How to Get Your Snap Score Up Fast in 2024

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If you are a Snapchat user, you probably know how important Snapchat Score is — or simply Snap score. For the benefit of those who don’t know, a Snap score measures how active you are on the platform. In a way, your Snap Score also measures your popularity on the platform as it takes into consideration the number of snaps you send and receive. You may be asking how Snapchat calculate your score and how to get your Snap Score up. This article will show you.

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Inside This Article

  1. How Does Snapchat Score Work?
  2. How to Get Snap Score Up
    1. Don’t Spam to Earn Points
    2. Post a Story
    3. Add Friends
    4. Send Snaps
    5. Reply to Snaps
    6. Don’t Break a Streak
  3. View Your Snapchat Score
  4. Check Your Friend’s Snapscore
  5. Highest Snapscore a User Can Get
  6. Snapchat Score Is Not Updating
  7. Can You Buy Snapchat Scores?


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How Does Snapchat Score Work?

In July 2011, Snap Inc. introduced the Snap Score – a fun way to get you to spend more time using the app. Essentially, a Snapscore is a rating system for how many images or videos, also called snaps, you have sent and received from the time you started using the app.

It’s safe to say that Snapchat’s algorithm targets your innate competitiveness, thereby encouraging you to use the platform more. As a result, you can get a more impressive Snapchat Score.

Snapscore essentially puts a ranking on all Snapchat users. It’s a paradigm shift in how we view who is on top of everyone on the platform. And that makes Snapchat different from other social media that gauge how influential users are based only on followers.

Snap Inc. does not tell exactly what the ranking would do. Consequently, some people think the score can be converted into cryptocurrency and cashed out. That is not the case. As of this writing, the only concrete benefit of increasing your Snapscore is the increased sense of popularity or achievement you get.

If you’re wondering if Snapchat Score can still be used to redeem unique emojis, also known as trophies, the answer is no. That function already got disabled in a past update.

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How to Get Your Snap Score Up

The key to getting your Snap Score up is to send snaps to people while also encouraging them to send snaps to you. A one-way process won’t work effectively. If you want to increase your Snap Score fast, here are some tips that are proven to work.

1. Don’t Spam to Earn Points.

When a snap gets delivered to one friend, you get a point. But that is not to say you will not receive more than a single point. That means there is no need to spam people to increase your Snapchat Score. In fact, you do not gain anything by sending one snap to multiple friends at once.

2. Post a Story

Posting a story on Snapchat will also earn you a point. However, posting a story with multiple videos that reach the 10-second mark will not equate to additional points. Moreover, viewing stories will not earn you extra points either.

3. Add Friends

Having more friends won’t automatically increase your Snap Score overnight. However, adding friends on Snapchat means having more people to exchange snaps with, which the platform considers when calculating your score.

Start by adding people you already know, so it’s easier to find a common ground and start a meaningful connection. You may add someone from your contacts by syncing it to the app. You may also use Snap Map to find other Snapchat users you can add within your location. There’s also a Quick Add feature for finding friend recommendations based on who you’re friends with on the platform.

4. Send Snaps

If you want to increase your Snap Score, you need to be active in sharing snaps.  The key to increasing your Snap Score fast is by sending snaps to different people. However, sending the same snap to multiple people won’t help get your Snap Score up. You have to send a unique snap to each user for this to work.

5. Reply to Snaps

Do you receive a lot of snaps every day? While it may be tedious to go through all of them and reply, you may benefit from doing so if your goal is to get your Snap Score up. Receiving and replying to snaps will increase your Snap Score just like sending snap does.

6. Don’t Break a Streak

Snapchat takes tabs on the consecutive days that you and your friends have been exchanging snaps known as streaks.  If you keep your streak going, it follows that you can get a high Snap Score. So, always reply to a snap within the day of receiving it to not lose your Snapchat streak and to get your Snap Score up.


How to View Your Snapchat Score

If you are curious as to where you stand in terms of your Snapchat Score, we got you covered. Below is a quick tutorial on how to view Snap Score statistics:

1. Head to the Snapchat app via your gadget.
2. Access your profile via the avatar on the screen’s upper-left corner.
3. Below your avatar, hit the button with a Snapchat logo and figure.

The screen will display your Snapscore, including how many snaps you have sent and received.

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How to Check Your Friend’s Snap Score

Now that you know your statistics, it’s time to check where your Snapchat friends are keeping the competition going. Here’s your quick walkthrough on checking your friend’s Snap Score:

1. Navigate to your Snapchat app on your gadget.
2. From the viewfinder screen, swipe right to open the chat tab.
3. From the list of friends on the screen, tap one contact.
*You can also tap on the magnifying glass icon beside your avatar.
4. Tap on your friend’s avatar.
5. View your friend’s Snapscore by clicking the figure below his or her avatar.


What Is the Highest Snapscore a User Can Get

You might be wondering what is the highest reachable Snapscore or who has the highest Snapscore. Before we reveal the answer, let’s first give you an idea about how much effort being at the top involves.

A user with a Snapscore of 100,000 is sending or receiving 54 to 55 daily snaps on average. That is a lot for a day and it seems Snapchat is not putting a cap on just what the highest Snapchat score you can get. This is proven true if we factor in some users who have earned a Snapscore in the millions. So, if you are planning to lead the charts, get ready to immerse yourself into the app more.

Now, onto the frontrunner of the Snapscore leaderboard as of this writing. According to 2021 data from TechnoMantic, the highest score reached is 61 million, which was attained by a user named dion-19. With the rating surpassing the 60 million mark, we can only imagine that the user might have exceptional Snapchat score booster techniques or simply uses the app 24/7.


Snapchat Score Is Not Updating

Regularly increasing your Snapchat Score is already challenging, but what can make it more difficult is when your Snapscore is not updating. For one, it might mean that the app froze because of a system or service outage in your region. Otherwise, it could be a result of a lack of interaction and engagement between you and your friends. Stings, we know.

Fortunately, the problem can be fixed right away and we have already listed for you the solutions for when Snapchat keeps crashing. Also, Snap Inc. provides downtime updates on its Twitter page, so you might only need to wait if that is the case.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that Snapscores don’t add up and update in real-time. This is a common misconception among Snapchat users; the ranking system is computed accordingly and it might take a while for the score to reflect. There’s no need to panic when the numbers don’t immediately show. Similar to what you should do during app downtime, let Snapchat do its back-end work first then come back a little later.


Can You Buy Snapchat Scores?

There is an old saying that goes “desperate time calls for desperate measure”. This section will discuss whether you can or cannot buy Snapchat scores if you want to come out victorious in the Snapscore game.

Snapchat does not actively sell or offer services that you may purchase to increase your Snapscore. However, there are paid third-party services that increase Snapchat Scores. An example is Snapbooster.

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Here are Snapbooster’s minimal requirements:
1. You should have a Snapchat score beyond 10.
2. Two-factor authentication must be disabled.
3. Passwords are alpha-numeric only.

If you meet the said requirements, you will be allowed to proceed in using the service. Snapbooster will also guide you on what buttons to press to add the scores you bought.

Purchasing Snapchat scores is a little borderline extreme and can be constituted as cheating, but it’s not illegal. It might even spice up the Snapscore game between you and your friends. Just remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a friendly and little competition to outrank one another.

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Final Words

There you have it! Snapchat indeed put in a little competition within its platform; a different take on how to do social media. Not many people know that, so we hope this article raised your awareness about the Snapchat feature. But remember, your Snapscore does not equate to your value as a person in real life. That is just a feature to motivate you to use the social media app more. No app or person can put a ranking on your value.

If you find this article helpful or insightful, do let us know!