How To Unlock Loba In Apex Mobile

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If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably heard of Apex Legends, one of the most popular battle royale games out there. And if you’re a fan of playing as a master thief, then Loba is the character for you. Loba, with her teleportation abilities and mastery of stealth, can be a formidable asset in the Apex Legends arena. However, unlocking Loba in Apex Mobile can be a bit of a challenge. That’s where this guide comes in. In this article, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to unlock Loba in Apex Mobile and get ready to dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our guide will help you get started on your journey to becoming a master thief in Apex Legends Mobile.

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  1. Overview of Loba in Apex Mobile
  2. Step 1: Understanding Loba’s Abilities
  3. Step 2: Collecting Loba’s Ultimate Accelerants
  4. Step 3: Finding Loba’s Ultimate Item, the Black Market Boutique
  5. Step 4: Utilizing Loba’s Tactical Ability, Burglar’s Best Friend
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Overview of Loba in Apex Mobile

Loba is a versatile and agile legend in Apex Mobile who specializes in looting and treasure hunting. With her unique set of abilities, she can swiftly navigate the battlefield and secure valuable items for her team. Known as the “Translocating Thief,” Loba brings a combination of style and cunning to every match.

Her passive ability, Eye for Quality, allows her to quickly spot and locate nearby epic and legendary items through walls. This enables her to prioritize valuable loot and ensure that her team is well-equipped for the fight ahead.

Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, is a teleportation device that allows her to throw a bracelet and instantly teleport to its location. This ability is incredibly versatile, as it can be used both offensively to surprise enemies and defensively to escape dangerous situations.

Her ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique, is a portable device that creates a small black market shop. Loba and her teammates can approach the shop and browse its inventory, selecting up to two items to take. This ability not only provides quick access to powerful gear but also removes the need to sift through piles of loot, saving valuable time in looting phases.

When playing as Loba, it is essential to utilize her abilities strategically. Use Eye for Quality to identify high-value items, Burglar’s Best Friend to quickly reposition and gain a tactical advantage, and Black Market Boutique to secure desirable gear for your squad.

Overall, Loba is a valuable addition to any team in Apex Mobile. Her ability to swiftly gather top-tier loot and outmaneuver opponents makes her a force to be reckoned with. Mastering her abilities and using them to their full potential can give you a significant advantage in the game.

Step 1: Understanding Loba’s Abilities

Loba is a powerful and versatile character in Apex Mobile, with unique abilities that can give you a competitive edge on the battlefield. Understanding how to effectively utilize her abilities is crucial for success. Let’s dive into Loba’s abilities and explore how they can enhance your gameplay.

1. Tactical Ability – Burglar’s Best Friend: Loba’s tactical ability allows her to teleport to hard-to-reach places and quickly navigate the map. By throwing her bracelet, she can teleport to its landing spot, giving her the ability to quickly flank enemies or reposition herself during intense firefights. This ability is perfect for surprise attacks or escaping dangerous situations.

2. Passive Ability – Eye for Quality: Loba’s passive ability enables her to see epic and legendary loot through walls. This gives her a significant advantage when looting, as she can prioritize valuable items and avoid wasting time on low-tier loot. Use this ability to gear up faster and equip yourself with the best weapons and gear.

3. Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique: Loba’s ultimate ability is a game-changer. She throws a portable device called the Black Market Boutique, which creates a small loot vault. Teammates and enemies can access the vault and quickly swap items. This ability is perfect for helping your team gear up quickly or denying crucial resources to your opponents.

Loba’s abilities make her a versatile and valuable asset on the battlefield, able to support her team and dominate enemies. Mastering the use of her tactical and ultimate abilities requires practice and strategic thinking. Experiment with different scenarios and find ways to maximize the impact of Loba’s abilities to turn the tide in your favor.

Step 2: Collecting Loba’s Ultimate Accelerants

As an Apex Legends player, you know that Loba’s ultimate ability, the Black Market Boutique, can give you a distinct advantage on the battlefield. This ability allows you to teleport to an area and steal valuable loot from a nearby radius. However, to use this ability multiple times throughout a match, you need to collect Loba’s ultimate accelerants.

Loba’s ultimate accelerants are special items that can be found scattered across the map. When used, they instantly charge a portion of your ultimate ability meter, allowing you to unleash the power of the Black Market Boutique more frequently.

These accelerants can be found in various locations, so it’s crucial to have a keen eye and be aware of your surroundings while exploring the map. Look out for supply crates, loot bins, and even the remains of fallen enemies—they might be carrying these valuable items.

To maximize your chances of finding ultimate accelerants, prioritize looting areas with high-tier loot. Places like the Supply Ship, The Pit, or The Rig are known for having a higher concentration of rare and powerful items, including Loba’s ultimate accelerants.

Additionally, keep an eye out for the distinct blue glow that surrounds ultimate accelerants, making them easier to spot amidst the chaos of combat.

Furthermore, don’t forget to communicate with your teammates and share the accelerants you find. If one of your squadmates is playing as Loba or planning to use her ultimate ability frequently, it’s beneficial for the team as a whole to ensure they have a steady supply of accelerants. Teamwork and coordination are essential to success in Apex Legends.

Lastly, make an effort to kill enemies and loot their death boxes. Not only do they often carry useful items, but there’s always a chance they were carrying ultimate accelerants. Don’t pass up the opportunity to eliminate an enemy and make the most of their loot.

By keeping these tips in mind and actively searching for Loba’s ultimate accelerants, you’ll be able to utilize the Black Market Boutique more frequently and gain a significant advantage over your opponents in Apex Legends.

Step 3: Finding Loba’s Ultimate Item, the Black Market Boutique

As an Apex Legends player, unlocking and mastering a character’s unique abilities is crucial for success in the game. One such character is Loba, the high society thief. In this step, we will explore how to find Loba’s ultimate item, the Black Market Boutique, and unleash its potential on the battlefield.

The Black Market Boutique is Loba’s ultimate ability, which allows her to teleport nearby loot to her location. This ability is incredibly useful when it comes to stocking up on weapons, ammo, and other essential items without having to search every nook and cranny of the map.

So, how do you find this elusive Black Market Boutique? Well, the first step is to keep an eye out for Ultimate Accelerants. These items look like small canisters and can be found scattered throughout the map. When picked up, they charge Loba’s ultimate ability, bringing her one step closer to unlocking the Black Market Boutique.

Once you have collected enough Ultimate Accelerants, it’s time to activate Loba’s ultimate ability. Simply press the corresponding key or button to summon the Black Market Boutique. This will create a small device that emits a purple light, indicating its location.

Now comes the exciting part – the Black Market Boutique is not limited to Loba alone. Your teammates, as well as enemies, can make use of this unique shop. But be warned, using the Black Market Boutique does alert nearby enemies to your location, so be prepared for potential confrontations when accessing it.

When you approach the Black Market Boutique, interact with it to open its inventory. Here, you’ll find a wide array of loot, including weapons, ammo, attachments, healing items, and more. You can swap your current gear with what’s available in the Black Market Boutique or simply grab what you need to give yourself an advantage in the game.

It’s important to note that the Black Market Boutique has a limited duration, so be sure to make the most of it while it’s active. Once the time runs out, the Boutique will disappear, and you will no longer be able to access its inventory.

Step 4: Utilizing Loba’s Tactical Ability, Burglar’s Best Friend

Once you have mastered Loba’s abilities and gained access to her Black Market Boutique, it’s time to dive into her tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend. This ability allows Loba to teleport instantly to hard-to-reach places or retrieve items from a distance, making her a valuable asset in any team composition.

When activated, Loba throws her bracelet, creating a temporary portal that can be used to teleport to its location. This portal can be deployed both defensively and offensively, providing endless possibilities for strategic gameplay. Whether you need to reach a high vantage point, surprise enemies from unexpected angles, or quickly escape dangerous situations, Burglar’s Best Friend has got you covered.

One key aspect of Loba’s tactical ability is the ability to retrieve nearby loot using her bracelet. By aiming at a specific loot item and activating her ability, Loba can instantly bring the item to her, no matter how far away it may be. This is incredibly useful in situations where you spot high-tier loot but can’t reach it due to obstacles or time constraints.

Additionally, Loba can use her tactical ability to steal items from enemy death boxes or loot vaults. This unique feature allows her to quickly replenish her supplies in the midst of battle, giving her a significant advantage over her opponents. It also adds a level of versatility to her playstyle, as she can adapt to different situations and make the best use of available resources.

When utilizing Burglar’s Best Friend, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a brief cooldown period after each use. This means that you need to choose your teleportation destinations strategically and avoid using the ability recklessly. Planning ahead and positioning yourself effectively is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of Loba’s tactical ability.

Lastly, Burglar’s Best Friend can also be used creatively to outmaneuver your enemies and gain the upper hand in combat. For example, you can teleport behind unsuspecting enemies, catching them off guard and giving yourself an advantage in close-quarters engagements. The ability also allows Loba to quickly reposition herself during a firefight, making her a challenging target to hit.


The process of unlocking Loba in Apex Mobile can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can gain access to this powerful and versatile character, allowing them to enhance their gameplay and tactics. Whether it’s utilizing Loba’s teleportation abilities to quickly traverse the map or utilizing her Black Market Boutique to gain a strategic advantage, unlocking Loba brings a new level of gameplay to Apex Mobile. So, gather your squad, prepare for battle, and embark on the journey to unlock Loba. Now, go out there and show the Apex Games what you’re made of!


1. How do I unlock Loba in Apex Mobile?
To unlock Loba in Apex Mobile, you need to progress through the Battle Pass tiers. Loba is typically available as a reward in one of the higher tiers. Keep playing and completing challenges to earn Battle Pass experience and level up to unlock Loba.

2. Can I unlock Loba through in-game purchases?
Yes, you have the option to unlock Loba by purchasing her directly from the in-game store. Look for any available Apex packs or character bundles that include Loba. By purchasing these, you can instantly unlock and play as Loba in Apex Mobile.

3. Is Loba a free character in Apex Mobile?
No, Loba is not a free character in Apex Mobile. She is locked behind Battle Pass progression or in-game purchases. However, you can still play Apex Mobile for free and enjoy other available characters while working towards unlocking Loba.

4. What abilities does Loba have in Apex Mobile?
Loba has unique abilities that make her a valuable addition to any squad in Apex Mobile. Her tactical ability, “Burglar’s Best Friend,” allows her to teleport through short distances and retrieve nearby loot. Her ultimate ability, “Black Market Boutique,” lets her place a device that reveals nearby loot through walls and allows her squad to interact with it. Loba’s passive ability, “Eye for Quality,” allows her to see nearby epic and legendary loot through walls.

5. Can I play as Loba in other game modes besides Battle Royale in Apex Mobile?
Yes, you can play as Loba in other game modes besides Battle Royale in Apex Mobile. Loba is available for use in Arenas mode, a 3v3 round-based game mode where teams compete against each other. Whether you prefer the intensity of Battle Royale or the strategic gameplay of Arenas, you can enjoy playing as Loba in Apex Mobile.