Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Cases for Style and Protection

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is probably one of the best smartphones anyone can have today. Just a little shy of the main strengths of its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S20, buyers on a budget can definitely cop this device for a much cheaper price and still get the same value for money in terms of specs and features. This is because the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Samsung Galaxy S20 are pretty much the same. However, if you already own an S20 FE, a good way to start your device care is to buy your very own Samsung Galaxy S20 FE case.

Photo of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Fleet
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If you are looking at giving your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE device some TLC, we just have the thing for you. Cellular News has compiled here the trendiest classic, formal, and casual cases that you can use on your S20 FE device.

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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE does not have the same chipset under its hood as its flagship. This is one of its limitations and Samsung is pretty clear with this one. Nonetheless, the device still needs protection from bumps and scratches. At the end of the day, no phone user wants to get those internal parts getting damaged through shock and fun exterior colors fading right away. So, take your time in choosing the right case from our recommendations here.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case Japezop Leather Wallet Case
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case Caseology Parallax Case
OtterBox Defender Series Case BENTOBEN Slim Silicone Case
Casetify Impact Case VEGO Protective Bumper Cover
Dexnor 360 Case for S20 FE Lanhiem Full Body Samsung S20 FE Case


You could never go wrong with a classic black case, especially if it’s a case produced by Spigen. The Spigen Rugged Armor case is made from carbon fiber, making this device lightweight yet sturdy — common things you need to protect your smartphone from unnecessary damages. Moreover, it adopts flexible TPU with raised bezels to give more protection to your screen. The exterior of the case employs the so-called Air Cushion Technology, which is a good element for the case to be able to absorb shock from unexpected bumps or falls.

The Spigen Rugged Armor case isn’t only for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Spigen has versions of this for the regular S20 device, too.


The whole S20 FE fleet comes in various color options one could choose from. This makes the Spigen Ultra Hybrid the perfect clear case to have. The case highlights the color of your device while giving the protection it needs from unnecessary damages to the device’s exterior.

Contrary to what many say that it’s simply made of soft synthetic material, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is made from TPU and has a durable PC back. Aside from protecting the exterior, the case also has raised bezels around the screen as well as the rear cameras to protect them from sustaining scratches.

Clear cases might be simple in terms of design but the majority of the clear cases are exactly what phone users prefer because of simplicity and functionality. Perhaps, you only need to know which are the best phone case brands to trust.



OtterBox is another known brand for device care. The brand is behind some of the trendiest and even classic cases for sale on Amazon today. It’s no wonder it also offers a competitive and trustworthy armored case such as the OtterBox Defender Series Case.

The said accessory is a perfect alternative to the Spigen case we have featured early on. The armor is made of two different materials — the soft outer cover is responsible for absorbing the shock that may come as a result of the device bumping or falling, whereas the solid inner cover gives the case a sturdy shell that prevents damage from hitting the device itself.

The outer case has a belt-clip holster that serves as a kickstand; something a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE user like you will greatly appreciate for hands-free viewing of videos or movies.


Despite gaining mixed reviews from customers, Casetify remains one of the known brands for phone cases. It produces impact cases with statement or colorful designs which users can buy off-the-rack or by customizing the case design themselves using the brand’s partner app.

The idea that you can customize the design of the case or buy a case that has been customized by someone else makes the products pricey. Some see this as a drawback for the brand and opt to buy from a different seller who also sells country-wide or internationally. Nonetheless, Casetify maintains originality when it comes to design and that transcends to the cases it produces without sacrificing case quality.


360-degree protective cases are also staple choices. These cases are often characterized by the rugged bumper or armored exterior and come with a crystal screen covering or a screen guard. Such is the case for the Dexnor 360 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE case. However, despite the rugged exterior, the case itself isn’t too bulky on the hand.

The heavy-duty protection this case offers extends to every side of the device; the rear has raised bezels around the cameras to ensure the glass won’t sustain scratches that might affect the quality of photos and videos you take.

Factoring in that the Samsung S20 FE supports wireless charging, does the accessory allow the gadget to get powered up that way? With this 360 protective case, wireless charging is not going to be a problem. Moreover, the case also comes with a kickstand at the back; you can say hello to hands-free video or movie watching.


Leather cases are pretty classic and give a unique touch and protection to your device. Among the many leather cases available today, we recommend Samsung Galaxy S20 FE users like you to have a look at the Japezop Leather Wallet Case. The case is made from high-quality leather that has been put together through high-precision stitching, making the case durable and shockproof.

True to the product name, the inside front flap of the case can hold folded bills and two cards while the other flap secures your S20 FE device in place. The two flaps are then clasped together through inlaid magnets on the shell that keep the device in place and prevent unnecessary scratches on the screen when the phone is not in use or stowed in your bag.

The exterior color of the case is coffee brown, giving it a more authentic leather look that exudes class and beauty. However, it does come in other color options, too.


If you are looking for a simple but trendy case, look no further because Caseology has got the right thing for you, the Caseology Parallax Case.

The accessory has a slim functional 3D design that matches the thin build of the Samsung S20 FE device. Its front has raised bezels protecting the screen from scratches while the exterior has a dual-layered bumper making the case shockproof and sturdy.

Additionally, the case is capable of supporting wireless charging, too. However, there aren’t many color options offered by Caseology for the Parallax fleet. Nonetheless, the bold metallic colors will surely complement your phone just fine.


The simplicity of the design this case offers is what a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE user like you would appreciate. Oftentimes, you simply want a minimalistic case for your device because you don’t really look beyond protection. The BENTOBEN Slim Silicone Case offers just that. The design is minimalistic so it’s not bulky on the hand and its smooth finish also makes it easy for you to slide it inside and outside of your pocket when you have to.

The case fits snugly on the device, giving it the protection hug it needs. Moreover, the rear has a ring holder functioning as a kickstand for hands-free video watching and added security for when you need to use your phone in public.


Here’s another decent alternative to the branded alternatives we have featured so far, the VEGO Protective Bumper Cover.

This Amazon’s Choice is an armor case that gives equal protection to your Samsung S20 FE device. Its multifunctional cover with the rear pockets is one of its strengths. The pockets have been designed and included in the case to hold IDs or credit or debit cards in place to prevent those from getting lost. This is strategic considering people are glued to their phones most of the day.

As for the case itself, it’s made of a soft rubber bumper cover and a hard shell, giving the S20 FE device the protection it needs from unnecessary damages or scratches.


Wrapping up our list of cases to give your Samsung S20 FE a more premium finish is the Lanhiem Full Body Cover. This case offers quality protection on land and underwater. For one, the exterior of the case is made from materials that exceed military standards. Essentially, the case is shockproof and dustproof, keeping the device inside clean and protected 24/7.

The case’s front cover has a crystal screen cover while the back has the same anti-scratch materials. The side grids of the case have easy-snap panels that lock together, sealing the S20 FE inside. Those are tested as well to ensure no water would get in.

Tested 1,000 times for water resistance, the Lanhiem Full Body Cover has a waterproof rating of IP68, making it a cover case of choice for underwater photography up to 6.6ft.


Get a Samsung S20 FE Case Now

As the heading suggests, we highly encourage you to get a Samsung S20 FE case now and protect your device from scratches. It is not easy to look for the best cases or other mobile accessories nowadays, especially with low-quality products in the market. Fortunately, Cellular News is always on the lookout for items to review. We hope this article helps you narrow down your choices or find a good place to start if you haven’t begun your hunt for the best Samsung S20 FE cases yet.