15 Apps Like Tiktok to Use for Video Sharing in 2022

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Tiktok is one of the most recognizable social media platforms today. It has risen to prominence following the ease at which the app can be used and the entertainment value it promises to users. However, Tiktok has come under fire due to alleged user privacy violations and spying rumors. These privacy and cybersecurity concerns have caused several countries, like India and Bangladesh, to ban the use of the app completely. This has given rise to apps similar to Tiktok in countries where the social media platform got banned.

If you, like millions of others, have gotten hooked on Tiktok, it might be time to look for an alternative. In this guide, we’re giving you a rundown of the 15 best apps like Tiktok you can use in 2022.

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15 Apps Like TikTok You Might Want to Try

While TikTok maintains supremacy when it comes to short video content, it does not hurt to give these apps like TikTok a try.

1. Byte 9. MuStar
2. Triller 10. VideoShow
3. Funimate 11. fw.tv
4. Likee 12. Kwai
5. Lomotif 13. Chingari
6. Dubsmash 14. Instagram
7. Snapchat 15. YouTube Shorts
8. Facebook

1. Byte

Byte, one of the top apps like TIktok
Photo by Clash App, Inc. from the Google Play Store

First up on our list of the best apps like Tiktok is Byte. Byte is a free video-sharing app from the creators of Vine, the popular short-form video app that was shut down in 2017. The videos you post on Byte can only be six and a half seconds long, unlike Tiktok, which has now extended its max video length to three minutes. Byte categorizes its videos into different genres as well, like fashion, comedy, pets, and K-pop. Through these categories, the app learns which videos you enjoy, so it knows exactly which ones to show on your feed.

You can record videos within Byte, although it doesn’t offer any filters or special effects you can play around with. The app lets you add text and music, but that’s it. If you find the editing options too limiting, you can import premade videos to post on the app.

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2. Triller

Another one of the best apps like Tiktok you can use is Triller. It’s become considerably popular in the six years since its launch, partly due to the number of celebrities that are putting out content on the app. There’s Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Demi Lovato, Kevin Hart, and so many others. Other than big names, there’s also a growing community of content creators who post videos exclusively on Triller.

There are two main types of content you can make on Triller: music videos and OG videos. With music videos, you can either use a track from Triller’s massive library or upload a song right from your phone. OG videos, basically, are all the other videos that don’t make use of music. With this type of content, you can use clips from your phone’s camera roll or record within the app itself. The app lets you add text and filter, but it doesn’t offer special effects or stickers. Recently, though, the developers added OG sounds, which work similarly to Tiktok sounds.

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3. Funimate

If you’re looking for apps like Tiktok that offer advanced effects, then consider downloading Funimate. The app offers a ton of video templates, filters, and cool transitions. Plus, you can even make your own special effects by merging clips. If you want to add music to your videos, you can upload your own track or choose from Funimate’s music library. The app’s editing tools are quite impressive, and all the sophisticated-looking videos from Funimate creators are proof of that.

To keep you engaged and inspired, the Funimate community hosts weekly challenges that you can participate in.

The app tends to go a bit overboard when it comes to ads, though. It frequently asks you if you want to upgrade to premium, and you can only use certain features after watching an ad. However, if you can get past that, it’s undoubtedly one of the best apps like Tiktok you can use.

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4. Likee

Photo by LIKEME PTE. LTD. from the Google Play Store


Likee is another app you can use if you’re looking for a Tiktok alternative that offers advanced effects. With Likee, you can choose from thousands of filters and stickers to make your videos pop. It has a feature called SuperMix, which lets you add cool special effects — like Face Morph and Astra Travel — to your videos. If you want to see how you’d look as a character in your favorite film, try out FaceMagic, the app’s AI face swap feature.

If you like posting music videos, you’ll enjoy making them with Likee. Aside from having a massive music library, the app also edits your clips to the beat of the music. You can also go live on Likee if you’re more into long-form content. The app has got all the bases covered, so whether you want to be a content creator or just want to scroll through your feed, you’ll for sure enjoy Likee.

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5. Lomotif

Photo by Lomotif Pte Ltd from the Google Play Store

Lomotif is a lot like Tiktok in that it lets you edit within the app, play around with filters, and share your videos with the app’s growing community. With Lomotif, you can create all sorts of projects, including music videos, comedy bits, and even slideshows. You can also add filters, stickers, emojis, and other effects. Plus, Lomotif has lots of music you can use for your videos. You can also upload a track right from your phone. However, it doesn’t allow you to choose which part of the track you can use for your video, which can be a deal-breaker for a lot of users.

If you want to get your friends involved, you can easily collaborate with them on a video with Lomotif. The app also has special New Year and anniversary events that help boost your profile, so you can easily increase your follower count on the app.

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6. Dubsmash

Dubsmash has been around longer than Tiktok has, but it’s still as good as it was in 2014. The core of Dubsmash has remained the same; it’s still centered on dubbed or lip-synced videos with thousands of effects and filters to choose from. You can use it for making content other than dubbing audio, but users are mostly encouraged to make ten-second lip sync videos. Also, teens make up the majority of the community, so there isn’t a lot of content for adults.

Dubsmash has tons of movie lines, rap songs, and other audio tracks that you can dub. You can also use your own track, but uploading can take a while as the track still needs to be converted. Other than posting your Dubsmash videos on the app itself, you can also share them on other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.

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7. Snapchat

Photo by Snap Inc. from the Google Play Store


Snapchat is another one of the best apps like Tiktok you can use. And much like Dubsmash, it’s been around for quite a while. Nonetheless, it’s made a comeback in the past year, thanks in part to its Tiktok-like feature called Spotlight. Unlike the usual Snaps you see on the app, which tend to be more about day-in-the-life content, Spotlight is designed specifically for making viral videos. Here, the videos are more comedic and meme-like, and they can only be up to a minute long. Plus, they won’t disappear on your feed, unless the creator chooses to delete them.

Unlike Tiktok, Snapchat’s Spotlight tab doesn’t show public comments, and users’ profiles remain private. Also, your Spotlight submissions won’t instantly be posted; you still need to wait a while before it gets accepted. That’s because moderators still review these Spotlight Snaps to make sure that each one adheres to community guidelines.

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8. Facebook

Facebook Banner Photo
Photo by Meta Platforms, Inc. on Apple App Store

You might be wondering “what’s Facebook doing here?” Well, if you aren’t abreast with the latest, Facebook’s feature, My Day, has added new features which let users create engaging and fun short video content that disappears 24 hours after it’s initially posted on the platform. The My Day feature now has captions, music, and other third-party creative apps to help you make your content more appealing. There is also an option to upload media from your camera roll or gallery.

Speaking of music, users would find how this feature allows them to either lipsync or dance along to any audio available on the platform. This is quite similar to what TikTok has to offer.

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9. MuStar

MuStar, one of the best apps like Tiktok that focuses on music videos
Photo by QStudio.org from the Google Play Store

MuStar is another one of the best apps like Tiktok worth checking out. It’s one of the top apps to use if you like making and/or watching music videos since its collection of songs and other audio tracks is much larger than Tiktok’s. Plus, it’s easy to find trending music so that you can make videos that will boost your views and follower count. MuStar also has effects that are pretty similar to Tiktok’s. With the app, you can easily merge clips, add stickers, animate text, and add other special effects. You can also make sounds that other MuStar creators can use in their videos.

MuStar also has lip-sync and dance battles that you and your friends can participate in. If you win these battles, you gain stars, which can be a huge boost to your profile. You can also share the videos you make on MuStar on other social media platforms.

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10. VideoShow

Another decent short video content sharing platform is VideoShow (a.k.a. Music VideoShow). This platform offers a range of music options users can use to record and upload synchronized dances or lipsync content. However, unlike TikTok which now has an option to upload videos up to three minutes long, VideoShow can only upload one-minute long content, which is sort of perfect considering it’s marketed as a short video content platform.

Again, while VideoShow’s features are not as robust as that of TikTok’s, it has an edge over the ease at which it can be used. It’s a pretty straightforward app and has a low-key influencer tool appeal to it. It’s definitely worth a try.

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11. fw.tv

Another one of the top apps like Tiktok you can check out is fw.tv, which was formerly known as Firework. The app has more or less the same interface and tools as Tiktok, but its focus is on discovering content based on what you like. In the Discovery section, you’ll find different curated collections of videos. There’s the more general For You tab, Creators of the Week, Funny Animal Moments, Global Top 50, and so much more. Content variety is definitely not a problem, and there’s something for all age groups.

Making a video on fw.tv is super simple. You can record within the app or upload your own clips. The app also lets you play around with lots of filters and effects. Plus, you can embed your videos onto your website. That way, users won’t need to be redirected to another site just to watch your content.

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12. Kwai

Photo by KWAI from the Google Play Store

Kwai is among the top apps like Tiktok you can use. Here, you’ll find videos of all sorts, including lip sync battles, dance, comedy, magic, day-in-the-life, beauty, and lots of others. You can also download videos if you want to watch them offline.

If you’re into content creation, you’ll definitely enjoy the app as well. Kwai has useful editing tools, like filters, beautification tools, and stickers. You can also make a Duet with other Kwai creators, participate in contests and challenges, and make friends through the app. Plus, the app rewards you with real, spendable money if your follower count is big enough. Of course, if you have more followers, you’ll get better rewards.

Just like Instagram and Snapchat, Kwai has stories feature. But these stories stay on your page for 48 hours instead of just 24.

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13. Chingari

Photo by Chingari from the Google Play Store

Since Tiktok is banned in India, Indian app developers came up with Chingari, the country’s own version of a short-form video app. Available worldwide, it has become hugely popular since its release. On the app, you can watch videos about fashion, comedy, pets, ASMR, music, and a whole lot more. You can also scroll through your feed hands-free, thanks to its auto-play feature.

Chingari has AR filters, cool transitions, stickers, and other advanced effects, so editing and personalizing videos is always fun. You can also choose from the app’s huge collection of songs or make your own audio track. Plus, the app hosts regular challenges where you can win rewards. It’s fun and easy to use, which makes it one of the top apps like Tiktok you can download.

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14. Instagram

Instagram has always been an app focused on photos, but with the launch of Instagram Reels last year, it’s starting to look more and more like Tiktok. Reels is only a tab within a user’s profile, and similar to Tiktok, it’s focused on short-form videos. With Instagram Reels, you can make 15-second long videos, to which you can add music, filters, and effects. Instagram also displays Reels at the top of the Explore page, which is a way for them to encourage creators to use the feature more frequently.

Instagram Reels is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Recently, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that the company will be leaning more towards video entertainment to match Tiktok’s success. Currently, it isn’t clear yet how they plan to do that, but it’s still something to look out for.

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15. YouTube Shorts

If you’re looking for video entertainment, there’s no better place to find it than YouTube. It is, after all, the world’s most popular video-sharing site. That said, it hasn’t always been the go-to app for short-form videos. In fact, in the past, it has favored longer videos since these have more room for ads.

However, the company seems to be changing direction with the launch of YouTube Shorts, which is currently still in the beta phase. With YouTube Shorts, you can create videos up to 60 seconds long and share them with YouTube’s over two billion users. You can record right from your phone and take advantage of the in-app editing tools. With these tools, you can merge clips, add text, control the speed of the video, and much more. Plus, you can add audio from the app’s music library or sample tracks from other Shorts or eligible YouTube videos.




Try These TikTok Like Apps Today!

There’s no denying that Tiktok has taken over short-form video entertainment. But with all the concerns about cybersecurity and privacy surrounding it, it’s well worth looking for other apps similar to Tiktok. We hope this guide helped you choose an alternative that’s best for you. Do you know of other apps like Tiktok that we didn’t include in this list? Let us know in the comments!