Microsoft Surface Earbuds Released (2019)

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Microsoft released the Microsoft Surface Earbuds during the Microsoft Surface event on October 2, 2019, in New York. The Surface Earbuds is Microsoft’s contender in the race for the best and most comfortable completely wireless earbuds.


Microsoft Surface Earbuds’ New Design

Microsoft Surface Earbuds come with a rather more eccentric design. Unlike the available wireless earbuds in the market, this has a white circular flat exterior. The design makes it more fitting for more functionality. The user can control the Surface Earbuds through voice, gesture, and touch.

The circular panel is roomy enough for touch gestures. You can adjust the volume by swiping up and down on the panel. To skip songs, you just have to swipe from back to front. You can double-tap to pause and play songs or to answer calls. The gestures are set to be the same on each earbud but you can customize them to your liking once the Microsoft Surface Earbuds application is available.


Music And Gestures

Microsoft Surface Earbuds released in 2019
Screenshot from Microsoft on Youtube

Playing music is more convenient on android although the Surface Earbuds is compatible with iOS and PC connection through Windows. It requires a Spotify app on android.

Connection to PC provides better functionality. The earbuds have Office 360 integration although this requires a 365 subscription. There is office dictation, advance Powerpoint slides, and Powerpoint translations available on the earbuds.

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds suggests that you use Office 365 when it’s connected to your PC. You can give better Powerpoint presentations by controlling the Powerpoint through the circular panel. The earbuds also automatically catch whatever you’re saying during the presentation and transcribe it. It shows the transcription on the lower part of the Powerpoint screen.

The earbuds are capable of translating into more than 60 languages. The translation can also be displayed on the screen during a Powerpoint presentation. This feature is very helpful and is true to Microsoft’s vision of increasing productivity. A small downside is that the feature is heavily reliable on WiFi. You could experience delays with the transcription and translation process of the earbuds.


The Perfect Fit

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds promises a secure fit all day. The instructions from Microsoft direct you to wear the earbuds in a certain way. You hold the circular panel by your forefinger and thumb and insert the earbuds to your ears with the buds facing down. And then, you twist the earbuds so that it will better fit the ear canal.

This way of wearing the earbuds helps a lot in keeping the earbuds steady in the ears. You can go for a run or train heavily in the gym and you will not miss any single song on the playlist. The Microsoft Surface Earbuds promises a 24-hr battery life which is the longest battery life for earbuds in the market today. This is something that’s been a long problem with totally wireless earbuds.

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds will be available in the market in 2020.