9 Best Aukey Wireless Earbuds (2022 Ranking)

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Apple AirPods have reigned supreme when it comes to wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Today, phone manufacturers are scrapping the 3.5mm headphone jack to focus is on delivering a wireless earpiece that answers every need. With the market getting dense with competition, each product still varies. Enter AUKEY wireless earbuds — a worthy contender in the market with its affordable and stylish offers.

Our team of experts at Cellular News did some digging and put out a list of AUKEY wireless earbuds to help you choose which accessory to get in 2022. So whether you are looking for a true wireless earbud or headphones for audiophiles, you have come to the right place.


AUKEY was kicked out of Amazon because of the alleged manipulation of customer reviews. However, you can still get AUKEY wireless earbuds from their official website and other retail stores like Walmart.


Best AUKEY Wireless Earbuds

  1. EP-T27 Soundstream Wireless Earbuds
  2. EP-T32 Wireless Charging Earbuds
  3. EP-T25 Soundstream Wireless Earbuds
  4. AUKEY EP-B80
  5. EP-T10 Wireless Fast Charging Earbuds
  6. EP-T21 Move Compact
  7. EP-T21S Move Compact II
  8. AUKEY EP-N7 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation
  9. EP-T31 Wireless Charging Earbuds


These little super bass earbuds come with CVC 8.0 Noise Reduction. And we did not just say that for poetics. These AUKEY wireless earbuds are equipped with the Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoC (system on a chip) under its hood. This results in powerful and stunning stereo sounds and high-power audio.

It is perfect for taking calls even in noisy environments because of its noise-canceling capability. It comes with four microphones — two per earbuds — that are designed to pick up your voice and cancel out the noise around. Finally, with its one-step connection and water resistance capabilities, it is perfect for running outdoors or just hitting an indoor gym for a workout.


  • 1. Integrated support for aptX and AAC
  • 2. Up to 25-hour playtime


  • 1. Eartips a little uncomfortable
  • 2. User reports of earbuds not being water-resistant


These AUKEY wireless earbuds come with CVC 8.0 Noise Reduction, which is perfect for canceling just about anything around and helping you focus. Focus on what, you might ask. Well, this accessory is perfect for anyone who loves sports. And sports do require a level of concentration.

The AUKEY Elevation Over-Ear IPX8 has 12mm / 0.36” speaker drivers, which are responsible for the high-fidelity audio you’d get when listening to any music. Its snug fit makes it a perfect companion for any active event. And it pairs perfectly with other wearables, such as Garmin watches, thanks to the Qualcomm 3020 Bluetooth 5 chip under its hood.

More importantly, any active person who sweats a lot needs not worry about the device because it is water-resistant, thanks to the IPX8 waterproofing technology inside. The IPX8-rated protection makes the device perfect against sweat and rain


  • 1. Fast-charging via wireless or USB-C charging
  • 2. 33-hour battery life for a seven-hour charging cycle


  • 1. Connecting to an iPhone getting sporadic
  • 2. Syncing issues in both earbuds


The most straightforward and affordable AUKEY wireless earbuds on this list, the Soundstream True Bass Hi-Fi Stereo Earphone delivers high fidelity audio the same way its AUKEY siblings do. Its powerful bass performance is made possible by the 6mm dynamic drivers under its hood.

This particular accessory is perfect for many activities including audiobook listening, music playing, and even basic gaming. It pairs seamlessly with any Bluetooth-connected device and the IPX5 technology makes it perfect for any active pursuits as well.


  • 1. Up to 25-hour battery life for every five-hour charging cycle
  • 2. Automatically connects with any connected device


  • 1. Sound quality not as good as marketed
  • 2. While the bass is good for sound listening, the mic could use upgrades


The B80 unit is AUKEY’s hybrid high-fidelity sound highlight. It has the latest IPX6 water resistance and the premium earbuds were designed to give any user the best music-listening experience possible. Plus, it boasts no latency issues due to the aptX low latency technology under its hood.

Speaking of hybrid, it has the powerful Active Noise Cancellation feature, which cancels internal and external noises; an experience that overshadows the previous AUKEY wireless earbuds in this list.

In terms of ergonomics, these earbuds are demons. It can have extra 80 mins. of power time with just 10 minutes of charging using its USB A to C port. But a full charge can last up to eight hours of playtime.


  • 1. Reasonable price for wireless earbuds with premium features
  • 2. Secure and snug fit


  • 1. Hard to tell whether the earbuds are low on power


Aside from the superior sound quality that this AUKEY wireless accessory boasts, as well as the IPX5 water-resistance capability, we love how Qi wireless charging is compatible with this accessory. You can expect to get 28 hours of playtime for every seven-hour charging cycle.

The bass on this accessory is really good but it is important for you to choose the best ear tips to ensure you get to enjoy the sounds with this. Everything about it is upfront especially the sound imaging capability.

It also boasts touch sensors that will allow adjusting the volume, skipping tracks, playing or pausing, and even accessing Siri or Bixby. It has Bluetooth 5.0 under its hood so, at least for Android, latency is not an issue. All that wrapped in an accessory that snuggly fits on your ears.


  • 1. Connects fast to any device connected via Bluetooth
  • 2. Equipped with Graphene diaphragms and dynamic drivers


  • 1. Pricey
  • 2. Not 100% water-resistant


If you want simple but sleek and premium-looking AUKEY earbuds, this model is certainly for you. Similar to what its siblings offer, its main advantage is producing a crisp super sound quality all the while providing a fast, efficient, and stable connection thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Another way it is similar to its sibling is its fast one-step connection to a device. Just take the buds out of the case and it will connect to any paired devices nearby faster than you can say “Hey Siri.” Moreover, you can be sure to hear your audio clearly with the noise-cancellation feature.

But what we also like other than the matte exterior is the touch sensor, which allows a user to take calls, cancel a call, skip to the next track, and activate voice assistants like Siri and Bixby.


  • 1. Good battery life; can last up to 30 hours of playtime
  • 2. Uses the Qualcomm technology called TWS Plus
  • 3. Water-resistant


  • 1. Could use a little more bass
  • 2. Issues with how the buds don’t fit for some users


Now we know what you are thinking: how is this any better than the EP T21? The EP T21S offers something that we somehow did not get from the T21 — the MEMS microphone technology allows users to make calls clear as day. The icing over the cake is the USB-C fast-charging capability that will give you up to five hours of sound time for just a 1.5-hour quick juice pull.

This AUKEY wireless piece checks the other boxes from here, including high-fidelity audio, convenient touch controls, and the one-step fast connection to any paired device nearby.


  • 1. Costs less than the T21 unit
  • 2. Can be used as just a Bluetooth headset
  • 3. Provides a snug fit to ears


  • 1. Connectivity issues with other devices after successfully pairing with one device
  • 2. Not able to connect to multiple devices at once as promised, according to users


This is probably the most expensive AUKEY wireless earbud on this list and all for good reasons.

For one, the EP-N7 features the Advanced Noise Cancellation (ANC) capability that, when put in action, can cancel internal and external noises. This results in utmost focus and enjoyment, especially with the super bass sounds. We are liking these earbuds so far, but we love them even more because of the improved microphones on each earpiece, which is perfect for making clear calls.

Moreover, you do not have to remove the earpieces from your ears to tune in back to the real world thanks to Transparency Mode. This means you can tune in and off when you’re with friends less the usual hassle of having to put your earpieces on and off.


  • 1. Has good battery life that can last up to 25 hours of playtime in a single charging cycle
  • 2. IPX5 Water-Resistant category


  • 1. Pricey at a price tag of $69.99


This pair of true wireless earbuds is a good option among the AUKEY wireless earbuds we have on this list so far. Similar to its siblings, EP-T31 has matte finishes that make it look expensive. It also checks all the boxes in terms of performance.

It has an ultra-low-latency mode, making a perfect sound transfer for gaming and viewing. Moreover, it has an IPX5 waterproof rating and smart touch sensor capabilities. You won’t also miss a beat with Aukey EP-T31, thanks to its in-ear detection that automatically pauses the music when you remove the buds from your ears.

However, this unit is not as powerful as the EP-T32. For one, it lacks the Qualcomm 3020 Bluetooth 5 chip under its hood. Nonetheless, we think this is a good pair of wireless earbuds for less active use.


  • 1. Up to 30 hours of playtime as advertised
  • 2. Wireless charging compatible


  • 1. Lowest volume still loud
  • 2. Instances where the Bluetooth connection is faulty



Choosing the best earpiece for you is dependent on a number of factors; your budget, your needs, and other options available to you. At the end of the day, the value for money paid is really important as with any other device we choose to have. AUKEY wireless earbuds are just options for you if Apple AirPods are too mainstream and pricey.

Although the brand was kicked out from Amazon for allegedly paying customers in exchange for positive reviews, we still believe in their goal of providing cost-effective wireless earbuds. They do deliver great sound quality that can be a perfect alternative to AirPods, especially for people on a tight budget. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new set of earphones, it may be worth taking a look at our top picks of AUKEY wireless earbuds.