15 Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps in 2022

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Apple Leather Loop

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Apple Milanese Loop

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Apple Modern Buckle

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Apple Sport Band

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You don’t have to own multiple Apple Watches just to have something to wear that matches the occasion. By just using the best Apple Watch bands, you can mix and match your device and make it seem you are wearing a different one every time. It has a quick-release button that makes it easier to replace the band; no technician is needed.

If you are going to a business meeting or up for an important job interview, you can prop up your Apple Watch with a stainless-steel band to give it a professional look. Using a leather band for Apple Watch might just perfectly match casual gatherings, like a family weekend dinner. When working out, you would want something sweat-proof and comfy such as nylon and rubber straps. The bottom line is there’s always the best Apple Watch band for every need.

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But, with a sea of options currently swarming the market, choosing the one that fits your liking will be quite a challenge. Here are the best Apple Watch bands you must consider.

1. Apple Leather Loop 9. Kate Spade Silicone Apple Watch Band
2. Apple Milanese Loop 10. Secbolt Thin Leather Band
3. Apple Modern Buckle 11. Supcase Protective Case and Band
4. Apple Sport Band 12. Tomazon Faux-Pearl Band
5. Apple Sport Loop 13. UAG Active Watch Band
6. Casetify Printed Apple Watch Band 14. Ullu Skinny Strap for Apple Watch
7. eLander Stainless Steel Metal Strap 15. WFGEAL Leather Band
8. Hermès Ébène Barénia Leather Single Tour


If you fancy some premium leather with a magnetic closure, then the Apple Leather Loop is the Apple Watch band for you. This comes in shades of yellow, black, or brown. It’s also adjustable, meaning you don’t have to find a size that fits well on your wrist. Even if you gain or lose weight, this band will make adjustments for you.

It’s great for formal events as well as it sports a very sleek and classic look, though it doesn’t blend well with workouts or sports attires. With its leather intricately handmade in Italy, expect this watch band comes with a high price tag of $99.


The Milanese Loop is perhaps one of the best Apple Watch bands there is in terms of popularity and consumer approval. It boasts a stylish and iconic design with its stainless steel material. This band comes in three colors: silver, gold, and graphite. It’s comfortable and breathable so you don’t have to worry about the feel after hours of wearing it. Though, it can snag on some of your arm hairs. Like most of Apple’s other offerings, the Milanese Loop sits on the more pricey end of the spectrum, with prices starting at less than $80.

If you want a timeless leather option praised for its simplicity, better consider the Apple Modern Buckle. This Apple Watch band looks absolutely stunning and you bet it goes with any of your outfits. Instead of a magnetic closure, this band opts for a classic loop belt, combining modern design with traditional finish. The downside is that it only comes in a few colors and it’s very expensive too. The Apple Modern Buckle is definitely one of the priciest bands in the lineup with a starting price of $149.

One of the best Apple Watch bands suited for sports and activity, the Apple Sport Band features a simple yet durable design. It’s not as breathable as the other bands on this list, though that’s to be expected. Still, the Apple Sport Band works great for general physical activities or for those who live an active lifestyle. It’s also made from excellent quality materials, justifying its $49 price tag. On top of that, this band comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll have your pick of the lot. In terms of Apple Watch sizes, you don’t need to fret. This band comes in S/M and M/L in one box.

If you want a sports band but would rather prefer it to be more breathable, then the Apple Sport Loop is a good choice. This band is made of double-layer nylon, making it a comfortable and durable wear. As usual, Apple makes nylon look stylish as compared to other nylon bands that look a bit tacky. You also don’t have to worry about covering your Apple Watch sensor. It comes in a handful of colors, though some may be too loud for everyone’s liking. In terms of price, don’t expect it to be cheap. After all, this is Apple. 

If you want a leather Apple Watch band that’s animal-friendly, try Casetify’s entry to the arena. Made of faux-leather, the brand’s printed band is one of the best Apple Watch bands on the market in terms of design. It comes in a wide selection of diverse designs, so there’s bound to be one that suits your taste. So, if you want something that speaks to your soul and creativity, this is the band for you.

The eLander Stainless Steel Band is perfect for those with muscular arms or just larger wrists. This somehow bulky Apple Watch band sports a classic design with large metal links reminiscent of traditional watches. It’s truly a statement band, though that doesn’t mean it won’t blend in with your outfit as well. On top of that, compared to other stainless steel options in the market, eLander’s entry is very affordable, costing only less than $20.

If you want the optimum quality leather for your Apple Watch band, go with the Hermes option. This luxury brand doesn’t skimp out on the leather, using only the best materials possible. It sports nothing but definitive Hermes design, including the fabric stitching. The feel is great on your wrist and it also comes in several stylish colors. Of course, given its high-end caliber and brand name, the Hermes Apple Watch band will cost you a great deal of money more than the watch itself.

Another premium option, the Kate Spade Apple Watch Band comes in a variety of designs and feels lightweight on your wrist. It’s made of good quality silicone and features a classic loop belt closure. Of course, as a luxury brand, this one isn’t the most affordable choice. Certainly, there may be cheaper options out there, but if you want quality mixed with whimsy and beauty, you can never go wrong with this awesome strap.

A lot of leather straps look too thick nowadays, drowning your wrist in the material. If you have a skinnier frame or simply want a thinner leather band, try Secbolt’s entry to the market. This thin leather band comes in a diverse range of colors and patterns, a bit eccentric to be precise.  It’s made of genuine leather and even features classic fabric stitching reminiscent of luxury brands excluding the high price. If you want a cheaper alternative to the Hermes band, Secbolt is definitely the best Apple Watch band for you.

This Apple Watch band serves the duality of a band and a case to keep your watch from harm’s way. Supcase has long been known to produce good quality iPhone cases, so it’s not surprising that their commitment to function translated on their Apple Watch offering too. It’s perfect for those who lead active lifestyles or are simply involved in manual labor. You can even take it rock climbing. Costing less than $20, this is truly one of the best Apple Watch bands that give value to your money.

For the fashion-forward users, the Tomazon Faux-Pearl Band is definitely worth considering. This Apple Watch band combines glam with durability, featuring faux pearls made to look like a beautiful and feminine bracelet. Some people dislike simple designs and prefer something a bit more flamboyant — this band is perfect for them. It comes in a few different colors so you won’t have a hard time choosing what your heart desires. Additionally, it’s fully elastic — which means you don’t need to rely on a magnet or loop belt to put it on or take it off. Best of all, it only costs $15 on Amazon.

Another brand that’s big for outdoorsy folks, the UAG Active Watch Band boasts a simple design made from high strength nylon. There’s a stainless steel buckle to keep it secure on your wrist as you wear it during your outdoor trips or sports activities. It comes in three colors: orange, camo, and black. From just one look, anyone can immediately associate this band with the great outdoors. One downside though is that if you get it wet, it might not immediately dry up.

If you want a high-quality yet less pricey strap, try the Ullu Apple Watch Band. Made from Italian leather, this strap is crafted using excellent materials and features 11 colors for you to choose from. However, the buckles remain the same stainless steel material and color throughout all the options. Still, it’s a great option for those who want a more affordable leather strap that’s been hand-colored to perfection.

Perhaps one of the most affordable leather options, the WFGEAL Leather Band costs only $17 on Amazon. For that price, you can expect a genuine leather strap with a stainless steel buckle with a comfortable fit. It comes in a whopping 40 color combinations, giving you a variety of options that will match your style. In terms of quality, cost, and value for money, this entry is without a doubt one of the best Apple Watch bands you can buy today.


How to Choose Apple Watch Bands

When considering your options for the best Apple Watch bands, there are four main factors you must take into account:


1. It Should be Reasonably Priced

Apple Watch straps are definitely not cheap and some even come with added shipping costs. As such, before making a decision, consider the total price you need to pay. If you’re on a strict budget, cost should directly influence your decision and narrow down your options.


2. It Should Look Good

Second only to cost, a majority of people consider the design of the Apple Watch band they want to buy. After all, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a strap that doesn’t suit your taste.


3. It Should be Functional

If you intend to use your Apple Watch for a specific purpose, you must choose a band that suits that function. For instance, if you do sports or you live an active lifestyle, try picking an Apple Watch band that is specifically designed for that.


4. It Should be Durable

Because Apple Watch bands cost money (typically a lot of money), you naturally want them to last a long time. This is why you must also factor in how durable each band is before arriving at a decision.


Types of Apple Watch Bands

There are many types of Apple Watch bands out there and the market will undoubtedly continue to grow. Some bands primarily use silicone, while others use stainless steel. There are also bands that use leather or faux leather. As you can see, the possibilities are endless as designers and brands get creative with their offerings. When choosing the type of band for you, it is important to remember the four considerations mentioned above.


How Much Do Apple Watch Bands Cost?

The cost of each Apple Watch band highly depends on the brand and the material. High-end, luxury brands tend to charge more for the name and for the quality of materials used. Meanwhile, the other medium to low range offerings tends to carry a much more affordable price tag. Apple Watch bands can sell for as cheap as $10 to as high as over $100. You must always take your budget into account when deciding on which apple band to buy.


Where to Buy Apple Watch Bands

A number of retailers sell Apple Watch bands either online or in physical stores. Apple itself sells them through both mediums. If you don’t want an Apple brand strap, you can simply go to e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. A variety of options will be presented to you, including the ones manufactured by lesser-known brands. If you intend to buy a band from a luxury brand, you better check their websites as well or head to a physical store near you.


The Choice Is Yours

As you can see, there is a lot of unique Apple Watch bands available for you to choose from — if you just know where to look. Nowadays, the watch accessory industry is already saturated — with new brands and styles popping up on a regular basis. These are just 15 of the best Apple Watch bands in the market, but there are many more out there for sure. Everyone has their own taste and budgetary constraints, which is why only you can decide what you think will give a bang to your hard-earned buck.