The Best Solar Powered Phone Chargers In The Market [Updated]

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Our cell phones allow us to do tasks or pass time whenever we want to. When our phone’s battery runs out we have to charge it immediately. But, what happens if you have no charger or a power bank to power your phone? Here is something that could help you: a solar-powered phone charger! A solar-powered phone charger allows you to charge anywhere with sunlight plus it helps in preserving the environment.

We have here some of the best solar-powered phone chargers that you can purchase today.


Best Solar Powered Phone Chargers Available


RAVPower 16W Solar Phone Charger

A great choice for a solar powered phone charger is the RAVPower 16W Solar charger.
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It might look bulky, but it’s a very light and portable product. This charger is also waterproof enough to leave out in the light rain so you won’t have to be afraid if it gets a little wet. Get this product now and charge up to two devices at the same time.


Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD

The Sherpa is a smal yet powerful solar powered phone charger
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This charger is the epitome of “looks can be deceiving” when it comes to solar-powered chargers. It may look small, but it can hold enough power to charge a smartphone and a laptop. This results from the device can charge two devices at the same time. You can charge your devices multiple times because of this charger’s 25,600 mAh capacity. Get this charger now and power up your devices anytime you want.


Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Phone Charger

Anker is a reliable brand when it comes to mobile accessories
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This solar-powered charger is one of the bulkier ones, as it weighs 14 ounces. It can charge up to two devices at the same time. Plus, it’ll have a little more energy to spare because of the power its panels can store. It also comes with a free USB cable that you can use for your devices. Get this solar-powered charger today and consume less electricity every time you charge a device!


Revel Gear Day Tripper Solar Pack

This is a solar powered phone charger and emergency light in 1 package
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At 8,000 mAh capacity, it is lower compared to the rest of the chargers on this list. But make no mistake, this solar charger can give you up to 99 hours of light with its illumination feature. Whether you’re on a camping trip or in the middle of a blackout, this is an essential product. This is a great product to own due to its functionality and multiple uses.


SunJack 25W Solar Charger & Power Bank

You can use this charger on a sunny day at the aprk
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This weather-resistant charger gives off extra energy because of the two power banks it comes with. The two power banks have four ports for charging and can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. This is an excellent choice for your next adventure with either your family or friends.  It comes with two free carabiner hooks and two free cables. Get this solar-powered phone charger today and charge your phones anytime, anywhere.


Dizaul Portable Solar Phone Charger

The Dizaul solar charger is very portable
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This charger caters to hikers and backpackers, as it comes with a hook so you can clamp it up on a backpack. This solar-powered phone charger could charge up to two devices at the same time. As you go in the great outdoors, this charger would stock up on sunlight while you enjoy your travels. Purchase this charger now and recharge your devices while you’re spending the day under the sun.


Powertraveller Extreme Solar Charger

The Power Traveller charger is portable and easy to use
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This charger is as portable as it could get for the solar-powered variety. With folding action and one USB port, this is the perfect solar charger for the minimalist. Also, the folding action allows it to be portable as it can fit small bags. Buy this one today and get to charge your devices whenever you want.


Jetsun Solar Power Bank LED Torch Light

Jetsun Solar-Powered Charger
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This solar-powered charger comes handy in case of an emergency. The Jetsun Solar power bank can charge two devices and has built-in LED lights, a carabiner hook, and a USB cable. If you’re looking for a portable charger that helps in saving the environment, this is it. Get this product today and charge your devices even while you’re on a camping trip!


CXLiy Portable Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

CXLiy Solar-Powered portable charger
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Like the previous charger, this one comes with built-in LED lights. Weighing 1.3 pounds, it is very light and can charge up to three devices. It also has a screen indicator that allows you to see how much power this charger has left. Purchase this solar charger now and stay connected during your next adventure.


Goal Zero Torch 250

Goal Zero 250 Torch
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At 4,400 mAh capacity, it has the lowest power capacity compared to other chargers in this list. While it may only charge one device at a time, it has lights and an emergency beacon. This is the perfect solar charger in case of an emergency, as it doubles as a flashlight. This is also good for people who love to go on adventures but want to stay connected. Get this now at and make your next camping trip a safer one.


X-Dragon Solar Charger 8-panel Station

X Dragon Solar Charger
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This charger is for those who want the most capabilities out of a solar-powered charger. It charges two devices at the same time and it also comes with several adapters to allow laptop charging. This will come handy if you need to charge your phone and your laptop at the same time. Now, this is one product that you must check out for yourself. Grab this today at and charge your devices while you’re spending the day at the beach.


Is It Capable of Charging Other Devices?

Keep in mind that some products are not just for smartphone use only. Even laptops and tablets can use a solar-powered charger if you have the correct cable or adapter. It’ll be better if you can research online and look at all the options.


Things to Consider Before Buying

There are choices, and there are also things to consider when picking solar-powered chargers. Here are the things that you will have to consider before buying one yourself.


Is It Portable?

Is it bulky or can you carry it around? Or is it possible to use it anywhere? The main point of this feature in question is if it takes less space and can you bring it anywhere. Most solar-powered chargers are light enough to carry around even if you’re on an adventure. These products can fit in your bag without experiencing a struggle as they take up less space.


Charging Capacity

How many devices can it charge? A solar charger’s capacity to charge is whether it can or cannot provide power to several charges devices. Some will provide more power than others and it is better to look for one that suits your needs. If you have many devices, it is better to research ahead to see if the one you want can cater to different devices.


Power Output

Talking about charging capacity, it is very important to look at how powerful a solar-powered charger is. You can look at how much power it can produce at full capacity. The bigger the mAh numbers are, the longer it stays usable before the next charging cycle. If the milliamp Hour (mAh) is higher, that means the product can undergo many charging cycles before running out of power. So, if you’re looking for a solar-powered charger, check if the product’s max mAh capacity suits your needs.


Benefits of Using A Solar-Powered Charger

There are benefits for using solar-powered chargers, such as the following items that you can find below.

Benefits of using solar-powered chargers
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Most, if not all solar-powered chargers are portable and you can bring them anywhere. Whether you’re on the move, or in one place, a solar-powered charger is always good to use as long as there is sunlight. You can place a solar-powered charger in your bag and use it on a sunny day at the park.


Free Renewable Energy

Sunlight is a natural source of solar energy. As long as the charger can accumulate sunlight, it is usable. You can also charge them and you can use them during emergencies.



You don’t use electricity to gain power for your device as you get power from nature. It’s 100% clean and you don’t take it from nature. The only thing you take is sunlight which is available every day.


Disadvantages of Using Solar-Powered Chargers

While there are benefits of solar-powered chargers, it also has disadvantages. Here are the drawbacks of using a solar-powered charger.

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No Sunlight

It’s in the product’s name, solar-powered and if there is no sunlight, a solar-powered charger is no good at all. You need not worry as this rarely happens, in instances such as during rainfall or if it’s too cloudy outside. If it’s nighttime, there is always spare energy in the solar battery as long as it charged during the day.



Solar chargers take a lot of time when charging at full, which plug-in cell phone chargers do faster. The average plug-in cell phone charger can charge a cell phone for 2 hours or fewer. Whereas a solar-powered charger would more or less take 4 hours to charge a cell phone.


Cost for a solar-powered chargers

Solar chargers are expensive because of their components. The material is far more pricey as it’s made for durable usage. However, the cost adds up as these solar-powered chargers require add-on chargers like maintenance costs to keep function well. Most people would rather have an ordinary charger for practical reasons.


Solar-Powered Charger Issues

Solar-powered chargers are beneficial, but it could hit its snags and break. Here are some of the most common issues about the use of solar-powered chargers.

Hail can damage your solar panels
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Damage Because of External Factors

Damage by external factors, such as storms or hail. Below are some examples of problems that result from physical or external factors.


Glass breakage

Glass breakage is when the glass of a solar panel cracks and results in excessive damage. Harsh weather can contribute to glass breakages, such as intense heat or cold. While a solar charger’s panels still work despite glass breakage, it lowers the overall performance of the solar panel.



As the name implies, these are cracks on the solar panel’s silicon layers that the normal eye cannot see. These cracks result from mechanical, chemical, or natural factors. Such examples include mishandling during production or cold weather.


Scratched module frame

Module frames are the frames of the solar panel itself. Module frames get scratches the same way that micro-cracks occur. One main cause of module frame damage is because of the harsh weather.


Are these repairable?

Repairs are possible because spare parts are available for purchase. You may find these parts at industrial-grade hardware stores. Just remember that the cost of repairing your solar panels can get expensive.


Internal Damage Caused By External Causes

This kind of damage results from external causes that destroy the panel found inside the solar charger. Usually caused by lightning, it burns up the solar charger from the inside. The most common issues are burnt junction boxes and defective bypass diodes.

You might ask if these problems are repairable? Well, repairs are possible as parts are available at hardware stores. But, please do not forget that the maintenance cost will be expensive.


Damage Caused By Internal Factors

This kind of damage happens from inside the solar charger’s panels. It happens with no outside interference and is an issue with the materials used in building the product. Here are a few examples of issues that are a product of internal issues with your solar-powered phone chargers.


Snail trails

A chemical reaction of acetic acid (vinegar), silver oxide, and hydrogen. It becomes visible as “snail trails” at the surface and lowers the solar charger’s performance.



When moisture enters the solar charger’s panel, internal corrosion (rusting) happens. Delamination is when a solar charger’s panels did not receive a proper seal during production. If not taken care of, it could cause the split of a solar charger panel’s components.


Hot spots

These spots are places in a panel that have overloaded and as a result, get warm. If not taken care of, it will lead to a short-circuit, breaking the solar charger.


Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

PID is the voltage difference inside the solar charger’s panel. It can speed up the aging of a panel, leading to a much faster end for the solar charger.


Can you repair these kinds of problems?

Repairs for these kinds of damage are not possible through ordinary means. This is possible however if done on a manufacturing level. In most cases, the solar panel gets replaced instead of being repaired.


Avoiding Damage To Your Solar-Powered Charger

Things to avoid
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To avoid damages, there are some measures to take so that your solar-powered chargers can experience longevity. If not out in the sun, store your solar-powered phone charger at room temperature to prevent deterioration. Harsh environment conditions can also contribute to the internal breakage of a solar charger. Bring batteries to full state of charge once in a while so that all cells will not deteriorate on the inside. The charger’s solar cells can deteriorate, contributing to poor overall performance. And there you have it, everything we could give you about solar-powered chargers. There may be a lot, but there is always a solar-powered charger that fits according to your preference.