Miss Fortune Build: Getting the Highest Win Rate in Wild Rift

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Getting a Miss Fortune build just right requires more than just a little bit of testing and tweaking. Chosen by players as one of the most popular attack damage carries (ADC) in League of Legends: Wild Rift, Miss Fortune has a lot going for her. Miss Fortune can start shoving when pushing just does not cut it and can overpower tanks and other ADCs. While all her abilities, even her passive “Love Tap,” are geared for offense, Miss Fortune can stand defensively too. She has a great combination of powerful offensive strength, defensive potential, and a low level of playstyle difficulty. Due to this combination, “The Bounty Hunter” might just be the perfect hero for aggressive new players. So you want to try her out, but what is the best build for Miss Fortune? Read on to find out!


Inside This Article

  1. Getting to Know Miss Fortune
  2. Skills, Talents, and Combos
  3. Best Item Builds for Miss Fortune
    1. ADC Miss Fortune Build
    2. APC Miss Fortune Build
    3. Lethal Focused Miss Fortune Build
    4. Stasis Enchant or Quicksilver Enchant
  4. Best Rune Builds for Miss Fortune
  5. Summoner Spells for Miss Fortune
  6. What Next?


Getting to Know Miss Fortune

LOL Miss Fortune
Photo from the Wild Rift Wiki

Born the only child of the renowned gunsmith Abigale Fortune, Miss Fortune, or Sarah, had a happy childhood. She had spent her life playing and learning from her mother’s forge on one of the isles of Bilgewater. Sarah had taken in her mother’s legendary talent for custom and bespoke handguns. And her mother’s talents were sublime, getting the attention of wealthy merchants and captains far and wide. This fame came at a price as it also garnered the eyes of Gangplank, the future Reaver King of Saltwater. The scourge had also wanted his own pair of hand cannons, which her mother obliged. After creating her masterpieces, Gangplank turned the guns on her and her family before destroying them himself. Left half-dead with a thirst for revenge, Sarah picked herself up and remade her mother’s masterpieces. Making a name for herself as a bounty hunter, she found herself a ship and enacted her revenge. Eventually, Sarah had scraped off everything Gangplank made for himself, and he was the one left for dead. Now free from her revenge, Captain Sarah continues to collect bounties of the ne’er-do-wells of Bilgewater.

Miss Fortune is considered a great marksman/mage with a heavy ADC and attack power carry (APC) lean. She is a great dual-lane hero and can handle the Baron lane but shines most on the Dragon lane. Similar to other marksmen, Miss Fortune’s attacks are all ranged but are physical in nature with her twin hand cannons. Due to that, her abilities let her cruise through the battlefield while shooting at enemies from afar. Although she is a powerhouse of an ADC hero, her skill set is easy to understand and master with enough practice and time. Miss Fortune-main players would also find her stats and skills can keep up with others even into the late game.

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Miss Fortune’s Skills, Talents, and Attack Combos

Skills Effects
LOL Miss Fortune skills Double Up Miss Fortune lines up a shot that shoots through the first enemy hit and critically strikes (150%) the enemy behind. On-hit damage is applied to both enemies hit.
Strut Passive Ability: When not taking damage, Strut increases Miss Fortune’s movement speed by 25 points and increases the bonus after 5 more seconds.

Active: Same abilities as the passive buffs but has an additional bonus attack speed for 4 seconds.

LOL Miss Fortune skills
Make It Rain Miss Fortune bombards the selected circular area with bullets for 2 seconds. Enemies hit get magic damage for 0.25 seconds and are slowed.
LOL Miss Fortune skills Bullet Time (Ultimate) Miss Fortune launches a barrage of bullets from her hand cannons Shock and Awe in a cone in front of her. Enemies get hit by 85% of their attack damage (AD) and can get critically struck. She stays stationary for 3 seconds while this plays out.
LOL Miss Fortune skills Love Tap (Passive) New enemies attacked with basic attacks get hit with 44%-100% of Miss Fortune’s AD. Will also cause Miss Fortune to only deal 50% damage to minions and monsters. Also reduces the cooldown of Strut by 2 seconds.

Out of Miss Fortune’s abilities, your priority should be to strengthen Double Up. This lets her punch through throngs of enemy champions with the right timing. You should level up Strut next, which increases Miss Fortune’s strengths. Strut’s passive mode should be best for defense or maneuvering. Aggressive offensives should be supported with Strut’s active mode instead. Make It Rain is Miss Fortune’s third most important ability since it works as good support. Not only can it be used defensively, but it can also hinder aggressive melee heroes and spook enemies hiding in bushes. Bullet Time, meanwhile, should be taken whenever available since it gives a good offensive punch.

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Make It Rain > Double Up > Bullet Time > Strut > Basic Attacks

The most common attack combo for any Miss Fortune build is to start with a shower of Make It Rain. This slows down her opponents and gives a perfect moment to use Double Up after maneuvering for a good shot. That is then followed up by a strong salvo of Bullet Time to drown enemy champions in bullets. If the enemies are still standing after that, Miss Fortune can finish them off with Strut boosted basic attacks.


Make It Rain > Strut > Basic Attacks > Bullet Time > Double Up

Any of Miss Fortune builds’ most common defensive combos starts with Make It Rain too. This slows her enemies and gives her enough time to fall back. With enough distance, Miss Fortune can activate Strut and send buffed basic attacks against pursuing enemy champions. Once allied heroes arrive or the enemy starts retreating, Miss Fortune can get on the offensive. This would be the perfect time to use Bullet Time to turn the tides. Enemies still in her area after Bullet Time can then be finished off with a good shot of Double Up.


Bullet Time

Similar to other marksmen heroes, Miss Fortune’s ultimate move has a severe downside. While quite strong and capable of downing entire groups of enemy champions, Bullet Time forces Miss Fortune to be stationary for three seconds while using the ability. This makes its use somewhat tricky, especially during a strong enemy push. A perfectly timed Make It Rain eliminates a lot of these risks, but it is better to have good allied support nearby before using this ultimate.


Best Item Builds for Miss Fortune

LOL Miss Fortune
Photo from Wild Rift Wiki

Items are the key to any hero; this is especially true for versatile ones. Although Miss Fortune has a fair share of weakness, especially against a well-built Jinx, there are several sets of good pro builds that can increase her chances. Like with any AD and AP-focused heroes, Miss Fortune has three viable build options. The first two are to boost AD or AP dealing while adding some armor, health, and movement speed for additional staying power. The third option is to go all-in on AD and AP while disregarding Miss Fortune’s health, armor, and movement speed. We suggest that those confident in their abilities go for the full lethal AD/AP build.


ADC Miss Fortune Build

ADC Item Miss Fortune Build
Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

Items: Essence Reaver, Gluttonous Greaves, Solari Chargeblade, Infinity Edge, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster

The most optimal ADC Miss Fortune build mainly boosts her AD and critical hit rate (CHR). With her boosted AD and CHR, even Miss Fortune’s basic attacks will pack a good punch. The ADC build lets Miss Fortune curb stomp her way through the Dragon lane. Just remember to pause once in a while to let your allied champions catch up and recover some health.

What to build first should be the Essence Reaver. This item exemplifies this build with its +40 AD, +25% CHR, and +25 ability haste (AH) buffs. These boosts will be quite effective in damage dealing from the early to mid-game. The Gluttonous Greaves should come next with its additional +40 move speed that also stacks with Strut’s passive bonuses. Paired together, these should make Miss Fortune quite agile on the field and good for surprise attacks. Solari Chargeblade, meanwhile, gives similar boosts as Essence Reaver with +30% attack speed (AS), +25% CHR, and +25 AH. When combined, these items should make a dent in Miss Fortune’s ability cooldowns and let you use Make It Rain sooner.

The last three items Infinity Edge, Rapid Firecannon, and Bloodthirster only boost the already strong bonuses given by the first three items. Respectively, these items give +55 AD and +25% CHR, +25% CHR and +35% AS, and +65 AD. These AD bonuses should boost Miss Fortune’s attack enough to be a threat even in the late game. When using this build, you should remember to strike fast and hard but to fall back when heavily outnumbered. You can also use the Stasis Enchant when fully surrounded and hope for allies to come and help.


APC Miss Fortune Build

APC Item Miss Fortune Build
Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

Items: Luden’s Echo, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Liandry’s Torment, Infinity Orb, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon

Now for the APC-focused build. This Miss Fortune build prioritizes buffing her AP and max health (MH) to last a long slugfest. With this build, Miss Fortune should stay on the field long enough to significantly dent the enemy’s offensive power. This build is best for players who have perfected their timing to use Miss Fortune’s abilities.

The first item for this build is Luden’s Echo. This item gives a solid +80 AP, +300 mana, and +10 AH. The best part of Luden’s Echo is “Dischordic Echo.” It adds a bonus of +100 magic damage and +10 AP once Miss Fortune uses enough abilities. The second item is Ionian Boots of Lucidity, which adds a standard +40 MS which stacks with Strut’s bonuses. Liandry’s Torment, meanwhile, adds +250 MH and +70 AP. It also has unique passives that increase Miss Fortune’s AD when in combat with enemy champions.

The last three items, Infinity Orb, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Morellonomicon add additional MH and AP, which is vital in the late game. Respectively, these three items add +200 MH and +60 AP, +130 AP, and +300 MH and +70 AP.


Lethal Focused Miss Fortune Build

Lethal Item Miss Fortune Build
Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

Items: Muramana, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Duskblade of Draktharr, Mortal Reminder, Guardian Angel

Finally, a lethality-focused Miss Fortune build. This build boosts Miss Fortune’s AD and AH to give enemies as hard a blow as possible. The lethal-focused build makes Miss Fortune somewhat of a glass cannon in the late game due to its focus on offensive stats. When using this build, players should mind their health gauge and retreat able.

This build’s first item is the Muramana, a sword that stacks +25 AD with +20 AH and a whopping +1000 max mana. Your second item is the standard Ionian Boots of Lucidity that boosts Miss Fortune’s MS if combined with Strut. The next items are Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Duskblade of Draktharr, which give the same +50 AD and +10 AH bonuses when equipped. These two items have +10 and +15 armor penetration passive bonuses, respectively.

The last two items, meanwhile, are Mortal Reminder and Guardian Angel. These two give +45 AD and +40 AD, respectively. While Guardian Angel also gives a small boost of +40 armor, its main use is its Resurrection passive. Its ability revives Miss Fortune with 50% base health and 30% mana after taking lethal damage. It also gives an additional 4 seconds of stasis upon revival but needs 210 seconds of cooldown afterward.

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Stasis Enchant or Quicksilver Enchant

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

For all three of these builds, you can choose either the Stasis Enchant or Quicksilver Enchant to add to your boots. Your decision should be based on how aggressive your team is and how likely you are to get allied champions to help you on your lane. The Stasis Enchant is perfect for teams that respond quickly to emergencies. Meanwhile, the Quicksilver Enchant might be better for players with unreliable allies since it helps against crowd control and suppression.

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Best Rune Builds for Miss Fortune

LOL Miss Fortune
Photo from Wild Rift Wiki

Since we have covered the best items to get for a Miss Fortune build, here is what to get when it comes to runes. Just like our picks for item builds, we will split the runes into three selections corresponding to their item builds.

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ADC Miss Fortune Rune Build

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

Runes: Conqueror, Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, Sweet Tooth

This rune build will boost an ADC Miss Fortune. For this build, your keystone should be Conqueror with its additional AD and AP. Following that is Brutal, which gives even more AD or AP. The third rune is Adaptive Carapace which gives a decent +50 health. This also gives 12 armor or magic resistance when Miss Fortune is below 50% health. Lastly, Sweet Tooth is perfect for gaining health with additional points gained when healing with Honeyfruit.


APC Miss Fortune Rune Build

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

Runes: Electrocute, Weakness, Loyalty, Manaflow Band

This rune build is built on boosting Miss Fortune’s stats to let her last longer on the field. The keystone, Electrocute, gives additional AP or AD when hitting enemy champions with basic attacks. Meanwhile, Weakness slows or immobilizes an enemy champion which is a perfect match for the Make It Rain ability. Loyalty and Manaflow Band, meanwhile, boost Miss Fortune’s armor and magic resistance, and maximum mana, respectively.


Lethal Focused Miss Fortune Build

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

Runes: Aery, Brutal, Hunter-Titan, Manaflow Band

Similar to her lethal-focused item build, the equivalent rune build also seeks to boost Miss Fortune’s damage-dealing abilities. The keystone, Aery, summons Aery to dash against enemy champions who were hit by basic attacks and deals 10 to 60 AD. Brutal similarly gives AP or AD when attacking. Hunter-Titan and Manaflow Band, meanwhile, give decent bonus health and mana to Miss Fortune.


Summoner Spells for Miss Fortune

LOL Miss Fortune
Photo from Wild Rift Wiki

Now for summoner spells for your Miss Fortune build. There are three useful spells that you can equip. Sadly, champions can only have two at a time. All three suggested spells are useful for both offense and defense, depending on how they are used. These three are Flash, Heal, and Barrier.


Flash and Heal

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

One of the best kiting combinations, Flash and Heal are perfect for annoying enemies. Flash is the perfect spell for sneakily charging behind enemy formations before pelting them with Bullet Time. Heal, meanwhile, is a good way to cover Miss Fortune’s lack of healing abilities.


Flash and Barrier

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

A great defensive spell combination, Flash and Barrier can save a game with good timing. You can use Flash to run and escape nasty situations. Meanwhile, Barrier can be a good backup when the Stasis Enchant fails, but your allies still have not arrived.


Heal and Barrier

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki

A purely defensive spell combination, Heal and Barrier can make up for deficiencies in Miss Fortune’s lethal-focused builds. Both spells can be stop-gap measures until adequate healing or a good escape route is available.


What Next?

There you have it, some of the more solid sets and combinations for Miss Fortune builds. Do not just take our word for it, though it is always best to test it yourself and tweak it to your own play style. There are times when it gets tiring just playing MOBA games, though. Sometimes you need to play something new. Well, League of Legends is not just a MOBA game as they have a few spin-offs and tie-in games, too!

Gamers who might want to try card collecting games might want to look at some of the decks they can build in Legends of Runeterra. Or maybe you want to try your hand at shooter games instead? LOL has you covered there too. They have a tie-in with PUBG that lets you play as some of the Arcane series’ characters!