Top 20 Tennis Games For Mobile Of All Time

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There’s a wealth of tennis games available for mobile devices for all tennis lovers out there. From arcade score attacks and wonderfully realistic 3D games to statistic based simulators and management games, there is something for everyone. Not sure which one to try?

We’ve compiled 20 of the best tennis games for you to download and enjoy.

Unless indicated otherwise, all the tennis games for iOS and Android mentioned below are free.

Best Tennis Games On Mobile
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Top 20 Tennis Games For Mobile


1. Tennis Champion

Tennis Champion
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Availability: iOS, Android

With the Tennis Champion game for mobile, you can play realistic tennis matches in a number of different modes. The split-screen multiplayer mode, for example, is perfect for playing matches and competing against your friends. This well-executed and addictive tennis game allows you to improve your game skills, build your tennis player career, and participate in tournaments. Beautiful 3D graphics and simple swipe controls are a few among Tennis Champion’s many great features.


2. Top Seed Tennis

Top Seed Tennis
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Availability: iOS, Android

Top Seed Tennis is one of the most popular tennis management games for mobile. In Top Seed Tennis, you are the manager of a talented young tennis player who accompanies him on various tennis tournaments. You have to train your player and help him become a champion. As your player progresses, you can unlock new skills which will improve his game. Top Seed Tennis challenges you to make strategic decisions based on the playing style of each of your player’s opponents. That way you’ll be sure to learn some strategy while playing this immersive game.


3. Tennis Manager 2019

Tennis Manager 2019
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Availability: iOS, Android

If you’d like to learn a few useful tennis strategies and tactics, Tennis Manager 2019 is the right tennis game for you. This is arguably one of the best management tennis games for mobile. It lets you take the role of a tennis manager and take control of every single detail of your player’s career. You are responsible for everything from the player’s tournament schedule to sponsorship deals and media appearances. Among the major features of this thrilling game you’ll find the possibility to manage up to four different players, look for talents to join your team, reinforce the style of your players, and improve strategies in order for them to win games and turn into champions.


4. Australian Open Game

Australian Open Game
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Availability: iOS, Android

Australian Open Game, the official game of the Australian Open tournament 2019, is one of the great simulator tennis games, that guarantees an action-packed game playing experience. You can create your own player and also unlock all the players registered for the Australian Open. You need a great deal of practice to participate in the tournament, and matches gradually increase in difficulty as you play against the world’s best players. As for the game controls, they are simple and intuitive, allowing you to easily swipe the screen in the direction where you’d like to hit the ball. Australian Open Game delivers one of the best simulation experiences of tennis game matches.


5. 3D Tennis

3D Tennis
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Availability: Android

3D Tennis is another top-rated simulation tennis game that should definitely make it to the very top of the list of your favorite tennis games for mobile. 3D Tennis conveniently offers the choice between two options: a quick play mode and a more complex world tour mode for more elaborate games. Playing this simulation game is simple: just swipe your finger to hit or slice the ball. The game comes with a variety of players to choose from and it features some great visuals, which beautifully simulate the real gameplay. You’ll be able to enjoy this tactical game while at the same time improving your game skills.


6. Tennis Club Story

Tennis Club Story
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Price: $5 iOS, $6 Android

Tennis Club Story is among the most entertaining management tennis games for mobile on the market. In order to prepare your players for competitions, you can customize the training menu according to your own liking and focus on power or technique. You can then look for sponsors who will provide your players with the top-notch gear, and have fun creating tennis clubs and organizing training camps and other events. Tennis Club Story also contains several handy mini-games options for a one-minute dose of tennis on the go.


7. World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s

World of Tennis: Roaring '20s
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Availability: Android

World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s is a tennis simulation game set—as its name says—in the 1920s, the golden age of tennis. After competing with players from all over the world, you can become a virtual tennis champion. And the best part? As you play, the AI system learns your specific playing style. It then becomes capable of replacing you in multiplayer tennis games against your opponents while you are away. Alternatively, you can choose to figure as a tennis manager and train one of the seven unique tennis player character types. Some of the key features of this extraordinary simulation game are the precision play which uses swipe and touch controls, as well as some great visuals.


8. Flick Tennis

Flick Tennis
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Availability: iOS

Flick Tennis is one of those games for mobile that constantly gets rave reviews by critics and users alike. Flick Tennis might be a straightforward game to play, but unlike most other tennis games for mobile, it offers a full story mode, complete with animations, a soundtrack, and a comic book narrative structure. On top of that, Flick Tennis features intuitive controls and multiplayer technology in nine different tennis courts. It also automatically adapts to your playing style, whether you prefer a casual game or wish to maintain complete control of the court through strategic play.


9. Ultimate 3D Tennis

Ultimate 3D Tennis
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Availability: iOS, Android

Ultimate 3D Tennis is an outstanding simulation tennis game. It contains compelling realistic 3D graphics and limitless options for customizing characters, equipment, and skills. You have the possibility to choose between several different modes such as world tour, league, and online mode. Plus, you can challenge both your friends and AI opponents in real-time. All the above features make Ultimate 3D Tennis one of the best tennis simulation games for mobile, providing an unrivalled virtual tennis playing experience.


10. Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis
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Availability: iOS, Android

Timber Tennis is an awesome fast-paced tennis game. It’s just perfect if you’re looking for quick tennis matches on the go. Take part in the annual Timber Tennis World Championship and try to beat the opponents including Princess, Hipster, and Boxer. Timber Tennis even allows you to play multiplayer games on Apple TV, using your iPhone or iPad as controllers. It features advanced pixel art graphics and lets you choose from more than 20 characters and 10 different courts. An amazing soundtrack counts among the best perks of this gripping tennis game, which is sure to quickly become one of your favorites.


11. Ace of Tennis

Ace of Tennis
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Availability: iOS, Android

Ace of Tennis is an immersive arcade tennis game with a great interface, featuring fully customizable characters and great controls. All you need to do in order to return the ball is tap the circle that appears on the screen when it comes near your player. You can choose to play exhibition matches for fun or participate in World Tour or Championship tournaments. In any case, you’ll be sure to enjoy hours of thrilling gameplay.


12. Tennis World Open 2019

Tennis World Open 2019
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Availability: Android

Tennis World Open 2019 is one of the best tennis games of the year. With its realistic graphics, Tennis World Open 2019 offers a choice of more than 25 professional tennis players from around the world with full character and gear customization. There are several modes to choose from, such as career, quick play, and training in order to improve your skills. In addition, the lucky wheel and daily rewards are there to ensure the player’s progress. This game is a solid option if you are looking for the ultimate mobile tennis game experience.


13. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge
Photo by REJX Gaming on YouTube


Availability: iOS, Android

Virtua Tennis Challenge, a SEGA console classic game adapted for mobile devices, is one of the best mobile games for all tennis aficionados out there. This well-executed game guarantees a challenging play with its generous choice of 18 courts and 50 players. You can adjust your shots to different environments too—clay, grass, hard or indoor courts. There are several playing modes to choose from, such as singles and doubles mode, along with the training mode where you learn from the pros to prepare for a match. Virtua Tennis Challenge boasts unparalleled 3D graphics, well-implemented controls, along with highly realistic gameplay.


14. Tennis Bits

Tennis Bits
Photo by Pocket Gamer


Availability: iOS

Tennis Bits is a simple and addictive sports game for mobile. It offers a choice of over 45 AI characters in various tennis tournament levels, thousands of hat-racket combinations, and lots of unique environments to play in, including lava pits. You will unlock new characters as you progress, and have them earn experience points. With a high-quality tennis game such as Tennis Bits you are guaranteed hours of tennis game entertainment.


15. Cross Court Tennis 2

Cross Court Tennis 2
Photo by AndroidGameplay4You on YouTube


Availability: iOS, Android

Cross Court Tennis 2 is among the most realistic tennis simulation games for mobile. The game features high-quality animations, real ball physics, and pro-level speeds. You can select either the beginner, intermediate or advanced level, or a customized program, and play in one of the 15 worldwide tournaments against 45 unique opponents. Also, the game combines some wonderfully realistic 3D graphics, an engaging and precise control system, and several different play modes. All of those create one of the most visually realistic mobile tennis experiences to date.


16. Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis
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Availability: iOS, Android

Stickman Tennis is a fast-paced realistic tennis game with simple yet powerful controls. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, in addition to a training mode. The goal of this addictive game is to climb the ranks as quickly as possible and win tennis tournaments. You can either play a quick game or a complete tour season with 64 tournaments against no less than 100 different opponents. And, that’s not all. You can also train on the court with a ball machine to prepare for the tournaments and start collecting trophies.


17. Bang Bang Tennis

Bang Bang Tennis
Photo by mobile gameplays on YouTube


Availability: iOS, Android

Bang Bang Tennis is a straightforward arcade tennis game for mobile—the only thing you need to do is smash the ball past your opponent. Two players can play the game on the same device, which is an added bonus. Bang Bang Tennis has several game modes including single-player, multiplayer, tournament, and arcade mode. Among other top perks of the game are over 30 characters and 10 tennis courts to choose from, as well as 12-language support.


18. Play Tennis

Play Tennis
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Availability: iOS, Android

Play Tennis is one of those excellent tennis games for mobile that is challenging without being too difficult to master. Play Tennis comes with realistic 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls. Also, you can easily use the touchscreen to perform smashes and side shots. Enjoy hours of play and compete in challenging tennis tournaments, facing twelve different countries with varying skill levels.


19. Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis
Photo by Android Gameplay Shadow


Availability: iOS, Android

Stick Tennis is an engaging mobile tennis game with easy controls and pretty graphics. Also, you can decide to create your own players or choose from those available in the game. Stick Tennis has a control system focused on timing rather than positioning. What’s more, you can unlock over 70 players and 10 realistic tennis courts, each set in a different place in the world. Finally, improve your skills at the Casual Sets Tennis Club and join daily challenges to strengthen your game and increase your chances to earn trophies.


20. Tennis Champs Returns

Tennis Champs Returns
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Availability: Free iOS, $4.59 Android

Tennis Champs Returns is a highly entertaining tennis game for mobile featuring pixel art and an uncomplicated control scheme. It offers quick play options in addition to a deeper story mode. Career mode is also available in the game, and there are a number of daily challenges with a mixture of modes, tennis games, opponents and mini-games for a fun daily tennis play.


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