Jump Force to Pull Out From the Americas Next Year

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Anime crossover fighting game Jump Force has announced it will cease the production and availability of its product services in the Americas come 07 February 2022. In a press release, Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment adds all online services will be shut down by August of 2022.

Banner Photo of Jump Force
Photo by Bandai Namco Entertainment

“We are announcing the end of Jump Force’s availability through digital purchase in the Americas. Jump Force will cease to be available for base game, DLCs and virtual currency purchase on 2/7/2022 at 5:00 pm PST for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.” Bandai Namco Entertainment said.

Some experts speculate the move to shut down the game is due to the mediocre reviews it received despite a steady stream of sales. This comes despite a steady string of new DLC characters which apparently was not enough to maintain player interest. On the business side of things, we can assume Namco has calculated the numbers and decided to go for shutting the anime crossover game down as a better business decision where the company can save profit.

If you haven’t played Jump Force yet, this is your last chance.


What’s Next for Jump Force?

When the game’s servers go down come 24 August 2022, many features of this anime crossover game will cease to exist as well. In detail, the following are features that will cease to exist following the shutdown.

  1. Logging into the multiplayer lobby
  2. Online events
  3. Clan functions
  4. Viewing the Notice Board
  5. Viewing the leaderboards
  6. Accepting Rewards from the Reward Counter
  7. In-game Store
  8. Premium Shop (*Only this function will be available until 8/1/2022)
  9. Online Ranked Match

Additionally, players will find the in-game store will also cease its function on the same date. However, the Premium Shop will go offline on 01 August 2022.

The game in its current form and patches will continue to be available, however limited. Bandai Namco says the following content will still be available long after the end of the online service.

  1. Offline content
  2. Online battles (*Except Ranked Match)
  3. DLC (*DLCs purchased before the end of sales will still be available to use after online service ends.)


Dates to Remember

Here are the dates players should remember in relation to Jump Force’s shutdown:

Sales End Dates

  1. 2/8/2022 (Tue) 10AM JST
  2. 2/7/2022 (Mon) 5PM PST
  3. 2/8/2022 (Tue) 2AM CET

*Please note that times may vary.

Sales End Content

  1. PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC “JUMP FORCE”
  2. Nintendo Switch™ “JUMP FORCE DELUXE EDITION”
  3. JUMP FORCE Character Pack 1-14
  4. JUMP FORCE Character Pass 1-2
  5. JF Medal
  6. Other JUMP FORCE paid content DLC

Removal of Digital Products and Box Production Halt Dates

  1. 2/8/2022 (Tue) 10AM JST
  2. 2/7/2022 (Mon) 5PM PST
  3. 8/2/2022 (Tue) 2AM CET
  4. 8/2/2022 (Tue) 1AM UTC

Online Services End Dates

  1. 8/25/2022 (Thu) 10AM – 2PM JST
  2. 8/24/2022 (Wed) 6PM – 10PM PDT
  3. 8/25/2022 (Thu) 3AM – 7AM CEST
  4. 8/25/2022 (Thu) 1AM – 5AM UTC

*Please note that times may vary.


How Did Jump Force Perform?

The hype related to the game was primarily because of how it brought many manga and anime characters together in one battle arena. Fans were quick to make a buzz about the game prior to its release and Bandai Namco Entertainment believed this will translate to a landslide sale. However, the game did not rise to the occasion and eventually was considered a flop especially in Japan and overseas. Jump Force did feature good graphics and accompanying sound effects and design throughout the gameplay. However, it did come with its own sets of issues like delays in fixing bugs, which caused contributed to its hype’s early demise.

Along with the death of its hype is the plunging sales and eventually its popularity. With an impending shutdown, experts say it’s hard to say whether the possibility for a reboot is possible.