7 Best Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps Trainers Should Try

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You caught two Pikachu in Pokémon Go, the world’s most popular AR mobile game. As a result, you now have the dilemma of which to keep and let go. You might be thinking that any will do, but hold on a second and do not convert that Pikachu yet to candies because no two Pokémon are alike. This is true even if both are of the same species. In fact, they most likely have a great difference in hidden stats that you can only gauge through a Pokémon Go IV calculator.


Best Pokémon Go IV Calculator

  1. Poke Genie
  2. Calcy IV
  3. GoIV
  4. PokeRater
  5. PokeMeter
  6. IV Go
  7. Poke Assistant


What Is Pokémon Go IV?

A Pokemon’s hidden power can be revealed via a Pokemon Go IV calculator
Photo by Anton from Pexels

Before we discuss the Pokémon Go IV calculator or Pokémon type calculator, you need to know first what individual values (IVs) are. IVs are a set of three randomly generated fixed figures, each being any number from 0 to 15. They are the hidden added values to the base attack, defense, and stamina or HP stats that are uniform across similar species of Pokémon. Knowing the IVs will help you understand how strong a particular Pokémon can get once it reaches its highest level.

For instance, you have two Pikachu with 112-96-111 for the respective base stats mentioned above. One of them has an IV set of 7-8-5 while the other comes with 15-15-15. The better Pikachu of the two will be the one with the higher or perfect IV stats.

Perfect IV Pokémon are very rare because players might catch thousands of weaker versions before getting one. That being said, IVs are a great differentiator for Pokémon and could be your winning factor in Player Versus Player (PvP) battles.


Best Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps

As you might have already noticed, the Appraisal or IV checker feature does not give you specific numbers in the 0 to 15 range. You can only make an IV approximation based on how filled the three stat bars are on the Appraisal page. Moreover, the in-game Pokémon Go IV calculator cannot provide you lineup management features like in Pokémon Home and other relevant information, including stat predictions and ideal buffs to use. These are why you and many Pokémon Go players might still prefer a third-party Pokémon Go IV calculator.

Each IV calculator available online is unique because of the differences in features offered, but many are available as apps. To help you pick one, we’ve rounded up the best Pokémon Go IV calculator apps you can download for iOS or Android. Furthermore, each IV checker for Pokémon Go listed below is used by many players and will most likely not get you banned from the game.

1. Poke Genie

PokeGenie is a Pokemon Go IV calculator that can reveal PvP IVs
Photo from PokeGenie.net

Poke Genie is among the most popular and versatile Pokémon Go IV calculator apps, with more than 13 million downloads from the Google Play Store and App Store. Moreover, it supports PvP IV analysis besides regular IV identification.

The Pokémon Go IV calculator offers PvP IV because the power variable determines if a Pokémon is suitable for the game’s Master or Ultra League. To elaborate, a 15-15-15 IV set is ideal for Master League while a 0-15-15 is better in Ultra League. The logic behind this is that the latter league has a team CP cap unlike the former, so it will be harder for you to meet the limit if your lineup has perfect IVs.

The app does not require you to provide your Pokémon Go account credentials and works as an overlay on the game, so it is safe. All you need is to take a screenshot of your Pokémon’s stats page then click on scan or import from the active Poke Genie app. The Pokemon Go IV calculator will show you PvP IV results in an instant. Also, you can access other functions, including the name generator, through the side menu.

Poke Genie is a Pokémon Go IV calculator or IV checker that is free for Android and iOS devices. It offers optional in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play Store

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2. Calcy IV

Calcy IV can read screenshots to analyze your Pokemon’s IVs
Photo by Calcy IV from Facebook

Calcy IV is another widely-used Pokémon Go IV calculator, particularly for players using Android devices. Furthermore, it can compute and predict IVs, tell you the best monsters to use against raid bosses, help you rename your Pokemon, and pick the best move sets.

How to use the Pokémon Go IV calculator you ask? Launch Calcy IV then switch to your running Pokémon Game from the app itself. Once in the game, long press on the overlaid Calcy IV button then the camera icon to take a screenshot of your Pokémon’s appraisal page. This Pokémon Go IV calculator will analyze the CP, HP, and Stardust power-up requirement to show you the hidden values and other relevant information afterward. You can explore the other icons for more functions.

The Pokémon Go IV calculator does not ask for your account details, so you would not be banned from the game. Furthermore, it is free to download with optional in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play Store


3. GoIV

Pokemon IV calculator GoIV is free to download and use
Photo by Johan Swanberg from Google Play Store

GoIV works similarly to the previously discussed Pokémon Go IV calculator because it overlays its controls on the game. The IV checker also records the Pokemon CP and the level it sees on the screen.

On first use of the IV checker app, you must input your trainer level and team name, grant permission for overlay and screen recording, and test the screenshot function on any Pokémon for app calibration. GoIV does not steal or store your account information and photos, so it is safe and would not get you banned.

GoIV is a Pokémon Go IV calculator that is open-source and completely free. However, it is exclusive only for Android devices.

Download on Google Play Store


4. PokeRater

PokeRater can predict IVs before you level up your Pokemon
Photo by PokeRater from Twitter

PokeRater is also among the best Pokémon Go IV calculator apps that would not get you banned. In fact, it only needs your Pokémon stats screenshot to provide you with an exact IV and not your account credentials.

Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to use. Take a screenshot like how you would do it regularly on your device then select it from the PokeRater app. The Pokémon Go IV calculator can show you the IV, possible power-up status per level, and predicted post-evolution CP afterward. Additionally, it has a history page for all the past Pokémon scanned, just like other top-tier Pokémon Go IV calculator apps mentioned.

PokeRater is free for iPhones and iPads and is only available from the App Store. The IV checker offers in-app purchases.

Download on App Store


5. PokeMeter

PokeMeter can handle more than 20 screenshots to calculate IVs
Photo by PokeMeter from Facebook

If you are looking for an all-around Pokémon type calculator for iOS, PokeMeter is the app to go. The IV checker can gauge both IV and CP. Additionally, it can provide you a list of the best Pokemon attackers for battles and the ideal move combinations to set.

While it is also screenshot-based like other Pokémon Go IV calculator apps, it can do batch processing. To elaborate, you can upload 20 or more screenshots at once for the IV checker to evaluate. The battle-related results you get are based on hundreds of simulations, so it is quite precise. PokeMeter is a Pokémon Go IV calculator exclusive to iPhones.

Download on App Store


6. IV Go 

IV Go is a minimalistic yet functional Pokemon Go IV calculator
Photo by OrangeFish from Google Play Store

When it comes to simplicity, IV Go tops the list of Pokémon Go IV calculator apps. To explain, its interface is pretty basic yet functional. It is for players who want to get IVs in one go.

The IV Go calculation process is also easy. You just have to input the Pokémon’s name, CP, HP, and the amount of Stardust required to level it up. Hit the Get IV button afterward. The Pokémon Go IV calculator will then show you the S rating, depending on the IV values shown for the attack, defense, and stamina. S, SS, and SSS mean low, average, and high IVs, respectively. Moreover, it displays the expected CP when the Pokémon reaches maximum level.

IV Go can be used by Android and iOS phone users. The Pokémon Go IV calculator can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. Also, it may offer in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store


7. Poke Assistant

Poke Assistant is an all-around Pokemon Go IV calculator
Photo by Aiping Zeng from App Store

Poke Assistant lives up to its name because you will find it as an essential companion app. It can do more things beyond being a Pokémon Go IV calculator.

Like some IV checkers for Pokémon Go, you have to input the CP, HP, and Stardust requirements in their respective fields on the app’s interface. Also, pick Yes or No from the Powered drop-down menu to make the calculation more specific. Poke Assistant will give you two or three possible IV sets depending on whether the Pokémon is powered or not. Aside from taking a look at IVs, you can check the best attackers and defenders to use alongside the Pokémon or ideal move sets from the left side menu controls.

Poke Assistant is a free Pokémon Go IV calculator you can get from the App Store. It was originally designed for iPads but is now also available for iPhones.

Download on App Store


Pokémon Go IV Calculator App Alternatives

In case you do not want to download and install a third-party app just to gauge IVs for Pokémon Go, there are reliable alternatives you can try: Pokémon Go IV calculator websites. The listed IV checker webpages below are trusted by many players worldwide. Also, they can be used regardless if you are an Android or iOS user. You just need to have a mobile browser.


1. The Pokemon Rater by The Silph Road

Calculate IV fast with The Pokemon Rater’s easy-to-use sliders
Screenshot from TheSilphRoad.com

The Pokémon Rater tool on The Silph Road website is a safe and user-friendly Pokémon Go IV Calculator. To elaborate, the website does not need account credentials, and it has slider controls for Pokémon data so you do not have to type the specific values. For example, the slider can be dragged to move the point on the CP arc to indicate the value. Moreover, the power variables and instructions are explained briefly on the page.

The Pokémon Rater tool is on the easy mode by default and its advanced mode is coming soon, according to the website. You can expect the latter version of the Pokémon Go IV Calculator to factor in more variables and conditions to come up with even more accurate IV results.


2. Pokémon Go IV Calculator by GamePress

GamePress factors in Pokemon conditions to determine IVs
Screenshot from GamePress.gg

GamePress’s calculator website for Pokémon Go is popular because of its simplicity and accuracy. All you have to do is to input the Pokémon type, CP, Stamina or HP, and amount of Stardust required for leveling up. You won’t need to provide game account access to the webpage. You can simply tick the icon or box to indicate specific conditions of the Pokemon. For instance, whether the Pokemon is powered up, obtained by hatching an egg or a lucky catch. The Pokémon Go IV Calculator gives you the exact IVs once you hit the Calculate button.

There is also a version of the GamePress Pokémon Go IV Calculator that focuses on PvP or Raid IVs. You can select it from the calculator type boxes on top of the webpage.


3. Pokémon IV Calculator by Pokémon Go Info

This IV checker features an editable bar graph that resembles the one from Pokemon Go
Screenshot from Pokemon.gameinfo.io

Pokémon Go Info’s calculator webpage is an improved and more specific version of the game’s Appraisal feature. In fact, you’ll find on the website a similar bar graph to the one from Pokémon Go. The only difference is there are actual 0 to 15 IVs indicated, depending on how you fill the bars. To summarize, the webpage wants you to copy how the bars from the game look like then give you a better IV estimate. You also have to choose the Pokemon you are checking from the drop-down menu and input the value on the CP field. Click the Calculate button after information completion.

The Pokémon IV Calculator by Pokemon Go Info has instructions on the website if you need more information.


Pokémon IV vs CP: Which Is More Important?

To prioritize IVs over Combat Points (CP) or vice versa has been a debate in Pokémon Go strategy, so you should also understand the second power variable to get a concrete answer.

CP is the two-, three- or four-digit sum of a Pokémon’s base stats and IVs, with level taken into account. While CP also indicates the strength, two Pokémon of the same species and level can have nearly the same CP but have a wide IV margin.

For example, you have two Level 20 Pokémon of the same species. One has 1200 CP while the other has 1280 CP. Let’s say, they have hidden 7-7-7 and 15-15-15 IVs, respectively, or vice versa. With just CP information available, you might be missing out on the Pokémon that has the biggest growth potential among others of the same species.

To summarize, IV is the better indicator of a Pokémon’s true power compared to CP. This does not mean perfect IVs is the only ingredient for winning battles, though. Your Pokemon should have a strong move set to maximize attack and defense. Perfect IVs will just be useless if your Pokemon sticks to the weak basic tricks.

On the other hand, the two power variables and a Pokémon Go IV calculator would not matter that much for you if you are playing Pokémon Go just to catch ‘em all rather than to win it all against fellow trainers.


The Rise of the Pokémon Go IV Calculator

Just like how Pokémon Go hacks make gameplay better, knowing IVs helps players make the most of their strategies. As a result, many third-party Pokémon Go IV calculator or IV checker apps emerged through the years. This is even if some violate Niantic’s Terms and Conditions. Consequently, someone who uses a Pokémon Go IV calculator that accesses the game’s servers and accounts to get the information for evaluating IVs can get banned. The ban can happen in three strikes and be temporary or permanent.

The popularity of Pokémon Go IV calculator apps pushed Niantic to add an in-game IV checker in a 2016 Pokémon Go update. The feature is called Appraisal. Before, Appraisal is just your Pokemon Gym Leader Candela, Blanche, or Spark hinting that a Pokémon is good, mediocre, or bad. It has been improved since 2019 to include a graphical presentation.

Below are the steps on how to use the Pokémon Go IV calculator feature:

1. Tap the Main Menu icon from your game’s Map View.
2. Click the Pokémon option.
3. Select the specific Pokémon you want to appraise.
4. Access the Pokémon’s menu via the three-line icon.
5. Hit the clickable Appraise option.
6. Wait for your Gym Leader to appear onscreen.

You can check IV in a breeze through the in-game IV calculator feature
Photos from Niantic

7. Estimate the IV via the star ranking seal and stat bar.
*Zero, two, and three stars stand for low, average, and high IV, respectively, while a red seal with three stars means perfect IV.



IV variations make Pokémon Go fun, particularly for hardcore gamers. Apps and websites that reveal IVs are here to stay, even if the Appraisal feature is already built into the game. In fact, players want the specific figures and complementary functions only a third-party Pokémon Go IV calculator can provide.