Here Are Apple’s App Design Awards Winners For 2016

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Apple’s App Design Awards is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates the creativity, innovation, and excellence in mobile app design. Each year, Apple selects a diverse range of apps across various categories that demonstrate exceptional user experience, engaging interfaces, and innovative functionalities.

The App Design Awards for 2016 highlighted a collection of standout apps that revolutionized the way we interact with technology. From productivity tools to gaming experiences, these award-winning apps have raised the bar for the industry, setting new standards for design and functionality.

In this article, we’ll explore the winners of Apple’s App Design Awards for 2016 and discover the features and qualities that make them the cream of the crop. Whether you’re a mobile app enthusiast or a developer looking for inspiration, these apps are sure to impress and inspire.

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Here Are Apple’s App Design Awards Winners For 2016

Apple’s App Design Awards recognize the best and most innovative mobile apps across various categories. In 2016, Apple unveiled the winners for its prestigious App Design Awards, showcasing the apps that pushed the boundaries of design and user experience. This article highlights some of the standout winners that captivated both users and the judging panel.

1. Complete Anatomy: This app takes anatomy education to a whole new level. With stunning 3D visuals and interactive features, Complete Anatomy allows users to explore the human body in incredible detail. Whether you’re a medical student or simply curious about the intricacies of the human anatomy, this app provides a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

2. Lara Croft GO: This game combines elements of adventure and puzzle-solving, offering a captivating experience for players. With its sleek design and engaging gameplay, Lara Croft GO takes players on a thrilling journey through ancient ruins and treacherous terrain. The intuitive touch controls and clever puzzles make it a must-play for fans of the Tomb Raider franchise.

3. Complete Kitchenpedia: For cooking enthusiasts, Complete Kitchenpedia is a culinary companion that offers a wealth of recipes and cooking techniques. This beautifully designed app provides step-by-step instructions, a comprehensive ingredient database, and even a personalized grocery list feature. With its user-friendly interface and stunning food photography, Complete Kitchenpedia makes cooking a true delight.

4. INKS: This unique and visually stunning game turns pinball into an art form. Every time the ball hits a surface, it leaves a burst of color, creating a vibrant and dynamic masterpiece. The combination of gameplay and artwork in INKS is truly innovative, providing an immersive and creative experience for players of all ages.

These winners of Apple’s App Design Awards 2016 epitomize the best in mobile app design and user experience. They demonstrate the power of creativity and innovation in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital world. Whether you’re interested in anatomy, gaming, cooking, or art, these award-winning apps are definitely worth checking out.

Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy, developed by 3D4Medical, is a revolutionary app that allows users to explore and interact with the human body in stunning detail. It provides a comprehensive 3D model of the human anatomy, covering all major systems and structures.

With a simple and intuitive user interface, Complete Anatomy enables users to navigate through different layers of the body, zoom in and out, and rotate the model to get a better understanding of the intricate anatomy. It also features detailed anatomical quizzes and customizable views for a more personalized learning experience.

Whether you’re a medical student, healthcare professional, or simply curious about the human body, Complete Anatomy offers a wealth of educational content and tools. You can dissect virtual cadavers, explore physiological animations, and even simulate surgical procedures, making it an invaluable resource for medical education and patient communication.

One of the standout features of Complete Anatomy is its integration with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. This allows for precise and realistic interactions, mimicking the experience of using traditional medical tools. The app also supports Apple’s augmented reality technology, ARKit, enabling users to place the 3D anatomy model in the real world for an enhanced learning experience.

With its impressive visual fidelity, extensive content library, and innovative features, Complete Anatomy has rightfully earned its place as one of Apple’s App Design Awards winners for 2016. It continues to be a go-to resource for medical professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO is an award-winning, puzzle-based adventure game that captivates players with its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and engaging storyline. Developed by Square Enix Montreal, this mobile app brings the iconic Tomb Raider character, Lara Croft, to life in a whole new way.

In Lara Croft GO, players accompany Lara on a thrilling quest through ancient ruins, treacherous landscapes, and mysterious tombs. The game features a turn-based puzzle mechanic, where players must navigate through various obstacles, solve intricate puzzles, and outsmart enemies to progress.

What sets Lara Croft GO apart from other mobile games is its impeccable attention to detail in terms of graphics and sound design. The visually striking environments, combined with an atmospheric soundtrack, create an immersive experience that truly transports players into Lara’s world.

The game’s intuitive controls make it easy for players to navigate Lara through each level. By swiping on the screen, players can move Lara in different directions and interact with objects in her surroundings. The simplicity of the controls ensures that players can focus on the game’s challenging puzzles and intriguing storyline.

Speaking of puzzles, Lara Croft GO offers a satisfying blend of brain-teasing challenges and exploration. Each level introduces new obstacles, such as traps, enemies, and movable objects, requiring players to think strategically and plan their moves carefully. The game’s gradually increasing difficulty keeps players engaged and motivated to conquer every level.

Lara Croft GO also offers additional content in the form of hidden relics and artifacts. Players can discover secret paths and unlock new costumes for Lara, adding an extra layer of replayability to the game. It’s a treat for completionists and fans of the Tomb Raider series.

With its striking visuals, immersive gameplay, and challenging puzzles, it’s no surprise that Lara Croft GO was recognized as one of Apple’s App Design Awards winners for 2016. This mobile game showcases the best of what the mobile app industry has to offer and demonstrates the creativity and innovation of its developers.

Whether you’re a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise or simply enjoy puzzle-based adventure games, Lara Croft GO is a must-play. So grab your smartphone or tablet and embark on an epic journey with Lara Croft as she unravels ancient mysteries and overcomes formidable challenges.

Complete Kitchenpedia

Complete Kitchenpedia is a groundbreaking mobile app that revolutionizes the way we cook and explore recipes. With its intuitive interface and extensive library of recipes, it caters to both novice and experienced cooks alike.

One of the standout features of Complete Kitchenpedia is its comprehensive ingredient database. It contains an impressive collection of ingredients, including common ones as well as more unique and exotic items. Each ingredient comes with detailed information, such as nutritional value, cooking techniques, and substitution options.

What sets Complete Kitchenpedia apart is its search functionality. Users can search for recipes based on specific ingredients they have on hand. This is immensely helpful for those moments when you open your pantry and wonder what you can make with the limited ingredients available. The app will generate a list of creative and delicious recipes tailored to your ingredients, ensuring you never run out of meal ideas.

Additionally, Complete Kitchenpedia provides step-by-step instructions for each recipe, making it easy to follow along. Detailed visuals and cooking tips accompany the instructions, empowering users to create restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

Beyond its extensive recipe collection, Complete Kitchenpedia offers a range of useful features. Users can create personalized grocery lists based on the recipes they plan to make and conveniently save their favorite recipes for future reference. The app also includes a meal planner, allowing users to organize their weekly meals and create shopping lists accordingly.

Complete Kitchenpedia is the ultimate companion for anyone who loves to cook or wants to explore new recipes. With its impressive database, user-friendly interface, and innovative features, it is no wonder that it was recognized as one of Apple’s App Design Awards winners in 2016.


INKS. is a captivating and innovative mobile game that combines the classic game of pinball with beautiful works of art. Developed by State of Play Games, this unique app uses the momentum and physics of pinball to create mesmerizing works of art as you play.

Unlike traditional pinball games, INKS. adds a splash of color and creativity to each level. Each time the ball hits a bumper or target, it leaves a vibrant burst of paint, creating a stunning visual masterpiece on the canvas of the game board. The more targets you hit, the more colorful and intricate the artwork becomes.

The game features a variety of meticulously designed levels, each with their own artistic style and layout. From abstract paintings to landscapes and still life, INKS. offers a rich and diverse art gallery that players can unlock as they progress through the game.

What makes INKS. truly remarkable is its dynamic gameplay. The paths and obstacles on the canvas are not fixed, but rather revealed as you play. Each time you hit a target, the paint spreads and uncovers new pathways, adding an element of strategy and unpredictability to the game. It’s a unique blend of skill, luck, and artistic expression that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

While INKS. offers an engaging and visually stunning experience, it is also optimized for mobile play. The game’s controls are intuitive and easy to use, allowing players to navigate the pinball mechanics with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned pinball player or new to the genre, INKS. offers a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience on your mobile device.

INKS. received the prestigious Apple’s App Design Award in 2016 for its innovative concept, stunning visuals, and immersive gameplay. It showcases the potential of mobile gaming as a medium for artistic expression and entertainment.

If you’re a fan of pinball or appreciate the fusion of gaming and art, INKS. is a must-have app for your mobile device. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, strategic gameplay, and awe-inspiring artwork. Download INKS. today and experience the magic of this award-winning game.

In conclusion, the Apple App Design Awards winners for 2016 showcase the incredible talent, innovation, and creativity within the mobile app industry. These award-winning apps have demonstrated exceptional design, functionality, and user experience, making them stand out among the millions of apps available in the App Store.

From productivity apps that revolutionize how we work and stay organized, to games that provide immersive and entertaining experiences, the winners have exemplified excellence in their respective categories.

By honoring these developers and their exceptional apps, Apple not only recognizes their hard work and dedication, but also motivates others to strive for greatness in app design and development. The winners serve as an inspiration to budding app developers and a reminder of the unlimited possibilities that mobile apps can offer.

As the mobile app industry continues to evolve, we can look forward to more groundbreaking apps that push the boundaries of design and functionality. The Apple App Design Awards winners for 2016 serve as a testament to the innovation and craftsmanship that drive the industry forward, and we can’t wait to see what future winners will bring to the table.


1. What are the Apple App Design Awards?
The Apple App Design Awards is an annual event held by Apple to recognize and celebrate the best and most innovative apps released on their platforms. It showcases apps that demonstrate exceptional design, creativity, and functionality.

2. How are the winners selected?
The winners of the Apple App Design Awards are carefully chosen by a panel of experts at Apple. They evaluate the apps based on various criteria, including user experience, design aesthetics, performance, and innovation.

3. Can anyone submit their app for the awards?
No, the Apple App Design Awards are not open for submissions. The panel of experts at Apple selects the winners from apps that are already available on the App Store. They carefully evaluate the existing apps to determine the winners.

4. What are the benefits of winning an Apple App Design Award?
Winning an Apple App Design Award is a significant achievement for app developers. It brings recognition and credibility to their work, increasing visibility and downloads of their app. Additionally, winners receive valuable promotion from Apple, including featuring in the App Store and marketing materials.

5. Where can I find the list of winners for a specific year?
To find the list of winners for a specific year, you can visit the Apple website or check the announcements made during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple usually showcases the winners and their apps during the WWDC keynote presentation.