The Ultimate Jhin Build Guide for League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Finding an appropriate Jhin build is not that hard if you know what you are doing. One of the more popular champions for the Dragon (bottom) lane, Jhin players have their work cut out for them with his impressive range, powerful damage, and decent movement speed. A moderately hard champion to master, Jhin has a varied skill set that needs good timing and experience to deploy. This is only compounded by his softness during the early rounds and a need for a good item set to strengthen his stats. Lucky enough, once you get a feel for his playing styles and what items, runes, and summoner spells work with a Jhin build, he would be a solid addition to any team. To help you do that, here’s our short guide to creating your perfect Jhin build for one of the best MOBA games.

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Inside This Article

  1. Getting to Know Jhin
  2. Skills and Attacks
  3. Best Items For a Jhin Build
    1. Core Jhin Item Build
    2. Critical Hit Build
    3. Attack Damage Build
    4. Situational Items
  4. Best Runes For a Jhin Build
    1. High-Risk, High-Reward Build
    2. Patient Build
  5. Summoner Spells For a Jhin Build


Getting to Know Jhin

Languishing, bored, and solitary in the dark and squalid pits of Tuula’s hidden prisons, Jhin once traveled the land of Ionia. Roaming the land with actors, courtesans, and artists in traveling theaters and opera houses, Khada Jhin once joined them as a mere stagehand. He had filled his creative mind with his art, the lurid blood-red splotches of what were once families and famed personalities he’d left in his wake.

Jhin, ever the virtuoso, became feared as the Golden Demon, a monster that left even the Kinkou Order stupefied. His killing spree continued until Grand Master Kusho and his two disciples set a trap that captured the crazed killer and locked him away. As time moved on, Ionia was rocked by disaster and invasion. During this chaos, a shadowy group found Jhin’s name and held out a helping hand to him. Now a hitman for this unknown figure, Khada Jhin’s performances again grace the land of Runeterra.

In League of Legends: Wild Rift,  Jhin works as a Marksman/Mage with a great range and even better attack damage. A popular choice for moderately experienced players to use on the Dragon or bot lane, Jhin has the potential to be one of the best attack damage carriers (ADC) in the game. Compared to other heroes like Galio who can tank enemies and still be maneuverable, a Jhin build is pigeonholed into two main, but similar builds. These builds both focus on strengthening his attacks by boosting either his critical hits or the lethality and armor penetration of his skills.


Jhin’s Skills and Attacks

Skills Effects
Dancing Grenade Jhin throws a bouncing grenade that hits a target. It bounces to three more enemies close by.
Deadly Flourish Fires a shot forward in a straight line, hitting everything in its way. It stops at the first champion it hits. If the champion was recently hit by Jhin, his allies, or lotus traps, the enemy champion is also rooted.
Captive Audience Places an invisible lotus trap on the map. Once triggered, it slows affected enemies and explodes. If used to kill an enemy champion, a visible lotus trap will spawn and detonate nearby.
Curtain Call (Ultimate) Jhin temporarily transforms into a mounted turret that can fire four shots at a wide angle. Each shot pierces through minions but stops at the first champion hit. Enemies hit will also get slowed and execute damage. The last shot is stronger and is an assured critical hit.
Whisper (Passive) Jhin’s signature weapon that fires four-shot salvos. The last shot is an assured critical strike with bonus execute damage. Jhin gets a movement speed boost when Whisper critically hits.

The first skill to level up in any Jhin build is Dancing Grenade. This skill will let Jhin handle mobs by himself and give him time to fall back to a better position. Your next priority should be leveling up the Captive Audience skill. This skill allows Jhin an even better chance to maneuver around his enemies due to the skill’s slow effect. Captive Audience has the added bonus of being quite effective against enemy champions with low HP. The third skill to level up should be Deadly Flourish which positively shines when Jhin is at higher levels. Deadly Flourish is going to be Jhin’s go-to skill when doing crowd control measures. Finally, Jhin’s ultimate skill, Curtain Call, should be taken whenever possible to give him the strongest attack capabilities.

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Deadly Flourish > Captive Audience > Dancing Grenade > Whisper (Basic Attacks)

Jhin has two solid skill combinations to use that depends on the situation he is in. As a Marksman/Mage with a strong attack but a brittle defense, Jhin’s best moves on the defense are to use his range to his advantage. Due to this, it is best to start off any attack with Deadly Flourish to ward off any strong enemy attackers in combination with other allied champions. The next move should be laying Captive Audience traps around your retreat area, which will lay down a good amount of slowing and damage to pursuing enemies. This can then be followed up by Dancing Grenade to remaining mobs that breakthrough. If Jhin has the leeway to kill the remaining enemies with basic attacks, he should. If not, he should retreat until reinforcements come.

Captive Audience > Deadly Flourish > Dancing Grenade > Whisper (Basic Attacks)

A bit of a variation to the defense skill combination, this cycle is best used when pushing into the enemy. The first skill should be Captive Audience, where Jhin prepares traps around the area he’ll be pushing into. This lets him have a good handle on the location of enemy champions for attack planning. The Deadly Flourish skill should next be used to either hit trapped enemy champions, those with low HP, or for crowd control. Dancing Grenade, meanwhile, is used the same way — to finish off remaining enemies and push forward.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call is one of the more situational and experience-learned skills in-game. Due to being forced into a stationary position while using it, the skill should only be used when allied champions are around. Aside from that, Curtain Call is one of the stronger ultimate skills and can be used to punch holes into already weakened enemy lanes.


Best Items for a Jhin Build

Jhin build - Main Skin
Photo from the Wild Rift Website

As we said earlier, compared to other Wild Rift champions, Jhin is pretty much pigeonholed into a purely offensive role. While he can also be useful in rear guards and holding actions, Jhin’s main use is to pierce into enemy lanes. He has some of the highest attack damage for his class, which only gets better using the best items. Jhin only has one core item set with several items that can be swapped out depending on what the situation calls for. Generally, there are two configurations for this set, one for increasing Jhin’s attack damage and another for increasing his critical hit rate. Either set will create a good Jhin ADC build.


Core Jhin Item Build

Core Item Jhin Build
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Items: Infinity Edge, Boots of Swiftness, Guardian Angel, and Rapid Firecannon

These four items comprise Jhin’s core item build. The four items boost his strongest skills as a Marksman/Mage and allow him a good degree of additional attack damage and armor penetration. While it may not allow him to handle getting surrounded, it does allow Jhin to snipe at enemies before moving to a new attacking position.

His first item should be Infinity Edge, which gives a good boost to attack damage and a 25% increase to critical strike chance. This is a good combination with Jhin’s ultimate, Curtain Call, as it lets the first three shots have a higher critical hit chance. The second item to get should be Boots of Swiftness. While not the slowest champion in-game, Jhin could use the additional movement speed and resistance against being slowed.

The last two items to complete Jhin’s core build are Guardian Angel and Rapid Firecannon. Guardian Angel is a must for any Jhin build to allow him a bit of armor protection. The item also gives him additional attack damage as well. Rapid Firecannon, meanwhile, also increases his critical hit chance. More importantly, Rapid Firecannon also gives a 35% increase to Jhin’s attack speed, a significant increase due to his four-shot limitation on Whisper.


Critical Hit Build

Items: Phantom Dancer

The only item to add to Jhin’s core item set to create a critical hit build is Phantom Dancer. This item gives four bonuses that help Jhin out. While it increases his attack damage and movement speed, Phantom Dancer’s best boosts increase attack speed and critical hit chance.


Attack Damage Build

Items: Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Those wanting a harder-hitting Jhin build can take Youmuu’s Ghostblade, instead. This item gives two important bonuses: a large attack damage increase and an increased ability cooldown. While the first effect is straightforward, the second lets Jhin use his skills sooner.


Situational Items

Jhin Build - Situational Items
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Items: Maw of Malmortius, Edge of Night, Stasis Enchant

This last list of items should round up the six available item slots to Jhin in-game. Which item you take would depend on the configuration of your team, the lineup of the enemy team, and your own situation. The first item, Maw of Malmortius, is a good offensive item. It gives Jhin additional attack damage, increased ability cooldown, and additional magic resistance. Teams that need Jhin to heavily carry the lane can slot this item in for their sixth choice.

Edge of Night, meanwhile, adds to the protection provided by Guardian Angel. This item gives a significant 250 additional health and a large boost to attack damage. While Jhin will still be unable to stand up to enemy tanks and similar attack-focused champions, it is a welcome addition.

The last option available is Stasis Enchant. Rather than an item by itself, it is actually an enchantment placed on boots. This enchantment allows Jhin to be fully invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds. During this time, Jhin is also unable to move or attack. The duration of the stasis effect should be enough for allied champions to rescue Jhin out of sticky situations or for him to outplay enemies.


Best Rune Build for Jhin

Jhin build - Alt Skin
Photo from the Wild Rift Website

While Jhin has a varied item set, as we discussed earlier, when it comes to Jhin’s runes, he has an even wider pool of choices. Depending on how you play him, he could either be the type to charge forward and take the risk or be patient and wait for opportune moments. Due to this, there are two Jhin builds when it comes to runes, one that focuses on high-risk, high-reward, or a more cautious and patient build.

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High-Risk, High-Reward Build

High Risk Rune Jhin Build
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Runes: Fleet Footwork, Champion, Hunter – Titan, Sweet Tooth

To support a very risky and aggressive Jhin player, this rune set would focus on giving Jhin the firepower to go champion against champion. This build is powerful in the early game, especially when combined with an attack damage item build.

Fleet Footwork gives Jhin a boost to movement speed, allowing him to kite mobs and snipe enemies. Champion, meanwhile, is the heart of the build and allows a big 8% damage bonus against champions. After Jhin dies twice, though, the bonus will reduce by 4% for each successive death until it disappears.

The last two runes, Hunter-Titan and Sweet Tooth are there to support Jhin’s brittleness. Both runes add health in different ways. Hunter-Titan gives a health bonus that stacks up with each additional unique champion takedown. Sweet Tooth, meanwhile, increases health recovered by using Honeyfruit and gives a small amount of gold.


Patient Build

Patient Rune Jhin Build
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Runes: Fleet Footwork, Gathering Storm, Adaptive Carapace, Sweet Tooth

With the same first and last runes as the aggressive rune build, Jhin’s patient rune build focuses more on the long run. This build shines in the late game when combined with proper use of Jhin’s skills and good unit placement. Fleet Footwork works the same way in this build as his other one, mainly to help Jhin maneuver away from enemies and snipe them. Meanwhile, Gathering Storm gives a big addition to Jhin’s attack damage which packs a punch in the late game.

Adaptive Carapace and Sweet Tooth serve the same role of boosting Jhin’s health points. While Sweet Tooth requires Honeyfruit when healing, Adaptive Carapace just gives a flat health bonus plus an additional armor or magic resistance when falling below 50% health.


Summoner Spells for a Jhin Build

Summoner Spells - Jhin build
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

There are three good choices you can choose from when it comes to summoner spells to complete your Jhin build. Depending on your play style, items, and rune sets, you can mix and match either of the three spells. While we will present three good combinations to use, you can only pick a maximum of two spells at a time.


Heal and Flash

Heal is a pretty straightforward spell as it recovers not just your health points but also that of the nearest allied champion. Aside from that, it also gives a good bonus of 30% of movement speed for one second after casting. This might be enough to get Jhin out of bad spots or ambushes. If you do find Jhin surrounded, Flash helps teleport him a short distance towards allied lines.


Flash and Barrier

Flash is used the same way with this combination, as a good way to escape and run from dire situations. Jhin is weak when ganged up on, and Flash is the best way to get out of those situations. Barrier, meanwhile, absorbs 100 to 420 damage for 2 seconds, allowing Jhin enough time to either kill or run away from his enemies.


Heal and Barrier

This combination uses a different idea than Flash and Barrier. When you are sure of having the support of allied champions in your lane, this might be the better option. Not only can Jhin sustain himself and his allies with emergency Heal spells, but he can also temporarily hold the line with Barrier. This would let allies rush in to help Jhin out of a bad situation.


Try This Jhin Build in a Ranked Match

Jhin build - Alt Skin
Photo from the Wild Rift Website

And there you have it, the secrets to a good Jhin build split into skill, item, rune, and spell sets. These are just some of the more popular ideas out there for Jhin’s basic play style. Creating a serious pro Jhin build for yourself might require you to tweak and modify parts of these builds to suit your own playing style.

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