9 Best S4 Wireless Charging Kit for 2023

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Are you tired of constantly having to plug in your smartphone to charge it? Look no further than the 9 Best S4 Wireless Charging Kit for 2023. These innovative charging kits offer a convenient and hassle-free charging solution for your S4 smartphone. With advanced technology and sleek designs, these wireless charging kits are designed to provide fast and efficient charging while eliminating the need for messy cables. Stay connected and powered up throughout the day with the best wireless charging kits for your S4 smartphone in 2023.


The Taidacent 12V 2A High Power Wireless Charging Mat Module is a DIY inductive module that offers a practical and simple circuit. It features a transmitting voltage of 24V and a transmitting coil with an inner diameter of 70mm and an outer diameter of 88mm. The output of the receiver is 12V2A at 8mm, 12V2A at 9mm, 12V1.9A at 10mm, and 12V800mA at 18mm. The module comes in a green color and has a size of 70mm. With great customer service and positive customer experiences, this wireless charging mat module is highly recommended.

Key Features

  • 80mm DC remote module
  • Simple and practical circuit
  • Transmitting voltage of 24V
  • Transmitting coil with inner diameter 70mm and outer diameter 88mm
  • Output of receiver varies based on distance
  • Specifications

  • Color: Green
  • Size: 70mm
  • Pros

  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use and practical
  • Good performance
  • Provides 12V output
  • Cons

  • Design of boards can be cumbersome
  • Transmitter side gets very hot

    Overall, the Taidacent 12V 2A High Power Wireless Charging Mat Module is a reliable and efficient DIY inductive module for wireless charging. It offers excellent customer service and performs well in providing a 12V output. However, users should be cautious of the heat generated on the transmitter side, and the design of the boards may not be the most convenient for mounting. Despite these minor drawbacks, this wireless charging module is highly recommended for its practicality and performance.


    The iWALK Mini Portable Charger is a compact and convenient power bank designed for iPhones. It features a built-in lightning connector, eliminating the need for a charging cable. With a size comparable to a lipstick and weighing only 78g, it is incredibly portable. The 3350mAh capacity can provide almost 1.2 charges to an iPhone 8 or 0.95 charge to an iPhone X. The power bank also supports pass-through function, allowing you to charge your iPhone while recharging the power bank. In addition to the power bank, the package includes a USB C cable and a manual. Overall, the iWALK Mini Portable Charger is a handy solution for on-the-go charging.

    Key Features

  • Built-in lightning connector
  • Ultra-compact size
  • 3350m Ah capacity
  • Supports pass-through function
  • Includes power bank, USB C cable, and manual
  • Specifications

  • Color: Pink
  • Pros

  • Convenient built-in lightning connector
  • Compact and portable design
  • Can charge i Phone while recharging power bank
  • Cons

  • Not the fastest charging speed
  • Battery pack may need frequent recharging
  • Some durability and connection issues

    The iWALK Mini Portable Charger offers a practical and compact solution for iPhone users in need of on-the-go charging. Its built-in lightning connector eliminates the need for a charging cable, and its small size and light weight make it easy to carry. With a decent 3350mAh capacity, it can provide an additional charge to your iPhone. However, some users have experienced slow charging speeds and durability issues. Despite these drawbacks, the charger remains a handy option for emergency situations or short trips. If you prioritize convenience and portability over fast charging, this power bank is worth considering.


    The WAITIEE Wireless Charger 3 in 1 is a versatile charging station designed to charge your Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone simultaneously. It supports wireless charging for various Apple products and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The charger provides fast charging capabilities, with up to 15W charging power for select devices. It features multiple protection mechanisms to ensure the safety of your devices during charging. The charger base has a non-slip design and tilt angle, allowing for a firm grip and optimal viewing angles. Additionally, it comes with a breathing light feature and includes a Type C cable and QC3.0 power adapter. Overall, it is a convenient and stylish solution for charging multiple devices at once.

    Key Features

  • 3 in 1 wireless charger station for Apple devices
  • Up to 15W fast charging for select devices
  • Safe design with multiple protection mechanisms
  • Non-slip and tilt angle design for optimal viewing
  • Breathing light feature with touch button sensor
  • Package includes wireless charger, Type C cable, and power adapter
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black (Watch line not included)
  • Dimension: 3.90Lx5.35Wx5.30H
  • Pros

  • Versatile charging for Apple devices
  • Fast charging capabilities up to 15W
  • Safe charging with multiple protection mechanisms
  • Non-slip and tilt angle design for optimal viewing
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Cons

  • Apple Watch charger not included
  • May require an Apple charger for Watch charging
  • Some difficulties with cord management

    The WAITIEE Wireless Charger 3 in 1 is a convenient and stylish charging station for Apple devices. With fast charging capabilities and multiple protection mechanisms, it ensures efficient and safe charging for your devices. The non-slip and tilt angle design provides a secure grip and optimal viewing angles. While it may require an Apple charger for Watch charging and has some challenges with cord management, overall it offers a sleek and efficient solution for charging multiple devices at once. Whether you need to charge your iPhone, AirPods, or Apple Watch, this wireless charger station has got you covered.


    The 2 Pack Wireless Charger Receiver is a DIY wireless charging module that is lightweight and easy to carry. It is a perfect kit for DIY enthusiasts looking to incorporate wireless charging into their projects. The circuit board is certified by CE/FCC/ROSH and is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. It offers multi-level protection with built-in short-circuit and over-voltage protection to ensure safe charging. This wireless charger receiver is compatible with all Qi standard phones. With an input power of 5V 1A and charging power of 5W, it is also compatible with 9V fast charge emitters. The transmission distance for charging is up to 8mm. It is a versatile and reliable wireless charging solution.

    Key Features

  • DIY Wireless Charging Receiver Module, lightweight and portable
  • High-Quality Circuit Board certified by CE/FCC/ROSH
  • Wide Compatibility with Qi standard phones
  • Multi-Level Protection with short-circuit and over-voltage protection
  • Input power: 5V 1A, Charging power: 5W (Max), Transmission distance: 0-8mm
  • Specifications


  • Easy to carry and use
  • Certified and compatible with Qi standards
  • Offers multi-level protection for safe charging
  • Cons

  • Does not work through thin plastic
  • Fragile and delicate, requires careful handling

    The 2 Pack Wireless Charger Receiver provides a convenient and affordable solution for adding wireless charging capabilities to any Qi standard phone. It is a great DIY kit for enthusiasts and comes with the necessary protection features to ensure safe charging. Although it may not work through thin plastic and requires careful handling due to its delicate nature, it offers compatibility with various devices and delivers reliable performance. With its lightweight design and wide transmission distance, it offers convenience and flexibility. Overall, the 2 Pack Wireless Charger Receiver is a reliable and practical option for those looking to experience wireless charging on their devices.


    The GOOACC 5PCS Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit is a must-have for car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics. This tool kit includes 5 different trim tools, including car door panel removers and a fastener remover, designed to make your repairs easier. Made of premium grade nylon, these tools are tough and durable, ensuring they won't scratch or damage your car's interior. With an ergonomic design, they are lightweight and easy to handle, reducing fatigue during use. This versatile kit is perfect for various car audio installations, removing door panels, moldings, emblems, window trims, and even furniture restoration. Enjoy peace of mind with the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you're a professional or just love working on your car, the GOOACC 5PCS Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

    Key Features

  • Save time, frustration, and money with 5 different trim tools
  • Made of premium grade nylon for toughness and durability
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling and reduced fatigue
  • Ideal for car audio installation, door panel removal, and more
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind
  • Specifications

  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 5PCS Trim Removal Tool
  • Pros

  • Wide range of uses
  • High-quality nylon construction
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Effective for interior and exterior trimming
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Cons

  • Plastic may be somewhat flimsy
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty applications

    The GOOACC 5PCS Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit is a versatile and high-quality set of tools that will make your car repairs and installations much easier. With its ergonomic design and durable nylon construction, this kit is perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of uses, from car audio installation to furniture restoration, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind. Although the plastic may be somewhat flimsy, it is still a great value for the price. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or just starting out, the GOOACC 5PCS Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit is a must-have addition to your toolkit.


    The Qi Wireless Charging Module is a high-efficiency wireless charging coil kit that offers convenience and time-saving benefits. With its universal Micro USB interface, it allows for plug and play functionality. The module also provides multi-level protection, including overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection, and automatically stops charging when overloaded. Compatible with the QI Standard, it is designed for use in mobile electronic products. The module has a 5V-2A input and wireless charging output of 5V-800-1A. Its working frequency ranges from 110-205KHz, ensuring reliable and efficient charging.

    Key Features

  • High efficiency wireless charging coil
  • Universal Micro USB interface
  • Multi-level protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature
  • Compatible with the QI Standard
  • Input: 5V-2A, Wireless Charging Output: 5V-800-1A, Working Frequency: 110-205KHz
  • Specifications

  • Color: Default
  • Pros

  • Efficient charging with high conversion rate
  • Easy plug and play functionality
  • Safe charging with overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Compatible with QI Standard for widespread use
  • Reliable performance with multi-level protection
  • Cons


    The Qi Wireless Charging Module offers a convenient and efficient solution for wireless charging of mobile electronic products. With its high efficiency coil and universal Micro USB interface, it provides a hassle-free charging experience. The module’s compatibility with the QI Standard ensures widespread usability. Additionally, the multi-level protection features add a layer of safety to the charging process. Overall, this charging module is a reliable choice for DIY enthusiasts looking to upgrade their devices with wireless charging capabilities.


    The Yootech Wireless Charger is a versatile and user-friendly charging pad that is compatible with a wide range of devices. It offers three charging modes to accommodate different phone models, including iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13/13 Mini/SE 2022/12/11/X/8 and Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20. The charger also features a unique design that is perfect for AirPods, with a rubber ring to keep them secure. It is safer to use, with temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention. The charger is made of fire-resistant ABS material and has a UL Certificate for added safety. The sleep-friendly design includes a green LED indicator that turns off during charging to avoid disturbance. With its package including a charging pad, a USB Type C cable, and a user manual, along with reliable customer service, the Yootech Wireless Charger provides a convenient and secure charging experience.

    Key Features

  • 3 charging modes available for different phones
  • Unique design perfect for Air Pods with rubber ring
  • Safer and easier to use with intelligent protect technology
  • Sleep-friendly design with green LED indicator
  • Package includes charging pad, USB Type C cable, and user manual
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 3.72Lx0.48Wx3.72H
  • Pros

  • Versatile compatibility with different phone models
  • Secure charging for Air Pods
  • Safety features for temperature control and surge protection
  • Sleep-friendly design with LED indicator
  • Package includes necessary components
  • Cons

  • Adapter not included
  • May require specific cables for fast charging

    The Yootech Wireless Charger is a reliable and convenient solution for wireless charging. With its compatibility with various phone models and the unique design for AirPods, it offers a versatile charging experience. The safety features and sleep-friendly design further enhance the user’s confidence and convenience. While the charger may require specific cables for fast charging and an adapter is not included, the overall performance and value provided by the Yootech Wireless Charger make it a highly recommended option. Whether it’s for home or office use, this charging pad is an excellent investment in wireless charging technology.


    The Abovehill Qi Wireless Charging Module is a small and efficient wireless charger suitable for mobile electronic products. Its non-contact charging and power supply feature makes it waterproof and dustproof with a longer service life. The charging module has a maximum load current of 1.1A and offers a recommended 1.5A for long-term use. The compact transmitter and receiver modules have a common receiving distance of 3-6mm. In case of any product problems, the customer can contact the seller for suggestions or potentially receive a refund. However, customer reviews indicate issues with functionality and compatibility with Qi standard devices.

    Key Features

  • Small size and high efficiency
  • Sealed, waterproof, and dustproof design
  • Input voltage: DC9~12V, maximum load current: 1.1A
  • Recommended 1.5A for long-term use
  • Transmitting and receiving coil size: outer diameter 43mm
  • Contact seller for product problems
  • Specifications

  • Dimension: 6.88Lx1.69Wx0.17H
  • Pros

  • Small and easy to use
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • High efficiency charging
  • Cons

  • Inconsistent functionality reported in customer reviews
  • Not compatible with Qi devices
  • Prone to failure near metal plates

    The Abovehill Qi Wireless Charging Module offers a compact and convenient solution for wireless charging. While it boasts features such as waterproofing and high efficiency, the product falls short in terms of functionality and compatibility with Qi devices according to customer reviews. Additionally, its susceptibility to failure near metal plates raises concerns about its durability. However, the small size and ease of use make it worth considering for non-Qi charging needs. To ensure compatibility and reliability, it may be prudent to explore alternative options within the wireless charging market.


    The Wireless Charging Station is a convenient and versatile 3-in-1 charger that allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. With its included 18W QC 3.0 adapter, this wireless charging station provides fast charging speeds of up to 10W for phones, 5W for AirPods 2/Pro, and 3W for Apple Watch. It features a safe charging experience with over-current, over-voltage, and over-charging protection. The charging dock also has heat dissipation holes for better temperature control and durability. Its universal compatibility allows it to work with various phone models and it's also compatible with Apple Watch and most phones with wireless charging capabilities. The sleep-friendly indicator lights ensure that the charging status doesn't disturb your sleep. Overall, the Wireless Charging Station offers a convenient and safe way to charge multiple devices at once.

    Key Features

  • 3-in-1 wireless charging station for i Phone, Apple Watch, and Air Pods
  • Safe charging with over-current, over-voltage, and over-charging protection
  • Universal compatibility with many phone models and Apple Watch
  • Sleep-friendly indicator lights
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Pros

  • Charges multiple devices simultaneously
  • Safe and durable design
  • Universal compatibility
  • Sleep-friendly indicator lights
  • Cons

  • Issues with charging 2nd generation Apple Air Pods
  • Bulky for travel purposes

    The Wireless Charging Station is a reliable and efficient solution for charging your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once. Its universal compatibility and safe charging features make it a convenient choice for users with multiple devices. The sleep-friendly indicator lights are a thoughtful addition for those who value a disturbance-free sleep environment. While there may be some issues with charging certain AirPods models and its slightly bulky design for travel, the overall performance and functionality of the Wireless Charging Station make it a worthy investment for anyone seeking a clutter-free charging experience.


    Buyer's Guide: s4 Wireless Charging Kit

    Are you tired of dealing with tangled charging cables and searching for outlets to power up your devices? A wireless charging kit could be the solution you've been waiting for. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and enjoy the convenience of effortless charging. In this buyer's guide, we will explore the world of s4 wireless charging kits, providing you with essential information to make an informed purchase decision.

    Benefits of s4 Wireless Charging Kit:

    • Eliminate cable clutter: With wireless charging, you no longer have to deal with tangled cables. Simply place your device on the charging pad and let the magic happen. It's a clutter-free charging experience!
    • Convenience at its finest: Forget about the hassle of searching for outlets or untangling cables. With wireless charging, you can charge your devices effortlessly, giving you more time to focus on what matters.
    • Enhanced durability: Wireless charging kits like the s4 are designed to be durable, making them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. You can enjoy uninterrupted charging for a long time to come.
    • Compatibility: The s4 wireless charging kit is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. It's a versatile charging solution that caters to your various needs.

    Key Features of s4 Wireless Charging Kit:

    • Fast charging: The s4 charging kit offers fast charging capabilities, reducing the time needed to charge your devices fully. You can power up your smartphone or other devices quickly, allowing you to stay connected throughout the day.
    • Sleek and compact design: The s4 wireless charging kit sports a sleek and compact design, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace. It's not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.
    • Intelligent safety features: Safety is a top priority, and the s4 charging kit is equipped with intelligent safety features such as temperature control, surge protection, and overcharge protection. You can charge your devices worry-free, knowing that they are being protected.
    • LED indicators: The charging kit features LED indicators that provide you with a clear visual cue of your device's charging status. You can easily see if your device is charging, fully charged, or if there are any issues.

    How to Choose the Right s4 Wireless Charging Kit:

    1. Charging speed: Consider the charging speed offered by the s4 wireless charging kit. Opt for a kit that provides fast charging capabilities to minimize your waiting time.
    2. Compatibility: Ensure that the s4 charging kit is compatible with your specific device. Check the compatibility list provided by the manufacturer to ensure a seamless charging experience.
    3. Design and size: Choose a charging kit that suits your style and workspace. The s4 charging kit comes in various designs and sizes, allowing you to find one that blends well with your aesthetic preferences.
    4. Safety features: Look for a charging kit that prioritizes safety. Features such as temperature control, surge protection, and overcharge protection ensure the longevity of your devices and your peace of mind.
    5. Price: Consider your budget when selecting a wireless charging kit. The s4 charging kit offers various models at different price points, so you can find one that fits your budget without compromising on quality.



    Q: Are wireless charging kits compatible with all devices?
    A: While wireless charging technology has become widespread, not all devices are compatible with wireless charging. It’s important to ensure that your device supports wireless charging before purchasing a kit.

    Q: Can I use a wireless charging kit with a phone case?
    A: Yes, most wireless charging kits, including the s4, are designed to work with phone cases as long as they are not too thick or made of metal. Thick or metal cases may interfere with the wireless charging process.

    Q: Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously with a wireless charging kit?
    A: It depends on the charging kit. Some wireless charging kits allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, while others only support one device at a time. Check the product specifications to see if it meets your multiple device charging needs.

    Q: Are wireless charging kits slower than traditional cable charging?
    A: Wireless charging kits like the s4 are designed to provide fast charging capabilities. While they may not match the exact speed of a cable charger, they offer convenience and reduce the hassle of dealing with cables.

    Q: Can I use a wireless charging kit while using my device?
    A: Yes, you can use your device while it’s charging on a wireless charging kit. Whether you’re watching videos, browsing the internet, or using apps, your device will continue to charge wirelessly.