Galio Build for LOL Wild Rift Players: The Ultimate Guide

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Knowing how to make a good build can help you create a Galio that is truly worthy of his name as The Colossus of the Great City of Demacia. A popular tank character to use in League of Legends: Wild Rift, Galio can be the main member of your team. Galio has the ability to be a sturdy wall in defense while still bearing down against enemies as a stable front-liner in the offense. Although mainly a tank, Galio’s unique mage-themed abilities make him much more versatile than other bulwarks in the game. Because of this uniqueness, though, he is a bit tough to use and requires some moderate player skills. To help counter that difficulty, we will give you the ins and outs of his abilities and skills to create the best Galio build you can make!

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Inside this Article

  1. Getting to Know Galio 
  2. Skills and Attacks 
  3. Best Item Builds for Galio 
  4. Best Rune Builds for Galio 
  5. Summoner Spell for Galio 
  6. What Next?


Getting to Know Galio

Galio started life as a work made of enchanted wood, ash, and lime – petricite, the magic eating material that protected the grand city as its symbol and protector. Brought to the field through pulleys and mechanical means, the statue absorbed and ate whatever foul magic warmages threw at him. This was until suddenly, Galio spoke, moved, and came to life to defend his people. Now standing once again in front of his city, dormant but conscious, Galio awaits the next chance to fight for his city.

Considered a Tank/Mage in one of the best MOBAs on mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Galio is a popular choice as a Mid-lane defender. Different from other unwieldy and slow tanks, Galio’s melee-focused attacks are augmented by his abilities and ultimate that let him glide and soar through the battlefield. Although a moderate difficulty champion, his skill set is easy to understand and master with a bit of experience. Galio users would find him a bit brittle during the early fight (pre-level 5) but a powerhouse as the mid-game sets in.

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How to Use Galio’s Skills and Attacks

Skills Effects
Winds of War Shoots off two windblasts that curve and combine into a tornado dealing magic damage. Best used to curb stomp minions.
Shield of Durand Galio raises his shield to get reduced magic and physical damage before slowly inching forward. He charges an aura that taunts and damages nearby enemies once released.
Justice Punch Galio steps back and glides forward, damaging whatever is in his way. This ability stops at and does damage to the first champion in his wake. It can also be used to retreat from bad situations.
Hero’s Entrance (Ultimate) Moves to a target allied champion. It grants the area near the champion the passive magic defense of Shield of Durand. Galio drops onto the chosen area dealing AOE damage and knocking down nearby enemies.
Colossal Smash (Passive) Galio’s next auto attack is enhanced with an AOE magic damage. This damage scales with his attack damage, ability power, and magic resist.

Your first focus should be to level up Winds of War to its max level to allow Galio to mow down minions by himself. The next ability to get should be Shield of Durand that will let Galio have better crowd control power. Justice Punch, meanwhile, should be leveled up on occasion as it can be used offensively and defensively. For Galio’s ultimate, Hero’s Entrance, you should take it as soon as it is available since it gives Galio a lot more versatility as a mid-lane fighter.


Justice Punch > Shield of Durand > Winds of War > Basic Attacks

The most common attack combo for Galio is to charge into a mob group with Justice Punch to pierce through the front lines. Once there, activate Shield of Durand to tank the enemy attacks while your allies finish off the remaining enemies. After that, you can use Winds of War to attack incoming reinforcements or to mop up the rest of your enemies. This combo works the other way around as well when defending and retreating.


Winds of War > Shield of Durand > Justice Punch

When defending with Galio, the common combo to use is a reverse of the attack combo. Starting off with a salvo of Winds of War to delay incoming enemies, Galio can give time for his allies to retreat. To increase your defenses, Galio should use Shield of Durand so he can tank the attacks until Justice Punch is ready to use to escape the field himself.


Hero’s Entrance

Galio is very different compared to other tank champions due to his ultimate ability, Hero’s Entrance. This ability lets the mid-lane Galio arrive and support friendly champions half a map away on either the left or right lanes. Hero’s Entrance, combined with his attack and defense combos, along with perfect timing, can make Galio the perfect support tank in the game.


Best Galio Builds: Items to Use

Galio Build
Photo from Wild Rift Website

Due to his main job as a tank champion, Galio’s best strengths are his high hit points and his defensive abilities. Meanwhile, his secondary strengths are his crowd control abilities and maneuverability as a good defensive support character that lets him hold down areas for a time. With the differences between the two roles, one as a damage sink and dealer and another as a maneuverable defense wall, Galio has two main builds. These two builds are a damage absorption build that lets him take and deal out attacks and ultimates and a maneuver and support build that ups his maneuverability while strengthening his defense. Depending on your team and play style, either of them would make a good Galio build.

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Damage Absorption Item Build for Galio

Galio Build
© Photo by Cellular News

Items: Rod of Ages, Boots of Swiftness, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Infinity Orb, Void Staff, Crystalline Reflector

The first Galio build is a damage absorption one. This build truly fulfills his lore as a tank/mage by focusing on Galio’s ability to take any damage sent his way while curb-stomping the enemies in his wake. A complete damage absorption Galio build will be able to solo lanes for some time so long as players are aware of their enemies and not get fully surrounded.

The Rod of Ages is the important first item as it stacks up over time, giving Galio a ton of AP, HP, and Mana that he would need to solo incoming waves. Next is the Boots of Swiftness that helps with the movement debuff given by an activated Shield of Durand that lets Galio cover the gap between him and his enemies. Rabadon’s Deathcap, meanwhile, adds gives more AP to buff Galio’s Winds of War and Justice Punch abilities which can critically hit when combined with the Infinity Orb.

The last two items are linked to Galio’s damage dealing and defense. The Void Staff will give Galio’s attacks magic penetration to shave off enemies’ magic resistance, while the Crystalline Reflector adds a significant defense that reflects attacks taken as magic damage. These last two can be replaced by other items depending on the situation, like using a Morellonomicon instead of the Void Staff when facing heal-heavy champions.


Maneuver and Support Item Build for Galio

© Photo by Cellular News

Items: Dead Man’s Plate, Mercury’s Treads, Force of Nature, Abyssal Mask, Frozen Heart, Zeke’s Convergence

Now for the second Galio build, a maneuver and support build. This one focuses on buffing Galio’s defenses while strengthening his Hero’s Entrance ultimate. While it may not help Galio deal as much damage as his other build, this build will help him hold the line until other allied champions can push forward properly.

Dead Man’s Plate is the first item as it boosts Galio’s HP, Armor, and movement speed to keep up with the front lines. Second is Mercury’s Treads which gives Galio a boost in magic resistance for proper crowd control when combined with Force of Nature that strengthens Galio each time he is attacked with a unique ability.

Abyssal Mask and Frozen Heart, meanwhile, strengthen Galio’s crowd control abilities even more as the Abyssal Mask will increase Galio’s magic damage while the Frozen Heart will decrease enemy attack speeds.

The last item for this build should be Zeke’s Convergence. While it gives a decent boost to Mana, Armor, and magic resistance, the other items have a better overall effect when used in parallel with Galio’s offensive or defensive ability combos.


Best Rune Galio Builds

Photo from Wild Rift Website

Just like items, a Galio build for runes also has two variations to buff either his damage absorption role or his support role. These rune builds are best used to support their corresponding item builds for a better effect and synchronicity.

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Damage Absorption Rune Build

© Photo by Cellular News

Items: Electrocute, Brutal, Conditioning, Hunter – Genlus

In support of Galio’s damage absorption build, the keystone rune should be Electrocute which gives Galio’s attacks additional burst damage during his ability combos. This is followed by Brutal for his AP and magic penetration, as well as Conditioning that gives him more AD and AP into the late game. His last rune for this build is the Hunter-Genius rune that quickens the pace Galio’s abilities can be reused.


Maneuver and Support Rune Build

© Photo by Cellular News

Items: Aftershock,  Weakness,  Hunter – Titan, Sweet Tooth

For Galio’s support rune build, the keystone should be Aftershock due to its synergy with his abilities that see him face off against enemy champions. Aftershock gives Galio enough additional armor and magic resistance to survive one on one attacks by enemy champions. Weakness and Hunter-Titan, meanwhile, give Galio damage reduction and HP bonuses when defeating enemies and champions. Depending on your team’s strategy, your last rune might be Sweet Tooth due to the additional healing when using Honeyfruit.


Summoner Spell for Galio Build

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There are four useful spells when using either of the Galio builds we introduced. Any of the spell combinations can be good depending on the situation. We will present three combinations for you to choose from. Do remember that Galio can only equip one of these combinations, so your choice should sync with the rest of your build.


Flash and Exhaust

This combination is one of the best that can be used with any Galio build. A Flash and Exhaust combo boosts Galio’s maneuverability and gives a slowing attack. Flash will allow Galio to corner and destroy an enemy champion that was slowed down with Exhaust. The reverse could also be used where Galio can Exhaust a pursuing enemy and run away faster with Flash.


Heal and Flash

A fully defensive spell combination, Heal and Flash, could be critical to any support-based Galio build. Aside from the obvious HP bonus given by using Heal on Galio, it also helps his allies. Flash, meanwhile, is a good way to get out of sticky situations when Justice Punch or Hero’s Entrance is unavailable.


Ignite and Flash

A more offensive spell combination, Ignite and Flash compliment Galio’s Winds of War and Shield of Durand abilities. Flash can be used to get into the middle of dense enemy formations. These formations would then be disrupted by Shield of Durand. Afterward, a combination of Ignite and Winds of War can deal significant damage to enemy champions when timed properly.


What Next?

Photo from Wild Rift Website

And there you have it — a quick Galio build guide. Hopefully, this guide gives any potential Galio player a good base for front-line and support builds that they can customize. For those who are reading this that do not know much about the game, you might want to take a peek at our League of Legends: Wild Rift Review to get you up to speed before playing it. Do know that this is not the only champion build guide we made for this game. Aside from Galio, we also have others like a Jinx build guide.