Instagram Announces New Take A Break Feature For Teens

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Instagram, the popular social media platform, has recently announced an exciting new feature designed to promote digital well-being among teenage users. The “Take a Break” feature aims to combat the potential negative effects of excessive screen time by reminding and encouraging young users to take breaks from the app. With concerns about the impact of social media on mental health, this feature comes as a welcome addition to promote balance and self-care among teenagers who are active on Instagram. In this article, we will explore the details of Instagram’s new feature, how it works, and its potential benefits for young users. Let’s delve into the world of this innovative and timely addition to the Instagram app.

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What is the “Take a Break” feature?

The “Take a Break” feature is a new addition to Instagram’s suite of tools designed to promote digital well-being among its user base, particularly teenagers. Developed in response to concerns about excessive screen time and its impact on mental health, the feature aims to encourage users to take a break from the app and establish healthy boundaries with their mobile devices.

This feature is specifically targeted at teenagers, recognizing their susceptibility to spending prolonged periods on social media platforms. It is a proactive step by Instagram to address the potential negative effects of excessive screen time, such as reduced productivity, sleep deprivation, and negative impact on mental health.

The “Take a Break” feature provides teens with the option to set reminders that prompt them to step away from the app and take a break. The reminders serve as a gentle nudge to encourage users to reassess their screen time habits and engage in activities outside of the digital realm.

By incorporating this feature, Instagram is empowering teens to establish a healthier relationship with social media, ensuring that it does not become all-consuming in their lives. It encourages a healthy balance between online engagement and real-world activities, fostering mental well-being and overall digital wellness.

Overall, the “Take a Break” feature is one way in which Instagram is actively addressing the issue of digital overload and promoting responsible technology usage. By providing users, especially teenagers, with the tools to set boundaries and take breaks, Instagram hopes to create a safer and healthier digital environment for all its users.

How does the “Take a Break” feature work?

The “Take a Break” feature introduced by Instagram is designed to help teenagers establish a healthy balance and manage their screen time effectively. With the increasing concerns about digital well-being and the potential negative impact of excessive social media use, this feature aims to empower teens to take breaks and ensure a more mindful and positive online experience.

When activated, the “Take a Break” feature prompts users to set a time limit for their daily Instagram usage. Once the limit is reached, the app will remind the user to take a break. This gentle reminder serves as a nudge to encourage users to step away from the platform and engage in other offline activities.

Instagram understands that self-control can be challenging, especially for teenagers who are more susceptible to spending excessive time on social media. By implementing the “Take a Break” feature, Instagram provides a valuable tool to support healthier digital habits.

Additionally, users can customize their break settings according to their preferences. They can choose the duration of breaks and even disable notifications during these periods, ensuring uninterrupted time away from the platform. This level of flexibility allows users to tailor their experience and strike a balance between staying connected and taking necessary breaks.

It’s important to note that the “Take a Break” feature is completely voluntary. Instagram aims to provide options and resources for users to regulate their screen time, rather than imposing rigid restrictions. Whether users choose to utilize this feature or not, it highlights the platform’s commitment to promoting a more responsible and mindful use of social media.

By encouraging breaks and setting limits, Instagram hopes to foster healthier digital habits among teenagers. The feature empowers users to be in control of their online experience, promoting self-awareness and a healthier relationship with social media.

How to activate the “Take a Break” feature:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Go to your profile page by tapping on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner to open the menu.
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Settings”.
  5. Under the “Your Activity” section, tap on “Time on Instagram”.
  6. Here, you can set a daily time limit and enable the “Take a Break” feature.

It’s important to remember that the “Take a Break” feature should be seen as a helpful tool, not a strict limitation. It’s still essential for individuals to be mindful of their own screen time and take personal responsibility for their digital well-being. Ultimately, the goal is to strike a balance between the benefits of social media and a healthy offline lifestyle.

Benefits of the “Take a Break” feature for teens

Instagram’s new “Take a Break” feature is specifically designed with the well-being of teens in mind. This feature offers a number of benefits that can significantly impact their digital experience and overall mental health.

1. Promotes healthy screen time limits: With the “Take a Break” feature, teens are encouraged to take regular breaks from Instagram. By setting reminders and alerts, they can maintain a healthier balance between their online activities and offline life.

2. Reduces social media obsession: Constantly scrolling through feeds, comparing oneself to others, and seeking validation can lead to unhealthy obsessions with social media. The “Take a Break” feature helps break this cycle by reminding teens to step away and focus on other aspects of their life.

3. Enhances mental well-being: Endless scrolling and exposure to curated and often unrealistic content can contribute to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety in teens. By taking regular breaks from Instagram, they have the opportunity to engage in self-care activities, connect with friends and family, and participate in real-life experiences that boost their mental well-being.

4. Encourages real-world connections: Over-reliance on digital interactions can sometimes hinder face-to-face social interactions. By using the “Take a Break” feature, teens can consciously create opportunities for meaningful connections, fostering stronger relationships with those around them.

5. Supports self-reflection: Social media can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to a constant need for external validation. The “Take a Break” feature allows teens to step back and reflect on their own worth and accomplishments, promoting a healthier sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

6. Teaches time management skills: Using the “Take a Break” feature helps teens develop critical time management skills. By creating designated periods of Instagram usage, they can become more intentional about their screen time and prioritize other important activities.

7. Promotes better sleep patterns: Excessive screen time, particularly before bed, can disrupt sleep patterns. With the “Take a Break” feature, teens can set boundaries and avoid engaging with Instagram during hours leading up to bedtime, leading to improved sleep quality and overall restfulness.

Overall, Instagram’s “Take a Break” feature empowers teens to establish healthier digital habits and prioritize their overall well-being. By encouraging mindful use and fostering a healthier relationship with social media, this feature can have a positive impact on their mental health and overall quality of life.


Instagram’s new Take a Break feature for teens marks a positive step towards promoting healthy social media habits. By allowing users to set limits on their usage and encouraging breaks, Instagram aims to address the potential negative impacts of excessive screen time. This feature not only supports mental well-being but also fosters a more balanced digital lifestyle.

With the Take a Break feature, teens can gain better control over their time spent on the app, reducing the likelihood of addiction and promoting healthier habits. Instagram’s commitment to user well-being is commendable, as it recognizes the importance of creating a safe and responsible online environment. The implementation of this feature sets an industry standard, encouraging other social media platforms to prioritize the mental health of their users.

As technology continues to play a significant role in our lives, solutions like the Take a Break feature remind us of the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with our digital devices. By empowering users to take breaks and limit their usage, Instagram is helping to create a more balanced online experience for its teen audience.


Q: What is the new Take a Break feature on Instagram for teens?

A: The new Take a Break feature on Instagram is designed specifically for teens, allowing them to take breaks from the app to promote a healthy digital well-being.

Q: How does the Take a Break feature work?

A: The Take a Break feature lets teens set a reminder to take some time away from the app. Once the reminder is enabled, they will receive a notification suggesting them to take a break and engage in other activities.

Q: Can teens customize the duration of their breaks?

A: Absolutely! Instagram understands that everyone’s needs are different, so the Take a Break feature allows teens to set the duration of their breaks according to their preference.

Q: Are parents able to monitor their teen’s breaks on Instagram?

A: Instagram respects privacy and gives control to its users. While parents cannot directly monitor their teen’s breaks, they can have open conversations about healthy online habits and encourage the use of the Take a Break feature.

Q: Is the Take a Break feature available for all Instagram users?

A: The Take a Break feature is primarily designed for teens, but it is available for all Instagram users. It serves as a helpful reminder to step away from the app and take a break from excessive screen time.