TicWatch Pro 3 Review: Top Features, Prices, and Specifications

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Nowadays, everything from smartphones to computers is more advanced than ever. We even have smartwatches now that serve purposes beyond just telling the time. However, these watches are yet to see their full development and potential. Anyone who’s ever owned a smartwatch knows the pains that come with it. From unresponsive interfaces to inconsistent battery life, we can’t deny that smartwatches have their problems. But there’s a recent release that addresses some of these problems: TicWatch Pro 3.


TicWatch Pro 3 Overview

The TicWatch Pro 3 is the latest smartwatch release of Mobvoi. With this new release, Mobvoi has taken a step in the right direction. Some people think that Mobvoi joins the likes of Samsung and Apple in terms of quality.

Mobvoi hopes to shatter people’s thoughts of it just being a brand that produces decent products for a decent price. The TicWatch Pro 3 is a considerable upgrade from Mobvoi’s old flagship products. With a new processor, new features, and a larger screen, the TicWatch Pro is better than Mobvoi’s old products and even some current ones as well.


TicWatch Pro 3: What’s New?

We’ve said it already, but the TicWatch Pro 3 is a big step up from the old products of Mobvoi. Older releases were usually quite large and bulky that a lot of users felt they were too uncomfortable to wear.

Well, Mobvoi changed this by toning down the design of the TicWatch Pro 3. They made it slimmer and more comfortable to have on your wrists. Complete with a new and faster processor, the Snapdragon 4100, the TicWatch Pro 3 has become a quick favorite among consumers. 

The TicWatch Pro 3 also has way better battery life than any previous product Mobvoi has made. In fact, it beats out most other modern smartwatches and can last up to three days. It’s also got a large screen so you can bet you’ll never have to squint your eyes while looking at this watch.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also equipped with a fully functional Google Assistant. All you need is an internet connection to get it running. And to top it all off, you can wear it while swimming and it’s equipped with a built-in GPS. For the icing on the cake, it also has a dual display. Convenient, isn’t it?


Price and Performance

When it comes to performance, the TicWatch Pro 3 is undeniably one of the best. It’s one of a kind in its Snapdragon 4100 processor and extra features. Along with Samsung, Mobvoi has cemented themselves as a cut above the rest in terms of smartwatches.


Speed and Functionality

Fast would be an understatement for the TicWatch Pro 3. Having 1 GB of RAM and a new chipset, it’s more similar to a smartphone on your wrists than a wristwatch. You can even stream YouTube videos without a hitch using it.

You can also install apps with it. If you tap on the button in the top-right corner of the screen, you can see a clear list of all the apps you have. Its interface probably isn’t as fancy or pretty as smartwatches from big brands, but its speed makes up for it. 

The TicWatch Pro 3 also has a dual display. You can have a smart display with a lot of information on it or go into the essential mode. The essential mode is kind of like a power-saving mode on a smartphone. Smartwatches aren’t new to the concept of a dual-display but having it is definitely better than not.


Benefits vs. Cost

Benefits VS Cost
© Screenshot from Mobvoi YT Channel

The TicWatch Pro 3 has a bit of a hefty price tag at just about $300. It’s pricier than all of Mobvoi’s previous products, the most expensive of which is the original TicWatch Pro at $250. If you’re tight on a budget, then you probably shouldn’t get it.

However, if you’re not on a budget and want a good smartwatch with extensive features, it’s definitely up there. TicWatch Pro 3 is also one of the cheaper alternatives for a health-monitoring smartwatch. And though it’s considered cheap compared to big brands, it actually exceeds them in some areas.

Look at it this way: the TicWatch Pro 3 is like the gateway product to more expensive ones. It has most of the features that premium smartwatches do. For instance, it has sleep tracking, health and fitness tracking, a workout mode, a dual display, and Google Assistant. If you want something that feels premium but doesn’t cost a fortune, then Mobvoi’s product is for you.


Price Comparison

To get a better view of where the TicWatch Pro 3 stands, let’s do a quick price comparison. This will be between TicWatch Pro 3 and some top-of-the-line products. And by high-quality products, we’re talking Samsung and Apple’s flagship smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

42 mm & 46 mm

24 hours of battery life

iOS & Android


TicWatch Pro 3

35 mm & 35 mm

72 hours of battery Life

iOS & Android


Apple Watch 6

40 mm & 34 mm

18 hours of battery life

iOS only



Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 starts at $260 on Amazon currently and supports both iOS and Android. It comes in 42 mm and 46 mm sizes. The price varies according to the size you get. It sports a sleek design that can come in various colors. 

It has all of the features the TicWatch Pro 3 has. It’s also the most similar to the TicWatch Pro 3 not just in features but also in looks. This product is probably the most accomplished smartwatch out there. 


Apple Watch 6

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the Apple Watch 6 supports iOS exclusively. It also has a shorter battery life compared to both the TicWatch and the Galaxy Watch 3. It comes in at $400 and has a square look rather than a circle one.

According to Amazon reviews, Apple Watch 6 is the best smartwatch money can buy. It has an always-on display but is fairly lacking in battery life for its price. Apple Watch 6 is also water-resistant. However, if you want a product with long battery life, then the TicWatch Pro 3 would be the clearly practical choice. 


Design and Display

Design Display
© Photo by Amazon

This is as good as it gets. The TicWatch Pro 3 has a design that just screams premium. Both its size and build quality are excellent. In particular, its design and appearance stand out from the crowd.



In terms of appearance, the TicWatch Pro 3 looks like a regular watch on the surface. It has a noticeably slimmer build compared to the old TicWatch products and looks a lot cleaner. It has a black metal case and a glossy dial you can use to scroll. 

Its thin and minimalistic appearance makes it look very fashionable. It has a very professional look and feel to it. The watch also has a 1.4-inch 454 x 454 display. Its display is quite bright and is excellent for viewing in the dark. TicWatch Pro 3 also has an always-on option and dual display for saving on battery.


Build Quality

Although it’s thinner than old Mobvoi products, it’s still pretty comfortable on the wrists. It sits at 48mm and weighs 42g. It’s a lot lighter than the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 6, both of which sit at more than 47g. And even though it’s lighter, it still feels sturdy.

Its build quality is similar to the original TicWatch Pro, albeit a bit thinner It has two buttons on the right side which helps for navigation. One of these buttons is also designed to activate Google Assistant upon pressing. The watch itself comes with a synthetic strap that makes it stay on your hand, making it good for workouts and some swimming.


Battery Life

Battery Life
© Screenshot from Mobvoi YT Channel

One of the best things about TicWatch Pro 3 is its battery life. It has a 577-mAh battery, which can last up to three days depending on how you use the watch. You can also switch to the essential mode, which saves you a lot of battery life. 

If you use essential mode after fully charging it, it can last up to 45 days. That’s something not even the best smartwatches can achieve. Turning essential mode also makes the interface look like any old digital watch, but shows information like heart rate and oxygen saturation. It also goes as far as tracking step count. 

As far as battery life is concerned the only thing that can beat it is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Although the Galaxy Watch 3 has a lesser-powered battery it can still last as long as the TicWatch Pro 3. This is presumably due to the extensive features and processor that the Pro 3 has as opposed to the Galaxy 3.


Fitness and Health Features

ticwatch pro Fitness And Health
© Screenshot from Mobvoi YT Channel

Like any good smartwatch, the TicWatch Pro 3 helps you keep track of your workouts. It has a built-in workout mode and has other apps that help you as well. For instance, it has installed health apps like TicExercise and TicHealth.

TicExercise gives you 13 different workouts to choose from, which is a lot considering it’s a built-in app. That being said it can be a bit tedious to navigate and use at times because its interface isn’t intuitive. There’s also no tutorial for it.

Unlike some other smartwatches, the TicWatch Pro 3 is very responsive. This applies even in workouts. It doesn’t get in the way at all, and you won’t feel it that much when exercising. You can also measure your heart rate and blood oxygen in addition to step counting. Probably one of the better features is the sleep tracking function.


Sleep Tracking

ticwatch pro Sleep Tracking
© Screenshot from Mobvoi YT Channel

One of the qualms that most people have with the TicWatch Pro 3 is the sleep tracking. You’d think that a high-end smartwatch like this would have excellent sleep tracking. But in reality, its sleep tracking is quite weird.

Sometimes the sleep tracking will be completely accurate, and other times it won’t. It’s not consistent. This feature is definitely not its strong suit. If you plan to get the TicWatch Pro 3, just know that your sleep tracking results won’t be a hundred percent accurate.

The inaccuracy mainly stems from the fact that it counts not moving at night for a period of time as sleeping. That means you’ll have to move every once in a while to let it know you’re not asleep. However, the battery life of the watch more than makes up for this. You can easily go for days on end without charging and still have it track your sleep. 


WearOS and Smartwatch Features

WearOS And Smartwatch Features
© Screenshot from Mobvoi YT Channel

The TicWatch Pro 3 runs on Wear OS, one of the two most popular smartwatch operating systems. It has excellent features for a product that doesn’t have premium pricing. The watch comes built-in with a GPS, and you can track yourself during a workout.

It has SpO2 sensors on the bottom that takes your oxygen levels into account when you’re exercising. And although it does measure heart rate, it can’t give you an accurate electrocardiogram, unlike other smartwatches. 

It also has 8 GB of storage, which is a common standard. Although it’s not as much as Apple Watch 3’s 32 GB, it’s quite enough. You can also get weather apps installed directly onto the watch, as well. 

Moreover, you can choose between a variety of watch faces. Some of these have minimalistic designs, but others are more detailed. With its upgraded processor, switching between apps is made seamless and easy. And because of its resolution, you can see everything that’s on the watch as clear as day.


Our Verdict on TicWatch Pro 3

Overall, TicWatch Pro 3 is top-notch. It has a slim and stylish feature and extensive features. For the price, its functions are close to a premium smartwatch. In terms of speed, it’s definitely the best smartwatch out there. 

Despite this, what the smartwatch does lack is intuitiveness in its interface. Some of the apps are a downright pain to use. The sleep tracking also isn’t completely accurate. But if you can get past that, then it’s definitely a smartwatch to consider.