How to Keep Check on Your Child’s Location?

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It has become pretty tough to ensure your kid’s safety in this fast-moving world. They can slip out if you don’t pay attention to their actions, so it’s important to know about their whereabouts at all times. A location tracker can give you control over your children’s movements. In case of any emergency, you can take immediate actions to keep them safe.

Wondershare FamiSafe is an amazing parental control app that many parents trust to keep track of their children. This article is for every worried parent who wonders how to monitor their kids regularly. Read the article to find the necessary answers.


Inside This Article

  1. Why Should You Keep a Check on Your Child’s Cell Phone Location
  2. Wondershare FamiSafe Overview
  3. FamiSafe’s Best Features
    1. Location History
    2. Real-Time Location
    3. Geofences
    4. Driving Report


Primary Reasons Why You Should Keep a Check on Your Child’s Cell Phone Location

Most parents don’t check on their kid’s mobile phones because they don’t see any need to do so. This attitude can lead to many tragedies. Below are some reasons why checking your kid’s phone is important:

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1. For Your Satisfaction

Kid’s become secretive when they grow up, and if you don’t give them space, they become even more distant. It’s good to give them space, but don’t keep a blind eye on them. Make sure you are watching your kids in some way so that you can help your kids if they need you. This way, your kids will stay protected, and you can stay relaxed and focus on everything with a clear mind.


2. Hold Them Accountable

Kids stay out of trouble if they fear that they will disappoint their parents. A good parent is one that holds their kids accountable if they have done something wrong. You can only do that if you always look after your kids; otherwise, you will not know what they did wrong. When kids know they are being watched all the time, they refrain from participating in any dubious activity that will harm their dignity in front of their parents.


3. Find Lost Mobile Phone

It’s no wonder that many kids lose their phones because of their carelessness. In such a case, having a parental control app can help bring back your kid’s stolen mobile phone. You can confront the thief and get their phone back by tracking your kid’s phone location. This will not only save your kid’s mobile phone, but you will also protect their privacy which is more important than a mere gadget.


4. Check School Regularity

Being active in school is crucial if you want a bright future for your kids. Many teens nowadays bunk school to hang out with friends, which greatly affects their grades. If you don’t keep an eye on your kids, they may even fail their final exams because they miss their lectures. To see your kids succeed, you should ensure that they attend school regularly and are active in class.


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Wondershare FamiSafe – The Tool You Should Seek to Keep Track of Your Child

Wondershare FamiSafe is the ultimate parental control app for you, and we chose it as the best kids tracker app for many reasons. Any parent who is protective of their child should try this app. With FamiSafe, you can check your kid’s phone activity and look at how much their screen time is. The app lets you control what kind of content your kid can see.

You can easily track your child’s location anytime and get their location history with a click. FamiSafe allows you to restrict the apps used more than usual by your kid, which will save them from any social media or gaming addiction. You can also get alerts if someone uses foul language or tries to send inappropriate messages and pictures to your kid. This app is made to reduce the burden on parents in a smart and systemized way.


Features that Make FamiSafe the Best Location Tracker in the Market

Wondershare FamiSafe is the finest choice when it comes to parental control apps. See below its helpful features to track your child’s phone activity:

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1. Location History

FamiSafe doesn’t only show you the current location of your child, but you can also look at their location history. This way, you won’t have to keep your phone in your hands all the time; you can look at the location history of where your kid has been the whole time. The location history can also tell you where your child goes frequently. This way, you can learn more about their activities and take action if something goes wrong.


2. Real-Time Location

Kids often try to fool their parents and lie to them about their whereabouts. This is not good for them as it develops a habit of lying and it can get out of hand if not taken care of. Real-time location tracking can be very helpful in knowing which track your kids are following and what kind of company they have. With this feature, you can track your kid anytime at any place.


3. Geofences

Nowadays, you can focus on your work without constantly worrying about your kid. This is possible with the geofence feature of FamiSafe. You can rely on the app to keep your kids at a specified location for a certain time, and if they cross the geofence, you will be immediately notified. Geofence can keep your child safe; knowing that they are at home or school will relieve you from stress.


4. Driving Report

One of the most exciting things about turning 18 is that you can finally drive a car yourself — or in some states, 16 or younger. However, dealing with traffic is not easy, and kids need to be looked at, especially in the beginning. FamiSafe provides real-time driving reports and alerts you in case of any overspeeding. You can also see the weekly report of your kid’s driving to check for improvements in their driving.



Every parent wants to protect their child at all costs, but keeping an eye on your kid’s activity is challenging. Mobile phones have changed everyone’s life; it’s hard to imagine a world without them. The traditional conversation between parents and children is not enough to keep the kids protected. Wondershare FamiSafe offers a far better and effortless yet effective way to keep track of your kid’s activity.