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Purchasing an iPhone 11 is perhaps one of the best feelings in the world right now. At long last, after hours of hard work and saving up, you have purchased your dream phone. Of course, we want to give the utmost care and protection to our trusty iPhone 11. Today, we bring to you our list of the 20 best iPhone 11 cases that can surely protect your phones from scratches, falls, and breakages. Not only do these cases protect your iPhone from damages, but it also adds flair to your fashion statement.

So, hop on and browse all the best iPhone 11 cases now.


iPhone 11: An Overview

iPhone 11 in different colors
Photo by Apple

The iPhone 11 is currently one of the best iPhones released by Apple. Launched last 2019, this iPhone has bested its predecessors and competitors, thanks to its specs improvement. Camera shots are still stunning as ever, the processor has proven itself to be snappier, and the battery has been beefier that can last through the whole day. We can testify that the iPhone 11 is the most premium phone you can own right now.

As with all Apple products, the company has made sure that every product they release is made out of high-quality ravishing materials. The iPhone 11 is no exception to that mantra. The delicate design and materials used for the iPhone 11 make you want to protect your phone faithfully. Its glass and aluminum material might easily break your precious phone. The slight camera bump on the back will make you truly conscious of your phone. In this case, a protective case is needed for your iPhone. This is to ensure that your iPhone will last for years.

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20 Best iPhone 11 Cases

There are many phone case brands out there that can give your iPhone 11 the delicate protection it needs. You can also add some iPhone skins to make your phone slick and shiny. These iPhone 11 cases ensure that your phone is fully protected from any damages. So, here’s a list of the best iPhone 11 cases you can find in the market right now.


Finding yourself a little bit on the clumsy side? You will need the most rugged protection for your iPhone 11. Otterbox offers just the right phone case for people who live life to the extreme with the Otterbox Defender Series. This phone case will definitely absorb those heart-stopping falls and bumps, thanks to its thick polycarbonate and rubber materials. It also has rubber stoppers for the sensitive parts of your iPhone 11 like the charging port and speaker holes. Even if this case has a thick armor in it, this case is Qi-certified, meaning you can still charge your iPhone 11 on a wireless charger.

This phone case is not for those who want to save some real estate in their pockets, mainly because of its enormous size. But there are many more options that you can choose from this list.

Spigen is known for selling high-quality hardshell iPhone cases over the years. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case protects your phone modestly with its “Air Cushion Technology.” It heavily depends on those minute gaps on the corners of your phone for the protection of your iPhone. You may have doubts about this kind of technology, but Spigen’s legacy relies on this kind of protection and that is why they still exist in the market today. Just like the case with Apple’s Clear Case, discoloration would not easily happen with this case.

Apple hits two birds with one stone with Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11, a phone case that is also a charging pad. Its silicone external shell and microfiber inner shell will carefully cradle your iPhone. Apple claims that this battery case will increase the battery capacity by up to 50%. This will make your iPhone last for binge-watching Netflix, mobile gaming, or productivity tools. And with the newest iteration of the battery case, it doubles as camera accessories. Apple has added a dedicated camera shutter button for this case. This makes your iPhone 11 look like your standard point-and-shoot camera.

Just like the other phone cases, this phone case would not fully protect your iPhone 11 from hard drops and screen scratches. The annoying back hump will also add some heft on your hands that might be irritating to hold for some.

A new iPhone 11 needs a trusty phone case, and when you need a trusty phone case, you purchase it from a trusty source which is Apple. The Apple Clear Case for iPhone 11 is available on the online Apple Store as well as Amazon. Since it is made by Apple itself, you can expect this phone case to be a perfect fit for your iPhone 11. This phone case protects your iPhone 11 from gentle scratches and falls. Just be aware of the “downside” of most clear cases: discoloration.

When you want your iPhone 11 to remain sleek, Tech21 Studio Color Case is the right phone case for you. It has a thin profile in it, making your iPhone 11 appear sexy. But it does not mean it only offers meager protection for your phone. It can still provide subtle protection against gentle drops. It also has a lip around the camera, adding protection for it.

This phone case also includes an anti-microbial protection feature that shields your device against those pesky germs. However, this iPhone 11 case will not protect your phone against hardcore falls or squeezes on commutes. This is more suitable for those who live an easy lifestyle.

Another trusty phone case brand is Incipio. Incipio DualPro provides dual-layer protection for your phone. The outer layer is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate, while the inner layer is made to absorb any bumps and sudden drops that may occur. It may be two-layered, but it has maintained its slim profile, so it doesn’t feel bulky on your hands and pocket. At last, having a tank-like armor for your phone doesn’t necessarily mean layers and layers of thickness.

An iPhone 11 needs a premium phone case. And what better material can be paired with it than leather. The Woolnut Leather Case is perhaps one of the best leather cases you can buy for your iPhone 11. It adds that needed aesthetics that the iPhone 11 presents. If you think that this leather is not environment-friendly, don’t fret. This leather is plant-based, so rest assured that it’s made from sustainable sources. Now, adding that charisma to your iPhone wouldn’t harm much of our environment.

Movie watchers will surely love the Otterbox + PopSocket Symmetry Case. This iPhone 11 case functions not only as a protective case; it has a detachable PopSocket popup stand that can stand on any flat surfaces. This case has modest protection against falls and bumps. The stand can be popped up for your viewing pleasure or be folded so it can be put inside your pocket. If you want it to be more compact, you can detach the PopSocket stand.

As much as this phone case is functional, we must stress the fact that you cannot wirelessly charge your phone unless the stand is folded or detached. This is not much of a dealbreaker, but some might find this a bit of a hassle. Also, if you’ve got small hands, you might find it uncomfortable to hold your phone with the PopSocket popped up. Better find an iPhone 11 case with a folding kickstand in it.

One of the best phone wallet cases out there is the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. A 2-in-1 phone case, it eliminates a little bit of bulky space in your pockets and bags. It does not only store your phone but also your IDs, credit cards, and many more.  Now, you would not need to pull out your wallet to get your money. Just look at the back of your phone.

Mujjo’s leather is sourced from plants, making it a sustainable product.

Ruggedness is next to thickness, but not with Nomad Rugged Case. It boasts a simple design and profile, yet with the ruggedness that you need for those “Oops…” moment. This sets it apart from other rugged cases that might look ugly for some. Six-foot falls are nothing with this phone case. The Nomad Rugged Case has Qi certification too. So despite its rugged profile, you can set your iPhone to charge wirelessly. Luxury and grittiness are now combined with the Nomad Rugged Case.

An attractive phone case does not mean a fragile case. The Speck Candyshell Grip provides a firm grip for your iPhone 11. Thanks to its rubber back, your phone will surely not escape your sweaty hands. Aside from its rubber back, you can also assure of utmost protection from 13 ft. drops. It has military-grade polycarbonate and TPU in it that can absorb those unintended floor collisions. This case also has antimicrobial properties that can make germs go away.

Because of the embossed rubber grips at the back, this is a sure dirt magnet. You might need to constantly clean the back of your phone if you want the case to remain in pristine condition.

Customizing your phone case is a lot of fun especially if it adds extra protection to your iPhone. A package of Rhinoshield Mod NX includes your standard case and a bumper case. This can be modified to your liking, from the colors to additional accessories. You can also add a bumper option to it.

With its thick bumper armor and grippy back, your iPhone 11 will not suffer much damage on falls and bumps. Even if it feels a little bit thicker than the previous versions, this Rhinoshield phone case still does not compromise your pocket space.

When you think of phone case materials, you would immediately think of polycarbonate, TPU, or leather. But with the advent of sustainable materials, there is no excuse that we should “hug a tree” even for our phone cases. Mous Limitless 3.0 gives you an option for finishes at the back shell namely walnut, bamboo, aramid fiber, and leather. That’s one way of maintaining sustainability for our environment.

And it does not stop there. Its discreet storage lives up to its name: limitless. It does not only store your credit cards or paper bills; it also stores two nano-SIM cards and a SIM ejector located beneath the case. Now that’s a neat feature for a phone case that is truly unique on its own.

If you’re looking for a sleek yet protective case that won’t fail, perhaps Incipio AeroLite is the right iPhone 11 case for you. Its ribbed FortiCore inner shell, together with a hard polycarbonate outer shell, makes for a great combination against 11-feet drops and some weight saving. Add to that its minimalistic design and you’ve got a premium-looking phone case that protects not only your iPhone 11 but also your pockets.

Perhaps, Smartish Wallet Slayer can slay the minimalist approach on iPhone cases. Its sleek design adds a high-profile touch to the already glamorous iPhone 11. This iPhone case is not just pure looks but also has great functionality as well. When you are ready to pull out that card, just push a finger into its smaller opening and the card will pop up for you. The cardholder would not warp up because it’s made from molded plastic. It might give a little skimp on your pants, but at least you wouldn’t struggle pulling out your credit card when you need to do some shopping. Talk about having a functional yet sexy wallet case for your iPhone.

Pela Phone Case

With the rampant issue of waste management, we must do everything we can to live a sustainable lifestyle. We must change the materials that we use on our items, even our phone cases. The Pela Phone Case for the iPhone 11 is 100% sustainable. What’s more enticing is that Pela donates 5% of every phone case purchase to ocean conservation groups.

This iPhone 11 case is purely made of “plant-based biopolymers” and mixtures of other plant-based materials that will decompose after two to three years. This mixture of materials provides decent protection against bumps and falls. The case won’t affect any physical aesthetics on your phone. So if you’ve decided to ditch this case, you can literally throw this in a pit and expect it to decay after some time. We don’t recommend throwing this case together with your iPhone 11, though. That’s bad for the environment (and your wallet).

Keeping your iPhone 11 low-profile? The Totallee Thin iPhone 11 case can help you with that. This iPhone case truly lives up to its name. With its “0.02” thickness, you wouldn’t even feel like you have enclosed your iPhone 11 on a case. It has also got that “lip” protection on the camera, so don’t worry about scratching them accidentally. What makes this more adorable is that it does not include its brand name on any part of the phone case. You wouldn’t see any obvious branding on its back. Now that’s one way of making your iPhone as low-key as possible.

This phone case is made for those who like it stealthy and easy on the eyes.

Ever seen a shockproof and tank-like case that is lightweight? There are rare instances that you can see such kinds of phone cases. One of them is the UAG Monarch Series. This phone case provides 360 protection all around the phone. You can sleep at peace even if this iPhone 11 case falls down several times.

Its featherweight attribute is due to the materials used on it. One might think that its shiny accents are made from metal, but no. It is made of polycarbonate. Its shell is made from a combination of plastic and rubber; the edges are made of thick rubber that can absorb all those shocks and won’t easily escape your hands. That’s one tough, lightweight case if we’re to be asked. If you are still having doubts about its protection, UAG provides a 10-year limited warranty for its phone cases.

Classic design meets modern technology with the Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case. The materials used in this phone case will surely add more lavishness to your phone. It has a nubuck leather and cowhide. This phone case will surely last and age beautifully, thanks to the premium materials used on it. And since this serves as a wallet too, you can store your cards and other peripherals inside this gorgeous phone case. It’s like owning a masterfully-crafted phone case without shelling out loads of money for it.

iOS gamers rejoice! Say goodbye to annoying heat on your phone with the Razer Arctech Pro Series for iPhone 11. This phone case is specially designed for gamers who want to have protection on their phones but still want to leave some cooling for their iPhones. Its thermaphene material and its holes can make the heat dissipate from your iPhone, making it a pleasant experience not just for yourself but your phone as well. Of course, it protects your phones from falls of up to 10 ft., making your phone not just protected from cooking itself from the heat, but also from hardcore falls.

Its plastic casing may be an easy victim of dirt and grime. So if you are meticulous against dirt, better pick its Matte Black color. But if you love your iPhone 11 with added colors, you can choose between its White and Pink variants.


How to Choose an iPhone Case?

Now that you’re aware of the best iPhone 11 cases in the market, it’s best to identify first what case will fit your specific needs. Some might go for the looks and aesthetics, but we should also know what to look for when buying a case.

1. Durability

When it comes to phone cases, our number one priority should be material durability. These cases will take most of the beatings and drops. When buying your next phone case, it’s best to consider the materials used in them. Most phone cases today use hardened plastic and silicone that has been proven time and again to absorb shocks and last for years. However, if you want a sustainable material that still provides that necessary protection, you might want to consider a phone case made from wood or plant-based plastics. These materials have got the same quality as the two abovementioned materials, while at the same time, providing sustainable solutions to our environment.


2. Overall Protection

We hate to see that hairline scratch on the back or front of our iPhones. It simply reduces that premium feels we all want to have on our iPhones. Basically, that is why we buy cases for added protection. Of course, we don’t just go for limited protection; we want superb protection all over the phone.

Be that as it may, gaining full protection for your phones would require ruggedness and stiffness on the cases. You might not like the looks of your iPhone when you put a rugged case. But at least, you’ve got the benefits of full coverage against damage caused by accidental falls or drops.


3. Lifestyle

Choosing phone cases may sometimes depend on your lifestyle. If you live an active lifestyle, we suggest that you get a waterproof and rugged phone case. This will help your phone prolong its life even after a lot of falls, crashes, or water splashes due to sweat. But if you live a simple lifestyle, you may want to perk up your phone’s aesthetics. It would be ideal to look at phone cases that lean on intricate designs while remaining durable.


4. Function

Whether you use your iPhone for everyday productivity or nonstop entertainment, you should also consider additional functions for your phone cases. Of course, the primary function of phone cases is to protect your precious iPhone from damage. If you want extra juice for your iPhone 11, you might want to consider buying a battery case. This will help your iPhone last for more than a day. On the other hand, if you love watching movies on your Netflix app, consider buying a phone case with a stand. This will make your binge-watching more enjoyable.


Final Word

“You should buy a case for your iPhone.” This is one piece of advice that we always hear from dealers whenever we come to Apple Stores. At best, we should heed to this call because it is vital to protect our precious iPhones from external forces that might cause damage to it. Moreover, protective cases will not just help in prolonging our iPhone’s usable life but also gives extra functionality and aesthetics. In addition, if you decide to sell or trade your iPhone in the future, you’ll most likely get maximum profit since the phone’s condition would still be mint. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it’s still up to you to determine the level of protection you want to provide to your precious iPhone.