Why Is The Depop App Popular With Fashionistas? (A Review)

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In this day and age, you can do just about anything online. The Internet has become a virtual go-to place for people seeking information, people who want to find and socialize with other people, and people who want to shop. Many companies have taken their stores online and are making millions in sales. The opportunity of selling on the Internet is not limited to multi-million dollar companies and brands. Nowadays, even an ordinary person can earn thousands of dollars selling clothes and not even be old enough to drink. Enter Depop — a platform that allows teens as young as 13 to sell clothes online.

In this Depop app review, we will discuss all its features and how you can sign up as well.


What Exactly Is Depop?

What is Depop
Screenshot from Depop


The online platform was founded by Simon Beckerman, who had the idea of connecting his Pig magazine community. This community was made up of people who were fans of the Italian fashion magazine, and Beckerman envisioned them not just exchanging ideas but also exchanging things.

Depop app had come a long way from its initial founding in Milan in 2011. When Maria Raga, now Depop app’s CEO, entered the picture, the entity raised enough funding and became an online company to contend with earnestly.

Generation Z, known as people ages eight to 23, took an immense liking to the selling app, and the result is a bevy of teen entrepreneurs. The Depop app allows users to be as young as 13 and sell clothes online.

What makes the Depop app a great and hip site is how similar it is to Instagram. Users of the selling app do not just have a page with the clothing. The selling app provides each of its users with a profile page that will function as a mini-store. Just like any selling app, pictures of what is being sold and their prices are posted. Even more convenient is using hashtags to find whatever you are looking for, just like on Instagram. If you are a shopper, you can even “follow” your favorite seller on the Depop app.

The Depop app counts many of its sellers as influencers and Internet stars. Sellers like Marzia Kjelleberg and Emma Chamberlain, both Youtube stars, have shops in Depop. Even well-known influencers are entrepreneurs in the selling app.

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What Are People Selling On Depop?

As mentioned earlier, the selling app allows entrepreneurs as young as 13 to sell on its platform. The wares often appeal to young people who would totally rave about this fabulous dress and love it for some time and eventually move on to the next trendy piece.

Popular wares on the Depop app are pre-loved clothes, vintage clothes and items, and cheap streetwear. Items that can be easily called a steal can give that spark of joy for as long as possible.

Since the selling app has attracted youngsters, you can expect a lot of clothings and other items to be approved by teenagers, as well as the millenials. The vintage items are also great since fashion often just turns back time and brings back past trends from time to time.

You can even find home décor and art being sold at Depop.


How To Sign Up For Depop

Depop App
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Steps to Creating a Depop Account

Now that you find yourself interested in earning a few bucks or more, you may want to know that signing up for Depop is pretty straightforward.


Installing the Depop App

First step is to download the app on Google Play for free.  The app advertises the opportunity to buy, sell, and discover unique fashion.

For Android users

For iOS users


Create An Account

After you have installed the Depop app on your smartphone, create an account. You can do this through the app or on your desktop.

While creating an account, your phone number will be required. Depop will then send a six-digit code to your registered number, and you will have to use this code to verify your account.

You may even use your Facebook account.


Register Your Basic Details

You will need to fill out the necessary details. Like any other selling app, you’ll have to register a username and create a password. You will also need to indicate which country you are located in.


Connect Your Depop Account to Your Paypal account

Transactions through Depop are made through Paypal. This is how you will receive payment. Although Paypal requires you to be 18 to use it, teens below that age may use their parents instead.

This is how to link your Paypal Account to the Depop App:

  1. Select the profile icon and click it.
  2. Go select the Setting option.
  3. Tap on the Paypal account and you will be taken to another page.
  4. On that page, tap on Connect Paypal.

You will then be required to log in to your Paypal account.


Is The Depop App Free And How Do You Get Paid?

The Depop app can be installed for free. The company makes its money by receiving a commission of 10% on every item you sell.

If you want to start selling on Depop, you’ll first have to list all your merchandises. Once a sale is made and the merchandise shipped to your buyer, the payment will be conveniently sent to your registered Paypal account.


Depop App Features And How To Use Them

depop banner
Photo from the Play Store

The Depop app is fantastic for those who like apps that are straightforward and have a somewhat familiar feel. Whether you sell clothes or shop on Depop, you will notice the ease of usage, at the same time, enjoy the experience since it is functions like Instagram and eBay combined.


Following Accounts On Depop

All seller’s products are stored and can be easily viewed by other users who follow the seller. Depop encourages its users to follow various accounts under a suggested list based on categories.

Once you follow a seller, the seller’s profile as well as the items they sell will be added to your home screen on Depop. You can even see items a seller has already sold, including the items a seller has liked. This makes it easier for you to find more stuff and have more choices similar to what you are looking for.


Buying Features On Depop

If you are shopping on Depop, you will appreciate its bookmarking feature. You can like an item or bookmark it for your future reference.

The Depop app also has a comment or private messaging option where you can chat with the seller and maybe even barter for an item you like. In Depop, you are allowed to trade for an item instead of purchasing. You can even negotiate for it, and the seller can immediately change the price. This is what makes it different from eBay, where only the best offer is considered.


Listing Items On Depop

Listing your items on the Depop app requires you to click on the camera icon followed by the set up shop icon. Once you have done this, you need to upload a photo or a logo that represents you or your brand.

You can write a short bio of your shop and include details about your merchandise. The next button follows each step after completion.

Once you are done with your bio, you can now link to your social media account. What follows is Depop asking for more personal information such as your first name, last name, and billing address.

Once completed, you can now list your item and tap on the familiar camera icon.


Shipping Products

Depop is mostly used in the United States and shipping your sold product comes with two options that you can select from. You can choose to ship via the Depop app which uses USPS or arrange to send the product on your own.


Selling On Depop


The Depop app makes selling as easy as posting a new photo on Instagram. Listing items for sale feels just like commenting on your own Instagram post.

The sell option can be easily found on the selling app. Once you click on it, you can add a photo or more in JPEG or PNG format. This is followed by a box for you to write a description of your product. Afterward, select the category and your location.

If you decide to focus on selling on Depop, you will need a few tips to do so successfully.


Tips On Selling Successfully On The Depop App


If you were to read any Depop app review, you would find out that most of the buyers comes from the younger generation. Buyers are usually teenagers to 26-year olds, which gives you the idea that these demographics are tech-savvy and thrifty fashionable buyers looking for a bargain to be trendy.

So, how can you successfully sell on Depop and maybe create clout for yourself? Do note that more than 150,000 items are listed each day on the platform. How can you stand out if this is the case?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are selling designer clothing or cheap streetwear. It would be best if you simply have a business savvy and wit in order to sell successfully. Remember that the Depop app is a very visual online store so quality pictures are crucial.

Many Depop sellers focus full-time on selling on the app. Some have gone through lengths of painstakingly shooting in different locations just to present the clothes in a model-like fashion worthy of Instagram.

In short, you will definitely need quality photos but you won’t need many. Take pictures in natural light to give it a more authentic feel. As many as four pictures at different angles will just do the trick.


Presenting Your Items Is Key

Presentation is the key, and to make the most out of your photos, don’t forget to edit them. When we say edit, we do not mean you need to make the colors brighter or filter them. Simply, crop your images into square sizes. You can use a free app to do this.

What is even better than photographs of your item is a video of it in action. This helps the buyer visualize the product on him or her even better.

Getting attention through images is the first step. Once you’ve captured your potential buyer’s attention, make sure that they have a great product description to read.

A few tricks to getting buyers to purchase from your Depop store is to define him or her. Describe who you are selling to, use a natural tone, mention key features of the item, and write short descriptive sentences.

You need to describe your product entirely, and there is no harm in mentioning slight defects like a scratch and the like. This helps you avoid refunds and will show you are a sincere, authentic seller on Depop.

Make sure to use effective keywords to make it easier to find your item on Depop search. Use hashtags as necessary.


Pros And Cons Of Using Depop

Depop Play Store
Screenshot from the Play Store


The Depop app is arguably one of the top online selling store that is Generation Z’s best-kept secret. It’s easy to use since it feels quite similar to Instagram and it does away with the rigidity of online platforms like eBay.

The app has a strong pull because it pushes the social media power to the fore. Not only do sellers sell, but they can also create more clout or expand their branding and influence.

Items posted for sale do not have an expiration date and be shown for as long as possible since there is no time limit as to their posting.

Prices can also be immediately changed or edited, allowing private negotiations to push through.

All in all, the platform is easy to use and fun to market yourself or your branding with. Business can be quite lucrative with the Depop app that sellers like the Internet Girl can attest to. You can earn up to six figures if you focus on marekting innovation using this platform.

According to some Depop app reviews, users who are sellers are afforded little protection in some instances. There have also been reports of some users’ accounts being taken down abruptly, and it can be a challenge contacting customer service.


Depop App Versus Other Fashion Apps

There are many other online platforms or clothing apps that exist, but Depop is hard to beat.



Photo from Poshmark


Depop and Poshmark are one of the top online selling platforms to date. Both sell pre-loved clothings. However, as compared to Depop, Poshmark’s sellers are keener on selling mid to high-end items, while Depop has a younger fan base looking for a good bargain.



Up-and-coming Trademade may give Depop a run for its money if it continues to perform well. The online platform is a trade and barter app that is just as good as Depop. The variety of items posted that can be swapped includes home décor, sporting goods, books, and even cars.



This is a fast-growing online platform that has even more categories to sell. Carousell allows you to sell everything and anything. However, Depop still beats it when it comes to its million-dollar sales and marketing.