Star Wars: Hunters Release Date, Leaks, and Teaser

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There are a lot of Star Wars games that took inspiration from one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, but the upcoming Star Wars: Hunters is changing the dynamics. Set in an unkind arena, this new game is expected to give players a full blast of fun and excitement. Not many have already experienced the game, though, except those who are lucky to have the soft launches. For those anxiously waiting for Star Wars: Hunters release date, here’s everything to know.

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  6. Is Star Wars: Hunters Free?


What Is Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters is an upcoming Star Wars galaxy-inspired game in the form of team-based competitive arena combat. Set in a timeline after the fall of the Galactic Empire, this game will bring characters from the Rebel Alliance, bounty hunters, and stormtroopers to dominate the grand arena on the planet of Vespaara.

It is not uncommon for a game to be based on a movie franchise, but many of them employ the RPG mechanics. Star Wars: Hunters, however, is cutting the chase by jumping to the exciting part – combat.

In an explosive trailer, developer Zynga gave a brief sneak peek of what Star Wars: Hunters would look like. It shows Slingshot, Grozz, J-3DI, Utooni, Reive, Zaina, Imara Vex, and Sentinel fighting for their lives on battlefields that pay homage to iconic Star Wars worlds. Each team will have four players, which will require them to mix and match characters and skills.

Aside from the classic 4V4 teamplay, Star Wars: Hunters also gradually adds more PvP modes to the game. In the latest soft launch update, the developers added Huttball – a popular game in Star Wars world during the Old Republic era that is based on the Capture the Flag game. But instead of a flag, two teams have to fight against each other to gain possession of a ball.

Previously, the developers have added Escort where a designated team has to lead the Payload to its destination while the opposing team tries to get in their way. Lastly, Control requires teams to capture and take control of an area on the map. Each second that a team holds the control point means more points are added to them.

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Official Star Wars: Hunters Characters So Far

Star Wars Hunters characters
Photo by Star Wars: Hunters

Leading to Star Wars: Hunters release dates, the developers have also revealed some of the characters, or hunters as they call them, that will appear in the game. There are 11 of them as of writing and were split into three classes namely: damage, support, and tank.

  1. Skora – A chemistry genius Rodian Sawbones who makes stims for allies and poisons for enemies.
  2. Sprocket – Tech nerd that deploys droids that bless teammates with gradual healing.
  3. Sentinel – A polarizing character in the series. Uses a laser blaster and shield.
  4. Grozz – Ferocious Wookiee that uses dual-wielding boulders.
  5. Imara Vex – A rocket-firing masked bounty hunter.
  6. Zaina – Rebellion veteran who keeps the spirits of her teammates alive.
  7. Aran Tal – A Mandalorian character equipped with blasters and jet packs.
  8. Rieve – A dark side warrior that uses a red lightsaber and unleashes Force to crush enemies.
  9. J-3DI – Jedi Knight in droid form with a blue lightsaber, simulated Force powers, and databank of Jedi wisdom.
  10. Utooni – Jawa brothers with grenade-type weapons.
  11. Slingshot – An adrenaline-junkie driver that uses a mechanical combat style.


Star Wars: Hunters Release Date

Zynga reportedly started developing Star Wars: Hunters as early as 2018; however, the project wasn’t made public until February 2021 during the Nintendo Direct presentation. They initially planned to release the game that same year but later delayed it to 2022. Although they did not specify, recent events suggest that we are approaching the Star Wars: Hunters release date.

Trials and soft launches of the game have already started – an indication of a nearing a global release. In November 2021, Star Wars: Hunters had a trial in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines for Android. Soft launches were then extended to Mexico and Brazil in February 2022 alongside the reveal of new characters and maps.

Star Wars: Hunters developers also pledged to conduct a soft launch on iOS.


Where Is Star Wars: Hunters Available?

Star Wars: Hunters’ soft launch is available in select regions only, but it will eventually be available globally on its global launching. In terms of the platforms, it will be available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.


Is Star Wars: Hunters Cross-Play Compatible?

Star Wars: Hunters will land on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch with cross-play compatibility across all systems. This means players are free to join their friends in a teamplay on whatever compatible devices.


Is Star Wars: Hunters Free?

Yes – Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play game. Players don’t have to spend a dime upon download. However, there are optional transactions inside a game for purchasing in-game items like skins and cosmetics.