots effortlessly. By tapping on “Smart Screenshot,” you can customize the gesture that best suits your preferences and usage habits. Whether it’s a double-knuckle tap or another motion, you can select the gesture that feels most natural to you.

Once you’ve selected your preferred gesture for capturing screenshots, you’re all set! With the shortcut configured, you can seamlessly capture screenshots on your Huawei Mate 9 whenever the need arises. This streamlined process ensures that you can swiftly capture and save important information, memorable conversations, or captivating images with just a simple gesture.

Capturing a Screenshot Using the Physical Buttons

One of the simplest and most common ways to take a screenshot on your Huawei Mate 9 is by using the physical buttons. This method is quick, convenient, and doesn’t require any special settings or gestures. Whether you want to capture a funny meme, save important information, or share an interesting conversation, the physical buttons method has got you covered.

To take a screenshot using the physical buttons, simply locate the power button and volume down button on your Mate 9. Once you have the content you want to capture on your screen, press the power button and volume down button simultaneously and hold them for a brief moment. You’ll hear a satisfying shutter sound and see a brief animation, indicating that the screenshot has been successfully taken.

After capturing the screenshot, you can easily access it in your phone’s gallery or through the notification panel. From there, you can edit, share, or simply marvel at your screenshot-capturing prowess. This straightforward method is perfect for those who prefer a traditional approach to taking screenshots on their Huawei Mate 9.

Capturing a Screenshot Using the Knuckle Gesture

If you’re looking for a more innovative way to capture screenshots on your Huawei Mate 9, the knuckle gesture feature is a game-changer. This unique functionality allows you to take a screenshot by simply tapping the screen with your knuckle. It’s a convenient and futuristic method that sets the Mate 9 apart from other smartphones.

To activate this feature, head to the settings menu and select “Smart assistance.” From there, tap on “Motion control” and enable the “Smart screenshot” option. Once this is done, you can start using the knuckle gesture to effortlessly capture screenshots with a simple tap of your knuckle on the screen.

When using the knuckle gesture, it’s important to tap the screen gently with your knuckle. Avoid applying excessive force to prevent any potential damage to the screen. This intuitive feature is designed to recognize the distinct touch of your knuckle, making it a seamless and efficient way to capture screenshots on your Huawei Mate 9.

Mastering the art of taking screenshots on your Huawei Mate 9 opens up a world of possibilities for capturing and sharing memorable moments. Whether you opt for the traditional button combination or the intuitive gesture method, the process is simple and efficient. With your newfound knowledge, you can effortlessly preserve important information, share entertaining conversations, or capture stunning visuals with ease. The ability to quickly and conveniently capture screenshots enhances your overall smartphone experience and empowers you to communicate and express yourself in new and exciting ways. Embrace the power of screenshot technology and elevate your Huawei Mate 9 usage to new heights!


Q: How do I take a screenshot on Huawei Mate 9?

A: To capture a screenshot on your Huawei Mate 9, simply press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. You will hear a shutter sound, and a preview of the screenshot will appear briefly on the screen.

Q: Where are the screenshots saved on Huawei Mate 9?

A: By default, the screenshots are saved in the "Screenshots" album in the Gallery app. You can access them by opening the Gallery app and navigating to the "Screenshots" album.

Q: Can I edit the screenshots after capturing them on Huawei Mate 9?

A: Yes, you can edit the screenshots using the built-in photo editing tools on your Huawei Mate 9. Simply open the screenshot in the Gallery app and tap the edit icon to access various editing options.

Q: Is there a way to take a scrolling screenshot on Huawei Mate 9?

A: Yes, the Huawei Mate 9 offers a feature called "Capture Scrollshot" that allows you to capture a scrolling screenshot of a webpage or a long conversation. After capturing a regular screenshot, tap the "Capture Scrollshot" option that appears at the bottom of the screen to start scrolling and capture an extended screenshot.

Q: Can I share the screenshots directly after capturing them on Huawei Mate 9?

A: Absolutely! Once you've taken a screenshot, you can immediately share it by tapping the share icon in the preview window or by accessing the screenshot from the Gallery app and using the share function to send it via various platforms or apps.