How To Replace Fossil Watch Battery

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Are you a proud owner of a Fossil watch that has been running out of battery? Don’t worry, replacing a Fossil watch battery is easier than you think! A dead watch battery can be frustrating, but with a few simple steps, you can get your Fossil watch ticking again in no time. In this article, we will guide you through the process of replacing the battery in your Fossil watch. Whether you have a traditional mechanical watch or a modern smartwatch, we have got you covered. So, put on your DIY hat and let’s get started on giving your Fossil watch a new lease of life.

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  1. Tools and Materials Needed
  2. Step 1: Determine the Type of Fossil Watch Battery
  3. Step 2: Prepare the Work Area
  4. Step 3: Remove the Watch Back
  5. Step 4: Remove the Old Battery
  6. Step 5: Insert the New Battery
  7. Step 6: Replace the Watch Back
  8. Step 7: Test the Watch
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

Tools and Materials Needed

When it comes to replacing the battery in your Fossil watch, you’ll need a few essential tools and materials to get the job done correctly. Here is a list of what you’ll need:

  1. Fossil watch battery – Make sure to purchase the correct battery for your specific Fossil watch model. Check the user manual or the back of your watch for the battery type.
  2. Tweezers – These precision tools will help you handle small parts and make it easier to remove and insert the watch battery.
  3. Watch case opener – This specialized tool is designed to open the back of the watch without causing any damage, allowing you to access the battery compartment.
  4. Watch case holder – This tool will securely hold the watch case in place while you work on it, preventing any accidental slips or scratches.
  5. Cleaning cloth – A lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth will come in handy to wipe away any dust or dirt from the watch components during the battery replacement process.
  6. Magnifying glass or a loupe – This optional tool can help you see small details clearly and ensure precise handling during the battery replacement.

Having the right tools and materials ready before you start the battery replacement will make the process much smoother and minimize the risk of damaging your Fossil watch. So gather these items and get ready to give your watch a new lease on life.

Step 1: Determine the Type of Fossil Watch Battery

Before you can replace the battery in your Fossil watch, it’s crucial to determine the specific type of battery your watch requires. Fossil watches often utilize different types of batteries, depending on the model and year of production. Having the correct battery type is essential to prevent damage to your watch and ensure it functions properly.

To determine the type of battery your Fossil watch needs, there are a few methods you can use:

  1. Check the user manual: The user manual that came with your Fossil watch will typically provide detailed information about the battery that should be used. It’s always a good starting point to look for the specific battery type mentioned in the manual.
  2. Inspect the old battery: If you have an old battery that needs replacement, you can remove it from the watch and look for any markings or engravings on the battery. These markings usually indicate the size and type of the battery, such as CR2016 or SR621SW.
  3. Visit the Fossil website: Fossil’s official website often provides support and resources for their watch owners. You can visit the website and search for your watch model to find information on the battery type recommended for your specific watch.
  4. Consult a watch professional: If you’re still unsure about the type of battery your Fossil watch requires, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional watchmaker or jeweler. They have the knowledge and experience to accurately identify the battery your watch needs.

By determining the correct type of Fossil watch battery, you will ensure a seamless battery replacement process and maintain the optimal functionality of your watch.

Step 2: Prepare the Work Area

Before you start replacing the battery in your Fossil watch, it is essential to prepare the work area properly. Creating a clean and organized space will make the process easier and help prevent any damage to your watch or components.

Here are a few key steps to follow to prepare the work area:

  1. Gather the necessary tools: Before you begin, ensure that you have all the tools needed to replace the battery. This typically includes a small screwdriver set, tweezers, and a watch case opener. Having these tools handy will save you time and frustration.
  2. Find a clean and well-lit area: Choose a well-lit space with enough room to work comfortably. It’s important to have good visibility to see the tiny components of the watch and avoid any accidental mishaps. Moreover, working on a clean surface will minimize the risk of losing small parts.
  3. Use a soft cloth or mat: To protect your watch from scratches, place a soft cloth or watch repair mat on the work surface. This will provide a cushioned surface for your watch, making it easier to handle and reducing the chance of accidentally dropping it.

These simple steps will help create an environment conducive to successfully replacing the battery in your Fossil watch. Remember, preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free battery replacement process.

Step 3: Remove the Watch Back

Removing the watch back is an important step in replacing the battery of your Fossil watch. Follow these simple instructions to remove the watch back safely:

1. Prepare the necessary tools: Before starting, gather the tools required for this step. You will need a small screwdriver or a watch case opener tool. These tools will help you remove the back cover of your watch without causing any damage.

2. Inspect the watch back: Take a close look at the back of your Fossil watch. Look for any screws or indentations around the edges. Some watch models may have screws holding the back cover in place, while others may have a small indentation for prying.

3. Locate the slots or notches: If your watch has screws, use the appropriate screwdriver to remove them. Be careful not to strip the screws or apply too much force. If your watch has slots or notches, position the watch case opener tool in the slots and apply gentle pressure to open the back cover.

4. Apply steady pressure: While using the case opener tool, make sure to apply steady and even pressure around the edge of the watch back. This will help release any clips or latches holding the cover in place. Be patient and take your time to avoid any accidental slips or damage to the watch.

5. Remove the watch back: Once the back cover is loosened, carefully lift it off using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Take note of any gaskets or seals present on the back cover and ensure they are in good condition.

6. Keep the watch back safe: Set aside the watch back in a safe place where it won’t get lost or dirty. It is essential to keep it clean and free from any debris or dust until you are ready to reassemble the watch after replacing the battery.

Removing the watch back requires a steady hand and the right tools. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing it yourself, it is always recommended to take your Fossil watch to a professional watch repair specialist.

Step 4: Remove the Old Battery

Once you have successfully opened the back of your Fossil watch, it’s time to remove the old battery. Removing the old battery is a delicate process that requires some precision. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Locate the battery inside the watch. The battery is usually a small round disc, typically made of silver oxide or lithium. It is held in place by a small metal clip or spring.

2. Use a pair of non-metal tweezers or a small flat-head screwdriver to carefully lift the metal clip or spring securing the battery. Be gentle and make sure not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging any other components of the watch.

3. Once the clip or spring is lifted, the old battery should be easily removable. Gently lift it out of its compartment using the tweezers or screwdriver. Take note of the battery’s orientation before removing it, as you’ll need to install the new one in the same position.

4. Dispose of the old battery properly according to your local regulations. Old watch batteries contain harmful chemicals and should not be thrown in the regular trash.

5. Before proceeding to the next step, take a moment to clean the battery compartment. Use a soft cloth or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to gently clean any dirt or debris that may have accumulated.

By following these steps, you have successfully removed the old battery from your Fossil watch. Now, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is inserting the new battery.

Step 5: Insert the New Battery

Now that you have successfully removed the old battery, it’s time to insert the new one. Follow these steps to ensure a proper replacement:

1. Take the new battery out of its packaging and hold it by its edges. Avoid touching the battery terminals with your fingers, as oils from your skin could interfere with its performance.

2. Identify the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on the new battery. These markings are usually indicated on the battery itself or on the packaging.

3. Refer to the documentation or label inside your Fossil watch to determine the correct orientation of the battery. It’s important to insert the battery in the proper position to ensure the watch functions correctly.

4. Carefully place the new battery into the battery compartment, aligning the positive terminal with the corresponding contact point and the negative terminal with its designated area.

5. Gently press down on the battery to make sure it is securely seated in the compartment. Avoid applying excessive force, as it could damage the battery or the watch.

6. Once the battery is in place, double-check that it is correctly oriented and securely positioned. Any misalignment could result in the watch not working properly.

7. If your watch has a battery retention strap or clip, carefully reattach it to securely hold the battery in place. Ensure that it is properly aligned and fastened.

8. Take a moment to inspect the battery compartment and surrounding area for any dirt, debris, or corrosion. If necessary, use a small brush or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the area before proceeding.

With the new battery safely inserted in your Fossil watch, you’re one step closer to getting your timepiece back up and running. Now, it’s time to move on to the next critical step: replacing the watch back.

Step 6: Replace the Watch Back

After successfully replacing the battery in your Fossil watch, the next step is to carefully replace the watch back. This step is crucial to ensure the proper functioning and protection of your timepiece. Follow these instructions to safely secure the watch back in place:

1. Inspect the watch back: Before attaching it, take a moment to inspect the watch back for any dust, dirt, or debris. Wipe it clean using a soft, lint-free cloth or a cotton swab if necessary. This ensures a secure fit and prevents any potential damage to the watch mechanism.

2. Align the notches or tabs: On the inside of the watch case, you will find notches or tabs that need to align with the corresponding slots or notches on the watch back. Carefully examine the notches to ensure they match up before proceeding.

3. Press down firmly: Place the watch back over the case, aligning the notches or tabs, and slowly press down. Apply even pressure with your thumbs or the help of a watch case press tool, if available. Make sure the watch back sits flush with the case and there are no gaps or misalignments.

4. Rotate clockwise to lock: Depending on the type of Fossil watch you have, you may need to rotate the watch back clockwise to lock it in place. Some models have a specific notch or arrow indicator that guides you in the right direction. Make sure you engage the lock mechanism smoothly and securely.

5. Check for water resistance: If your Fossil watch is water-resistant, it is essential to ensure the watch back is properly sealed to maintain the water resistance. Take a moment to run a quick water resistance test, if possible, by dipping the watch in water or using a watch testing machine. If you notice any signs of water leakage, double-check the watch back alignment and reseat it if necessary.

6. Double-check alignment and gap: Once the watch back is in place, double-check the alignment of the notches or tabs and ensure there are no visible gaps between the watch back and the case. A snug fit is important for the watch’s overall durability and protection against moisture and dust.

7. Clean the watch: Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe away any fingerprints, smudges, or grime that may have accumulated on the watch during the battery replacement process. This will leave your Fossil watch looking polished and ready to be worn.

By following these steps, you can confidently replace the watch back on your Fossil watch. Remember to handle the watch with care and take your time to ensure a proper fit. With a new battery and a securely replaced watch back, your Fossil timepiece will continue to keep you stylishly on time.

Step 7: Test the Watch

After successfully replacing the battery in your Fossil watch, it’s important to test it to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. Testing the watch will give you the peace of mind that your timepiece is now in optimal working condition.

Here are the steps to test your Fossil watch after replacing the battery:

  1. Set the time: Start by setting the time on your watch. Make sure to turn the crown in the correct direction until the hands move and align with the correct time.
  2. Check the movement: Observe the movement of the watch hands. They should move smoothly and without any stuttering or stopping. If you notice any irregularities, it may indicate a problem with the battery installation or the internal mechanisms of the watch.
  3. Test the chronograph (if applicable): If your Fossil watch has a chronograph function, activate it and make sure all the subdials are working properly. The stopwatch should start, stop, and reset accurately.
  4. Test other functions: If your Fossil watch has additional features like a date display, alarm, or world time, test each of these functions to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  5. Check for accuracy: Keep an eye on the timekeeping accuracy of your watch over the next few days. Compare the time displayed on your Fossil watch with a reliable time source, such as your smartphone or a wall clock. If you notice significant time discrepancies, it might be an indication that further adjustments or servicing are required.

If you encounter any issues during the testing process or notice any abnormalities with the watch’s performance, it’s advisable to consult a professional watch technician. They will be able to diagnose and address any underlying problems.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Fossil watch is back in working order and ready to adorn your wrist with its timeless elegance and reliability.

After reading this comprehensive guide on how to replace a Fossil watch battery, you now have the knowledge and confidence to take on the task yourself. Whether your watch is running low on power or you simply want to save time and money by doing it yourself, replacing the battery is a relatively straightforward process. By following the step-by-step instructions provided and using the right tools, you can successfully replace the battery and have your Fossil watch working perfectly again.

Remember to handle the watch and battery with care, ensuring that you don’t damage any delicate components. If you encounter any difficulties or have concerns, it’s always a good idea to seek professional help or take your watch to a certified Fossil service center. With the right approach, you can enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of keeping your Fossil watch running smoothly for years to come.


1. How often do I need to replace the battery in my Fossil watch?
The frequency of battery replacement in your Fossil watch can vary depending on the model and usage. Generally, a Fossil watch battery can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years. However, factors such as the type of movement, the number of complications, and how frequently you use the watch can affect battery life. If you notice a significant decrease in the watch’s accuracy or if it stops working, it might be time to replace the battery.

2. Can I replace the Fossil watch battery myself?
Yes, you can replace the Fossil watch battery yourself if you have the necessary tools and feel comfortable doing so. However, it is important to note that replacing the battery yourself may void any warranty on the watch. If your Fossil watch is still under warranty, it is recommended to have the battery replaced by an authorized Fossil service center or a professional jeweler.

3. What tools do I need to replace the Fossil watch battery?
To replace the Fossil watch battery, you will need a few tools, including a watch case opener, tweezers, a small flathead screwdriver, and a new replacement battery. These tools will help you safely open the watch case, remove the old battery, and install the new one.

4. Can I use any type of battery to replace the Fossil watch battery?
No, it is important to use the correct type of battery when replacing a Fossil watch battery. Fossil watches typically use lithium coin cell batteries, such as CR2016 or SR626SW. These batteries provide the appropriate voltage and fit for Fossil watches. Using the wrong type of battery can damage the watch or cause it to malfunction.

5. How do I replace the Fossil watch battery?
To replace the Fossil watch battery, follow these general steps:

  1. Ensure you have the correct replacement battery for your specific Fossil watch model.
  2. Use the watch case opener tool to carefully open the watch case back.
  3. Locate the battery inside the watch and gently remove it using tweezers or a small flathead screwdriver.
  4. Insert the new battery into the same position, making sure it is properly aligned.
  5. Close the watch case back securely using the watch case opener tool.
  6. Test the watch to ensure it is functioning properly.

If you are uncertain or uncomfortable with performing the battery replacement yourself, it is best to seek professional assistance to avoid any damage to your Fossil watch.