Disney Twisted-Wonderland English Release Date Revealed

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Aniplex USA has announced it is releasing Disney Twisted-Wonderland English version come January 20, 2022. The critically acclaimed mobile RPG is finally making its way to America and Canada and fans are excited.

Furthermore, Aniplex USA started accepting pre-registrations on December 21 for iOS and Android users. In a press release, Aniplex USA says this mechanic will subject fans to “useful in-game items, by reaching pre-registration milestones.”


Disney Twisted-Wonderland English Version

The characters in Twisted-Wonderland are all based on Disney villains and bring in original stories in the gameplay. The visuals and graphics are all brought to life by anime and manga artist Yana Toboso. These elements are the same ones the developers bring into the US and Canada.

“As we welcome players in the U.S. and Canada to the world of Twisted Wonderland with the launch of the mobile game’s English version, we are truly humbled to be given stewardship of this new adventure, joining the beloved and imaginative stories Disney has cultivated for so long,” says Aniplex, Inc. producer Yusuke Toyama in a press release.

He adds that Aniplex, Inc. is thrilled to be expanding its reach and welcomes returning and new Disney fans. He says the creative team has been working in crafting this development including making wholly new and original stories inspired by the iconic Disney villains we all came to know.

Twisted Wonderland English Promo Banner
Photo by Aniplex USA

“We hope players are as excited as we are to experience this incredibly distinctive anime universe,” says Disney and Pixar Games VP Luigi Priore in the same press release.

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Pre-Registrations Are Now Open

Disney Twisted-Wonderland English version comes out a year after fans starts playing the Japanese version of the game. Additionally, there have been no words yet if the game is going to be available in other regions like Europe.

Moreover, the pre-registration will also earn players access to milestones which they can use in the game following its release. Aniplex USA teases fans can get access to bonuses like the Blessed Magic Key, which will enable players to summon an SR character of their choice. However, players can re-roll their cards to summon a specific SR even without the Blessed Magic Key. But getting that bonus will be a plus.  On top of this, players can also earn Magic Keys, Star Fragments, and Lesson Item 3-Piece Sets.

twisted wonderland english pre-registration promo
Photo by Aniplex USA

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Bonus Features in Twisted-Wonderland

As the anticipation builds, fans want to know more about Twisted-Wonderland English. Aniplex teases the game features opening animation by TROYCA (Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files -Rail Zeppelin- Grace note, Aldnoah.Zero) and voice acting talent including Natsuki Hanae (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tokyo Ghoul), Koki Uchiyama (Haikyu!!, Fate/Zero), and Atsushi Tamaru (The Irregular at Magic High School, The Asterisk War).

While we can expect the game to be similar to its Japanese counterpart, one thing is for sure at this point: this version of the game will surely bring a unique gaming experience to anime, manga, and Disney fans in the USA and Canada.