Exploding Kittens Card Game on Mobile: Should You Play It?

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If we’re talking about fun and whimsical card games, then Exploding Kittens is as good as they get. It’s filled with strategy, an air of suspense, a bit of luck, and best of all, lots of cats! Who wouldn’t want to play a game so fun and adorable? There are even multiple versions for folks that can’t get enough of the game.

However, like any physical card game, you can’t play Exploding Kittens at a distance. That’s a bummer because people need a bit of that enjoyable silliness, especially during the pandemic. Thankfully, Exploding Kittens is now available on mobile and it’s just as fun as the original!


Exploding Kittens Card Game

exploding kittens card game box
©  Photo by Exploding Kittens Official Website

The Exploding Kittens card game stands as a testament to how powerful crowd-funding projects can get. Not only did it have 220,000 backers with over $8.8 million in funds on Kickstarter, but it also broke the record. Yes, that’s right! Exploding Kittens broke the Kickstarter funding record back when it was released in 2015. 

The game works in the spirit of Russian roulette, but with exploding kittens instead of bullets. Each player is tense every time they draw a card from the deck in case it’s an exploding kitten. If a player finds it’s not, then they can sigh with relief knowing they’re safe — for now.

This continues until a player finally draws an exploding kitten which they have to defuse. If they have no defuse cards, they can curse their luck and resign themselves to their inevitable doom. Leave an “F” in the chat, fellas. As you can probably guess, the last man standing wins. 

Nevertheless, this game is more than just a Russian roulette game because you’re not just waiting around to die. If so, you might as well live in real life. No, the real fun of Exploding Kittens is what you do for survival — including sabotage.

People who draw an exploding kitten and defuse it can secretly put the exploding kitten back anywhere in the deck. They can put it at the bottom, in the middle, or plant it to kill another player. There are also other action cards players can use to avoid the exploding kitten or strategize to get others killed. How wonderful!


Exploding Kittens App

Exploding kitten mobile app
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Now, this is what we’re truly here for. If you’re a fan of the Exploding Kittens game, you might want to check out the mobile app. On the other hand, if you’ve never tried the game before, the app is a good place to start. Either way, the Exploding Kittens mobile game is riveting to play for all people of all ages. Moreover, it’s pretty cheap because it only costs $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play Store. That’s a pretty good deal.

Of course, the mobile app is more than just a copy-pasted Exploding Kittens game for mobile. The team redesigned and reworked some things because a few physical mechanics just wouldn’t work on mobile. Through their hard work and diligent play-testing, the app rose to number one on the App Store. Exploding Kittens mobile features new content, different game modes, and all-new cards that even made it to the physical game! 

Originally, the game wasn’t available to play online and only worked with local multiplayer. Fun as it is to play, it’s not as good when you want one round at home. Fortunately, a later update added online gameplay across different platforms. You can play online multiplayer with a bunch of strangers or play privately with friends.

Lastly, Exploding Kittens more recently introduced a single-player game. Forget getting all your friends together to play one round. You can course through 3 levels of single-player difficulty in this all-new Exploding Kittens mode. 


Exploding Kittens Editions & Expansion Packs

Since the Exploding Kittens’ rise and success, the game has introduced several editions and expansion packs. There are multiple versions of the base game: First Edition, Original Edition, NSFW Edition, and the Party Pack. Each offers different benefits but they all let you play the base game.

For example, the First Edition comes with a box that has sounds, and so does the Party Pack. The NSFW Edition is only good for players 18+ while the Original Edition is just the original base game. Most of them will allow you to play with 2-5 players. However, the Party Pack’s the one to get if you have players of up to 10.

Where things get a little spicier is with the Expansion Packs. Each pack features multiple new cards and amplifies gameplay in different ways. For example, Imploding Kittens adds one extra player to any game and Streaking Kittens offers game-changing new cards. There’s also the Barking Kittens and Quarantine Kittens that add new mechanics to the gameplay.


Mobile Expansions

Of course, the Exploding Kittens mobile game isn’t complete without expansions. However, these are also paid, just like expansions of the card game. Nonetheless, many players have bought them and think they’re worth the price. Moreover, just like the original game’s expansion packs, the mobile game’s expansions meaningfully change the game, too. There’s the Betrayal Expansion, a Party Expansion Deck, and Streaking Kittens — all of which help you enjoy more of the game.


How To Play Exploding Kittens Online

Once you purchase Exploding Kittens on mobile, there are three ways to play. The first is to play with strangers who are currently online. This is convenient when you want to play at 3 AM because your insomnia is keeping you awake. The second method is to play with friends whom you can invite in a private game. It’s pretty easy to set things up either way, too. The last method to play is via a single-player mode with 3 levels of difficulty.

Playing with strangers is straightforward. Just click on “Play with Strangers” and they’ll assign you to a random room online. On the other hand, playing with friends requires one player to first set up a game. Afterward, said player should send the code to his or her friends through apps like Messenger, iMessage, etc. 



© Photo by Exploding Kittens Official Website

If you’re planning to get the game, it would be worth it to understand the Exploding Kittens rules. The game on mobile is slightly different compared to the physical version, but its spirit is the same. It’s a little tricky to learn, especially when using action cards that do different things involving other players. Here’s how it works.


How To Play & Draw Cards + Defend Against The Kitten

defend exploding kittens
© Photo by Exploding Kittens Official Website

Like the original card game, your main goal is not to die to the exploding kitten. The last man standing wins. You’ll begin with a set of cards already on-hand. You can use these cards to attack other players, use them to your advantage, and more.

Make sure to strategize what to do based on the cards you have. Once you’ve played action cards, you have to pray for good fortune and draw from the deck. If it’s not an exploding kitten, you’re safe. However, like the card game, drawing an exploding kitten means you lose unless you Defuse it with a Defuse card. You have to play the Defuse card under the time limit, too. Otherwise, you lose.


Action Cards

Exploding Kittens Action Cards
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If you’ve played the original game, then you should know all about action cards. These cards let you play certain actions (usually against other players) to avoid the exploding kitten. For example, some cards let you skip a turn from drawing a card. Others let you reshuffle the deck or see the future to find out the upcoming cards.

Moreover, others allow you to steal cards from other players. Each card offers different actions, so it’s best to strategize based on what you have on hand. However, it can be confusing with the sheer amount of cards that exist. You can check the instructions on action cards to the right-hand side of the game.


Chance Of Kitten Meter

chance meter
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One of the key differences between the card game and the mobile game is the “chance of kitten” meter. You’ll find the meter to the left as you’re playing the game. This meter tells you the odds of pulling an exploding kitten card so you can plan what to do. Of course, if the odds are high, then you have to make sure you’re prepared. Play the action card you need to get a Defuse card, quick! 


Reception: A Mobile Game Worth Playing?

When the app was released, it created a buzz in numerous tech sites like Polygon and TechCrunch. It was a widely successful launch that gave players an entirely new experience. Even fans of the card game could enjoy purchasing the app, in addition to the original Exploding Kittens game. During its release, it was the highest-paid game on the Apple App Store. 



Exploding Kittens is certainly a fun game to play and it shook the Internet when the mobile game came out. You can have fun with strangers, play with all your friends, or even do a single player if you like. If you’re already used to the original card game, you’ll feel right at home playing its mobile version.

However, if you’re new, the mobile version is a great alternative and can be just as fun. Above all, it’s cheaper! With Exploding Kittens on mobile, you can have fun exploding all your friends for just $1.99. Enjoy!