Top 20 Tile Matching Games For Mobile

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One of the most popular games – even before the invention of smartphones – are tile matching games. Some notable ones include Tetris, Chain Shot! and Puzznic were widely played in arcades and consoles during the late 1980s. And until now, tile matching games are still as popular as they first came out, with thousands of variations in the gameplay.

Itching to play a tile matching game on your mobile device? Check out the top 20 tile matching games that are available for Android and iOS.

Best Tile Matching Games On Mobile
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Top 20 Tile Matching Games For Mobile


1. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz
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Free for Android and iOS

One of the most well-known tile matching games in the early 2000s, Bejeweled has been enjoyed by generations of players until today. Its objective is to clear gems of the same color from the board, which causes a chain reaction. PopCap, the developer behind Bejeweled, has created Bejeweled Blitz! for mobile devices.

The gameplay hasn’t changed in general. Players must match the same gems and detonate as many as they can within a minute. Winning combinations are achieved when rare gems are matched and boosts are applied. Plus, you can challenge your friends to battle with you for the top spot at the leaderboards.


2. Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga
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Free for Android and iOS

Looking for a cute and adorable way to play tile matching games? Download Pet Rescue Saga and have a fun time rescuing puppies, piglets, and kittens. Your goal is to match the same color of blocks to clear the level and save the animals from evil Pet Snatchers.

To add excitement to this otherwise aww-inducing game, it also features exploding bombs, locked animal cages, paint pots, diamonds, and more. The developers are also continually adding more levels every 2 weeks, so there’s hundreds of pet-puzzling levels to achieve.


3. Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle
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Free for Android and iOS

Pokémon lovers, rejoice! Complete your love for pocket monsters by playing Pokémon Shuffle. This tile matching game makes you solve puzzles in order to battle against a wild Pokémon. There are varying levels of difficulty as the game progresses, but nevertheless, it’s a relaxing and fun game to play.

Additionally, you get to collect more Pokémon as you go and level up your existing ones by winning battles. You can also play it casually without batting a wild Pokémon – just pure tile matching.


4. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest
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Free for Android and iOS

Can’t wait for the next Marvel superheroes movie? Get your daily fix of your favorite superheroes by playing Marvel Puzzle Quest. This official role-playing game lets you play as your favorite Avenger, create your own epic dream team, and fight villains – all while matching tiles.

Aside from the Avengers, other characters from the Marvel comics are also available. There’s Venom, the X-Men, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Kamala Khan – basically every Marvel superhero in the comic books.


5. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga
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Free for Android and iOS

Of course, who can forget the legendary tile matching game that is well-loved by millions of players worldwide? Candy Crush Saga is a colorful tile matching game that will bring out your virtual sweet tooth. Match different types of candies to clear the board and proceed to the next level. And with over trillions of levels, you’ll never run out of something to play.

Other exciting game modes include Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients, and Order Mode. If you play daily, you’ll get to spin the Daily Booster Wheel for sweet rewards. Plus, you can play with your friends to see who’s the best in candy crushing.


6. Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz
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Free for Android and iOS

The world’s most famous and longest-played tile matching game is available for mobile devices. Developed by gaming magnate EA, Tetris Blitz lets you play the classic game with a fresh twist within two minutes.

You can play your way with various game modes such as Tournaments, Battles, Daily Challenges, and more to win awesome rewards. The stunning graphics, interface, and game levels make it a fun and entertaining game that will surely be enjoyed by generations.


7. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga
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Free for Android and iOS

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga comes another exciting tile matching game. Bubble Witch Saga lets you play with Stella the Witch who needs your help in defeating Wilbur the cat. Don’t let Wilbur’s cuteness fool you – he’s mischievous as hell. That’s why you need to match bubbles by aiming, blasting, and popping as accurately as you can.

This version has better features than the previous Bubble Witch games. This includes spellbinding game modes, special boosters, more rewards and bonuses, and a competitive leaderboard.


8. Chuzzle 2

Chuzzle 2
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Free for Android and iOS

Your pet chuzzles are waiting for you to find them in this adorable tile matching game. Watch the fluffy creatures called chuzzles make their way to your heart by playing Chuzzle 2. As you match chuzzles with the same colors, these cute critters sneeze, shiver, and explode with delight.

Watch out for locks and other obstacles while matching chuzzles, though. It could set you back to another level. All in all, Chuzzle 2 is a cute tile matching game that’s wholesome and relaxing to play.


9. Funny Link Puzzle

Funny Link Puzzle
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Free for Android and iOS

Perfect for the upcoming holiday. Funny Link Puzzle is a visually-rich tile matching game. All you have to do is match links and create magic marbles from fun-themed boards and characters. It lets you play different missions, levels, and modes.

If you’re worried about running out of levels to play, don’t fret. Funny Link Puzzle has over 2,000 stages waiting to be played. Plus, you can play offline or online with your friends. No need to use up your data or connect to the Wi-Fi!


10. Fruit Dash

Free for Android and iOS

Cute fruits in a tile matching game? Yes, please! Fruit Dash is a simple game that lets you match 3 fruits of the same color and crush wooden boxes that get in your way. While you’re at it, you must splash squares of 3 colors from the dash, remove bush leaves to free the fruits, and splash all diamonds that fall below the board.

Picking fruits also gives you stars in every ‘world’ you play in. You’ll need 150 stars to unlock a new world, so match as much as you can.


11. Bubble Fish

Bubble Fish
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Free for Android

Help the pretty mermaid named Anna rescue little fishes by shooting colored bubbles in this tile matching game. Your goal is to shoot bubbles to create a chain of bubbles with the same color and clear the board. Destroy the bubbles around the octopus and collect sea stars to proceed to the next level.

Aiming and shooting accurately is essential here, so you’ll definitely be able to practice your skills. There are also more than 700 levels of exciting ocean-themed puzzles for you to take on.


12. Garden Mania 2

Garden Mania 2
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Free for Android and iOS

Such an adorable game with cute graphics, but you’d never expect it would require a lot of strategy and planning. Garden Mania 2 is a tile matching game that lets you match 3 crops of the same kind to win. On top of that, you’ll also be running your garden club, challenging crop diseases, facing lava threat, and collecting coconuts. Phew!

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at gardening but never had the chance, then maybe Garden Mania 2 is the place to start. The eye-catching graphics and animations will make it an even more enjoyable experience.


13. Pet Pop

Pet Pop
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Free for Android

If you download this game, you have been warned: you’ll be sighing every five minutes due to overflowing cuteness. Pet Pop is created by the same developers behind Garden Mania. The goal of this game is to connect the colorful lines to match the same pets. It has no time limit so you can play at your own pace as well.

Think it isn’t challenging? Pet Pop is easy to learn, but difficult to master! Each level is unique and designed with plenty of challenges, so get ready to bust out your problem-solving skills with this one.


14. Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons
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Free for Android and iOS

Anime and manga fans will love this free tile matching game. Puzzle and Dragons lets you match 3 orbs of a particular attribute to make the monster from your team attack the opponent. Create strategies to make your monsters evolve into more powerful forms and win every battle.

It also has a social feature that lets you exchange IDs with your friends and battle with them in real-time. And with over 2,000 unique monsters to collect, you’ll surely be spending hours on this action-packed game.


15. Diamond Digger Saga

Diamond Digger Saga
Photo by Diamond Digger Saga Wiki


Free for Android and iOS

From the makers of Candy Crush comes another fun tile matching game. Diamond Digger Saga follows the journey of Diggy and your mission is to help him dig through diamonds and unearth special treasures. Match precious gems of the same kind to lead Diggy underground.

It’s easy and fun to play but as you progress, it becomes more challenging to master. There are over 700 levels to complete, which you can take on with your friends and see who will win first.


16. Toy Blast

Toy Blast
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Free for Android and iOS

Whether you let kids play with this game or you play it yourself, you’ll be guaranteed with an entertaining time with Toy Blast. The gameplay is simple – match the toys with the same kind and clear the board. What makes it fun are the events every day: Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Level-Up Challenge.

There are dozens of adorable toys and characters to keep you company on your adventures. Plus, the colorful graphics make it an attractive game to play. It will keep young ones and adults alike hooked for hours.


17. Cookie Jam Match 3 Games

Cookie Jam Match 3 Games
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Free for Android and iOS

This game will surely leave you craving for your favorite sweet treats. Cookie Jam lets you play through dessert-themed islands to help Chef Panda crush cookies before they crumble into the Cookie Jam. Match the same cookies in a board full of delectable-looking treats to win each level.

The developers are adding unique new levels every week, so you’ll never run out of matches to play. You can also connect it to Facebook to challenge friends in real-time.


18. Charm King

Charm King
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Free for Android and iOS

Enter the magical kingdom of Charm King and play this tile matching game that’s filled with fun, adventure, and humor. You’ll meet plenty of fairy tale characters as you play in each level. You’ll also need to solve challenging puzzles to help make everyone live happily ever after.

The best part of this game are the hilarious fairy tale stories and cute characters. It’s also relaxing to play with its HD sound effects and beautiful graphics. Charm King is free to play but has in-app purchases should you wish to buy them.


19. Penguin Pals: Arctic Rescue

Penguin Pals: Arctic Rescue
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Free for Android and iOS

Save the frozen wilderness by matching two or more blocks of the same color in this enjoyable tile matching game. Take down the polluting Oil Bears with the help from your five penguin friends. There are hundreds of levels to unlock, so hurry up and save the Arctic world from the Oil Bears.

Penguin Pals is more than a game as well. It promotes the abolishment of illegal oil drilling which are endangering penguins and other Arctic animals. This means you’re playing and advocating against environmental damage at the same time!


20. Carnival Blast

Carnival Blast
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Free for Android and iOS

Come one, come all to the most spectacular carnival-themed tile matching game: Carnival Blast. Match blocks and solve puzzles to level up in the game as you join the exciting circus crew. It also features fun games such as Whack-a-Mole, High Striker, or Daily Drop.

As you go on your quest, a parade of circus characters is available to help you. After charging your power meter, they will give you an amazing performance that will surely wow you.


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