15 Best Samsung Z Flip 3 Cases for Potection and Style

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

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Aramid Protective Z Flip 3 Case

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Spigen Tough Armor Z Flip 3 Case

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Samsung has once again proven it is still in the game in terms of innovation when it launched the Galaxy Z Flip 3 alongside Galaxy Fold 3. Putting the spotlight on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, it is compact, clamshell, and quite the character of a smartphone that has industry-best internals under its hood. By this time, you’d probably already have seen one and questioned the durability and sturdiness of the phone — not to mention that midsection area where the phone “flips” and the vulnerability of the Gorilla Glass Victus. If you did, you might have also asked “Can you put on a case on the Galaxy Z Flip?”.

Alas! This article would not have been written if Samsung Z Flip 3 cases are out of the question. We have scoured the internet to give you some of the best Samsung Z Flip 3 cases you can get if you have recently bought the flip phone for yourself!

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15 Best Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 Cases

Shopping should be easy and accessible. If you are shopping for accessories for your Z Flip 3, consider these cases curated for your shopping convenience:

1.SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series 9.Samsung Silicone Protective Cover with Strap
2.Aramid Protective Z Flip 3 Case 10. ITEAFCOM Heavy Duty Case
3.Spigen Tough Armor Z Flip 3 Case 11.Spigen Thin Fit Case
4.VEGO Full Body Protective Case 12. URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Case
5.BENTOBEN Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Case 13.MAKAVO Case With Ring Holder
6.ZIULQIK Clear Case for Z Flip 3 14. VRS Design Terra Guard
7.KEZiHOME Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Case 15. OTTERBOX Symmetry Series Flex Case
8.LakiBeibi Business Style Leather Cover


For a price of less than $30, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series gives an accessory that’s ready to protect a Galaxy Z Flip 3 — others simply give us a case for the same price range.

The case has precise cuts to tuck your phone securely without obstructing ports for charging and audio jacks. The design of the case isn’t to be missed as well; the sides are bumped and ready to absorb shock in case of accidental bumps and drops. Moreover, the case has elevated bezels around the screen and camera at the rear to ensure these vital parts of the Z Flip 3 are protected.

It comes with a belt holster that makes your Galaxy Z Flip 3 accessible almost immediately in contrast to having to fish the phone out of your pocket. The holster is rotatable and detachable for convenience. You can’t have much out of this Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 case because it really works!


Here’s a case that protects without the additional weight!

If maintaining the sleek look of your Z Flip3 is what you are trying to achieve while giving it the TLC it deserves, the Aramid case is what you need. It has a slim, no bumped edges design that simply hugs your phone to protection. The materials used in this phone case have been selected for their durability and industry record. The surface of the case repels scratches and is thick enough to absorb shock coming from accidental bumps and drops.

Moreover, sliding it in and out of your pocket should be sleek and easy considering the absence of bumps as seen in a bumper case. But what we like about this case is how the Z Flip 3 remains a wireless charging phone even when the case is docked with the phone.


Choose Spigen Tough Armor Case because your Z Flip 3 deserves protection in more ways than one!

Spigen is known for producing protective cases and accessories for various handheld devices. It has risen to the top of the phone accessories brands because of its use of materials that are sturdy and durable — things buyers often look for when considering products to buy.

Their armor case for Galaxy Z Flip 3 is made from TPU and Polycarbonate materials, which are smartphone surface-friendly materials. Not only that, these materials are then precisely designed and cut to the exacting contours and shape of the Z Flip 3. As a result, the combination of these two offers protection from scratches and damages from bumps and accidental drops.

In addition, the case also has raised bezels giving the delicate touchscreen and cameras a degree of protection from damages.


Let it rain, let it fall — your phone remains protected and all!

While it remains impossible to give the touchscreen of the Z Flip 3 a screen protector, it doesn’t mean overall body protection is already out of the question. The VEGO full-body protective case is made from carbon fiber engineered and designed to assume a slim fit, device hugging case. That means almost zero worry about leaving your device unprotected from scratches. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about causing damage to the small screen window at the rear and the camera as this case comes with a camera protector, too!

Moreover, this case elevates heavy-duty protection by the improved hinge protection, a 360-degree kickstand, and a magnetic car mount patch.


Simplicity and ergonomics become her!

It is an unspoken truth but most of us are looking for a case to add aesthetics to our rather banal-looking phones. After all, why settle for bumper cases and risk the additional weight when you could for something simple and still gives the protection your phone needs? The BENTOBEN Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Case offers just this!

Its smooth silicone surface erases any worries about scratches, fingerprint marks, and damages as a result of bumps and falls. Indeed, the silicone material acts as a shock absorber while the perfectly cut case wraps around your phone. Moreover, silicone eradicates the additional weight other cases come with. Of course, the smooth surface gives your device that elegant look without going over the top.

The case also comes with a ring holder that also serves as a kickstand for when you want to watch movies on your phone.


Protection guaranteed! That one is quite clear!

Clear cases are a staple for any handheld smartphone owner in a similar way white shoes are a must-have for everyone. Clear cases elevate the native color of any smartphone and simply add a sleek finish to it while hugging your phone for protection 24/7. The ZIULQIK Clear Case is clear about three things:

  1. TPU is environmentally friendly
  2. Gives a clear and sleek finish in contrast to silicone
  3. TPU-based cases give good grip experience

The only thing absent in the case is the hinge that is supposed to give extra protection around this delicate area of the Z Flip 3. Nonetheless, this case is definitely worth copping.


The only other protection you need other than rubber is leather!

Get longer and more sophisticated protection by dressing up your Z Flip 3 with a leather case. If there is one thing certain about leather cases it has got to be about the unquestionable quality product that can be produced out of it and phone cases aren’t any different. The KEZiHOME leather case will make your Z Flip 3 look old money good with its ultra-minimalist and durable exterior. The texture isn’t so busy and annoying to the touch and offers a good grip experience to users as well.

Moreover, this case isn’t one that adds bulk to the phone; your phone will remain lightweight all the while protected from damages.


The LakiBeibi Business Style Leather Cover protects and keeps your valuables in one place!

Here’s our other leather alternative perfect for the all-outers out there. If you’d rather keep everything tucked in one place when you’re out and about, the LakiBeibi case is definitely something you should check out!

First, the case offers full-body protection to the delicate surface and areas of the Z Flip 3. It even has raised bezels around the camera and rear screen to avoid scratches. It has an excess leather flap that extends beyond the curves of the phone to ensure the phone is safe from bumps and damages from accidental falls.

Second, the case doubles as a card holder! You can’t have much out of a leather case as it really works!


Get a good grip! Strap it in!

Samsung certainly understands the assignment when it also offered its own Z Flip 3 cases following the successful launch of the smartphone itself. This silicone case cover keeps your device strapped to your hand, giving you a good grip on your device. While TPU is the preferred material by many case producers, silicone can easily come second considering its still good material for making a shockproof cover for glass and metal mobile phones. Moreover, the design of the case combines style and functionality; the surface of the case is matte, smooth finish, and contrasts in color with the strap.

Overall, it’s a striking case for the hip and modern user of a Z Flip 3.


There are many heavy-duty phone cases out there. This one is best for a Samsung Z Flip 3!

For less than $10, you would be able to get military-grade phone protection for your Z Flip 3 which is far better than what other cases can give for the same price range. Combining rubber silicone gel and plastic, this is a rugged-body case that has dual-layer protection. The plastic exterior has also been precisely cut ensuring access to important ports and the rear camera screen. It also comes with a camera screen protector ensuring total protection.

Another beauty in the materials used in making the case is it ditches additional weight. Plastic and silicone hardly add bulk or weight to the phone when held but these two materials guarantee safety as the case passed the military-grade drop test.


Models aren’t the only ones fit to be thin!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was designed to be slim so as to fit with easy inside a pocket when flipped. This proposes a challenge to phone case manufacturers when designing and engineering their cases as most cases add bulk and thickness. As one of the best phone case brands, Spigen was able to produce a case that adds a modicum of thickness to the grip. However, this added chunk is so small that you wouldn’t even feel it’s there.

Spigen combines the use of polycarbonate and TPU materials to produce a slim and sturdy case durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. It comes in three colors, all ensuring your device gets protection and style in one case. The matte finish on the surface enhances the slip-ease when the phone is slid in and out of your pocket.


Those with hard exteriors aren’t always rotten to the core!

While cases are often tested to ensure strength and durability, no other case has scored almost perfect as those produced by Urban Armor Gear. Sure, the UAG case does add bulk when held, but it isn’t as thick in contrast to other cases produced by other brands. The case’s soft second layer serves as a cushion for the Z Flip 3 when it’s accidentally dropped, thanks to the HyperCush technology used to make the case. Moreover, the case is also shockproof due to the armor shell exterior.

In addition to these, the case guarantees sturdiness after passing military drop-test standards.


Beyoncé isn’t the only one demanding a ring on it!

Here’s a clear case combining design and functionality. The MAKAVO Case is a clear, lightweight case that is made from soft materials that will surely elevate the natural color of your Z Flip 3. However, other than this element, MAKAVO has also thrown another feature to make this case even more functional: it added a ring on the hinge part of the case. While this isn’t really a “wow” factor, it’s the novelty of the design which makes this somewhat notable in contrast to other cases with ring holders we have listed before.

Indeed, the ring holder gives the case more protection if only to prevent it from slipping through your fingers when held. This brand also has cases that aren’t clear ones but with the same novelty ring holder designs.


This is VR Troopers casetified!

The VRS Terra Guard case does exude a modern sci-fi look with the metallic finish and rugged bumper design. We can’t help but dig the semi-auto hinge protecting the delicate fold area of the Z Flip 3. Moreover, this hinge also serves as a kickstand of a sort if you want to prop the device on a tabletop to watch a video or take a video call.

The design of the VRS Terra Guard is curious compared to other rugged bumper cases we have listed so far. It has been designed to look ultra-modern and the added cut features give it a character of its own. With too much writing on its design and functionality, users can expect the case to add bulk and weight to the phone. But that’s just something one can expect from a case of this engineering and design.


Wrapping up the list is a case from one of the trusted phone accessory brands today. Simplicity, functionality, and symmetry meet halfway in this OTTERBOX case for Z Flip 3. This case combines a sleek clear case to put a shine on the phone’s natural color while the side bezels wrap the case to the phone protecting its sides from bumps and damage from falls. Its simplicity makes this case appealing to many and makes for a perfect alternative to the banality of a clear case.


Final Thoughts

Buying a Samsung Z Flip 3 case, much like shopping for clothes or shoes, should not be hard; it shouldn’t take time. It’s because of this idea that we have come up with this list — to help make choosing the best phone case for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 easy, fun, and informative.

We hope we provided you with an informative guide with this article!