Ovia Pregnancy App: Is It Worth Downloading?

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I am certain we would all agree to a quote that says, “The essence of being a woman is to become a mother”. Well, as a matter of fact, this saying doesn’t only apply to women but also to a man that yearns to have a baby. That being said, bearing a child will definitely pose a challenge for you and your partner. And during such demanding situations, the Ovia Pregnancy app comes in very useful as a medium to aid not only the mothers-to-be but also the little gift inside their womb.

Basically, the app allows the parents to learn important details and relevant changes that will occur to both the mother and the baby during the pregnancy. Through the app, the mother will be aware of all the things happening to her, while the father will get ideas about everything that happens to his family.

In this article, we will discuss what the Ovia Pregnancy app really is, its wonderful features, and its alternatives.


What Is Ovia Pregnancy App?

What Is Ovia Pregnancy App?
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Ovia Pregnancy app is a user-friendly platform that makes it easier for moms-to-be to monitor their pregnancy. It basically contains all vital information regarding pregnancy, thus giving the couple a headstart on what to expect and how to handle various pregnancy-related circumstances. Also, this app helps you track the weekly progress of the baby and see how he/she is developing every day. Additionally, it includes many great articles and useful information that can help you achieve good insights during and after pregnancy.

This app is customizable and you can choose what fits your preferences. You can personalize the theme of the display, choose the color that you want, and set a nickname for your little one. You can also enjoy the customized health tracking that it offers. Moreover, it provides information about all the symptoms, the foods that are recommended, suitable and safe exercises, and safe medications and vitamins to take. These all came from trusted sources.

If you’re looking out for more, here’s our list of the best pregnancy apps available. We also have a list of the best baby monitor apps and a review of the Wonder Weeks app.


Ovia Pregnancy App Features

Basically, what makes this pregnancy app wonderful are the interesting features that it offers. Here’s a brief rundown on the app’s useful features.


Daily And Weekly Updates

Daily And Weekly Updates
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When you log in to this app, it’ll give you numerous facts about your baby’s growth, how your baby is developing each day during various stages of your pregnancy, as well as the changes that you’re experiencing as a mother. Additionally, you will receive weekly updates of your progress based on the records that you entered including your symptoms, weight, sleep, and moods. Moreover, based on your maternity calendar from the information that you gave, you will be given personalized articles including pregnancy tips. This will continue until you reach your due date for delivery.


Baby Size Comparison

Baby Size Comparison
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This adorable feature gives you a rough idea of what size your baby has currently grown into inside your womb. You’ll be able to picture out your baby’s size then compare it to other things such as toys, fruits, vegetables, and more. Overall, this novel feature will help you manage your moods by instilling fun during the entirety of your pregnancy.


“In The Womb” Feature

This interesting feature lets you see a realistic image of your little one at different weeks of your pregnancy.



This feature lets you monitor all doctor appointments by recording them. Also, you can make notes for yourself, organize, and set milestones throughout the entire pregnancy. You can also note all the medications and vitamins that you need to take.


Baby Book Or Diary

This feature allows for note-taking and storing pregnancy milestone photos. With that, you can keep your baby bump photos, your first ultrasound, ideas for your baby’s name, baby showers, and all other important and exciting things that happened throughout your pregnancy.


Health Tracker

This is the best feature as you can track your sleep, mood swings, symptoms, and all activities related to health. It is very important since monitoring blood pressure is essential to all pregnant women. On top of that, the app can also connect and sync with various fitness gadgets. With that, you can track all your workouts and physical activities.


Great Interface Design

You will see a profile picture and image update of your baby’s condition as you open the app. On the home page, you’ll also witness what week you’re currently on plus it allows you to compare the size of your baby’s hand and foot.


Due Date Calculator

You will get to know where you are in your pregnancy timeframe and countdown to baby and delivery by entering your last menstrual period and the date of conception.


Weekly Videos

This is an awesome feature that contains videos for your pregnancy journey. The videos help you understand your health issues and probable remedies. Also, they contain weekly updates on what’s going on during your pregnancy. Moreover, this feature further aids in improving your health as you will be given advice for your nutrition and get to watch exercise videos.


Safety And Pregnancy Tracking Tools

This feature provides a built-in kick tracker, thus making the counting of kicks easier. Also, it has a contraction timer that you can use when the contractions start. This feature is somewhat accurate.


Look-Up Database

If you have doubts about the foods and medications that you are going to take, you can rely on food and medication safety. To know how to deal with your pregnancy symptoms, learn from the symptoms look-up feature.


Free Customized Themes

This feature of the app provides a good layout that makes it eye-catchy. You can customize the app with various themes that may suit your liking and will fit your little one. You can set the theme of the displays, apply the colors that you want, add a profile picture, and even include a nickname for your baby.


Relevant Articles

The app offers articles that contain topics about symptoms, body changes, the baby’s growth and development, and many more — all of which are vital and very useful. Also, you can get information about labor pain options, packing a delivery bag, health tips, nutrition, and best exercises for pregnant women. All of these will ensure that you won’t go wrong during the entire pregnancy as the info provided in the app is supported by specialists in the field.


Community and Support

This feature lets you ask questions and learn from experts, as well as other members of the community. You can get solutions to any problems that you might encounter along the way. Moreover, you can use this feature to reach out to other moms-to-be and share advice or experiences.


Comparison Of Baby’s Hand And Foot Size

This feature provides a section where you can learn about your baby’s growth in terms of his hand and foot. It has a size chart that allows for comparing the current size of your baby’s hand and foot to the size they will become at birth.


Sharing Options

If you are a person who loves sharing your thoughts and everything, you will enjoy this feature since it allows for sharing moments with your family and friends. Also, you can invite them to follow your little one and view updates, photos, videos, and every milestone.


How To Get Ovia Pregnancy App On iOS and Android Devices?

How To Get Ovia Pregnancy App On Your Phone
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You can get the Ovia Pregnancy App on your mobile device with just a simple tap on your screen.

All you have to do is go to the App Store or Play Store and install the app on your device.


How To Use The Ovia Pregnancy App?

How to Use the Ovia Pregnancy App
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After downloading the Ovia Pregnancy app, you can now start using it. Begin by entering a few important information, including your complete name, birthday, height, pre-pregnancy weight, and postal code. After that, enter your baby’s nickname and the method that you will use to track your pregnancy. These methods include, estimated due date, date of last missed period, date of conception, and current weeks pregnant. After that, click ‘Next’.

On the next page, you will be prompted to click on the permissions for the core app functioning and advertising. After clicking them all, click again on ‘Next’. To finish signing up, enter your e-mail address and your preferred password then slide the button for ‘I have Ovia Health as a benefit’. You should do this if you are receiving Ovia Health as one of the benefits of your company or employer. Afterward, provide the name of your company or employer. Otherwise, just let it be. After that, click on ‘Sign up’. You can also create an account by linking your Facebook profile to the app.

Upon opening the app, you will see different topics about your pregnancy. You can now receive daily and weekly updates about your pregnancy. If you have any doubts or queries regarding your pregnancy, you can simply access the app and see what it can make for you.


Pros And Cons Of Using The Ovia Pregnancy App


  • Fun and friendly companion
  • Forums to connect with various moms
  • Very interactive
  • Relevant articles for daily and weekly tracking
  • Provides counseling and feedback
  • Help secure lives for the risk of pregnancy with its useful articles and videos
  • Self-tracking
  • The calendar helps in tracking your doctor appointments and even milestones
  • Fully integrated connection to Apply Health
  • Customized tools
  • Personalized health plans and health assessment
  • High-tech and personal approach
  • Great app to guide you throughout pregnancy
  • Provides interesting facts about baby’s growth and development
  • Free to use
  • Updates on the baby’s progress
  • Food list of what is safe and not
  • Countdown to your due date
  • Provides various key trackers
  • See the size of your baby in the womb
  • Little handprint pic for your baby’s size comparison
  • Calendar to enter lots of information
  • Tools for notes and tracking symptoms
  • No ads



  • Employers and insurers can monitor you
  • Women’s intimate information can be exposed
  • The countdown feature is somewhat stressful
  • Too big profile picture


Ovia Pregnancy App Alternatives


The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker
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This user-friendly app serves as a guide in tracking your baby’s growth and development. It provides relevant information from trusted sources that you can understand easily. Moreover, this pregnancy app offers awesome features including ‘Inside the Bump’ that lets you see the 3D visuals of your baby’s development. Moreover, it has a planner that allows for easy monitoring of your medical appointments. It also presents useful questions that you can ask your doctor. The articles that this app provides contain information specific to your week of pregnancy.



Photo by PregnancyPlus App on Facebook

This pregnancy app helps in keeping track of your baby’s growth and keeps you updated on his/her development inside your womb. What makes this app extra special is that it can be personalized not only for father-to-be but for soon-to-be grandparents as well. Other awesome features of this pregnancy app include a ‘baby size visualizer’ that helps you monitor the size of your baby through illustrated charts and images. Also, it features day-to-day pregnancy updates and information from experts. It even has visual pregnancy diary to help manage your appointments with your doctor.



Photo by Preglife on Pinterest

This pregnancy app and baby tracker provides accurate and relevant articles and information written by trusted health care providers. Moreover, it shares wonderful knowledge and guidance about parenthood to both pregnant women and their partners. It has a pregnancy calendar and baby growth tracker that helps in monitoring changes to both the baby and the mother. Additionally, it has an amazing feature that gives relevant information and articles that cover not just the pregnancy period but also the new born’s first-year development phase.


Sprout Pregnancy

Photo from Google Play

If you want to feel a little bit closer to your baby, this pregnancy app is an ideal choice for you. It provides articles about the symptoms that you might experience week-by-week as your baby continues to grow in your womb. In addition to that, these articles are credible since registered doctors wrote them. Also, this app offers a 3D interactive experience by allowing you to watch lifelike baby movements such as kicking. Furthermore, it provides a realistic representation of what your baby is doing inside your womb — letting you see the world from your baby’s point of view.


BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Photo from BabyBump Twitter Account


This is a simple pregnancy app, but it offers a lot of functionality. It provides diagrams and illustrations wherein you can see the position of the baby in your womb week by week. Also, you will be informed of the various indications that you might experience along the way, as well as when you will experience such symptoms. Moreover, it features a countdown widget and a pregnancy journal. It also features a pregnancy forum where you will be able to share your thoughts and experiences. You can even ask questions and learn from different moms out there.


Final Thoughts On Ovia Pregnancy App

This is what most couples are waiting for: to have their own baby and build a family. However, it’s never easy to get pregnant. There’s a lot of things a woman will encounter throughout her pregnancy journey. In that regard, both the father and mother need to get prepared.

Overall, the Ovia Pregnancy app can be of big help to a family that’s just starting to grow. The app offers a plethora of great features that will significantly improve the well-being of the mother as she moves forward towards her delivery date. People may have different preferences, but this app is surely one of the best pregnancy apps out there.