Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 5

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Corning, a renowned name in the mobile accessories industry, has recently announced its latest innovation – Gorilla Glass 5. Continuing its legacy of providing durable and robust smartphone screen protection, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 is set to revolutionize the way we view and safeguard our mobile devices.

With smartphones becoming an indispensable part of our lives, protecting their screens from scratches, cracks, and shattering has never been more important. Gorilla Glass 5 offers an unparalleled level of durability, ensuring that your device withstands the rigors of daily use and accidental drops.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a busy professional, or someone who simply values the longevity of their device, this announcement from Corning is surely worth celebrating. Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of Gorilla Glass 5 and why it’s a game-changer in the world of mobile accessories.

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Background of Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass manufactured by Corning Incorporated. It was first introduced in 2007 and has since become a popular choice for the protection of electronic devices, particularly smartphones and tablets. The name “Gorilla Glass” reflects its durability and strength, inspired by the toughness and resilience of gorillas in the wild.

Before the advent of Gorilla Glass, traditional glass used in electronic devices was susceptible to scratches, cracks, and breakage. This posed a significant challenge for manufacturers and consumers alike. However, Corning’s innovative approach revolutionized the industry.

Originally developed as a part of Corning’s research project to create glass for use in the automotive industry, Gorilla Glass found its true potential in the consumer electronics market. Combining strength, resilience, and optimal clarity, it quickly rose to prominence.

Gorilla Glass is made through a unique ion-exchange process that involves submerging glass into a molten salt bath. This process allows ions in the bath to replace smaller ions on the surface of the glass, creating a compressive layer that enhances its strength. The result is a glass that is up to four times stronger than standard soda-lime glass while maintaining its original optical properties.

Over the years, Corning has continued to refine and improve Gorilla Glass. They have introduced various iterations, each offering enhanced resistance to scratches and drops. With each new version, Corning has pushed the boundaries of glass technology, catering to the ever-increasing demands of the mobile industry.

Gorilla Glass has become an integral part of modern smartphones, offering a reliable and durable display solution. Its ability to withstand daily wear and tear, such as accidental drops and scratches, has made it a popular choice for consumers and smartphone manufacturers alike.

Corning’s commitment to innovation ensures that Gorilla Glass remains at the forefront of display technology. As devices continue to evolve and become more advanced, so too does Gorilla Glass, providing a robust and resilient solution for the ever-increasing demands of the mobile world.

Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 5

Corning, the renowned manufacturer of high-performance glass and ceramics, has recently announced the release of its highly anticipated Gorilla Glass 5. This new iteration of the popular protective glass is designed to take smartphone durability to the next level, offering enhanced drop performance and improved scratch resistance.

Gorilla Glass has become synonymous with durability in the smartphone industry. Since its first introduction in 2007, it has been the go-to choice for manufacturers looking to protect their devices’ delicate screens from cracks and scratches. With each iteration, Corning has pushed the boundaries of glass technology, constantly improving its impact resistance and toughness.

Building upon the success of Gorilla Glass 4, which was released back in 2014, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 introduces several advancements that address the most common challenges faced by smartphone users – accidental drops. According to Corning’s research, over 85% of smartphone owners have dropped their devices at least once a year, with nearly 60% dropping them three times or more.

With this in mind, Gorilla Glass 5 has been engineered to survive drops from greater heights, offering improved drop performance compared to its predecessors. Extensive lab testing has shown that it can withstand falls from up to 1.6 meters (approximately 5 feet 3 inches) onto rough surfaces without shattering. This is a significant improvement from previous generations, which typically had a survival rate of only 1 meter (approximately 3 feet 3 inches).

In addition to its impressive drop performance, Gorilla Glass 5 also boasts enhanced scratch resistance. Corning’s innovative manufacturing process ensures that the glass surface is more resistant to everyday scratches and scuffs. This means that users can enjoy their smartphones without the need for bulky screen protectors or worrying about accidental damage during regular use.

Another key feature of Gorilla Glass 5 is its optical clarity, which provides vibrant and true-to-life colors while maintaining excellent touch sensitivity. The glass is designed to be ultra-thin, allowing for a seamless user experience with no compromise on visual quality or responsiveness.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 is set to revolutionize the mobile accessories industry, offering smartphone users a level of durability and protection like never before. Whether you’re someone prone to accidental drops or simply want peace of mind knowing your device is safeguarded, Gorilla Glass 5 is sure to impress.

Features and Advancements of Gorilla Glass 5

Gorilla Glass 5, the latest innovation from Corning, has brought about significant features and advancements that set it apart from its predecessors. Let’s delve into the key characteristics that make Gorilla Glass 5 an exceptional mobile accessory:

1. Unmatched Durability: Gorilla Glass 5 is designed to provide unparalleled durability, making it highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and breakage. The glass undergoes a special chemical strengthening process that enhances its toughness, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear with ease.

2. Enhanced Drop Protection: One of the most impressive advancements of Gorilla Glass 5 is its ability to survive accidental drops from greater heights. Corning’s research has shown that the glass can survive drops of up to 1.6 meters onto hard surfaces up to 80% of the time, making it the perfect choice for those with butterfingers.

3. Improved Scratch Resistance: Gorilla Glass 5 boasts enhanced scratch resistance compared to its predecessors. This means that even with regular use, the glass is less likely to accumulate unsightly scratches, providing users with a clear and pristine display for longer periods.

4. Optimal Touch Sensitivity: Corning has fine-tuned the touch sensitivity of Gorilla Glass 5 to ensure a seamless user experience. The glass offers high touch accuracy and responsiveness, allowing for effortless swiping, scrolling, and tapping, whether you’re playing games or navigating through apps.

5. Retains Optical Clarity: Despite its exceptional strength, Gorilla Glass 5 does not compromise on optical clarity. You can expect stunning visual clarity and color accuracy, with vibrant and sharp images, making it ideal for watching movies, viewing photos, and browsing websites.

6. Thin and Lightweight: Gorilla Glass 5 maintains a thin and lightweight profile, ensuring it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your mobile device. This feature is especially important for those who prioritize sleek and slim designs.

7. Compatibility with Touchscreen Technology: Gorilla Glass 5 is compatible with various touchscreen technologies, including capacitive and resistive touchscreens. This compatibility ensures smooth and accurate touch response, regardless of the device you’re using.

8. Easy to Clean: The surface of Gorilla Glass 5 is engineered to resist fingerprints and smudges, making it easier to keep your device looking clean and polished. A simple wipe with a microfiber cloth is all it takes to remove unwanted smudges and maintain a crystal-clear display.

Gorilla Glass 5 represents a significant advancement in mobile accessory technology, providing users with a superior level of protection, durability, and performance. Its exceptional features make it the go-to choice for individuals seeking to safeguard their mobile devices from everyday accidents and hazards.

In conclusion, Corning’s announcement of Gorilla Glass 5 marks a significant milestone in the world of mobile accessories. With its enhanced durability and improved drop resistance, this technology is set to revolutionize the way we protect our smartphones and other devices. Gorilla Glass 5 provides consumers with peace of mind, knowing that their screens are shielded from everyday mishaps and accidents.

As the demand for larger, more immersive screens continues to grow, the need for robust and resilient glass solutions becomes increasingly apparent. Corning’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of glass technology has once again proven successful with the development of Gorilla Glass 5. It is evident that Corning understands the importance of protecting our valuable devices and ensuring their longevity in the face of accidental drops and impacts.

With Gorilla Glass 5, users can enjoy the benefits of a sleek and visually stunning device, without having to compromise on durability. As the mobile industry advances, Corning’s Gorilla Glass line continues to evolve, setting new standards for strength, resilience, and overall device protection. The future certainly looks bright for mobile accessories with Corning at the helm, providing us with cutting-edge solutions to safeguard our most beloved devices.


Q: What is Gorilla Glass 5?
Gorilla Glass 5 is the latest innovation from Corning, a renowned manufacturer of durable glass solutions. This advanced glass technology is specifically designed for protection on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Q: How does Gorilla Glass 5 differ from previous versions?
Gorilla Glass 5 offers improved resistance to drops and everyday accidents. It is designed to survive drops from shoulder height onto rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. Previous versions of Gorilla Glass had lower drop resistance, making Gorilla Glass 5 a significant upgrade in terms of durability.

Q: Does Gorilla Glass 5 provide scratch resistance?
While Gorilla Glass 5 is primarily focused on drop protection, it also offers good scratch resistance. However, it is important to note that no glass is completely scratch-proof, and harsh materials such as sand or diamonds can still potentially scratch the surface.

Q: Can Gorilla Glass 5 be used with a screen protector?
Yes, Gorilla Glass 5 can be used with a screen protector for added protection. However, given its already impressive durability, many users may find that using a screen protector is not necessary.

Q: Which devices are compatible with Gorilla Glass 5?
Gorilla Glass 5 can be found on a wide range of smartphones and tablets from various manufacturers. It has become a standard feature in many flagship devices, offering users peace of mind when it comes to the durability of their screens.