Black Clover Mobile Game Is Arriving in 2022

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The gaming community is buzzing in excitement after Vic Game Studios dropped a teaser for Black Clover Mobile Game’s release. The developer says Black Clover is a role-playing game similar to Genshin Impact and is set to go live in 2022.

Vic Game Studios is a subsidiary of Pearl Abyss, a company with headquarters in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

While details are still scarce as of this writing, here’s everything we know so far.


Black Clover Mobile Game Live Date

Photo of Black Clover Mobile Game Title
Photo from Aniplex Youtube Page

The Shueisha’s Jump Festa ’22 event saw the announcement of a new Black Clover franchise. Fans were quick to launch discussions online on what to expect out of the Black Clover mobile game such as its release date. However, Pearl Abyss has yet to make further announcements regarding the release date for the Black Clover Mobile game.

Considering the sense of tentativeness surrounding the mobile game version of the franchise, it’s no wonder that the developers have also yet to make a final decision on the name of the game. As of this writing, Vic Game Studios and Pearl Abyss are labeling the title as temporary as seen on its Twitter account.

Nonetheless, fans can surely expect only the best from this mobile game which already promises superior 3D graphics and animation. This is sort of a given, considering Pearl Abyss is a pro in mobile game releases. One of its successful titles is the MMORPG Black Desert.

Moreover, the developers also tease Black Clover Mobile game will incorporate gacha elements in the gameplay.

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Gameplay and Possible Characters

Block Clover character
Photo by Block Clover on Twitter

The trailer for the Black Clover Mobile is full of Easter eggs to unpack. Some of the known characters from the anime franchise are making an appearance throughout the game, which is evident from the trailer. Additionally, these characters hint at how the gacha element comes into play throughout the gameplay. Furthermore, the gacha element depends on whether the character is Rare (R) to Super Super Rare (SSR) in classification.

The trailer revolves around the main protagonist Asta and Yuno, suggesting the player will get to pick their player character from the two. As they explore the world they will be joined by more characters like Noelle Silva and Magna Swing. William Vangeance, Fuegoleon Vermillion, and Yami Sukehiro were also seen in the trailer although it is not clear if they will be playable characters.

Here are the Black Clover characters that are expected to make an appearance in the game with their gacha rarity based on the trailer.

Noelle Silva Rare
Yuno Rare
Asta Rare
Luck Voltia Rare
Magna Swing Rare
Finral Roulacase Rare
Gauche Adlai Super Rare
William Vangeance Super Super Rare
Mars Super Super Rare
Vanessa Enoteca Super Rare

In addition, the game will also feature familiar elements from the anime franchise such as the magnificence of the Clover Kingdom and its mages. On top of this, we will also see the three-eyed demon god as teased in the trailer. The game is also expected to be available on both Android and iOS platforms when released. It is not sure whether the game is eventually going to be made available on other gaming platforms. Cellular News will update this page when more details become available.