Top 20 Real-Time Strategy Games For Mobile

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Strategy is among the oldest gaming genres in human history. Whether it be board games, or even card games, we’ve been playing strategy games since long before there was ever a computer. Strategy games have come a long way.

But, the basic premise of using your brain to beat your opponents remains true even to this day. It’s a fantastic way to test yourself to see how creative you can be.

Real-time strategy games are among the most celebrated and most technical types of strategy games that exist. Combining resource management, battles and map control, it forces you to think on your feet and find ingenious ways to secure victory.

Top 20 RTS Games
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Why Should You Play RTS Games On Mobile?

With the advent of the smartphone, there are some gaming companies that decided to add the RTS genre to the list of mobile games that people can enjoy on their phones. This comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main advantages is allowing people to enjoy this genre of games on the go. And there are A LOT of people who enjoy this playing RTS games. Think of the Starcraft franchise. The RTS game is still being played professionally and watched by thousands today. Despite being released more than 20 years ago.

However, there’s quite a bit of functionality and features that can be neglected, or even scrubbed entirely due to the limitations that a smartphone would have compared to the PC.

Nevertheless, RTS Android games are here to stay and we bring you the top 20 RTS Games on Android.


Top 20 Real-Time Strategy Games For Mobile


1. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.
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Plague Inc. is a game that no one saw coming. A smash hit that combines an interesting premise with incredible gameplay. You play as a pandemic that begins in any country of your choice. You will then have to spread yourself across ALL countries in a bid to wipe out humanity.

This might not be something that people would want to play, but people did. And this makes it one of the best Mobile RTS Games of all time.


Plague Inc. is available free with IAP (In App Purchases) on Google Play Store and the App Store. 


2. Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc.
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From the same people who made the wildly popular Plague Inc. Rebel Inc. is yet another take on RTS. Instead of taking control of a sickness you will now be charged of taking care of a country that just finished a devastating war.

Aside from winning over the locals by providing amenities and basic comforts, transitioning between government types, and dealing with inflation and corruption, you’ll also have to contend with rebel groups that will pop up every game in order to harass your fledgling government. This delicate balance must be protected because if even one part of your government fails (Whether due to corruption, lack of faith by the locals, etc.), then the whole thing falls like a house of cards.

This tightrope of gameplay makes it one of the best mobile RTS games out there currently.


Rebel Inc. is available free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


3. Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2
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Dungeon Warfare 2 is the anticipated sequel to the original Dungeon Warfare on PC. It’s a challenging RTS Tower Defense where you take control of a dungeon and protect it from those pesky adventurers trying to take the treasure inside its depths.

With a lot of innovative ways to eliminate these intruders and retro-style graphics that’ll take you on a nostalgia trip, Dungeon Warfare 2 is a must-buy for any Android user.


Dungeon Warfare 2 is available on Google Play Store for $4.99.


4. Element RTS

Element RTS
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Element RTS is a PC port that makes its way to the Play Store. With a streamlined design that makes it accessible to newer players, the game allows you to manage resources and colonize planets, all the while trying to survive the depths of space.

It is a good game to get an RTS beginner’s feet wet in the genre.


Element RTS is available on Google Play Store for free.


5. Iron Marines

Iron Marines
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The Iron Marines are a space-trotting, world-saving team of elite squads tasked with putting out fires and defeating hostiles wherever needed. There is a home-base that usually has to be fortified and defended, additional refineries to secure more resources, and just a handful of units. 

If Starcraft were to ever go to a mobile platform, then Iron Marines is it. Combining Starcraft’s aesthetics and factions(Or copies of them), Awesomenauts’ graphics and art style, and Halo War’s gameplay makes Iron Marines one of the best paid RTS games on Android.

From these simple, intuitive elements, the game ekes out a good sense of micromanagement and delectable real-time tension. Its enemies have unusual abilities and synergies, and its difficulty is no joke, especially on the higher levels. Yet the game also retains Ironclad Studios sense of long-term planning and strategy present in its tower defense titles.


Iron Marines is available on Google Play Store for $4.99.


6. Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Anomaly: Warzone Earth
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Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a game with PC roots. A celebrated sequel to the original Anomaly and Anomaly 2, it continues the story made on the first two games. Combining squads gameplay (Where you choose the right people for the job, arm them appropriately, and choosing where that squad will go), RTS style gameplay, and an engaging story, Anomaly Warzone Earth is a worthy addition to any top 20 Android RTS Games list.


Anomaly: Warzone Earth is available on Google Play Store for $3.


7. Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2
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Mushroom Wars 2 is a conquest game about building up forces in villages in order to conquer new settlements and take over a map. In this world, it has been fungi rather than primates who wound up achieving sentience, so you’re a mushroom commander of mushroom soldiers who live inside mushrooms and are at war with mushrooms. The game’s title is certainly accurate.

Mushroom Wars 2 combines quirky storytelling with tight gameplay. The addition of heroes and tower defense gameplay only added to how good the game is, combine that with a head to head multiplayer, and colorful visuals, Mushroom Wars 2 is something that you want to play. The only thing that would’ve made this game better is if the campaign is free as well, but those missions are locked behind in-app purchases.


Mushroom Wars 2 is free with IAP’s on Google Play Store and the App Store.


8. Rusted Warfare

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If you combine Warcraft 2 graphics with Command and Conquer units, you’ll get Rusted Warfare. An RTS android game that sets itself apart by giving it’s smartphone players a true taste of what real RTS gaming is on PC. Putting emphasis on player skill and timing with unit understanding, Rusted Warfare is one of the games worth putting in the money for.


Rusted Warfare is available on Google Play Store for $2.


9. Red Sun

Red Sun
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To fans of Red Alert, Red Sun would be a blast of the past. It’s almost a copy of the original Red Alert but adds a few tweaks that allow it to be played in a mobile platform. Although the game is still under development and has a bit of bugs, you’ll have a good time playing it.

Red Sun is available on Google Play Store for free.


10. Expanse

Expanse RTS
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From the same guys on Red Sun, Expanse is another homage to the Red Alert series with almost the same UI interface and gameplay. You’ll play the role of one of three factions, the scientists, the military, and the workers as they fight for supremacy in a newly colonized world after leaving Earth. Who you choose to support and lead to victory is ultimately up to you.


Expanse is available on Google Play Store for $1.61.


11. Auralux

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Auralux is what happens when you retain good and tight gameplay with simple, yet incredible art direction. The gameplay’s simplicity adds to the charm that the game offers, and with a lot of levels that you can play with and enjoy.


Auralux is available in Google Play Store without cost.


12. Oil Rush

Oil Rush
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Oil Rush is a 3d Naval RTS taking place in an alternate timeline where nuclear war melted the polar icecaps and changed the maps forever. Featuring group control and global scale scenarios and decisions, the game would have you command giant naval armies and lead them to battle.

With 3D graphics, unique environments, and compelling gameplay, Oil Rush is a pretty good RTS that you can sink your teeth into.


Oil Rush is available on Google Play Store for $1.67.


13. Tropical Stormfront

Tropical Stormfront
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Tropical Stormfront is like Advance Wars on Android. It kind of looks the same, it plays the same, and there are some similarities between the series and the game. The only thing that changed is the factions that you get to play. The game wouldn’t hold your hand on playing the game though and it’s up to you to figure out the mechanics. Nevertheless, the gameplay and overall aesthetics of the game is one to enjoy.


Tropical Stormfront is available on Google Play Store for $4.99.


14. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia
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The Battle of Polytopia is an excellent real-time strategy in the spirit of the legendary Civilization but more simplified. You select one of the four available nations (the rest can be unlocked for real money) and set off to explore a new world.

Initially, the capital brings us 2 stars each turn. These stars are spent on researching new technologies, such as agriculture, hunting, fishing, roads, construction, and others. Also, this main resource is spent on various activities, for example, building farms around the city, picking fruits, etc.

The more you build buildings and produce products, the faster the population of your city grows. Raising the level of the capital, you get some kind of bonus, for example, hiring a super unit. Around you there are many villages that need to be captured, thereby expanding the borders of the empire. The captured settlement is developing, as well as the capital, increasing its level. The polygonal design of the game immediately catches the eye. It looks unusual, especially for a game of this genre.  The Battle of Polytopia is a small masterpiece that many players will love!


The Battle of Polytopia is available on Google Play Store for free. 


15. Machines at War 3

Machines at War 3
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Machines at War 3 is a game where you command an army sent to investigate and find the whereabouts of a group of scientists that created a weapon of mass destruction and disappearing. The gameplay is similar to many RTS games on PC, and features a compelling campaign mode, several custom maps and PVP online multiplayer. You can spend a lot of time playing this game and not get bored, which is a pretty good indication that the game is one of the best RTS games on Android right now.


Machines at War 3 is available on Google Play Store for $6.98.


16. Starfront: Collision HD

Starfront Collision HD
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Another offering on the Android RTS genre, Starfront: Collision is a cool space opera-themed RTS where you duke it out with 3 factions for supremacy in the far off world of Sinistral. Their goal? The Xenodium crystals littering the planet. Your job is to lead one faction into all out supremacy and to drive the others out of the planet for good.

A good title for both IOS and Android, Starfront: Collision is not available on the Google Play Store, but is instead on the Gameloft Online Store. Though enterprising android gamers can find APKs of the game if they look hard enough, it’s ultimately the player’s choice if they want to look for it, or pay it. Nevertheless, Starfront: Collision is one to look out for.


Starfront Collision is available on the IOS Store for $9.99.


17. Haegemonia – Legions of Iron HD

Haegemonia - Legions of Iron HD
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This game is a space opera RTS with some similarity to the hit RTS Stellaris on PC. You control vast Space Navies to assert dominance on your corner of the galaxy, gather and manage resources to increase your power, and look for new discoveries in the process. The game is a huge draw for those that enjoy Space Opera strategy, but want to be on the go while doing so. If you’re one of those people, then this game is for you.


Haegemonia – Legions of Iron HD is available on Google Play Store for $11.99.


18. Viking Village

Viking Village
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A premise similar to Clash of Clans but with a different art style. You create a Viking village and wage war with other villages to achieve supremacy. The game also allows you to play in 3rd person view when attacking or defending. All in all, the game is a good addition to any RTS fan.


The game is available for free on Google Play Store.


19. DomiNations

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DomiNations is like Clash of Clans in concept, but only with a more modern setting. Command huge armies in a PVP setting where only the greatest nation can prevail. Expect a tough fight ahead as you will need to constantly improve your troops to maintain dominance. If you’re a fan of that, then DomiNations is the game for you.


DomiNations is available for free on Google Play Store.


20. Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans
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Clash of Clans took the world by storm. Combining RTS gameplay with tower defense, Clash of Clans is one of the best Android games that came out with over 100 million downloads. A name that speaks for itself, you will have to create a clan and defend it by any means (like improving your warriors, building special facilities, destroying other players’ clans and so on), fight other clans (with some of those clans being other players), and establish yourself as one of if not THE best clan out there.


Clash of Clans is free on Google Play Store and the App Store.