Best Free Browser Games 2024: Top Online Games You Can Play for Free

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There are lots of free online browser games out there and this guide is here to show you the best of the bunch. You’ll get to see how Forge of Empires has set the standard in terms of what you should be looking for in free browser gaming, while discovering how titles like GoT – Winter is Coming and Grepolis offer you some great alternative gameplay. Perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a stress-free start in their free browser gaming experience.

  1. Forge of Empires – Build your civilization across the ages
  2. Elvenar – Epic fantasy city-builder
  3. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming – Strategy game based on hit TV show
  4. Grepolis – Top MMO set in Ancient Greece
  5. Rise of Cultures – Create your own culture and explore epic civilizations

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Our Top Picks For Free-To-Play Browser Games

Game Platforms Cost / Subscriptions Overview USP
Forge of Empires Web browser, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows Free with in-app purchases Award-winning civilization-building game
Elvenar Web browser, Android, iOS Free with in-app purchases Use magic to develop and expand your realm
Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Web browser, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS Free with in-app purchases Officially licensed game from the hit TV series
Grepolis Web browser, Android, iOS Free with in-app purchases Conquer Ancient Greece with your strategic knowhow
Rise of Cultures Web browser, Android, iOS Free with in-app purchases Build cities and explore different cultures


Our Pick Of The Best Free Browser Games: Forge of Empires

Over 10 million people have played Forge of Empires since it was released by InnoGames in 2012. Not surprising, because this city-builder is endlessly enjoyable.

Gameplay and Experience

Here you start with a modest rural dwelling set in the Stone Age and it’s your job to advance this community into becoming a vast civilization. Play with or against friends to expand your civilization into the Space Age!

Costs, Subscriptions, In-App Purchases

You can register and play Forge of Empires for free, but you’ll probably have to purchase one of the following bundles to help your civilization last through the ages:

What you get Cost
Army Pack $3.99
Diamonds (220) $4.99
Diamonds (110) $2.99
Diamonds (1500) $19.99
Diamonds (600) $9.99
1250 Diamonds $19.99
530 Diamonds $9.99
13000 Diamonds + Special Offer $99.99
1250 Diamonds + Special Offer $19.99
Diamonds (13000) $99.99

Special Offers, Bonuses, And Benefits

Some of the above bundles will give you a special offer that goes way beyond those Diamonds. Perfect for giving you a handy surprise you can use to craft additional resources and ensure your city doesn’t crumble into dust.

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Second Best Browser Game: Elvenar

InnoGames released Elvenar in 2015 and it quickly became the go-to game for anyone who has ever wanted to construct their own fantasy metropolis.

Gameplay and Experience

You start Elvenar by picking to play as humans or elves and from here you have to battle and trade resources to build your fantasy city. There are over 200 different technologies to use in your quest and those relics have special magical powers to help your tribe survive in the multiplayer environment.

Costs, Subscriptions, In-App Purchases

It shouldn’t cost you a single cent to play Elvenar, but things will get more enjoyable once you make a one-off purchase of one of the following packages:

Package Cost
Large Diamond Chest $19.99
Common Diamond Chest $9.99
Small Diamond Chest $4.99
Legendary Diamond Chest $79.99
Epic Diamond Chest $49.99
Diamond Bundle 4 $19.99
Builder Bundle $9.99
Special Offer 4 $19.99
Special Offer 104 $7.99
Diamond Bundle 3 $9.99

Special Offers, Bonuses, And Benefits

InnoGames routinely puts on special offers that can help your human or elven kingdom improve its resources. These deals change on a constant basis, so be sure to check back to see where you can pick up lots of Diamonds or something even better.

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Easily One Of The Best Free Browser Games: Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming

Now you can command your own House in the world of Westeros as this officially licensed game lets you enter the action of the epic Game of Thrones TV show.

Gameplay and Experience

This game invites you to pick your own House and then build your armies to declare war against other players. There’s a fair amount of strategic intrigue here and you’ll need to trade effectively to reign supreme in the battle of the Seven Kingdoms.

Costs, Subscriptions, In-App Purchases

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming can be played completely free of charge. However, you will probably need to invest in one of the packages of Dragonglass in order to beat those fearsome White Walkers:

Package Cost
60 Dragonglass $21.85
300 Dragonglass $97.20
600 Dragonglass $187.60
1220 Dragonglass $376.00
3050 Dragonglass $979.00
6080 Dragonglass $1883.00

Special Offers, Bonuses, And Benefits

You’ll often see special rebate events that run for a few days where you can pick up certain packs at decent prices and at the end you may get a full rebate back on what you paid. Plus there are plenty of goodies to be picked up at the Westeros Trade Fair too.

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Simply A Great Free Browser Game: Grepolis

Another top browser game from Innogames was released in 2009 and gives you a chance to conquer the lands of Ancient Greece.

Gameplay and Experience

You start Grepolis with a tiny Greek village and from here you have to expand your colony by using the powers of gods like Zeus and Hades. Plus with lots of mythical creatures like Pegasus and Medusa, it’s got a cool twist that is great fun to play with and against friends.

Costs, Subscriptions, In-App Purchases

While Grepolis is free to play, you’ll have to get Gold to make your way through the game. You can get this for free, although it’s much easier to make a payment to pick up one of the Gold packages listed below:

Pack Cost
440 Gold $4.99
1200 Gold $9.99
3000 Gold $19.99
10000 Gold $49.99
20000 Gold $79.99
Special Package Offer (Medium) $14.99
Large Special Package Offer $19.99
Giant Special Package Offer $49.99
Divine Special Package Offer $79.99
Epic Special Package Offer $159.99

Special Offers, Bonuses, And Benefits

You’ll notice that many of the above packages contain varying special offers. These could be well worth getting as you aim to build your own army out of the 27 different kinds of units.

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Another Great Choice For Free Browser Gaming: Rise of Cultures

Another top city-builder from InnoGames, Rise of Cultures adds a cool cultural element to make your strategic gaming a little more interesting.

Gameplay and Experience

This is a great city-builder with a historical theme as you build your city and use strategy to command resources and defeat your enemies. Whether you’re fighting alongside Caesar or are giving Einstein the resources needed to advance your civilization, it’s clear that Rise of Cultures is a browser game like no other.

Costs, Subscriptions, In-App Purchases

It won’t cost you a dime to begin building your own culture, but you can buy some Gems to speed up the process. A good way of ensuring that your civilization doesn’t get stuck in some rural backwater.

Package Cost
200 Gems $1.99
550 Gems $4.99
1,150 Gems $9.99
2,400 Gems $19.99
Gold Ticket $9.99
1,150 Gems + Special Offer! $9.99
1,150 Gems + Additional items! $12.99
2,400 Gems + Special Offer! $19.99
550 Gems + Additional items! $5.99
550 Gems + Special Offer! $4.99

Special Offers, Bonuses, And Benefits

Alongside the above special offers and gold tickets, Rise of Cultures also features a cool Season Pass. This is an event that you unlock by completing certain tasks and if you get enough progress tokens, you’ll access some awesome customizable prizes.

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Tips & Tricks For Playing Free-To-Play Browser Games

All of the above games are simple enough to play to begin with, but you might need to take advantage of the following tips to make the most out of these titles:

Collaborate: While it’s fun battling against friends, you’ll last much longer if you collaborate by sharing your resources and technologies.

Innovate: Titles like Elvenar and Rise of Cultures will become more enjoyable if you invest in researching those relics and tools needed to help your community take the next evolutionary step.

Invest: It’s worth noting that those in-app purchases get more generous the more that you spend. So consider spending a little more to unlock those special offers.


Conclusion: Enjoy Playing The Best Free Browser Games

By now you’ll understand that there are plenty of quality free browser games out there. This means that you can look forward to endless free gaming entertainment regardless of whether you want to enjoy some city-building or simply some fantasy gameplay.

Don’t forget that there are more free browser games emerging every month and you can keep on top of these by checking out the browser games recommended by But until then, consider your budget and gaming preferences and start playing one of the above free browser games.


Free Online Browser Games FAQ

Can I really play these browser games for free?

Yes, it should be free to register and play. Just note that you’ll usually have to make some one-off purchases to access extra features within the game.

Can I play these games on my mobile?

Yes, most of these games are also available as apps that you can download for free to your iOS or Android device.

Is it better to play from a computer or mobile?

It depends on player preference, although most people prefer computers due to the greater graphical capacities and ease of gameplay.


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