What Is English Slang For Phone?

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When it comes to communicating in the modern world, cell phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. With the rapid advancement of technology, the way we use and refer to these devices has also evolved. While the term “cell phone” is widely known and used, the English language is also rich with slang terms to refer to this ubiquitous gadget. These slang terms add a touch of creativity and informality to our conversations, making communication more engaging and dynamic.

In this article, we will explore some of the popular English slang terms used to refer to cell phones. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, an international visitor, or simply curious about the expressions people use, this guide will give you valuable insight into the colorful and ever-changing world of cell phone slang.

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Common English Slang Words for Phone- Blower, Cell, Mobile, Caller

When it comes to communicating in the modern world, the cell phone has become an indispensable tool. We all rely on our phones for various purposes, and it’s no wonder that they have their own set of slang terms in the English language. In this article, we will explore some of the most common slang words used to refer to a phone.


One of the popular slang terms for a phone is “blower.” This word might seem a bit odd at first glance, but it has its origins in the early days of telephones. In the past, phones used to have a rotary dialing system where one needed to blow into the handset before dialing. This action was believed to help clear out any dust particles or debris that could affect the connection. Hence, the term “blower” stuck around and became synonymous with a phone.


“Cell” is another widely used slang term for a phone. It is a shortened form of the word “cellular phone,” which refers to a type of mobile phone that uses cell towers to transmit and receive signals. The word “cell” has become so common that it is now deeply ingrained in the English slang lexicon, and you will often hear people casually referring to their phones as “cells.”


The term “mobile” is also commonly used to refer to a cellphone or mobile phone. This term has gained popularity due to its simplicity and ease of use. It encapsulates the essence of a phone that can be taken anywhere and used on the go. In many English-speaking countries, you will often hear people say phrases like “I’ll give you a call on my mobile” or “Can you reach me on my mobile?”


While not a specific slang word for a phone itself, “caller” is a commonly used term to refer to someone who is making a phone call. When someone asks, “Who’s the caller?” they are inquiring about the person on the other end of the line. This term is widely used in various contexts, including phone etiquette and call identification.

These are just a few examples of the slang words commonly used to refer to a phone in the English language. However, it’s important to note that slang terms can vary depending on the region and the specific subculture. So, the slang words you encounter might differ from the ones mentioned here. Nonetheless, it’s always interesting to explore the vibrant and ever-evolving world of slang language, especially when it comes to phones, which play such a crucial role in our daily lives.

Trendy Slang Terms for Phone

When it comes to communicating in the digital age, phones have become an integral part of our lives. With the rise of smartphones, the way we talk about these devices has also evolved, giving birth to a plethora of trendy slang terms. Here are some of the popular slang terms for a phone that you might find interesting:

Dog and Bone

One of the most iconic and widely recognized slang terms for a phone is “dog and bone.” This unique phrase originates from Cockney rhyming slang, where “bone” rhymes with “phone.” So, if someone asks you to hand them the dog and bone, don’t search for an actual canine!

Bling Blower

In our modern digital age, phones have become more than just tools for communication; they have become fashion statements. “Bling blower” is a slang term used to describe a phone that is not only technologically advanced but also adorned with luxurious accessories and features. So, if you have a phone decked out in diamonds and gold, you can proudly call it a bling blower!

Buzzing Buddy

Our phones are more than just devices; they are our constant companions. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest news, staying connected with friends, or capturing memorable moments, our phones are always buzzing. This is where the term “buzzing buddy” comes into play. It refers to a phone that is always active and vibrant with notifications and social interactions.

Tech Leash

In today’s hyperconnected world, our phones have become an extension of ourselves, almost like a digital leash that keeps us tied to the online realm. The term “tech leash” is used to describe the close attachment we have to our phones. It highlights how reliant we are on these devices for information, entertainment, and even our daily routines.

So, next time you hear someone talk about their dog and bone, bling blower, buzzing buddy, or tech leash, you’ll know that they are using trendy slang terms to refer to their beloved phones!

Regional Slang Words for Phone

When it comes to slang, different regions around the world have their own unique expressions for referring to a phone. These regional slang terms not only add flavor to conversations but also showcase the cultural diversity of language. Let’s explore some of the intriguing regional slang words for phone:

  • Jacking device (British): In British slang, a phone is often referred to as a “jacking device.” This term likely originated from the act of “jacking in” or connecting to a telephone line.
  • Celly (American): Across the pond in America, you might hear someone use the term “celly” to describe their phone. This abbreviation of “cellular phone” has become popular in American slang.
  • Ting (Jamaican): In Jamaica, the word “ting” is commonly used as a slang term for phone. This colorful expression reflects the vibrant Jamaican culture and adds a touch of island flavor to conversations.
  • Mobe (Australian): Down under in Australia, you might hear locals referring to their phone as a “mobe.” This slang term is a shortened form of “mobile” and is a favorite among Australians.

These regional slang words not only showcase the diverse vocabulary used to talk about phones, but they also serve as a cultural identifier. The use of these terms often creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among individuals who share the same linguistic background.

Whether it’s referring to a phone as a “jacking device” in Britain, a “celly” in America, a “ting” in Jamaica, or a “mobe” in Australia, regional slang adds an element of fun and creativity to everyday conversations.

Slang Phrases and Expressions Related to Phone

In addition to slang terms for phones, there are also various phrases and expressions that have emerged in English language usage. These expressions add a colorful touch to conversations and reflect the dynamic nature of language. Here are a few popular slang phrases and expressions related to phones:

  • Give me a tinkle: This phrase is a lighthearted and informal way of asking someone to give you a call on the phone. It originates from the sound of a phone ringing, which is often described as a “tinkle.”
  • Drop me a line: While not directly referring to a phone, this expression is often used when asking someone to send a message or get in touch with you. It can be used interchangeably with “give me a call” or “shoot me a text.”
  • Ring me up: A common phrase used to request a phone call. It’s a more casual way of asking someone to contact you. You might say, “Ring me up tomorrow and we can discuss the details.”
  • Hit me on the horn: This phrase is a playful way of asking someone to call you. The term “horn” refers to the telephone receiver, which is shaped like a horn. So, when you say “hit me on the horn,” you’re essentially asking the person to contact you via phone.

These slang phrases and expressions not only add variety to our conversations but also help create a sense of camaraderie and informality when communicating with others. They showcase the creative ways in which language evolves and adapts to our ever-changing world.

So, the next time you’re having a chat with someone and want to spice up your phone-related conversation, consider using one of these catchy and playful slang phrases. It’s a great way to show off your linguistic prowess and have a little fun at the same time!


In conclusion, the English language has a wealth of slang terms used to refer to a phone. From “bling bling” and “cellie” to “blower” and “dog and bone,” there are numerous colloquial expressions that add flavor and creativity to our conversations. Using slang terms for a phone not only helps to convey a sense of informality and camaraderie but also enables us to connect with others in a unique and playful way.

These slang terms for phones are not only fun and exciting but also constantly evolving. New expressions and abbreviations emerge, reflecting the ever-changing nature of language and technology. So, the next time you want to spice up your conversation or impress your friends with some cool and trendy slang, don’t forget to sprinkle in these colorful phrases for your phone.

Now that you know some of the most popular English slang terms for a phone, why not try incorporating them into your everyday conversations? Whether you prefer to stick with the classic “cell phone” or want to mix it up with some edgy slang, expressing yourself with these creative terms can add an extra bit of flair to your communication style. So go ahead, embrace the rich tapestry of English slang and enjoy the vibrant world of phone-related expressions!


1. What is the meaning of “blower” in English slang for phone?

In English slang, “blower” is a term commonly used to refer to a phone. It originated from the early days of telephones when they had a hand crank that looked similar to a blower used to fuel fire. Over time, the term stuck and is still used today by some native English speakers, particularly in the United Kingdom.

2. How do you say “cell phone” in English slang?

In English slang, “cell phone” is often referred to as a “mobile” or “mob”. This term is frequently used in both British and American English, and it has become popular globally as well. So, if you hear someone mentioning their “mobile” or “mob” while talking about their phone, you know they’re using English slang.

3. What does the term “dog and bone” mean in English slang?

In English slang, “dog and bone” is a commonly used term to refer to a phone. This phrase originated from Cockney rhyming slang, where words are replaced with rhyming phrases. “Dog and bone” rhymes with “phone”, so it has become a popular way to talk about phones using slang in some regions of England.

4. What is the slang term “blinged-out” used for in relation to phones?

In English slang, the term “blinged-out” is used to describe a phone that has been decorated or accessorized with flashy and extravagant items. It refers to a phone that is adorned with shiny jewels, decorative casings, or customized features, giving it a luxurious and eye-catching appearance. The term “blinged-out” is derived from the slang term “bling”, which refers to expensive and ostentatious jewelry or accessories.

5. Is there a specific English slang term for a smartphone?

Yes, in English slang, a smartphone is often referred to as a “smartie” or simply a “smart”. This term is commonly used when talking about the latest mobile devices that have advanced capabilities beyond just making phone calls. So, if you hear someone asking for their “smartie”, they are referring to their smartphone in English slang.