Best Apple Watch Accessories to Complete Your Smartwatch

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The Apple Watch remains to be one of the most preferred consumer products in the wearables department today. It maintains a reputation for delivering the best functionalities a smartwatch can offer. More than this, consumers are quick to get their hands on this wearable because of another strength Apple says will complete the look. We are talking about Apple Watch accessories that range from casings to bands, down to chargers, and more.

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If you are shopping for Apple Watch accessories but don’t know where to start or which brands offer the best items, worry no more. This article will give you a shortlist of some of the best Watch accessories you can get your hands on to complete the look of your Apple smartwatch.

Before anything else, you might also want to take a look at some of the best Apple Watch apps from the App Store.


Best Apple Watch Accessories to Add to Your Bucket List

Excited to discover amazing products? Our team from Cellular News has compiled some of the best Watch accessories you can purchase today. The accessories will add value to your Apple Watch and improve its performance and looks. Categorized into Apple Watch cases, Apple Watch bands, Apple Watch MagSafe chargers, and even headphones or speakers, all your needs are covered by this buying guide.


Best Apple Watch Cases

Cases are important to protect your device from scratches or damages as a result of bumps or falls. Here are our top picks for Apple Watch cases you can try for yourself.


Let’s first highlight OtterBox as a brand. OtterBox maintains a reputation for delivering some of the best accessories for devices that are sturdy, durable, and has a design range that fits everyone. With a mission to continue delivering the best accessories, OtterBox is now also producing protective cases for Apple Watches. It offers impressive cases for the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 in 40 and 44mm sizes, and the Apple Watch SE in 44mm size only.

Now let’s talk about one of its bestsellers, the Exo Edge Case. The case’s smooth bumper guard protects the bezel and the exterior of an Apple Watch from unnecessary damages due to everyday wear. On top of this, the antimicrobial technology used to make the case helps keep the watch clean all the time. With those said, the accessory is perfect for everyday office or casual wear.

On top of that, the case comes in different colors that’ll fit your liking all the while maintaining a sleek design that will surely fit your Apple Watch.


If the sleek design by OtterBox did not speak to you and your style, consider getting one of these Apple Watch accessories from Spigen. The Spigen armored case resists shock and scratches to keep the exterior of your Apple Watch in perfect condition. Due to that, it suitable for smartwatch enthusiasts who are always active and on the go.

Unlike the OtterBox cases, the Spigen Rugged Armor Protector has raised bezels around the screen that give extra protection for the sensitive glass front finish. Coming in five colors, this Apple Watch accessory is also compatible with Apple Watch Series 7 (45 and 41mm) and Series 6, SE, 5 and 4 (44 and 40mm).

Spigen is yet another brand that is well-known and maintains a good reputation when it comes to device accessories.


The Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case is a sleek-looking Apple Watch case that will safeguard your wearable. It adopts a tempered glass screen to shield the Apple Watch face from any damage. The only drawback we see in this case is that it cannot prevent liquid from entering your wearable when submerged underwater, so we highly suggest using a different case for that purpose. However, on daily and casual use, this case does deliver a complete look.

This accessory is best paired with the following Apple Watch series:

  1. Apple Watch Series 4 40mm
  2. Apple Watch 40mm
  3. Apple Watch Series 5 40mm
  4. Apple Watch Series 6 40mm
  5. Apple Watch SE 40mm


The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case bears a sleek and rugged look, so it can be purpose-fit. That means you can use the Apple Watch case for casual events or outdoor physical activities.

This Apple Watch accessory comes in different color options that buyers can choose from to complete the desired look. Additionally, you need not worry about the watch’s face as the raised bezels are designed to give an added layer of protection for your watch. On top of this, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case has a built-in band and automatic clasp; in a way, it’s an all-in deal.

The Unicorn Beetle Pro case is engineered to fit the following:

  1. Apple Watch 7 (2021 Release)
  2. Watch 6/SE (2020 Release)
  3. Watch 5 (2019 Release)
  4. Watch 4 45/44mm (2018 Release)

Unfortunately, this SUPCASE accessory is not for Apple Watch 40mm versions.


Wrapping our top choices for Apple Watch accessories subcategory protective cases is another case that features a built-in band.

The T-ENGINE Case and TPU Rugged Sports Band combination is perfect for heavy-duty physical activity, considering the sweat-proof band and the stainless steel buckles that make up the accessory.

The design is rugged but lightweight, thanks to the TPU material used to form the accessory. Meanwhile, the built-in band has been carefully calibrated to measure every wrist diameter just fine.

This Apple Watch case fits any Apple Watch Series 4 to 6 and SE model measuring 44mm.


Best Apple Watch Bands

In the previous section, we featured two cases with built-in bands on them. However, keep in mind that most Apple Watch accessories aren’t 2-in-1s — especially cases. Apple Watch bands are often sold separately. Whether you believe it or not, some brands still rely only on marketing bands that are tailor-fit for consumer needs. Here, we will feature some of those.

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The OriBear Sport Bands may be midrange Apple Watch accessories, but you will prefer them if you are looking to replace your original worn-out Apple Watch bands. That is because you won’t be spending much and sacrificing quality with the said accessories.

The bands are made from silicone. They are breathable and lightweight to the wrist, making them perfect for when you are working out. On top of that, the design of the bands combines rugged and sleek aesthetics. That makes them the ideal accessories for sporty and casual events. Additionally, the bands come in various color options that aren’t too busy to the eye.

The OriBear Sport Bands are compatible with the Apple Watch measuring 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, or 45mm, from Series 1 to 7 and SE.

Some people choose an Apple Watch for sports or physical activity. Others simply get the wearable as a traditional watch replacement. If you can relate to the latter buyer group, the STIROLL Thin Stainless Steel Band is one of the perfect Apple Watch accessories to have as it converts your modern-looking Apple smartwatch to a classic wristwatch. With the stainless chain look, you can surely take it with you for casual to formal occasions.

The STIROLL band is compatible with the Apple Watch SE, and Series 1 to 6. It comes in various color options that will surely measure up to your desired look.


Here’s another alternative for those looking for another stainless steel Apple Watch band — the Milanese Loop Band. This is a modern take on the mesh design that rose to prominence in Milan and wraps comfortably around your wrist. This band makes your Apple Watch elegant and sleek and can suit most attires, be those casual or formal.

The Milanese Loop Band fits Apple Watch Series 3 or newer models of the same size. Its 41mm version is compatible with 38 and 40mm cases. Meanwhile, the 45mm straps work with 42 and 44mm cases.


Completing our selection of Apple Watch bands is a combination of fabric and leather — giving an authentic, durable, and fashionable look to any Apple Watch.

The SKYLET Canvas Fabric Leather Band is a skin-friendly band and can be worn throughout the day comfortably. It does not go into specific needs, meaning it can be worn in any sort of occasion or just for everyday use. Moreover, it comes in various colors and sizes that fit almost any type and series of Apple Watches.

We like the fact that there are versions made for women and men in the same design, so couples can definitely try them out and have couple wristbands.


Other Apple Watch Accessories

An Apple Watch’s functionalities are top-tier, but it’s still a device that runs on batteries. So, below are additional Apple Watch accessories to get, other than chargers and power cords. Maximize your Apple Watch’s capabilities via our recommendations below.


As we said, your Apple Watch’s battery is not infinite. However, with the right Apple Watch charger accessories, you should be fine.

Keep your Apple Watch fully charged whenever, wherever, with the Belkin Travel Stand Charger. This wireless charger is made from durable materials and lightweight and portable, making it perfect for whoever lives an on-the-go lifestyle. Additionally, this product can also store a 2m or shorter power cord so you won’t lose that accessory during your trips.

One more thing you would love about the Belkin Charger Stand is that it can be used as a nightstand with the Apple Watch serving as an alarm clock while docked onto it.



If the Belkin Charger Stand did not speak to you and you’d rather go for a sure charger option, go no further. Apple sells MagSafe portable chargers for Apple Watches, too.

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charger comes in three options: the versions with 1, 2, and 3m cables. This gives users the opportunity to be flexible in their charging setup especially in the absence of a decent port.

This Apple Watch accessory is powerful to hold both your wearable and the charging dock together. The magnets from the dock and the rear of the watch clasp together when charging, ensuring the devices won’t disconnect when laid flat on a surface or hanging.


Apple Watches are a perfect companion for running and exercise. Another perfect companion when doing physical activities? Apple AirPods.

When you have music stored in your Apple Watch, the Apple AirPods make a good companion device. For one, using these instead of your phone makes it easy for you to go about your gym routine. That is because you won’t have to worry about strapping or laying your phone elsewhere. Simply strap your Watch on your wrist, plug your AirPods to your ears and you’re good to go.

The AirPods we are featuring is AirPods Gen 2. As of this writing, there are better AirPods available such as the AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 3. However, these are pricey alternatives. There are other Bluetooth earpieces, AirPods alternatives even, that you can try and will likely fit your budget.


Here’s another solution for keeping your Apple Watch always energized. We feature the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock, a great Apple Watch accessory to have in your arsenal — especially if you are one of those who are constantly glued to your laptops for work and can’t be bothered to snatch a cord and plug your device to charge.

This portable charger has been designed specifically for Apple Watches, allowing them to take in power at full speed. In addition, this device is compatible with every series and size of the Apple Watch. 


When at home, it’s nice to listen to soft music or not-so-soft ones depending on what you are doing. The Siri-compatible HomePod letting you do that makes it the perfect Artificial Intelligence device.

The HomePod can be connected to your Apple Watch through AirPlay. That way, it can serve as a 360-surround speaker for your wearable. Simply find the AirPlay icon on your Apple Watch and select the HomePod name to connect the devices.


Final Thoughts

Buying Apple Watch accessories comes with considerations, with budget topping the list. You don’t necessarily have to buy from brands that are well-known as their products may come off as pricey. There are other manufacturers and distributors out there that sell nearly the same quality of products as the ones we mentioned. But we want to showcase to you the top-tier options out there and help you narrow your list. Of course, we can’t excuse other Apple Watch accessories being sold online with unacceptable qualities. So, if you are considering buying one for yourself, make sure to get the best but also one that does not put a hole in your pocket.

We hope this article has proven helpful to you. Let us know what you think!