Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatches: Are They Still Worth Buying?

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Fossil is a brand acclaimed for watches that are fashionable and reliable, and have a value for money. Their smartwatches are also among some of the best in the market today with competitive specs and features. However, like other gadgets, they often get updated, which means that older models are replaced with more improved ones. The Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches are lauded for having an extensive set of features and great design, which makes it a great steal. But with its successor Fossil Gen 5 around, is it still worth buying today?

In this article, we’ll be exploring the things you have to love about Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches that still make them worth buying.


Fossil Gen 4: An Overview

gen 4 fossil
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Designed to give you the best of timeless style and modern technology, the Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches are built to help you live your best life with its unique style while allowing you to connect with the convenience of technology.

With Fossil Gen 4, you can get the basic smartwatch features including a heart rate monitor, notifications, Google Pay, alerts, and even access to third-party applications. You can also customize the dial and the watch faces to suit your style.

The smartwatches are all powered by Wear OS by Google and are compatible with iPhone and Android phones. However, keep in mind that supported features may vary across platforms.

Fossil Gen 4 is easily one of the best steals in the market today and can easily be considered one of the best smartwatches out there. However, if you’re looking for more options, you can check out our list of the best Android smartwatches for more.


Great Features of Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatches

It’s a joy to have something like a Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch that fits every occasion.  Its versatility is unmatched whether you are looking for a sports watch or a casual watch. It has a powerful battery, stylish built, seamless health tracker, and many other helpful features one will look for in a smartwatch. Without a doubt, this smartwatch has got all the basics done.


1. Elegant Style

Fossil produces elegant and timeless watch pieces that will surely catch anyone’s attention. Their stylishness and elegance have become something that many love about Fossil.

The brand’s elegant style is also apparent in their smartwatches. Fossil Gen 4 watches are versatile that you can wear them anywhere – from a formal affair to more casual gatherings, the watch fits almost every occasion and every outfit so you don’t have to fuss over matching it with your outfits.

Further, you can also switch straps to make it more suitable to your taste or if you want to add a pop of color to it. You can also swap dials and even put your favorite photos as watch faces.


2. Powerful Battery

Many smartwatches will only last you a couple of hours and won’t be able to pull through for the entire day. But Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches will be able to get you through the entire day with its powerful battery. However, it does not facilitate wireless charging and will only start charging when plugged in. Regardless, with its 350 mAh capacity, you won’t need to charge as much when you’re out because you’re guaranteed an entire day’s battery life with this Fossil smartwatch.


2. Fitness Tracking

© Photo by Fossil

Fitness tracking is a feature that many users look for in a smartwatch and with Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches, you get the best fitness trackers a user could wish for.

The smartwatches are equipped with the basics such as the heart rate monitor, a GPS tracker to monitor your distance, and the best part,  compatibility with almost every sport because of its sturdy build and water-resistant nature. You can also use third-party apps like Google Fit and the Nike Run Club for your workout sessions.

As an icing on top, you can also play your favorite tunes while exercising through the smartwatch, which makes it an ideal workout companion.


3. SMS, Call, and Email Alerts

Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches make staying connected easier. You’ll be able to receive notifications, messages, and even call control on the smartwatch. However, take note that you cannot take or make calls from the smartwatch, but it can alert you of an incoming call that you will need to answer on your smartphone.

You can also integrate your Fossil smartwatch to your social media apps so that you can still get notifications, view photos, Additionally, you can also easily read and receive emails from the smartwatch which makes it a great companion for work and play.


4. Water Resistance

Lastly, many users prefer a smartwatch that they can use with any type of weather. This means that they can use the smartwatch without having to worry about any damage while doing their outdoor activities.

The Fossil Gen 4 is water-resistant and swim-proof, which makes it a great companion for those with an active lifestyle. However, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s more suited for a rugged lifestyle, you might want to check out our selection of the best waterproof smartwatches.


Which Fossil Gen 4 Watches to Buy

There are two variants of Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch, one for women and one for men. Tech-wise, both variants are the same but differ in design and built. Both watches are made with premium metal build with a smaller body for the one intended for women.


Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR

Pink Smartwatch
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The Gen 4 Venture HR is a small and stylish watch that takes a new spin on the smartwatches for women. It’s a small device with great features that’s great for anyone who’s looking for something along that spectrum.

The smartwatch boasts a small design with a premium metal build that makes it perfect for those looking for something on the smaller side of the spectrum. Further, the smartwatch is also customizable, which means that you can change straps and even the bezel.

The Gen 4 Venture HR features an always-on technology, which means that you’ll be able to check the time without having to wake up the entire watch. However, due to its smaller design, it’s a bit harder to navigate the touchscreen.

This smartwatch offers more features for sports and fitness compared to models from the same brand. It features a heart rate tracker, pedometer, GPS, and even a sleep monitor. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to track your distance with the smartwatch when you’re running.

Another notable feature is that the smartwatch is also water-resistant up to 3 ATM. You can swim with the watch and it can even track your swims as well.

In all, the Fossil Gen 4 Venture is great for those looking for a functional smartwatch that’s small and lightweight. However, don’t let its size fool you, it’s packed with great features that will surely help you get through the day.


  • Sleek design
  • Great display
  • Customizable
  • Integrated fitness tracking & social media
  • NFC payments


  • Not for extensive outdoor activities
  • Works on an outdated processor
  • No wireless charging
  • Small screen size


Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist HR

Black Smartwatch
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The Gen 4 Explorist HR was considered as the brand’s most techie smartwatch when it was first released. It has an impressive set of features, a premium design, and is attractive for those into fitness for its competitive set of fitness apps.

The smartwatch is large and has a premium build that allows for a larger touchscreen. Its display is also noteworthy for being right and clear. Further, you can customize the style of the watch by changing its body and its straps so that it fits your lifestyle. The phone is also waterproof and swim-proof. It can even track your swims for you if you have it on.

Aside from its design, the Gen 4 Explorist HR is known for its range of features. First, you’ll want to take note that the smartwatch is fitted with Google’s Wear OS, which makes it compatible with Android and iOS phones.

The Gen 4 Explorist HR features the basic functions of a smartwatch but also pays particular attention to its fitness features. The smartwatch boasts a GPS, heart rate monitor, and a distance tracker to help you track your runs and your swims – among other sports.

Ultimately, the Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR is a stylish smartwatch with great features that will surely be a great smartwatch companion for men.


  • Higher screen resolution
  • Competitive fitness trackers
  • Stylist & customizable
  • Great display


  • Outdated processor
  • No wireless charging
  • Cannot accept or take calls
  • Pricey


The Verdict

Put it in plain language, the Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches are still worth buying even today. Despite being a downgrade of its successor, there is still much to love about the Gen 4 because of its competitive features at a relatively cheap price.

Fossil Gen 4 loses to the Gen 5 in terms of additional features such as wireless charging, storage capacity, and calling. But you can still opt to purchase the Gen 4 watches if you’re looking for something more basic or if you’re looking for a watch that’s functional.