Best Pregnancy Apps to Make Waiting for Your Baby Exciting

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Having a baby is what most couples want. For them, being a parent is a life fulfillment. It makes them happy and optimistic in life. However, it is not easy to get pregnant and be pregnant. That is why many pregnancy apps are considered a big help. This is not only for expecting and pregnant mothers but for all fathers as well. These also help them overcome all the changes and equip them with the knowledge they need throughout pregnancy.

The pregnancy apps we will feature here can help couples discover the wonders of becoming parents. They’re also a wonderful way to track the journey of the mother and the baby in her womb. However, they cannot be used in place of professional medical evaluation. They are best only to complement it.


The Best Pregnancy Apps

Below, we list our picks of the best pregnancy apps available. If you’re a parent with infants and little kids, you might also find these baby monitor apps extremely useful.


1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker 

Daily And Weekly Updates
Photo by Ovia Health on Pinterest

This is not only a pregnancy tracker app but also a fertility tracker. That said, it’s one of the best pregnancy apps for expecting couples. As a fertility tracker, it lets you track your menstrual cycles. This is helpful if you want to conceive. On the other hand, as a pregnancy tracker, it lets you track your baby’s growth and development, log your symptoms, and get food safety advice. You can also ask questions from expecting parents through its Community section. Moreover, you can get personalized updates as your pregnancy continues. You can do this by inputting your baby’s name, gender, and due date along with your BMI, age, and medical history.

Not only does this app focus on health and wellness, but you can also sync it to a fitness tracker. With that, you can import different exercises that will suit you and sleep levels to make you healthier. Also, you will be notified of your appointments and prenatal care.



  • Track your pregnancy, symptoms, sleep, weight, mood, blood pressure, exercise, activity, and nutrition.
  • Log your medications, appointments, notes, and baby bumps on your calendar.
  • Receive updates on your pregnancy milestones and baby’s growth, advice based on your given data, and weekly reports on your pregnancy process.
  • Enjoy expert articles, pregnancy facts, and health tips to keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Use safety lookup tools to find out what symptoms, medications, and foods are best for you and what should be avoided.
  • The My Baby Names feature can help you find the perfect name for your baby.
  • In the Womb feature allows you to see a realistic illustration of your little one, including the baby’s hand and foot sizes, in the womb.
  • Daily logs and safety guides help keep track of your pregnancy.
  • The due date calculator lets you track your pregnancy and countdown to your baby’s due date.
  • The Community feature lets you connect by asking and answering questions anonymously in a safe and supportive community not only of parents but also of caregivers.

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2. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

Photo from BabyCenter

This all-in-one pregnancy app helps in tracking your ovulation. It also guides you all the way to the countdown of your baby’s due date. You will get weekly updates on your stage of pregnancy with pregnancy tips, articles, slideshows, and fetal development videos timed to what you are going through. Also, this app provides accurate information after you input the expected due date. This means you will be given content that applies to your week of pregnancy and to how old your baby is.

Additionally, after the woman’s due date, the app will automatically change from providing pregnancy information to becoming a parenting guide. This can help you survive your first weeks with your newborn.



  • Pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar
  • Calendar view to see which stage of pregnancy the mom is in
  • Weekly fetal development articles and videos from experts
  • Newsfeeds with ideas on food and nutrition
  • Advice on health and pregnancy exercise
  • Weekly checklists and reminders
  • Different tips on how to deal with morning sickness and other symptoms
  • Photo gallery
  • Baby kick tracker
  • Registry checklist
  • Baby-names finder
  • Birth class
  • Birth preferences
  • Contraction timer
  • “Is it safe” tool that provides information on what’s safe and not during pregnancy
  • Parenting guide to track your baby’s growth
  • Weekly and monthly support for your first year as a new mother
  • Community groups that let you connect with other expecting mothers with the same due date


 3. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker 

Photo by The Bump on Apps Store

This is the best pregnancy tracker app that will guide you all throughout your pregnancy. This user-friendly app helps in tracking your baby’s growth and provides updates about your baby’s development. Also, it offers trusted information and informative articles and resources backed by experts and science that are understandable.

Additionally, this comprehensive app shows cool interactive 3D growth updates of your developing baby each week. Also, you get to receive real-time answers from three different sources, which include The Bump’s editorial staff, a team of experts, and other expecting moms, too. Moreover, you will be given information on the changes that are happening not only to your baby but also to you.



  • Inside the Bump feature to see the 3D visuals of the baby’s growth and development
  • Learn biological facts about the baby inside your womb and the changes in your body during pregnancy
  • Tracker system
  • Planner for tracking doctor’s appointments and asking the right questions
  • Relevant daily pregnancy and parenting editorial articles
  • Registry feature to create a registry allowing The Bump to automatically track all your registries
  • Offers and promotions from partners

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4. Preglife

This pregnancy app and baby tracker provides a lot of great information. For example, it has articles about the latest pregnancy and childbirth research written by health care providers. It is its mission to empower pregnant women, their partners, and families. This is by sharing accurate, updated, and wonderful knowledge regarding parenthood. Ultimately, these will help them and their partners get the best path to parenthood.

Additionally, this app not just offers a countdown pregnancy calendar. It also has an infant development tracker center providing weekly text to guide the expecting mom and her partner before they become parents. It also helps in tracking the infant’s development after giving birth.



  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Baby growth tracker guide
  • First-year baby development tracker
  • Diary and photo organizer and journal
  • Guides with relevant articles on pregnancy, giving birth, and newborn first-year development phase
  • Dietary advice, stroller guides, and sleep school
  • Helpful podcasts and videos under Play
  • Birth stories by Preglife (video series that follows the unique birth of four children)
  • Baby segment  that lets you enter your baby’s birthdate
  • Vaccination table.

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5. Pregnancy+ 

Photo by Pregnancy+ on App Store

This pregnancy tracker app keeps you updated on everything that is going on with your baby as he develops, including the detailed image of what he looks like in the womb and how big he is. It helps you keep track of your baby’s development inside the womb giving you knowledge of what is going on there. Also, it provides a useful checklist of everything that you might need throughout your pregnancy and beyond.   

In addition to this, you can customize the app to suit your preference You can personalize it so the father-to-be, the grandparents-to-be, and even your best friend can join the fun. All they need to do is to have to app on their devices.



  • Interactive 3D models of your baby
  • Baby size visualizer to track how big your baby
  • Day-to-day pregnancy updates
  • Baby shopping list for common items
  • Daily pregnancy info with expert advice and daily blog articles
  • Customizable birth plan
  • Visual pregnancy diary
  • Baby name database
  • A personalized app for fathers-to-be and soon-to-be grandparents

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6. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy
Photo by Miranda Hawbaker Roush on Pinterest

This pregnancy tracker app is the best app for mothers who want to feel a little closer to their babies. It provides relevant articles authored by registered doctors giving week-by-week symptoms of what a mother is experiencing as the fetus grows. Moreover, this app offers a 3D interactive experience allowing you to watch lifelike baby movements, kicking, and heartbeats giving you a realistic representation of what your baby is doing at the exact moment. Seeing the world from your baby’s point of view.  

In addition, this app contains all the helpful things that will guide you throughout your pregnancy and keeps you educated about the exciting changes happening to your body and your baby in your womb as well.



  • Built-in weight tracker
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Next Generation Interaction feature that shows the lifelike movements and heartbeat sounds of your baby
  • 3D interactive experience for am actual view of your baby’s development
  • Pregnancy journaling that can be shared on social media or saved as PDF
  • “The Doctors Says” tab with a weekly explanation of the symptoms and an organizer to note important appointments and essentials

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7. Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Week by Week
Photo from the Google Play Store

Pregnancy Week by Week is a free app that can help you during your journey. Not only is it a tracker for you and your baby, but it can also calculate your expected due date. Also, you can place notes on symptoms that you are feeling for a certain week. You can use this app to properly monitor your health during pregnancy.



  • Weekly tracker of progress
  • Weight tracker
  • Due date calculator
  • Pregnancy symptoms

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8. Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker  

Photo by Glow on App Store

Glow Nurture is the most comprehensive pregnancy app. It keeps you updated and provides alerts based on the data that you give. Further, you can find numerous helpful pregnancy articles that will keep you well-informed about your pregnancy. You will receive a lot of relevant insights and feedback as you regularly use the app as well.

In addition, the app lets you link your partner’s account, so both of you can track your pregnancy together. Meanwhile, miscarriage and postpartum support are also available for all the moms who have downloaded the app. The postpartum support lets you track breastfeeding and pumping sessions.



  • Baby’s size and development milestone tracker
  • Customizable options
  • Daily updates
  • Symptoms tracker and charts
  • Notifications for appointments and the due date
  • Postpartum and miscarriage support features
  • Alerts and insights based on your given data
  • Accounts that can be linked for partners
  • Photo sharing that is perfect to show off your bump
  • Hospital bag and registry checklists
  • Fetal development images
  • Multiple pregnancy groups

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9. WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy
Photo by AkronOhioMoms on Pinterest

WebMD Pregnancy is the best for pregnancy health. First of all, it provides tips and solid health information from licensed and actual doctors. Also, the articles are well-reviewed by licensed medical practitioners and are well-cited from reliable medical origins. Moreover, the app includes 3D visuals of the changes in the mother’s body and the baby’s weekly development as well. This will help you to learn the things that are happening at different stages of pregnancy.

Additionally, the app provides a lot of multimedia information and advice that is approved by doctors and is of great help to moms-to-be.



  • Expert-approved customizable content with checklists, questions for doctors, and multimedia information
  • Pregnancy community of moms and moms to be
  • Ask My Doctor feature with frequently asked questions where you can also note your doctor’s answers
  • Symptom tracker
  • Weight and blood pressure tracker
  • Pregnancy journal
  • Belly photo albums

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10. Totally Pregnant

Photo by Totally Pregnant on App Store

This pregnancy app is boasting of robust location-based technology and its first-ever 3D fetus animation videos. Moreover, it lets you do anything and everything related to your little one. Also, it lets you live-chat with other expecting moms all over the world to share your experiences and get some advice. The energetic community of new moms is posting vlogs that give ideas on what you should do. It also offers virtual prenatal classes, birth plan creator, baby gear shopping, and a weekly pregnancy tracker.

In addition to this, the app lets you personalize your experience as you enter your name and due date. Furthermore, you can document your pregnancy with its personalized photo album.



  • 3D videos showing your baby’s development  
  • Video blogs posted by other moms  
  • Community groups
  • Virtual prenatal yoga classes
  • Baby registry signup
  • Weekly summary of your baby’s development

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11. Who’s Your Daddy

Photo by Who’s Your Daddy on App Store

This is the best pregnancy apps for fathers-to-be because is designed to give fathers-to-be a heads up on what you and your baby are going through. Also, it provides soon-to-be-moms advice on the useful things to do and some handy tools to have. There are also weekly updates on the baby’s growth and a development timeline to follow. These can help dads to guide their partners on their pregnancy and make them understand some stressful situations.

This app is available for iOS devices and comes through a one-time purchase.



  • Daily tips on what to do and things to avoid
  • Weekly tips
  • Updates on the baby’s size and development
  • Timeline feature that contains all the important dates
  • The Tools with hospital bag checklist, baby stuff, and to-do list
  • Contraction counter

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12. Daddy Up

Photo by Daddy Up on App Store

This pregnancy app is perfect for dads who are looking for a field guide to pregnancy. It also teaches the new dad about what his wife and developing baby are going through. Dads can consequently find ways on how they can help throughout the pregnancy. As a result, they can get involved in every step of their partner’s pregnancy. It also contains advice from other dads who have been through this situation before.



  • Weekly monitoring of pregnancy  
  • Rugged baby-size comparisons  
  • Journal log  
  • Customizable daddy checklist  
  • Contraction counter  
  • Shareable baby announcement

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Why Should You Use Pregnancy Apps?  

For the parents, their child’s welfare is always important. They also want to see to it that they can take good care of and protect them. This is the case for first-time moms and dads-to-be. Despite being passionate about the prospect of having children playing around in their home, couples may not be that confident. That is why, aside from professional care and consultation, many expecting parents use pregnancy apps. That’s because the apps provide added support.

A pregnancy app is one of the things that can help expecting parents throughout their journey to parenthood, especially for mothers-to-be. It helps in tracking everything about the baby and mother during the pregnancy. Even though they are not as reliable as a doctor, they can still be of great help.

Pregnancy apps contain all the essential information. This can additionally be useful to parents and their little ones.


Pros and Cons of Using Pregnancy Apps  

Pregnancy apps can be really helpful during pregnancy. Expecting couples are also relying on what these apps offer and apply them all throughout the way. These apps offer various features and tools that can be considered as helpful assistants. Moreover, they give options, guides, and important information not only on the little ones but also for the mother-to-be.

On the other hand, not all pregnancy apps are perfectly accurate. Also, some parents tend to just rely on the application and do not seek necessary professional care. For some, the app that they have is enough. They also need not spend money on consultations and checkups either. This is unwise and can limit the care that the mother and unborn baby gets.


Best Pregnancy Apps for the Wonderful Parents and Lovable Little One

We all deserve everything wonderful. As for expecting moms and their offspring, extra attention should also be given to them. In the same way, they need to feel that they are important and well-loved. This is especially true during pregnancy. This is when pregnancy apps, along with professional care, can be of great importance to the family.

There is no particular app that will suit everybody’s needs. However, there is always one that can meet some of our requirements. One app may not be the best, but it can really help and guide the parents and little ones. In the end, parents have the freedom to browse and compare apps and choose the one that best suits them.