Is the NTWRK App Worth Downloading Today? (A Review)

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Almost every product or service is very attainable for people that they can get anything delivered at their front porch with a touch of their fingertips. So it depends on these online shopping apps how they can stand out from the sea of all the other online shopping apps. Fortunately, the NTWRK app offers a unique relief with its marketing strategy on how to sell clothes, specifically streetwear. Let us look at what NTWRK is and how it differs from all the other online shopping apps.


What Is NTWRK?

ntwrk app
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In the sea of mundane shopping and fashion apps, NTWRK provides a unique medium to sell the coolest streetwear and shoes out there! NTWRK is a new content, e-commerce, and experience company targeted explicitly for the pop-culture-obsessed generation. It combines two things that people love nowadays; the love for a TV series and the love for shopping! Featuring a mobile-first video platform, the NTWRK app releases daily and often hilarious content hosted by Hollywood’s biggest names! They feature only the latest and coolest streetwear brands out in the market during the show, where they try to sell pop-culture inspired clothes and shoes.

The NTWRK app’s main principle is “Shop at the Speed of Culture.” This is the reason why NTWRK’s apps have fantastic features designed to help their customers get the best value streetwear at the most cost-efficient price while having the fun and comedic commentary for the biggest stars in Tinseltown. We will look at some of the reasons why this online shopping app is unique later in this guide.


How to Sign Up and Get the NTWRK App?

Sign Up
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With such a unique way to market the coolest streetwear, We are sure that you absolutely cannot wait to download this awesome app. What’s more is that it’s so easy for you to get this cool app!



For iOS users

For Android users


Step-by-Step Registration

To register for the NTWRK app, all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

  1. Pick the country where you live and register via your mobile phone number
  2. A verification code will be sent to your phone number.
  3. Next, you have to enter your birth date. Only users who are 18 years old and above are permitted to create an account.
  4. Enter a valid email address. 
  5. Next, create a unique username for your profile.
  6. Choose whether you want to receive notifications.
  7. NTWRK app will also ask you to set up your e-wallet or preferred payment method for a hassle-free experience. Here, you will also need to verify your shipping address so they can ship your favorite garment right at your doorstep!


Accepted Payment Methods

The NTWRK accepts most major credit cards. Applicable credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are all acceptable payment methods. Also, The NTWRK accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

However, do note that Google Pay and Apple Pay are not acceptable forms of payment for NTWRK Drawings.


Features & How to Use the NTWRK App


Live Streaming

Live stream
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One of the most unique features of the NTWRK app is its live streaming feature of exclusive streetwear merchandise. For example, this February 2021, a live stream of J Frost’s “I don’t love you anymore” hoodie went live! The app also features coming-soon live airs, including what products they will feature, exclusive drops for each stream, and who will do the live streaming.


Daily Episodes

If you are familiar with Facebook live streaming, then think of a more high-end version that gives you daily and consistently funny content every single day hosted by only the brightest stars, and that is the NTWRK app for you! If you want to see celebrities providing commentary on the best streetwear available globally, make sure that you tune into the NTWRK app’s daily episodes, where they feature only the greatest, coolest, and hippest streetwear and street gear for Millennials and Generations Zs! 

You can be assured that each episode is curated with care from world-class editors so you can have only quality content for each day. Each episode is broadcasted every day worldwide so that fans everywhere can watch and purchase their favorite streetwear and streetwear daily!


Exclusive Drops

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Needless to say, the NTWRK app offers only the latest and most fabulous items when it comes to streetwear. Occasionally, they showcase exclusive drops in partnership with the different hip and coolest brands and artists! Some of the exclusive drops they feature in their daily episodes include hip streetwear, cool sneakers, and unique collectibles!

Aside from featuring the greatest streetwear brands, the NTWRK app also features up and coming brands from all over the world for a chance for them to showcase their latest creations. Here, the newest names to streetwear can feature their products as an avenue to jump-start their business with many fans throughout the globe clamoring and looking for the next best thing. If you are a new start-up to the streetwear business, this is an opportunity for you to showcase your creations to a massive audience! 


Virtual Festivals

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What is streetwear without music and festivals, right? Here at the NTWRK app, it offers all of this and more! What’s even better is that it provides it through the virtual app, which millions worldwide can access! In the virtual festivals, fans and clients can attend virtually and witness exclusive streetwear and street gear drops, funny commentary by only the hottest stars, live interaction panels, and musical performances by the greatest artists in the music industry.


Drop Draws

Sample Drops
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Another exciting feature of the NTWRK app are the merchandise draws. What are these, you might ask? The NTWRK draws give you a chance to purchase hard-to-find and sought-after pieces. Winners are drawn and are announced after every episode.

Do note that anyone can enter the drawing period, and there is no need to purchase anything to enter a drawing. Any purchases will not help your chances of winning a draws to give a fair shot to all the loyal fans of the NTWRK app. All you have to do is just enter the drawing space to win exclusive drawings from the different top brands! 

Here are some things you need to know about the draws:


What Are the Draw Rules?

The Draw is available to US residents who are 18 years old or older. Contestants should agree to the terms set by NTWRK.

You can join once even without buying an item. A purchase or payment of any kind will not increase any user’s chances of being eligible to purchase a product through a Drawing.


What Are the Draw Entry Details?

Users are entitled to one entry each. To get a bigger shot at winning, you’ll need to invite friends to join using a personalized code. Remember that one friend equals one additional entry. A person can only use a maximum of two entries per draw.


How to Join?

Users can enter drawings from the NTWRK app for iOS and Android devices. Launch the app and simply look for the specific draw you’d like to join.

Do note that there will be a posted time on the Drawings, and users can only enter once the entry has opened. Next, users can pick their drawing code, and winners are chosen randomly using these codes. Users are encouraged to tune in again so they can check if they have won these exclusive drawings.


How Are Winners Determined?

NTWRK will select the winners of the Drawing randomly. Your chance of winning is relative to the number of total entries per size.

NTWRK will then hold the item’s amount on your credit card. If you manage to be drawn, you will be notified within 25 hours. Then, the amount will then be charged.

If any winner’s credit card is declined then NTWRK may forfeit your chosen entry. The amount held for non-winners will then be released.


Shopping (How to Buy)

For each NTWRK live session, you can purchase whatever merchandise they are featuring through the “Buy Now” banner located at the bottom of your screen in each of the live sessions. The banner shows the merchandise being featured, the price, the size, the type of material used, and the shipment duration.


Selling (How to Sell as a Brand)

Suppose you are an up-and-coming brand and you want to partner with the NTWRK app so your streetwear merchandise can be featured in any of their live sessions. In that case, you can connect with the NTWRK app’s marketing team to see how you can be a strategic partner for this unique app.


Why Should You Use the NTWRK App?

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The NTWRK app offers a competitive advantage as compared to other online shopping apps. First, the NTWRK app provides live streaming for each episode, where they feature only the hottest and latest streetwear brands. The hottest pop celebrities also host each episode.

Moreover, they offer exclusive drops at very affordable and reasonable prices as part of their flash sales. They also provide fun virtual activities like music festivals and live virtual DJ performances for millions of viewers to enjoy. Lastly, they offer exclusive drawings for anyone to enter — free of charge!


Should You Download NTWRK?

If you want the latest streetwear and sneakers while having the opportunity to catch your favorite celebrities hosting each episode, then you should download the NTWRK app today. The NTWRK app does not just offer streetwear; it offers a complete lifestyle experience.