10 Best Golf Apps for Your Apple Watch in 2022

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Gone are the days when you would need a golf GPS watch to easily track your statistics and help yourself improve your golf skills. If you have an Apple Watch with a dedicated app, you can now rely on it for the said purposes. If you want the best golf experience, though, you need the best golf app for your Apple Watch right now.

The best golf app for Apple Watch use can improve your game
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Where should you look for one? Look no further because our list has all the must-try golf apps for your Apple Watch.

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  1. How Does a Golf App Work on the Apple Watch?
  2. 10 Best Golf App Options to Try on Your Apple Watch
    1. Golfshot
    2. V1 Game
    3. Golf GPS SwingU
    4. 18Birdies
    5. Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder
    6. Zepp Golf
    7. TheGrint
    8. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line
    9. Golf Pad
    10. Par 72 Golf Watch


How Does a Golf App Work on the Apple Watch?

Before you check out our selections, here’s how a golf app for the Apple Watch usually works. A golf app makes your WatchOS wearable a good substitute for a golf statistics-tracking watch or a caddie, the person who hands the golfer the right club or gives golf advice during a match.

Many of the best golf app releases are for that purpose and work by using the GPS of the Apple Watch. They can be used on both the wearable and an iPhone simultaneously. Why the iPhone, too? That is because the latter device is essential as well, letting you see the app’s more detailed golf data or maps and being a better platform for getting illustrated or video-type advice and tips. A few apps may need extra accessories, usually sensors, for other detection and measurement features.

Some golf apps, better called Apple Watch games, are purely for fun or just to experience the sport even when you aren’t on the playing field. They play like your usual golf video games, albeit on a small screen. However, there are very few of them, and it is difficult to find one replicating the real sport due to the Apple Watch’s display and specification limitations. The apps that serve as statistics trackers and caddies outnumber them on the App Store.


10 Best Golf App Options to Try on Your Apple Watch

Here are our best golf app picks that we think will level up your golf experience. Get them on your Apple Watch and your other iOS devices today.

1. Golfshot

Want to automate the entire process of tracking your golf statistics? Golfshot is the best app for the Apple Watch for that purpose. Utilizing GPS, it can gauge and show your shot range and direction and how far you are from hazards, targets, and the green. With support for Siri, it can even voice out information.

Of course, the app will show statistics in an at-a-glance format on the Apple Watch. But if you want to take a peek at the full report or representation of the course at times, you can use your iPhone with your wearable.

Done with a hole? Golfshot knows that, so it automatically advances to another hole. You can experience that convenience every time because the said best golf app for the Apple Watch supports 45,000 courses across the globe. That is more than enough, even for a golfer who regularly travels for the sport!

That’s not all. If you love to challenge or compare your stats with your fellow golfers, the app has more in store for you. Golfshot supports easy sharing of your progress and accomplishments.

Golfshot is free to obtain on your Apple Watch or iPhone but has in-app purchases. If you want, try Golfshot Pro (which unlocks professional coaching, and more) for free seven days before you commit to the paid plans.

Download Golfshot


2. V1 Game

If getting better at golf is your goal behind looking for the best golf app for the Apple Watch, try V1 Game. It can check your performance over time and suggest the best way to aim, the ideal club to use, and what aspect of the sport you need more training on. It also lets you review your statistics per round. You can see detailed graphs if you are also using your iPhone.

Apart from that, it can do what other smart Apple Watch golf apps can do. It functions as a GPS rangefinder that uses your putt information or pinned location as a reference, and an automatic shot tracker that takes note of your putts, penalties, and strokes.

V1 Game is free to obtain on your Apple Watch and iPhone, but you will need the paid subscriptions that auto-renew monthly or yearly to maximize app use.

Download V1 Game


3. Golf GPS SwingU

Here’s another best golf app contender for the Apple Watch — the smart and versatile Golf GPS SwingU. SwingU is a universal rangefinder, but it is not limited to that. The app can double as a scorecard and golf advisor.

SwingU can track all scores, putts, and even handicaps. It instantly flashes the score when you are on the putting surface or the green. It also automatically advances as you move from one hole to another.

When you upgrade from free to paid, SwingU can show tips from the experts and provide “play like” yardages, club recommendations, hole insights, and more data useful for golfers. Press the button below to install this best golf app for your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Download Golf GPS SwingU


4. 18Birdies

Unsure about the weather when playing golf? If yes, 18Birdies should be among your best golf app options for your Apple Watch and iPhone.

The app incorporates a Live Weather Map feature. That said, it is useable (same with advanced stats, strokes gained, and blind shot tracking) only if you have paid for the premium offer. Nonetheless, having it means you can view weather conditions in the area where your chosen course is. Finally, you can avoid suddenly canceling your golf activities due to harsh environmental conditions or know in advance whether there will be strong winds affecting your shots!

That isn’t to say the app’s free trial inclusions aren’t worth it. You will find enjoyable or useful the social feed sharing of your progress and achievements, the available side games (Wolf, Dots, Skins, and Points), and the typical yet reliable rangefinder and statistics tracker features.

You can get this best golf app for your Apple Watch and iPhone by clicking the button below.

Download 18Birdies


5. Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder

If you enjoy golf more with a friend, choose this app called Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder. On the Apple Watch, this golf app can measure your shot distance and show scores digitally for free. When also used on an iPhone, it can track statistics of matches between you and friends and more. Match Plays where you can compete with friends are only accessible if you upgrade to the app’s paid version, though.

The paid subscription also unlocks the app’s capability to use Augmented Reality, calculate handicaps and shot and driving accuracy, suggest clubs to use, support adding notes to holes, and show maps in higher resolutions.

Whether you want the best golf app for your Apple Watch to track statistics or enjoy the sport more with your golfer friends, this app could fit the bill.

Download Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder


6. Zepp Golf

The way you swing your club is important in golf. Thus, you might want to focus on making it better. If that’s the case, use the Zepp Golf app for your Apple Watch; it can analyze your swing.

What does Zepp Golf take into account in its analysis, though? The answer is tempo and hand speed and path. You will see the figures for these via your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad. The app also manages to throw into the mix some fitness data, such as calories burned. For other advanced metrics, you can purchase a Zepp sensor for the app. The extra accessory is optional.

If you’re going to use Zepp Golf on the iPhone as well, know that it can let you create, edit with effects and voice recordings, and share your swing videos with the Zepp golfing community. The app may seem like CapCut and other video editor apps, but for golf.

Hit the button below to learn more about this best golf app contender for the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

Download Zepp Golf


7. TheGrint

TheGrint is one of the best golf app options for the Apple Watch
Photo from Grint LLC on App Store

TheGrint is another best golf app for competitive Apple Watch and iPhone users. It is best used on both Apple devices, though, because that is how it can extend its functionality.

If only on the Apple Watch, the app focuses on providing scores and basic shot distance and fairway data. On an iPhone, it gives a more detailed breakdown of statistics so you can see your putt distance, driving accuracy, and more.

You can even experience the app’s best feature: group score tracking. That is great if you desire to outplay or have fun with fellow golfers. With the app, you will be alerted whether your competitors have hit a hole-in-one or a shank — great for when you want to congratulate them or tease them at the end of the match. The app also determines the winner of every match with ease.

TheGrint can even work with the Apple Health App if you want to get fitness data related to your golf activities.

With all these said, TheGrint is great whether you want to compete, have fun with friends, or simply get fit. Get more details about the app and its paid subscription offers via the download link here.

Download TheGrint


8. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line

GolfLogix can suggest where to aim your golf club
Photo from GolfLogix, Inc. on App Store

This next best golf app for the Apple Watch or iPhone is like a coach on your wrist. Be it on your wearable or mobile device, GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line recognizes your putts and even tells you in what direction you should aim your club.

The app isn’t only ideal for improving your golf techniques. It can even prepare you for tournaments. Try the app’s Official Tournament Mode to know how you fare with tournament restrictions or rules enforced and 3D maps at your disposal. Of course, impressive, detailed, and accurate maps are accessible if you also have your iPhone while in the field.

GolfLogix offers a free trial, and it is up to you to get the paid upgrade that unlocks advanced features.

Download GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line


9. Golf Pad

Unlike the previous best golf app options for the Apple Watch, Golf Pad touts that it is simple and provides the usually-paid features for free.

True enough, the Apple Watch app can show you the distance toward the green, and track your and four other friends’ positions, clubs, scores per round, accuracy, penalties, and even walking distance. Every golf statistic is gauged based on tournament rules.

Direct sharing of progress to your social media accounts, viewing aerial maps (of more than 40,000 courses), and note-taking are also possible on Golf Pad if you use the app on the iPhone too.

So, yes, Golf Pad offers all of these for free. But anytime you want more features to top its already extensive offering, you can pay for handicap scoring and more golf metrics. Even without those, though, this is already one of the best free all-around golf apps for the Apple Watch.

Download Golf Pad


10. PAR 72 Golf Watch

Par 72 Golf Watch is a game app
Photo from RESETgame on App Store

We know PAR 72 Golf Watch app on the Apple Watch is more of a game. But this is good to have if you have zero knowledge about golf or want to teach your kid about the sport’s mechanics and terms. Moreover, even if the app looks retro, it has aspects that are true to the sport.

Like when playing real golf, you can experience various courses in this Apple Watch game. Choose from plains, hills, sand, and other environments. You will feel that the game is quite realistic because it factors in the friction and wind speed in those courses. What’s more, you can have your character in your chosen gender and use the type of club you prefer.

Ready to play? Get the PAR 72 Golf Watch app on your Apple Watch via the button below.

Download Par 72 Golf Watch


Play and Enjoy Golf Like Never Before

Golf is already fun on its own, but it can be more enjoyable with the help of wearable technology and apps. The apps not only make it easier for you to monitor scores and distances and choose courses and clubs. They can improve your game and how you fare against other golfers. What a great time it is to be a golfer, right? Via the best golf app for your Apple Watch and iPhone, you can play and enjoy golf like never before.