Nike SNKRS App Review: For Sneakerheads Who Want the Latest Pairs

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Are you a sneaker fanatic? Do you love collecting Nike sneakers, both old and new? Or, maybe you are just one of the few who are very eager to have the latest sneaker releases of Nike. If you are a sneakerhead, there is an amazing app just for you. There’s the Nike SNKRS app, which will keep you connected and more updated with the upcoming Nike footwear.

Here’s our review of the SNKRS app and its features.


What Is SNKRS? 

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SNKRS is an app that provides users exclusive access to Nike’s exclusive sneakers that are in lower quantity. Nike SNKRS is also a one-stop sneaker shop that gives sneakerheads a complete sneaker shopping experience right on their smartphones or tablets. It helps you stay updated on the latest launches and deals and even sign up for raffles for limited-edition kicks.

In addition, the Nike SNKRS app features a customized feed of their shoes from popular franchises. These include Retros, Jordans, Lebron, Air Max, Foamposite, Designer Collabs, Air Force 1, AJ1, and SB Dunk. This helps you cop the most premium Nike sneakers anywhere with just your mobile phone! It also lets you use your Nike Pass with every transaction done on mobile devices.

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How to Sign Up for Nike SNKRS

You can download the Nike SNKRS app using your Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and the App Store. To sign up, you just need to fill in your email and password and other required information. Once done just, click on “Join Us” and you’re all set.


Creating Your SNKRS Profile 

Launch your SNKRS downloaded app. Go and click on “Profile.” Then, tap on the “gear” or the “Settings” icon that you will see in the upper-right corner. Next, write all necessary details including your shoe size. You’ll have the option to upload a profile picture as well.

After filling out your information, you will be then sent to the homepage. Then, click on the “Nike + Pass” option. Tapping on the icon will let you open the QR code that you will use to have access to a wide range of launches in the Nike store.


SNKRS App Accepted Payment Methods 

SNKRS accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Nike Gift Cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. You need to add the card or method that you want to use as well as your address. However, even if you already provided some information, you have to know that you have to provide again your SNKRS password, and your credit card security code, or your PayPal password at the time of purchase.


Features and How to Use the SNKRS App

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When you open the SNKRS app, go to the “Notification” preferences. You have to enable the notifications and save your preferred time to get notified on releases. With that, you will not get left behind in the launching. Note that the app can be slow to load during the actual launch, so it’s good to get ahead and be in the app before the actual launch. There is also the “Notify Me” button. This button lets you be on top on the launch day. 

However, remember that pairs go on a first-come-first-served basis. With that, the one who can first tap the “Buy Now” button and purchase the shoes first will take them home. It will be a great advantage if you keep your SNKRS password and credit card security code or PayPal password handy during the time of purchase for easy checkout. 

In addition to this, for an SNKRS drop, you have to check out the “Upcoming” button. During the drop, the “Notify Me” button will change over to the price of the shoe. Tap on the price button for you to see the list of sizes. After choosing your size, you can tap on the “OK” button. You will then be taken to the page containing all your information together with the shipping and tax. Click on the “Buy Now” button and provide your SNKRS password. Then, input your card security code or PayPal password.


Individualized News and Push Notifications

This feature is to allow customers (especially those based in the U.S.) of drop schedules.


Checkout Security

Touch ID, mobile multi-factor authentication, the use of PayPal, and Nike Gift Card are added for greater security.



It is a geo-located feature. With this, the users are prompted to visit some locations for a limited time. This gives them access to purchase a specific pair of shoes. This is just like the app reveals the secret location of a certain product. The users just have to tap “I’m Here” on the screen.



The app offers a wide range of customization. With that, you can make your experience with the app a little more personal. Upon entering the needed information and credentials, it will be easier to choose your favorite Nike popular franchises to follow.


Stories and Community Secrets

Get to know the stories behind your favorite sneakers. Not only that, you can get to unfold the inspiration and heritage behind every pair and know a little story from top athletes. Also, you can get some style secrets from the SNKRS community.


Easy Purchase


Now, purchasing your much-awaited pairs of sneakers is easy and can be done directly within the app. You just need to save all the important credentials for easy checkout.



You can submit your entry into draws and raffles to be able to purchase your pair of shoes.


Shoe Reservations

You can secure your Nike sneakers pair at the SNKRS app and have them picked up at the store near you. With that, you don’t have to wait in line to have your sneakers.


Different Drop Types on SNKRS


First Come First Serve (FCFS or FLOW)

This is the least common drop type because Nike seldom uses this, and when it does, it is usually for general release shoes or surprise restocks. Just like what the name implies, whoever first submits his payment information will win the item. Moreover, on this drop, random select Nike SNKRS accounts are given access to purchase a hyped shoe at an early date. However, getting access does not mean that you are guaranteed a pair. 

You may or may not receive a message like, “You’re in line” or “Waiting for your turn.” If you win, Nike will hold the pair for you. About your payment, you will be notified through the app’s notification and through the email that you used after the payment clears.  


Draw or DAN Launch 

This is a timed entry type of sneaker drop. When a drop goes live, the “Notify Me” button will turn to “Enter Draw.” People will be given ten to thirty minutes to enter their accounts by tapping or clicking on the “Reserve” icon. This usually takes place for very hyped-up shoes or the most limited releases of shoes. With this type of draw, the faster you log in and the more accounts you can enter, the more chances of winning will be yours. However, since Nike is filtering entries, you should use a different IP address for each entry. This is if you are using multiple accounts. 

Also, the shipping address and payment method should be different too. Nike’s filtering on this kind of drop is very high, so it is wise that you use your most successful account.  


Let Everyone Order or LEO 

This is the most common and popular type of drop. With this type of drop, during the launch, everyone can order. This is more like the first come first serve drop but with a raffle aspect in it. It is a queued drop, and when the shoes that you wanted to become available, you can just press the “Purchase” button. 

After you enter your credentials, the button then changes to “Pending.” Nike will randomly select winners from the first accounts that entered entries by tapping or clicking the “Purchase” button. The number of entries that will be picked will depend on the number of available shoe sizes. If you win, you will be directed to a page saying that your order was successful. If not, you will be told that your shoe size is already sold out. 

To have more chances of being selected, you can use multiple accounts with different names, IP address and shipping address, and payment method. However, with this kind of drop, filtering is not that high.


Exclusive Access 

This is early access to a drop given to a member. To have this exclusive access, a member should always have interaction with the app. This way, hitting the heart, reading the stories, and watching videos on the app will be the factors to be selected. The member that will be given exclusive access will be notified, but the holding of the shoes will only be for a limited time. With that, the member should quickly take action after he receives the exclusive access notification.


Reserve Launch 

For this type of drop, the member should use a device that allows his location to be accessible. The “Reserve” launch requires an in-store pick-up and a first come first serve basis is also being applied. With that, having your location turned on is required. Also, you have to preload your shoe size and payment for a seamless checkout. If you’re not able to pick up your pair of shoes, the shoes will be available to purchase on a first come first serve basis.


How to Cop Sneakers in the SNKRS App


It is recommended for you to create multiple accounts from multiple devices for you to easily cop a pair of sneakers. This is because having multiple accounts will have your names included in the list. However, you need to register unique email addresses per account. You can also ask your friends to help you out if they are of the same size as well.

Also, you need to use their phone numbers for verification. As for the shipping address, you can have the same shipping address. However, it is advisable to have a different payment method for each account.  


How to Enter Raffles 

  1. Make sure that you launch the SNKRS app 15 minutes before the launch.
  2. Having multiple accounts gives big chances of being selected. You can make multiple accounts using different names, shipping addresses, devices, and payment methods. Make sure that you will use a different IP address since Nike is filtering the entries. You should use mobile data instead of a Wi-Fi connection if you have multiple accounts. 
  3. Enter as many draws as possible. Make sure that your internet connection is fast and reliable. Also, you may turn your phone in “Airplane Mode” to avoid being disturbed when the launch starts. 
  4. You can have exclusive access if you pay attention to all the content in the app. You can watch videos and read stories in the app.  
  5. If you are a loyal member, Nike will recognize you. With that, you better use your successful account in every draw. The more shoes you purchase within the app, the more the chances that the system will recognize your account.


Is the SNKRS App Legit and Safe to Use?

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There are a lot of sneaker markets available today. Depending on the brand that you want to cop, you can choose among different available apps today. However, the questions that run in the mind of the consumers are if the SNKRS app is legit and if the app is safe to use. Most consumers are questioning the legitimacy of the app since not all of them can cop even a pair of shoes using the app. However, there are a lot of users who were able to get a couple of pairs and even resell them. With that, they are the living proof that the app is legit.  

The app is safe to use since, in every transaction, there is a need to enter your credit card or PayPal password. There is also a need for a Face ID or Touch ID before the checkout pushes through. It is even though you already entered your details, you need to provide the necessary credentials at every checkout.


Pros and Cons of Using the SNKRS App


  • Engaging design
  • Rich “Discover” stories
  • Selection of the hyped pair of sneakers
  • Different methods of payment accepted
  • Easy to use interface
  • Opportunities for reservation of sneakers
  • Uses Augmented Reality approach
  • Feed customization


  • The high volume of users
  • Technical glitches sometimes
  • Not available in all countries


Is the SNKRS App Your Ultimate Source of Nike Sneakers?

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The SNKRS app lets buying premier Nike shoe releases easier. You can find here a wide range of Nike sneakers and the stories behind the popular Nike shoes. Moreover, with the use of the app, you can get to obtain not only the latest shoe releases but also the old stocks. Also, the app gives you exclusive access to some of the most sought-after Nike shoe releases.  

In addition to this, the app can give you a wide range of choices of the Nike sneaker releases that you can collect or sell. You can also have access to everything that Nike has to offer. Since the app gives notifications of the launches, a lot of people can have a limited pair of sneakers without going to a store and waiting in line. The chance of getting the latest releases of Nike sneakers may not be that high, but you can always make your strategy to cop multiple pairs of shoes.