Alchemy Stars Tier List: Best Characters Ranked in 2022

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Are you having trouble forming a good team in Alchemy Stars? If so, referring to our Alchemy Stars tier list will be your best bet. Having a reliable character tier list is essential in most RPGs like Wild Rift and Another Eden — and that’s true for Alchemy Stars, too. With hundreds of characters in the said gacha-tactical RPG mobile game, you’ll need a guide to make team composition decisions a breeze.

Keep reading to gain more insight into the game’s characters and team compositions.

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Inside This Article

  1. Alchemy Stars Tier System
  2. Alchemy Stars Tier List by Element
    1. Forest Tier List
    2. Fire Tier List
    3. Water Tier List
    4. Thunder Tier List
  3. Alchemy Stars Tier List by Profession
    1. Converter Tier List
    2. Detonator Tier List
    3. Sniper Tier List
    4. Support Tier List
  4. Picking Your Team Composition in Alchemy Stars
  5. Does Alchemy Stars Have a Pity System?
  6. How to Reroll in Alchemy Stars
  7. FAQs


Alchemy Stars Tier System

Alchemy Stars tier system
Photo by Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd and TourDogStudio on Alchemy Stars Facebook page

Before you dive deeper into our Alchemy Stars tier list, let’s tackle the tier system we’re using. Like our Guardian Tales tier list, we’re using the SS, S, A, B, and C systems to rank characters.

Characters in the SS-tier are the strongest you’ll find. They’ll be difficult to eliminate but can annihilate your opponents easily. Meanwhile, S-tier characters are also powerful like SS characters. However, they may have a few weaknesses that allow other character classes to kill them.

Going down further, we have A-tier characters right in the middle of our system. They’re not as good as S-tier characters, but they’re good performers. Moreover, like most average performers, they’ll have some weaknesses and are more vulnerable to specific decks and tactics.

As for B-tier characters, they might not be as strong as the others, but they’re not weak, either. They still have a few strengths that could assist you in battle.

The weakest classification is tier C. Characters in the said tier can lose to opponents easily. Therefore, we don’t recommend using them during serious battles.

Note that our Alchemy Stars tier list applies to the game’s English version. And because the game developers release new versions of the game periodically, our tier list’s scope is based on the characters available at the time of writing.

Overall, you may consider our Alchemy Stars tier list more of a rough guide. That is because certain characters have niche use cases and team compositions that make them shine. Given that, it is best to refer to our tier list below and test the waters at the same time to see what characters work well for your play style.


Alchemy Stars Tier List by Element

Like a game of rock-paper-scissors, each element can defeat and be defeated by another element. Character elements (called attributes) add a layer of complexity to Alchemy Stars.

Thus, it’s essential to be mindful of a character’s elements when you’re composing your team. This is also why we’ve segregated this Alchemy Stars tier list based on character elements. We’ll give a brief explanation of each element and its characteristics below.


Forest Alchemy Stars characters
Photo by Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd and TourDogStudio on Alchemy Stars Facebook page

As you might expect, the Forest element is weak toward Fire. Hence, it can only deal 80% damage to Fire elementals. However, it’s strong against Thunder enemies, damaging them by 120%. You can use characters of the Forest element to your advantage based on the kind of enemies you’re facing.

SS Barton (Deft Blades), Yao, Siobhan, Nikinis, Pact, Hiiro, Migard, Mythos, Paloma
S Naroxel, Odi, Beryl, Pasolo, Uriah, Areia, Robyn, Gabriel, Hedy, Lola
A Lucoa, Louise, Lenore, Wendy, Sylva, Cuscuta, Dawn, Lester, Sikare
B May, Ophina, Clover, Dove, Jola
C Jomu, Leah

If you’re forming a Forest team, we recommend utilizing its characters’ mobility. The listed characters here are the most mobile of the lot, after all. At the top of the ranks, you’ll find characters like Siobhan, Pact, Nikinis, and Pact. Aim for them if you can, and avoid C-tier characters like Leah and Jomu.

Apart from the top picks, we suggest investing in Ophina as a decent, solid overall character. She might be weak, but she greatly increases in terms of utility once she maxes out her Limit Break skill.

If you’re looking for a healer, though, Louise would be the best one to have on your Forest-based team. Uriah is a great substitute if you don’t have Louise on hand.



Fire Alchemy Stars characters
Photo by Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd and TourDogStudio on Alchemy Stars Facebook page

Aurorians with the Fire attribute can deal up to 120% damage to Forest elementals. Forest elementals can also only deal 80% to Fire Aurorians. However, like the laws of physics, Fire is weak to Water and can only deal 80% damage to characters with Water attributes. Moreover, Fire specialists receive more damage when taking it from someone with the Water element.

SS Reinhardt, Giles, Victoria, Novio, Sinsa, Eicy, Faust, Charon, Carleen Smoldering Soul, Gram
S Rouge, Tiny One, Jona, Tohru, Loena, Nails
A Cordy, Barbara, Istvan, Maggie, Brock, Patty & Patsy, Frostfire, Tiny One, Regina, Uriel, Smokey, Genevieve, Benny & Curo
B Momo & Anzu, Reggie, Chandra, Taki, Leona, Alice
C Chainsaw Rick, Joanie, Sork & Bekk, Pepi, Joanie Boom

For the most part, a majority of the Fire Aurorians within the game will be useful. Even some of the lowest-ranked entries in this Alchemy Stars tier list have some useful skills. For example, Pepi has a cooldown teleport skill that is useful for mobility-based fights or those with specific mechanics. This will be very handy in Fire teams because Fire Aurorians lack mobility.

However, we do recommend investing in and rerolling for higher-tier characters. Say, Brock, who is a decent A-tier option if you want to have a chance at clearing stages. He can pull your opponents toward the board through his active skill. If you can, get S- to SS-tier characters too. This will let you stay competitive.



Water Alchemy Stars characters
Photo by Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd and TourDogStudio on Alchemy Stars Facebook page

Aurorians with the Water attribute can deal 120% damage to Fire Aurorians. They also don’t take much damage when it’s dealt by a Fire character. However, note that Water is weak to Thunder, so you can only deal 80% damage to Thunder Aurorians. Moreover, Thunder Aurorians can deal more damage to you.

SS Azure, Regal, Fleur, Bethel, Kleken, Sharona, Sariel
S Philyshy, Ruby, Hydrad, Carleen, Barton, Bethlehem, Vice, Chloe
A Allura, Kuma & Pengy, Ms. Blanc, Michenny, Elma, Jane, Tweety, Connolly, Raphael, Corax
B Constantine, Noah, Seleucid, Farnir, Zoya
C Korgon, White Dwarf

The Water attribute Alchemy Stars tier list is fairly balanced overall. If you’re new to the game, we recommend getting Zoya as your heart and Ms. Blanc to help your units. That is because these two are great at what they do. Moreover, Ms. Blanc can even change tile colors, giving you a tactical advantage during tight games.

However, like the other elements, we suggest trying your hardest to get the higher-tier characters. It’s also best to avoid Korgon and White Dwarf as they are generally weak and easy pickings for your enemies.



Thunder Alchemy Stars characters
Photo by Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd and TourDogStudio on Alchemy Stars Facebook page

The Thunder element is mighty when it faces opponents with the Water element and can inflict up to 120% damage. However, it can’t do as much harm to Forest Aurorians. It’s also weak to attacks made by Forest Aurorians.

SS Amemori, Ciel, Beverly, Revy, Requiem, Gronru, Irridon, Michael
S Pittman, Tessa, Luke, Schwartz, Florine
A Erica, Dayna, Nadine, Mia, Nemesis, Vivian, Kafka, Unimet, Eve, Kanna, Wrath, Hachi & Gin, Bonacie, Keating
B Ansia, Lilliam, Rabbie, Eho
C Amy, Angel

Thunder teams have the same weakness as Fire teams in that they aren’t as mobile as other elements. That is because they don’t have a decent teleport unit to help them in tight situations. If you can, get Michael so that he can buff your team. Otherwise, Eho will be a decent alternative if you’re out of options.

Moreover, like the Fire characters in this Alchemy Stars tier list, Thunder Aurorians aren’t as evenly divided across the different tiers. Most of the characters play decently, so there are many names under the A-tier. Very few weak characters are under the C-tier, so you can easily avoid them.


Alchemy Stars Tier List by Profession

Characters have different professions
Photo from

An Alchemy Stars tier list wouldn’t be complete if we only ranked characters based on their attributes. That is because the game is more than just a simple game of rock-paper-scissors. You’ll also need to keep the characters’ professions in mind while you’re playing. Here are the character rankings based on their roles.


SS Eicy, Faust, Pact, Siobhan, Nikinis, Gronru, Irridon, Beverly, Sariel, Barton, Kleken
S Pasolo, Hedy, Gabriel, Bethlehem, Carleen, Ruby
A Smokey, Uriel, Genevieve, Maggie, Joanie Boom, Tiny One, Wendy, Sikare, Nemesis, Unimet, Michenny, Ms. Blanc, Tweety, Fafnir
B Ophina, Dove, Jola, Ansia, Eho

The Converter class is a profession within Alchemy Stars that provides a tactical advantage. They do so by helping you change the color on the board during battle. This makes them versatile and effective players to turn the situation around when it’s not looking good. Moreover, they become even handier if you manage to get one with extra Combat Mechanics.

In addition, what makes Converters special is that a majority are overwhelmingly good performers. They’re decent, at the very least, and are not weak. In fact, there aren’t any C-tier characters among them in our opinion.



SS Charon, Gram, Sinsa, Hiiro, Michael, Requiem, Revy, Bethel, Regal, Sharona
S Rouge, Beryl, Areia, Robyn, Tessa
A Benny & Curo, Cordy, Regina, Patty & Patsy, Sylva, Lester, Eve, Dayna, Pitman, Corax, Elma, Jane, Kuma & Pengy
B Taki, Clover, Seleucid
C Sork & Bekk, Jomu, Angel

The Detonator class in this Alchemy Stars tier list is crucial in your team composition. That is because they act like your tanks and deal the most damage to your opponents. Some characters within the class also have extra Combat Mechanics to give you an edge in battle.

Thankfully, most of the Detonator characters are decent performers. Many fall under the SS and A tiers, while very few are under B and C. Unfortunately, there are also few S-tier characters, so you’ll likely have to settle for average or the best.



SS Migard, Mythos, Paloma, Fleur
S Jona, Tohru, Nails, Lola, Luke, Schwartz, Vice
A Frostfire, Cuscuta, Dawn, Lean, Kanna, Wrath, Mia, Vivian, Hachi & Gin, Connolly, Kafka, Allura
B Chandra, Leona, Constantine

Like any battle, you have to strike a balance between close combat and ranged attacks. Snipers fulfill the role of the latter and help you achieve victory from a distance. Likewise, a few of these characters also have Combat Mechanics that boost your odds of success.

Fortunately, most Snipers will serve you well within Alchemy Stars. Many of them fall under the S or A tiers, and only a few land under B or SS. No characters are under the C-tier, so choosing characters is less painful.



SS Novio, Victoria
S Naroxel, Odi, Uriah, Hydrad, Philyshy, Chloe
A Barbara, Istvan, Brock, Louise, Lucoa, Fluorine, Bonacie, Erica, Keating, Nadine, Raphael
B Alice, Lilliam, Noah, Zoya
C Chainsaw Rick, Korgon, White Dwarf

The Support class in this Alchemy Stars tier list is the most versatile profession. That is because the characters that fall under this category are diverse and vary in ability. Some can enhance your teammates while others help debuff enemies and increase the odds of winning.

For example, some characters can paralyze enemies, shield your team, or heal wounded members. In addition, select characters have extra Combat Mechanics that make them even more versatile.

Fortunately, most Support characters fall under the A and S tiers. Hence, you’ll likely get a decent pull within the game. However, there are very few SS-tier characters, so they’re not going to be the strongest characters on your team.


Picking Your Team Composition in Alchemy Stars

Many people who start the game opt for a monochromatic scheme. That is, they’ll only use characters who are the same color. This can help synchronize all your tactics and eliminate uncertainties.

In this composition, you can choose any Captain as long as they’re the strongest you have. Then, we suggest getting one healer, one tile changer (if available), and two chain combination units. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using any low-star characters for dealing damage as they aren’t worth what they offer.

If possible, we suggest using support characters with three to four stars to help clear the stages. That is because they’re useful for certain boss mechanics and completing certain conditions within the game.


Does Alchemy Stars Have a Pity System?

Gacha games usually have a pity system that increases your likelihood of drawing powerful characters. This happens for players who cannot recruit 6-star Aurorians during their playthrough.

Your odds of drawing a good character go up by 2.5% until it maxes out at 100%. As a result, you’re guaranteed a 6-star character after a long time of drawing. However, once you draw a 6-star character, your probability drops back to 2%. This builds up once more until you draw another 6-star character.


How to Reroll in Alchemy Stars

It's possible to reroll in the game
Photo from Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd and TourDogStudio on Alchemy Stars Facebook page

Gacha games like Alchemy Stars can be frustrating to work with, especially if your odds of winning depend on chance. As such, referring to an Alchemy Stars tier list can sometimes only get you so far. The true key to winning is getting the right characters through rerolls.

Thankfully, you can reroll to get better characters. That must be done at the very beginning of the game, though. Otherwise, you won’t get many chances.

How can you do it for free? Here are the steps you can take:

1. Open the game.
2. Finish the tutorial.
3. Afterward, get your characters after the first four levels.
4. If you get bad characters, navigate to the start screen and sign out.
5. Log in once more using a different email or account.
6. Rinse and repeat until you get good characters.



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Create Your Ideal Alchemy Stars Team Now

There are more than 100 characters in Alchemy Stars, so it can easily become overwhelming to categorize all of them. Thankfully, you can always look at this Alchemy Stars tier list to make the right character combinations. With that, we hope you enjoy creating your ideal team and the rest of your playthrough!